Gay And Bisexual Men Are Now Allowed To Donate Blood In England, Scotland And Wales

Gay And Bisexual Men Are Now Allowed To Donate Blood In England, Scotland And Wales


In Germany, gay men who had sex with another man in a year are not allowed to donate either.


What about straight men who had sex with another man in a year?


You should be a software QA engineer


I was thinking about something more like a lawyer


They are basically the same thing "Your honor this function is bullshit" "Overruled, this function is a mess but it works."


Here in Norway it is defined to "have had sex with a man that has had sex with a man in the last year." Very sw dev friendly deifiniton ;) (And also affects some women)


Or gay men who only had sex with women?


i've realised this today. a colleague of mine isn't allowed to donate blood because he has an 'increased risk of HIV infection' whenever he has sex... with his husband. what.


Any time two men touch each other and either enjoys it, there is a 16% chance that one of them will develop full-blown AIDS within the next 48 hours. It's just how it works.


Welcome to the 80s


Fun Fact: Brits over a certain age aren't allowed to donate blood in a lot of western countries because of the Mad Cow outbreak in the 80s and 90s.


Not only Brits but people who were in England in that time period. At least it's one of the questions on the form you have to fill out in Germany, not sure if you're automatically disqualified if you check the box.


Can confirm it is automatic disqualification. My mom is not allowed to donate blood at all because she was studying in England at that time.


Same. I was there for 5 years, and even though I was a strict vegetarian and never ate their beef, I’m still not allowed to donate blood in Canada or the US. Sucks ‘cause I have a rare blood type. They did let me get on the bone marrow registry though.


Same for plasma? I know it is less restrictive With plasma as they can use it to make medicine and not just for transfusion. My father goes (well went because of covid) to Asia twice a year and could not give blood, but plasma was ok as they break it appart for medicine.


I don’t remember - it was a while ago since I last asked, and I’ve since moved countries. Seems like they’re not really taking any chances. That said I was surprised they would accept bone marrow.


That's more of a situation where the recipient can be given all the information and risks and then make the decision. If you're the only match I know I would choose life over a risk of mad cow.


Exactly. You can get blood anywhere, but that one bone marrow match…. Hard to argue it’s too much risk.


Plasma will restrict as well, they ask those questions when you go to donate. Source: donated twice a week for 3 years for beer/food money in the US in college.


I believe it's actually most of Europe. I lived in Germany from 1995 until 2005 and I am not eligible to donate blood in Canada and likely never will be


Same, I can't in Canada and it's because I'm from Ireland. Really bothers me as I gave blood a lot in Ireland, sometimes voluntarily.


Within Europe it's limited to only the UK being banned. Outside of Europe it's mostly Europe. Which is just crazy cause most countries didn't have a single case vCJD. Plus nowadays we do have blood prion tests for vCJD. So no reason to ban half the population.


Do these tests show positive for people in which the disease is currently dormant? My understanding of the ban and general UK mad cow situation is that we simply dont know if/when it will present as theres reasonable grounds to believe it could take several decades before first cases show up


It's not it's dormant, since it's a prion that causes it. When a prion (miss-folded protein) encounters a normal protein it causes it to miss-fold aswell. This then exponentially spreads but can take years until symptoms start developing. Which from my limited understanding often looks like dementia or other behaviour changes in early stages.


The disease does lie dormant though in non brain tissues. And to an extremely tiny degree misfiled proteins are even found in the blood stream. The actual 'infection' only starts once it gets into the brain and starts the exponential step. For whatever reason that doesn't always happen either. And yea dementia and various neurological symptoms. Can basically pick any symptom and someone with CJD has had it


Unfortunately it can lie dormant. And be transmittable. https://science.sciencemag.org/content/306/5702/1692


There was a new test that found the minute traces of missfolded protein in plasma. And when they tested it on a trial population they found quite a few people with free floating prions. Though again it did spot every case of prions being present that were later tested positive in patients brain tissue who died during the trial. So really depending on the severity of blood shortage in some areas it might make sense to allow that vast population to also donate. Though it'll likely take a few more years until authorities are convinced that testing does work.


I am not aware of any test to diagnose vCJD disease. Do you have a source? Thanks


Can confirm. _Edit: Uh, oh. I'm not affected personally, a friend of mine was. I actually was able to donate so much plasma that I have a permanent scar in the crook of my arm._


You are indeed disqualified in France.


Yes. You are disqualified automatically! You get to talk to a doctor, who will explain, but you don‘t get to snack with your friends! 🙄


Same here in the US. I love answering those dumb questions though. Brings some silliness to something boring


I went to give blood one day and when we got to the question "Have you ever exchanged sex for money or drugs?" The tech started giggling and told me that earlier in the day someone had responded with "Um, does roleplay count?"


Even funnier fact. I can’t donate blood here in Canada because I grew up in the UK and I can’t give blood in the UK because of West Nile Virus. Nobody wants my blood.


Single Vampires Are In Your Area! Join Now!


What's West Nile Virus?


It’s a mosquito born virus similar to Zika and yellow fever. It made its way to North America in the 90s


Scariest possible way to die is prion disease


What about rabies?


Oh that shit will fuck you up. The good news is, you won't need water for the rest of your life!


Both days of it


That's called being dead Jim


No, Jim, that’s called hydrophobia despite being desperately thirsty for the rest of your short life.


> The good news is, you won't need water for the rest of your life! Pfft, that applies to everyone.


Yeah sure but you can drink water, rabies patiens are literally afraid to do so. Jokes are like frogs, they usually die when you dissect them.


they aren't really afraid of water, the neural damage caused by rabies makes swallowing and breathing extremely painful, so swallowing liquids becomes something they refuse and avoid while they're finding it difficult to talk. Foaming and drooling at the mouth is also caused by that refusal to swallow.


> the neural damage caused by rabies makes swallowing and breathing extremely painful for you


Prions make literal holes in your brain. That's quite scary.


To bs honsey I'bveh not noshissed any mahgir sympthdoms


Misspelling that many words in an intelligible way while fighting Autocarrot must have been a struggle. I'm impressed.


Autocarrot. I’m going to add that to my phone so that whenever I misspell something I can follow it with “damned autocarrot!”


Rabies at least has a vaccine, prions are...a death sentence, no matter what.


Well if you don’t know you’ve got rabies… sweet dreams…


Well, usually people have an idea that they came into contact with a potential rabies vector. If a bat comes anywhere NEAR me in daytime I getting that fucking vaccine. A dude in my health authority had a bat fly near him a few years ago in the daytime and didn't see/feel a bite so he went about his life. He had been bit (their teeth are like needles and very small so you don't always feel it) and he died within the year from rabies. Take ZERO chances.


Do only infected bats fly during daytime?


It's not a hard and fast rule, but bats infected by rabies are more likely to be out and about in the daytime. So just be wary!


Most of the bat species are nocturnal animals, so if you see one flying around during the day instead of hiding away, it's usually seriously sick.


It's a weird behavior since most, if not all, bats are nocturnal. Weird behavior in animals is usually a fairly decent indicator of disease or distress. Ergo, if your being hyper cautious you assume a day flying bat is infected with rabies. Not a terrible strategy given the disease in question.


Oh god.


If we leave out things like Ebola or Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, that is...


And death from a million monkey scratches.


Or just the normal way an ape kills you


By ripping off your testicles like a paper towel?


Dude, thanks for reminding that it's possible to literally turn to fucking stone slowly until you eventually die.


to be fair, i would rather take two weeks of ebola and die rather than loosing the ability to sleep and go slowly insane over the course of few years until i die due to prion's fatal insomnia.


When ever someone says "scariest/worst way to die is"... all I can hear is that they lack some imagination. Quick counter-point... just add A - "... while being set a blaze", or B - "... while slowly running out of air", or C - "... after 4 decades of crippling depression", or... D - All of the above.


The worst way to die is being dissolved alive in a barrel of acid after an entire life of crippling depression.


While being slowly lowered in feet first on an episode of Johnny Carson


I don't see how crippling depression would make death any scarier. If anything the person might see death as a relief.


Might be an unpopular opinion, but if diagnosed with a 100% terminal disease, such as rabies, vCJD, etc, you should be able to ask the Dr to just put you out of your misery ASAP. As in, sorry for the news, but you have vCJD. When would you like to schedule your death. Next tuesday at 9am. Ok we have an opening for you. An attorney will be in shortly to help you finalize your estate.


>Might be an unpopular opinion, but if diagnosed with a 100% terminal disease, such as rabies, vCJD, etc, you should be able to ask the Dr to just put you out of your misery ASAP. The only part I disagree with is "ASAP". When symptoms will come soon, or have already started to manifest - nobody should be forced to endure that. But depending on the disease, it might take weeks, months, or years for symptoms to even be noticeable. Personally, I'm fine with the old fashioned "morphine drip". This is slang for a practice where doctors take advantage of the "dual effect" principle, which says all treatments have side effects, possibly including death - and it's not "physician assisted suicide" / "murder" as long as the primary goal was medical. So, they put you on IV pain medication (sometimes morphine, but fentanyl and others are also used) so you aren't aware of your symptoms. You may even still be conscious. They keep upping the dose to keep you comfortable... Even if that dose might be lethal. All I'm trying to say is that there are solutions that allow you to hang around as long as possible with minimal suffering. Also, a few people have survived rabies with recent treatments.


To expand upon this: one strain of vCJD is dormant in most infected, having been confirmed to have killed at least two Brits in the last ten years. It's incurable, near undetectable before onset of symptoms, horrific to the victims, and kills you after a month of slow neurological decay It's also why British Beef was unexportable from the late 80's until very recently


How did the infected survive in the first place? And why the same treatment can't be applied to new infectees?


There's a dormant variant of the disease that's basically a ticking time bomb. Like I said, untreatable past pain relief


How long can it lay dormant?


Depends on which prion variant. For ex, the human variant Kuru which people got from ritualistic cannibalism was shown in some studies to take up 56 years or even longer to show symptoms! The paper also theorized prions from an animal source as in mad cow could even have a longer latency period than that. So scary stuff...


So what you're saying is that I should wait until my mid-forties to experiment with canabalism?


Yup, and vCJD (the prion transmitted from BSE infected beef) has has already resurfaced a few times in the UK over the past decade


I'm a lifelong vegetarian and reading this thread only further weakened my almost non existent desire to consume meat.


Prions aren't fun facts.


It's not just Brits. In most european countries anyone who stayed in UK/France(?) for 6+ months during the 80s and 90s can't donate.


And Germany. I remember trying to donate blood in NYC and I couldn’t because I had spent time in Germany in the late 90’s


Anyone who lived there for those years aren’t allowed. I was an American kid on a military base in Scotland for a few years. So I haven’t ever donated blood.


I'm in Brazil and whenever I go donate one of the things they ask is if I've ever visited/lived in Europe(yup, the whole continent, not just GB), due to the occurrence of prionic diseases over there.


People who lived there at the time either. ex: My dad, who was stationed in England in the 90s


At least that is a valid reason. Mad Cow can be dormant for years and people not know.




It's not over a certain age except by default because in order to have been living in the UK before 1996 you'd obviously have to have been alive at that time 😉 Basically if you spent a total of 12 months in the UK between 1980 and 1996 you were deferred from donating in many/most countries. And those 12 months did not have to be consecutive. So if you were from eg France and spent the summer at your grandparents in Cornwall every year for 4 or 5 years, plus a week here and there for other holidays and trips, you'd hit the 12 month cut off. However, further studies into prion disease transmission and changes and improvements in blood preparation have shown that/made the risk now negligible, so countries are removing that deferral. Certainly here in Ireland we removed the permanent deferral on donors who lived in the UK during that period a couple of years ago. Other countries may not bother because it would affect so few of their donors, but for us because of our relationship (so, so many Irish people will spend/have spent time in the UK, either working there for a couple of years, or going to college there, doing a post-grad etc) it meant 10,000+ people, many of them regular donors before the ban was introduced, not being able to donate. And of course many potential new donors who would never be able to donate because they were born there in, like, 1995 and then their parents moved back home to Ireland.


You can't in Australia either if > In the last 3 months, have you: > * Had oral or anal sex with another man, even ‘safer sex’ using a condom (if you’re a man) > * Had sex (with or without a condom) with a male who you think may have had oral or anal sex (with or without a condom) with another man? Among other 'risky sexual' behaviour https://www.donateblood.com.au/faq/sexual-activity


Or if you lived in the UK from 1980 to 1996.




If I recall, didn't the outbreak just happen *because* the people responsible for the industry abandoned their responsibilities?


Yes, they fed dead cows to living cows. I don't think the UK was unique in doing this though, but maybe it was covered up better elsewhere?


In their defense, animals with scrapie had been thought to be perfectly safe to eat and were being eaten normally for a long time all over the world.


Yeah, but going from sheep->human is one thing, doing sheep->cow->cow->cow->cow->cow->cow->human is where you are selecting for prions that are transmissible!


That's before they were as intensely studied or discussed though.




I was gonna say I thought sheep were involved somewhere, so I'm glad I'm not going crazy. :D


Angry bull bacteria


Furious Moo Virus


Infuriated calf illness


I was born in 1990 and have lived in the UK my whole life. I've given blood a bunch of times. Does this exclude people born within those years or something?


I'm taking about here in Australia specifically. My work occasionally has blood drives and all the British people that work there talk about how they can't give blood. https://www.donateblood.com.au/vcjd-blood-donation > We currently can’t take blood donations from people who lived in the UK for six months or more from 1 January 1980 to 31 December 1996.


Can't donate because of this in the US either.


Although the factor VIII and factor IX contaminated blood came from the US. Which caused over 3k deaths in the UK and probably impacts a few thousand more as well




Serious question, so does that mean that the blood used in the UK has a risk of infecting people with prions? Like if someone born after the 90s or someone who moved to the UK after then has to get a blood transfusion, they just have to accept the risk the blood could be infected (or whatever the right word is)?


It is a great question from my understanding the risk is deemed sufficently low enough due to only 4 confirmed Mad Cow deaths from Blood Transfusions from people who also died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Think deaths are more likely from Organ Transplants over blood transfusions. So the amount of people who will die from not having blood and organ donations from people who lived between 1980-1996 is likely deemed much higher than the risk of Mad Cow. As you can imagine the 1997-2021 donation pool is probably a fairly small population eligible donor wise. I am not an expert (or even involved) I just read the paper from the Irish on why they allowed UK donors again a few years back. They were willing to free up possibly 10,000 donors. UK would have to restrict the majority of its entire population.


Yes. The risk isn't insanely high but because you can't test for prions or they can't be decontaminated, the risk is there.


Yes. There's no way to test for it, and most of our population was around then, so potentially have them dormant. Our blood donation form specifically asks whether we had surgery or something between certain dates but I think that might be to do with HIV


It's pretty much the same in Canada, but we don't have that second one. Used to be you had to wait an entire year but they dropped it down to 3 months in 2019. edit: my bad [In the last 3 months have you had sex with a man who, in the last 12 months, had sex with another man? (Female)](https://www.blood.ca/en/blood/donating-blood/donor-questionnaire)


We do have the second one: > [In the last 3 months have you had sex with a man who, in the last 12 months, had sex with another man? \(Female\)](https://www.blood.ca/en/blood/donating-blood/donor-questionnaire)


It’s worth noting that this even applies to same sex male couples who have been in monogamous relationships for years and decades even.


It's also 12 months here in Ireland. I'm bi and a regular monthly Platelet donor. I literally only donated last friday and my platlets went straight up to Dublin to a woman undergoing chemo. It's beyond frustrating that if I theoretically found someone tomorrow I wanted to be with, and they happened to be a dude, no matter how safe we were that would mean I couldn't donate at all for the entire lenght of the relationship and for a year after it ends.


So you can have anal with as many women as you like (as a man), but one man and you're done?


Not anymore, the rule has been changed to reflect anal sex rather than sexuality.


In the medical field it’s usually phrased as men who have sex with men.


Anal sex. No known cases of transmitting HIV via oral sex


Everyone here talking mad cows


The main angle was doomed from the start to get lost between qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. I came here to bitch about weed reintroduced as disqualification, so now I'm envious of the Bovine folk getting some info out of all this.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.npr.org/2021/06/16/1007006637/gay-and-bisexual-men-are-now-allowed-to-donate-blood-in-england-scotland-and-wal) reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Gay and Bisexual Men Are Now Allowed To Donate Blood In Most Of The U.K. The shift in health policy in most of the U.K. reverses a decades-old rule that limited donor eligibility on perceived risks of contracting HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted infections. > Gay and bisexual men in England, Scotland, and Wales can now donate blood, plasma and platelets under certain circumstances, the National Health Service announced this week in a momentous shift in policy for most of the U.K. Beginning Monday, gay men in sexually active, monogamous relationships for at least three months can donate for the first time. > Despite efforts by advocates to change regulations in the U.S, the ability for gay and bisexual men to donate blood is still restricted. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/o0zpd0/gay_and_bisexual_men_are_now_allowed_to_donate/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~583004 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Blood**^#1 **Donate**^#2 **donor**^#3 **U.K.**^#4 **months**^#5


Somewhat ironically I can't donate blood in New Zealand because I livid in the UK during the mad cow outbreak. I have to say that this decision does not seem to be supported by the data and so is odd.


Your username fits you in that regard


Lol nice


Same for my wife and I in Australia. My 18 year old son is allowed to donate though so I guess they decided that Mad Cow prions can't be passed from mother to child in humans https://www.irishtimes.com/news/bse-transmission-from-cows-to-calves-confirmed-1.73111


All our tests indicate that the natural disease cannot be transmitted by a simple blood transfusion, but 4 cases of the variant (Mad Cow disease from cows) have been flagged as apparent transfusion induced.


Prions freak me out, scary


It's one of the things you don't hear about often and forget... Then someone mentions them and "Oh fuck... Those exist! Why the fuck do those exist‽" it all comes right back like an old nightmare.


They exist for the same reason other diseases exist, really. Random chance (and a little bit of physics). Prion Proteins (PrPs) are a normal component of many kinds of cells, but especially nervous tissue cells, particularly the brain. Proteins usually join together in specific ways in order to make larger structures, like squishy LEGO bricks. Proteins are literally called the "building blocks of life." The vast majority of your weight, excluding water, is protein. The genes in your DNA have the blueprint to manufacture these proteins to spec, but as we all know, DNA is far from infallible. This is why some Prion diseases are considered heritable. Sometimes, somewhere down the line, in a cow, a sheep, or even a human, the cell's DNA gets fucked up, and instead of building these little LEGO bricks that stack nicely and evenly, some of the bricks start coming out with extra sides, and too many studs. These can join together with normal bricks, which are then part of the damaged mass and can catch other bricks. Normally damaged proteins just don't do anything, and can be reused by your body to try again with a different protein. But these big masses of proteins with a bunch of different faces that can grab other proteins just keep getting bigger. It's like trying to take apart a massive LEGO build one piece at a time, while the people around you keep adding bricks. In the body and not LEGO Land, this takes the form of lesions on the brain. These giant chunks of harmful protein start disrupting normal cellular activity, and even start cutting off circulation leading to mass cell death. This is why prion diseases are sometimes characterized as causing "holes in the brain." Because some parts of the brain literally get strangled to death. It's much like a brain tumor.... but worse, because a single kinked PrP strand can start the process over again. So even though some brain tumors can be removed in their entirety, removing prion lesions would be pointless because that single protein then starts the process over again. It's extremely serious, and I can get why doctors are extremely careful. Prion diseases can be spread in surprising ways. ... Blood really isn't one of them, though. Still, it's a pretty terrifying disease. I kind of get it.


You've described the plaque build up but what about the fact that the proteins with incorrect shapes can *induce* that shape in other proteins. It's not just grabbing them, but altering them as well. Or am I misunderstanding?


> You've described the plaque build up but what about the fact that the proteins with incorrect shapes can induce that shape in other proteins. Slightly off topic but also kinda on topic: Have you ever read Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut? The plot of the book revolves around a substance called ice-nine that works sort of like a prion for water which is a fascinating but equally terrifying concept. >Ice-nine is an alternative structure of water that is solid at room temperature and acts as a seed crystal upon contact with ordinary liquid water, causing that liquid water to instantly transform into more ice-nine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat%27s_Cradle


Great way of explaining it for the layman. Wish I had an award to give you for this good post. Prions are fucking pants-shittingly terrifying, unlike any other pathogen in nature. Fuck


Glad it was informative! I'm a biologist that only worked in a lab for 2 years, gotta get use out of this degree somehow lol And it certainly seems scary when you look at the symptoms, but you're significantly more likely to be struck by LIGHTNING than to get spontaneous PrP disorders. Just don't go eating human/cow/sheep brain tissue... ever, and you'll be good!


I was going through a panic episode one time and it was either my second or third night where I was barely sleeping and I became convinced I had fatal familial insomnia which is caused by prions. Not fun


Why are you spreading lies? Why is everyone upvoting this clown? http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20140714092207/http:/www.hpa.org.uk/Topics/InfectiousDiseases/InfectionsAZ/CreutzfeldtJakobDisease/VariantCJDAndBlood It has happened 4 times.


Actually there are several proven cases of transfusion transmitted 'mad cow' disease and all the recipients died. It's a legitimate risk, albeit small in this day and age. No need to take risks so why would they let us Brits donate when they don't have to, don't blame them.


https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29359329/ There's 4 cases of possible transmission by blood, but they are inconclusive and much more probable due to geography to just be from the initial infection all those years ago. Even so I was under the impression that the original infection caused way more cases than it actually did. 230 cases have been reported in total. So while it is a reasonable precation, I still think it's a bit too cautios.




>livid Most apt typo for talking about **mad** cow disease


Miffed Cattle Disorder


Irritable Bovine Syndrome


Perturbed moo-deer malady


Same in the US. i used to be able to give blood, found out on 9/11 that i couldn't anymore. Wish I'd known that before lining up for 6 hours.


Canada too, unless it's changed very recently. And I couldn't donate in the UK because I'd lived in Kenya. No one wants my blood, except maybe Vlad.


The reason is to avoid what happened in the 90s. They didn't test all the blood. ​ ***And often mixed the blood together.*** ​ That's what Gay/Bi men where eliminated . A childhood friend of mine died from HIV from a blood transfusion.


I’m so sorry to hear that. My mom’s cousin had a daughter (toddler) undergoing treatment for leukemia. Ending up dying from a (pre-testing) blood transfusion that was positive.


Yeah a lot of haemophiliacs would get regular blood transfusions (before we had purified and produced the specific clotting factors they lack) and because of that a significant amount of them got HIV from the transfusions. Getting HIV was better than dying sooner from a bump or a cut that can't clot, but it did double your life sentence :(


Thats exactly what my childhood friend was , It makes sense now.




Right!? There's more stuff out there to contract than HIV. Blood should be screened for all kinds of stuff.


I had a false positive aids test the first time I donated when I was younger (terrifying but also confusing since I was with one partner at the time who had been tested herself). Even after months of testing to verify I did not have aids I still can't donate 20 years later


Right, they use a very cheap test to check your blood for aids. It also triggers a false positive with some people. They could use a better test, but that would cost more money. It's an economic decision. Spend more money for a better aids test which will allow more people to donate, or keep it cheap and exclude those few people from donating blood.


> I have to say that this decision does not seem to be supported by the data and do is odd. The decision for Mad Cow Disease or for Gay/Bi Men?


Gay cows


They're the ones that contain trib-eye steak.


I live in the UK, and had a blood transfusion at birth (1980). Still can't give blood.


If you were Livid in the UK perhaps you had mad cow disease!!


US citizen here. Same. My dad was stationed there in the mid-80's and we're not allowed to donate.


I was a regular donor for about 10 years before they decided anyone that was living in the UK before a Certain time couldn’t give blood . Wonder how many people I helped or didn’t help because of the problem


The UK still imports blood Plasma from the USA rather than use UK citizen's Plasma. The only reason we use UK citizen's blood is because it's impractical to import what we need.


Somewhat ironically I can't donate blood within the UK, my own country, not because I lived here during the vCJD outbreak (I did) but because I've received blood, and THAT donor (likely also British) might have lived here during the vCJD outbreak


That is convoluted. Someone else replied with something similar


So you were mad about the livid cow disease?


'Under certain circumstances'. Always with the catches and the clickbait headlines. *Beginning Monday, gay men in sexually active, monogamous relationships for at least three months can donate for the first time. The move reverses a policy that limited donor eligibility on perceived risks of contracting HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted infections.* There's the *actual* new guidelines.


afaik this brings it in line with the regulations for straight people. I'm asked if I engage in risky sexual behaviour when I donate blood.


Not quite I don't think. For straight people in the UK it only asks about if you've paid for sex, had sex in a HIV hotspot and perhaps one or two other things. Nothing about sleeping with multiple people within three months


It's been a while but I'm pretty sure in Scotland I'm asked about unprotected risky sex. edit: I checked it and while it does ask, you're currently only excluded from donating blood if you've had risky, unprotected \*anal\* sex as a straight person. You're also excluded if you've had chemsex, whatever that is!


Performance enhancing drugs iirc


i googled it (do not reccomend) and yeah it's using stimulant drugs to have longer orgies.


Chemsex is generally the use of controlled drugs to enhance a sexual experience


This article says “Donor eligibility will now be based on each person's individual circumstances surrounding health, travel and sexual behaviors regardless of gender, according to the NHS.” Which suggests that all people will be judged under the same criteria and based on recent sexual encounters, no matter the gender it may have been with.


Which is reasonable. The main argument against it was the very real increased risk of STIs. The problem was that even when gay men *weren't* having risky sex they were still prohibited for some dumb reason. Edit: no, the potential for lying is not a reason because that same person would just lie about being gay anyway.


You also can’t donate if you had a tattoo within the last six months, are HIV positive, have hepatitis, have syphilis, on cancer medication, had a recent smallpox vaccine or been around someone who recently has, had acupuncture, hired a prostitute, been a prostitute, are taking propecia, been in the military or were a military dependent in a certain time period, have been to Britain or France in the 90’s (I think), or arent feeling well.


> "[...] had a tattoo within the last six months" Idk where you live, but I'm in the states and for donating with the Red Cross this isn't entirely accurate. If you got the tattoo at a licensed tattoo parlor/shop then it doesn't matter. I've donated a week after being tattooed as recently as 6 months ago. On the other hand, if it is done at an unlicensed shop (or more likely, a buddies garage)? Then no, you cannot donate.


In the US it depends on whether the needle is single-use.


Which is, not coincidentally, the only needles licensed tattoo shops are permitted to use for health safety reasons. Last appointment the nurse asked me about the shop and basically asked that verbatim; "Did the artist open a fresh, new needle to do it? Did you see them open it?" Yes to both, and that was that, on to the next step.


There are also stringent weight and other medical limits.


I live in the US where my blood is banned unless I stay celibate for like half a year or so… it gives me a good reason to reject requests for a blood donation.


Shit I just get a lame excuse of being blacklisted for taking medicine to prevent me from going bald.




>I live in the US where my blood is banned Do you have to leave it in a locker at the airport?




The change is a reduction in the amount of time gay/bi men can not partake in anal sex with a non-partner (down from 12) and includes that monogamous couples must have been monogamous for at least 3 months. The other big change is that questions have been worded differently


What if I'm straight but like...I'm alone in a room with Brad Pitt and he started to come onto me? Like...I would resist at first but I might give in a little bit. Would I need to tell them?


If you resisted Brad Pitt a little bit he would still.. need to get to you?


This is not real Brad Pitt, this is like, in my--this is my fantasy. Or not a fantasy it's like what I'm--it's just a scenario.


Wow I- I wish I could help you. I don’t- you might be gay, you might be gay. Honorable mention: You gotta figure this out. You gotta have sex with a woman. And a man. And then compare.


That's called "straightish"










Fuckkkkkk. This was always my excuse not to give blood but in reality I just hate needles


I tried to donate in Japan and they told me I can't because I had corneal transplant. it's a bloodless surgery.


Japan ain’t no joke with their blood. Mfers got a whole astrology system connected to it


just dont give blood if you dont want to?


TIL that many Redditors believe they are individually smarter than a regulatory board of an entire country with billions of pounds of funding, actual tools, and ran actual tests rather than looking at raw numbers to ensure that this did not hurt the blood safety. Edit: dollars to pounds


First time on the internet?