The fact that they acknowledged this mistake is pretty hilarious.

The fact that they acknowledged this mistake is pretty hilarious.


This game was made with so much love......


It really was. I did not expect to enjoy the game as much as I did when it came out. Such a satisfying experience 😌😌 fingers crossed for Village!


So hyped for village I’m even trying to work my way through re6, never bothered to make it past Leon’s campaign before.


RE6 is actually a really impressive game 4 campaigns with totally different play styles and unique huds with pretty great combat. If it wasn’t a Resident Evil game I bet people would have loved it.


To me it just feels like re6 has some identity crisis and that capcom either felt threatened or at least influenced by left 4 dead. The different types of zombies in Leon’s campaign just feel a bit off imo.


6 was the midpoint of Resident Evil development. After 4 and 5, they took the time to consider what people wanted, and it turns out, they want everything from the previous titles. 6 gets a lot of flak for being loosely stitched together between action and "horror". I believe a lot of 7's style was a result of the backlash against 6. Considering they had a huge, unhindered development, what came out of it was just surprising rather than ultimately disappointing. I believe they wanted to push hard for the ultimate RE game, and had to reconsider the survival AND horror aspects when developing 7. Having just shuttered Capcom Vancouver after the mess of Dead Rising 4, they were really riding Resident Evil 6 as the flagship game. 7's sleeper success really re-invigorated them, and I think they've continued to learn from the 4-5-6-7 chain as to what to include and what to drop. I would think that 8 is going to be closest to 4 and 7 in style and gameplay. I think 5 and 6 were learning lessons and both are overshadowed by the entries around them.


I’m a little confused so asking for clarification; you meant one of the Dead Rising side games as 4 right? Because Dead Rising 4 didn’t come out until what, 2016?


I'm confused on this front also. Resident Evil 6 launched a year before Dead Rising 3 did, let alone Dead Rising 4.


I guess I had it mixed up, from what I know there was trouble with the studio during both 3's and 4's development. Capcom put a lot of resources into making RE6, and I think they weren't expecting Dead Rising to succeed.


5 and 6 are gonna inevitably get the remake treatment with 6 being a long process. let's just hope, capcom can get those remakes perfectly like 2.


Not sure about 6 but definitely feel 4 and 5 will.


If they would, then it would take a long wait.


Wait... 7 was a sleeper hit? It felt like it totally reinvigorated people and brought more interest to the franchise.


It did but I think a lot of people were hesitant of the perspective switch and change in style. This is all anecdotal of course, I just felt like it took some time to grow on people to where it is now.


Could be said of 4 due to the perspective change but most folks loved it and even hailed it as one of the best outta the series and redefined the third person genre. Of course not saying that RE7 is as special as 4 but, it definitely brought in a buncha folks.


That's funny didn't re6 have a crossover with l4d 2 in the mercanaries mode?


Yes it has


Combat, great. Varied play styles, great. Animations, awesome. HUD, super underappreciated but I loved it. Weapons, pretty good. Character design, absolutely stellar. Level design, ruins everything that the game is trying to do. RE6 is a great game buried under a terrible game, trying to claw its way free.


I really like the RE6 combat, that's why I still play Mercenaries from time to time. I'm a bit torn as I prefer the combat from RE4 to 6 and the atmosphere and exploration of RE1-3 and 7. I still hope they will combine these in the future. They could even add an option to turn melee on/off for more action or more horror.


They tried already its called re3 remake lol at least imo


I genuinely loved the epic scope of re6. A worldwide zombie apocalypse in the RE universe was great to see.


The controls felt wonky to me but I really liked it.


6 is a lot of fun. I didn't mind the lack of horror, really. By this point in the series you've seen so many zombies and other giant creatures that it's hard to keep things fresh. And I much prefer the partner AI in 6 than in 5. I no longer had to worry about my AI partner using up all my good items or getting themselves killed all the time.


That game was quite a drag...god bless any person who actually had the patience to finish it.


Honestly as a co-op experience, I didn’t find it too bad. The combat was fun at points and jumping around was kind of cool. I’ve only played the Leon and Sherry campaigns though so I can’t speak for the rest of the game


I enjoyed Leon's campaign well enough. The Chris campaign on the other hand...


The Mercenaries is way too much fun i'll say.


dad was such a drag


mom was such a slag


It was a great action game. Many epic moments but Leon's compaign was the best


At some point leons campaign felt like an indiana jones movie


Play it while bored with beer and no expectations and it can be a decent time, just lean into the ridiculousness


I finished one campaign then the Xbox died.


I played it on release and actually remember enjoying it. One of these days I ought to replay it and see


I played through on release and it sunk in about a week into playing just how much I disliked it. All that talk about "returning to our roots". It all made me angry. But I still took the time to 100% on 360 and then later when it came back out in ps4 I found a lot more enjoyment out of it and platinumed it. Plus I think they fixed the horrid QTEs It's a mixed bag and some if it is *really* good but in the larger scope of the RE universe... Its on par with survivor.


Played the whole thing plus adas part


Many people heard it was bad, went into it with a negative mindset, and it ruined their experience. Its really not that bad of a game.


It’s not bad per say, I just think it feels kinda “off” from the other re games. Though I’ve only played Leon’s campaign but I can get back to you once I’m done with them all :)


Oh its definitely different lol. But if it wasnt, reviewers/people would complain its the same as before. I just tell people to enjoy it for what it is, and not to make comparisons to their favorites in the series. Its not my favorite RE, but its enjoyable. (Plus, if Leon/Chris/Ada/etc were "afraid" of zombonies at this point, it wouldnt be realistic heh)


I bought it day one, no reviews or anything and it still is the most I've been disappointed with any gaming purchase.


The only game I Platinum'd on my PS4 Pro! 45 hours playtime


Yeah, both remakes (1 and 2) were done with real respect and love to originals!


You didn’t have to clarify that you weren’t talking about 3 sadly lol


A lot of people hate 3. I mean, it's understandable. Compared to RE2, it's definitely lackluster. I still enjoyed it nonetheless though. I just wish they could make a multiplayer experience that was a bit more...fun? Doing all the puzzles and shit doesn't really work too well in a multiplayer situation. I think something more like Left 4 Dead 2, with 4 survivors just trying to get out of Raccoon City would be ideal. Maybe throw some basic puzzles in there but nothing crazy complicated


Speaking of—if you have Left 4 Dead 2 on PC, the first 3 Resident Evil games are playable in full as campaigns. 2 even has A side and B side separately. The whole Mansion, the RPD, the streets, the labs, everything is recreated including all the puzzles and it is incredible.


Is that through mods or something? I'd love to give that a go as it sounds awesome.


Yeah, with mods


Awesome. I'll check that out. Thanks for the heads up!


You're welcome! Hope you enjoy them


I played a bit of the RE1 mod last night... fantastic work. The recreation of the RE1 mansion is really quite amazing.


Just looked it up. This is fantastic! If modders can do this, there's no reason why CAPCOM can't do something similar.


This sounds sick, thanks for the heads up!


this is amazing, why have I never heard of this? thank you for sharing!


it would have been really fun of they kept the puzzle solving in re 3 remake WHILE being chased by godforsaken Nemesis. I like that they expanded Carlos and Tyrell. But I wish they really expanded Racoon City so the game wouldn't feel so short. The Clock Tower and Graveyard were removed too. And I also preferred the original's way of showing Nemmy STILL gets up after two railgun shots.


So outbreak?


If they fixed the voice chat in that, sure.


Really hoping they do a directors cut of the re3 remake game deserves so much more than what it got. All love for the re2 fans but no love for the re 3 nemesis fans just a tease of a game.


There was remake of RE3? I think I would remember all those great locations (like clock tower, explorable uptown, big downtown with multiple locations, dead factory, cementary and park etc), game mechanics (life selections or item and monster randomization) or game modes (mercenaries). I vaguely remember that they released some mini game last year where you were chased by comically weak garbage bag monster (I cant remember his name though.. Fuckface? Shitbird? Bitch that cant even swim? Creepy ass stalker? something like that) that is later revealed to be licker in disguise. And you were visiting all your fav places from RE2make, like Nest, Kendo shop or Sewers. I dont know man, it was some wild, small addition to this famous multiplayer game Resistance!


This is the most accurate description of RE3 remake I've seen, which is kind of sad lmao. Capcom definitely wanted a cash grab that time around


Thanks :D And I agree - this is sad. Like when they recently made twitter post celebrating anniversary of Re3make release and almost every comment was trashing this cash grab. It was - at the same time - hilarious and really sad.






Yeah that was his name! Thanks bot, you are great!


You almost got it


No, the bot got it right. Nemmy is a FIEND for the cheeks.


From now on I'm gonna copy paste this when someone mention that horrible game to me. Edit: grammar


Feel free to use it :) At least my saltiness and bitterness can be useful for someone :D


As someone who enjoyed it immensely (though the original is way more engaging) I found your comment very hilarious and actually rather eye opening. Lol


1 was made with way more love and care than the second remake.


I wish I could say the same for 3make


RE2 catapulted Capcom back into fandom from being hated. Hope they can maintain the momentum.


>Hope they can maintain the momentum. They already failed with RE3


People's reaction to RE3 remake have been incredibly hyperbolic. It's not nearly as good as RE2 but it's not a bad RE game overall.


>but it's not a bad RE game overall. Yes it is. And more importantly it's an absolute garbage remake. Nemesis is a fucking joke in the remake, they pretty much neutered one of the most iconic characters/monsters of the franchise and made him the butt of several jokes, who mostly appeared in scripted sequences that make him look completely useless at his job of being a "killing machine". OG Nemesis felt like The Terminator was chasing you. This guy is like a bad cartoon villain who's incapable of ever actually killing anyone. They took away the iconic scene of him killing Brad, which established him as a serious threat, and replaced it with the most ridiculous scripted chase sequence ever, in which he has countless opportunities to kill Jill, literally has her head in his hand and instead of you know crushing her skull or doing his tentacle thing, he throws her across the room (several times), so she can escape. It's so fucking bad.


>it's not a bad RE game overall. If by RE game you mean survival horror then its bad RE game. Its a linear, on-rails shooter with zero exploration, trivialised resources and item management and obnoxious amount of quick time events. If by RE game you mean an competent action shooter, then it still is a bad representation, since it has the most shallow shooting mechanics I witnessed in AAA title - stand, shoot, sometimes dodge. No usage of environment to your advantage (since this game consist in 80% of narrow, straight corridors) and brain dead enemies that all behaves in the same way (walk slowly towards player) deprives game from any tactical layer necessary to make a good action game. But for me its not that its a bad RE game or terrible Remake. Its a bad game, period. Compare it to any ambitious horrorish game and weep. *Control*, for example, eats this cash grab on breakfast (which is reflected by number of awards it won and positive reviews), its better game in every possible way minus the engine, and it still was cheaper on release. If i wanted a shallow, soulless cinematic experience that exploits RE3 themes and characters to tell some mediocre, totally unrelated to OG game story, then I would watch RE: Apocalypse movie \[\*\]


I don’t think RE4 OG can be topped, but if anyone can do it is them. Shame they cut so much content from RE3R, hopefully they’ll consider adding it in shape of DLC.


No chance, everyone's been working on RE8 and RE4R which is already into development


If only we could say that about RE3 remake...


Alot of Capcom games are made with love mann... Just look at Devil May Cry 5


Which is why RE3 was so a huge let down.


Then RE3 remake was made ☠️


I know I'll get flamed but CP2077 wasade with a lot of love. There are over 30-40 direct movie references that influenced the game on the map alone. Like stumbling upon a mad max fury road crash, demolition man seashells, pulp fiction, die hard and blade runner. That shows love from developers to inject all that in the game.


You can even spot the gap between the L and the C


"Wel come" Neat


I can’t help but say it like the RE4 Merchant


well cum.


Cyberpunk music intensifies


Neat trivia. There may have been an extra L for Leon, but no F was given for his first day F


First and last day of being a cop.


Congratulations!! You get promoted to US Secret Agent!!


That's quite a jump in that career field lol.


"I thought *I* was bad"


Imagine your first perp is a zombie. Definitely shakes things up lol


My favorite line from og RE2 was Marvin saying to Leon when they first meet: "Sorry, but it looks like your party has been canceled." as the whole town is burning down and the cop shop is full of zombies.


I would like to subscribe to Leon facts.


Leon's name may be a reference to the character of Jean Reno in the film The Professional. In the film, Natalie Portman's character is called Mathilda, the same name as the special weapon used by Leon.


shit. I wanna subscribe to Leon Facts too....


In Resident Evil 4, Professional difficulty is also believed to be a reference to the same film.


Holy shit


In the original RE2, it was implicit that Leon arrived later on to the RPD because he spent the whole night drinking alcohol in a hotel after his girlfriend broke up with him. He was on a hangover.


Oh really? I haven't played since it cane out and didn't know that. Wow Leon moved on fast (Ada)


Yeah but it was never mentioned in the game and in the remake it was retconned so it doesn't matter


Ohhh I see


Why was this downvoted...?


I bet Kevin was the one to misspell it.


Would it really be better if it said lanch party Kevin?


OK Wow, easy Booster Seat, nobody cares about this party anyway


Probably Scott! Still can't figure out his full name!


Another neat little easter egg I found in the game that I have not seen be addressed much: In the STARS office, the pc you interact with to get the magnum/SMG (depending on your chosen character) is labelled with the brand Thankcentre, which is a reference to Lenovo's Thinkcentre.


Capcom are kind of the kings of laughing at themselves.


i first played the remake. seeing the welcome sign made me feel sad lol


Man sounds like a really positive work environment of it weren't for all the undead. Shame


RE2 remake is the best game of that generation


The etymology of the world 'welcome' is 'come well', at least.


They paid so much attention to detail in this remake it was ridiculous. I loved playing this game.


It's probably written by the RE4 merchant


The man does add an extra "l" in there


I enjoy looking for the typos in these old Japanese games.


All your base are belong to us.


I never noticed but I love that so much


The RE2 remake is one of the best games of all-time. There, I said it.


sauce: [https://www.instagram.com/p/CN8O7BlIhoB/](https://www.instagram.com/p/CN8O7BlIhoB/)


People with accounts like this on IG gotta be dealer for likes when they posted this shit like 20 times when the game came out


Today I learned


My dad noticed this when he played


This is a dope Easter egg




This or Mafia: Definitive Edition is the greatest remake of all time


>Mafia: Definitive Edition The buggiest game since Fallout 76 the greatest remake of all time? HAHAHAHA


Mafia III and Cyberpunk would like a word


They took the L FTW


Reminds me of how in the Tekken anime movie it was misspelled as "WELL COME."


And they even put extra space on where the second L would've been in the banner


You're About *2 Years Too Late*


Ah, what a welll made remake.


Well, Come Back. LEOOON