You ever felt mentally exhausted because of a few minutes of intense gameplay?

You ever felt mentally exhausted because of a few minutes of intense gameplay?


Trying to go fast in any DiRT Rally stage can left you exausted,even if it's just a few minutes. It's just way too much shit to focus at the same time without any room for mistake at all.


2 minutes is like an hour in dirt rally


Good call. I rarely do more than one or two stages when I play this game. It's super tense.


Of the three games in your title what do you recommend most to play first


I'd definitely recommend red dead. Probably my favorite game.


I'm playing Hades and RDR2 alternatively. Hades is frenetic. Red is methodical. They counter balance each other so it depends on my mood. I highly suggest both...and I normally don't like roguelites.


I think I'd go with Hades. It's absolutely excellent and you can have a great time in short bursts if you're into that. RDR2 is equally awesome but it's more of a time commitment, the pace is slow and deliberate. If you're looking for something to sink your teeth into and spend countless hours exploring and discovering, then go nuts. Obviously you can learn a lot more about those two games anywhere to see which one fits your tastes better. They are some of the most talked about games on here. Torchlight II is a Diablo clone. I'm not super far into it, but I like it. I'm curious to see whether or not it will have the same addictive gameplay loops post-credits that D2 had.


I actually started playing that yesterday. I know pretty much nothing about rally driving and hadnt played any kind of racing game in years. So basically I had to reacquire my driving sense while getting a feel for off road driving for the first time AND try to listen to all the directions from the co-driver since I cant understand the visual notation yet.... "left6 <+> 80" you fuckin wot mate? Dont get me wrong, I had an absolute *blast* and even managed to podium my first open, its just a steep learning curve that definitely exhausted me mentally the way OP is talking about


Dirt Rally (2) is one of my favorites! Do yourself a favor and disable the visual pace notes. And any of the other UI items you don't absolutely need. It's significantly easier to focus on driving without all that stuff in the way.


For some reason I perform well during shakedown. But everything goes to shit once I start the stage.


Try it in VR with a good wheel and you'll feel like you've just run a mile.


I bought it, loaded up in VR with my wheel. First stage managed to flip the car. Nearly hurled, never again.


I bought a Logitech G27 a long time ago and just dived into some racing games, dirt 3, grid etc. When buying the wheel I thought I'd be playing all day. Turns out I max out at 30mins to an hour. It's a lot of concentration and focus, along with a bit of physical effort. The enjoyment and fun was definitely there, so if I ever had time to play, it didn't take long to satisfy the boredom bug.


I remember spending like 4 hours just trying to perfect one track. I didn't even get that far in the 'story' mode because I was too hell bent in getting good times.


Dude, Escape From Tarkov. Jesus Christ lol


I used to play DayZ and PUBG until I came to terms with the fact that it's just not worth the stress I was inflicting on myself. Pretty much only single player nowadays


Yeah... I play some 7 Days to Die on my own/with a friend or 2 every now and again but it's definitely mostly other single player games nowadays.


Tarkov for sure. That game isn’t popular on this sub however


I feel like the nature of patient gamers means that the games are usually past the point where there is a big enough following to enjoy multiplayer. That’s probably why most multiplayer games in general don’t show up here a ton.


100%. Been gaming for nearly 30 years, from competitive multiplayer games to heavy story and hardcore difficult single player games… and Tarkov is just on another level.


Yeah I’ve never had a game that made me so paralyzed to move out of safety lol The amount of times that I’ve flinched when hearing a shot is quite high lol it’s something else


Single player gamers unite!! From the peace of our separated games of course


Bought it last week, god its exhausting, I'm so bad at it!!


Me too! Lol


Watching streams of Tarkov stress me out.


There's definitely a lot of thinking and analyzing situations very quickly in this game and I love it; being aware of combat and movement/sound is very intense.


How is this not at the top. Y’all don’t even know.


One reason I stopped playing Starcraft 2.


I masochistic and now I'm playing ranked 1v1's in Aoe2:DE, I don't think any game is as intense as competitive RTS's can be.


I used to play lan Warcraft with 3 other people. And all it really was, was me and 2 other friends against our friend Andy. Few minutes in and a wave or orcs swarmed you under. Your job if you got hit first was to take as many down with you and stall to give the other 2 buddies a chance to build and gang up on him. He won close to 50% of the games 3 on 1. Shit is crazy.


I used to have to psyche myself up before every game. I didn't last long haha


Same, the total deflation that happened after longer, intense macro games too. Like, what Im supposed to play another after this?!


Damn, I came here to find Dota but I could not mentally handle SC2 in the slightest. So yeh, upvote.


XCOM. All of it. 100% chance to hit. MISS. It legit raises my blood pressure.


How miss if 100%???


99.6%, rounding, and insanely bad luck. I they fixed that though, and if it says 100% now it actually is.


Bahroo (Twitch Streamer) missed a 100% shot just a couple of weeks ago in XCOM 2, so it's not fixed.


Was it modded? Because mods can once again mess with this, base wotc is fixed.


Or when your gun is poking the alien in the eye and you have 67% chance to hit…


Man everytime I start a mission on my Ironman playthrough I'm super stressed captain Jesus Peňa might not come back.


Let him throw a grenade on himself first mission. You're stress free for the rest of campaign (whether you still have the will to follow through is a separate issue)


Battle brothers as a frustrating parallel recommendation. I like it but also end up really scratchy playing it


dude I have been pouring hours into that game. It is so addicting. Right now my problem is people say ranged is the best way to do damage, but honestly I am having trouble with knowing how to use my range. They very rarely go above 40% in accuracy The only times I even can use them well is if there are major elevation differences


Doesn't Xcom max out at 95% chance to hit? I don't recall ever getting 100% probability.


Yup. And AFAIK, even then, 95% doesn't necessarily *mean* 95%, because of how hit seeding works. It's frankly stupid. *sigh* What I wouldn't give for a WH40k RPG with good story and polished/fixed X-Com style combat. Like Wasteland 3, but with WH40k.


I feel like this when I play Doom. Like 2 levels and I’m done lol


I find that 2 levels of Doom and 1 level of Doom Eternal were basically the perfect length to keep your focus. I just took a break after finishing a level.


Yes I can only play Doom in small bursts! I love the game but it’s really intense.


I started on Nightmare difficulty. After 2 levels I came back the next day. When you are on, you are a dervish of death, and you know why the demons fear the doom slayer. You either look cool af, or you are dead.


That's what I feel about Doom Eternal. You either fly around the arena and you only seem to make the right decisions and take the right shots, but if you're on your off-day, you just keep dying over and over and the game just becomes frustrating. The game forces you into a certain type of playstyle if you want to do well on higher difficulties. It's still a great game but the fights feel kinda scripted, since there's usually only one, optimal, way to kill the tougher enemies and the smaller enemies are just there to fill up on armor, ammo or hp.


Same! My adrenaline level is like I had a car accident. I still play it, but never casual for a few minutes. Playing the Witcher 3 brings me in a sort of happy place trans.


I felt like trans in wow for a while. Just a chill game to fuck off in. Been trying to play re7 because 8 looks fantastic, but it’s stress inducing lol


Am I correct in assuming by trans y'all mean something like a trance state? I'm so used to trans meaning transgender that I became soooo confused by what you meant for a moment lol


Yes you are correct. Pencil whipping slang due to being in game hahahaha (atm the time. Now I’m at work 😓)


You should play Dusk, it's a quakelike game and you're gonna enjoy it if you liked Doom.


I’ll definitely check it out. Been doing backlog cleaning so if it’s good, I’ll add it to the que!


Add ULTRAKILL to that list!


Was just about to comment the same thing.


Same, Doom Eternal in hard difficult was a killer. 2 levels and I didn't need to keep playing, what a blast.


Oh god I thought it's just me. My idea was to play Doom Eternal to let off some steam, but it just get me so stressed.


Only with survival horror games. The older I get, the less I can handle. Took me three months to finish RE7 lol


Are you ready for the Lady and the horde of Barneys?


I have to take almost month-long breaks with RE7 because it's just a bit too visually realistic/immersive. It's exhausting playing it


Darkest Dungeon, I never play more then one run at a time.


I love it but I basically can't play it. It is exhausting.


Same, I didn't finish it even tho I was so close, the game is unbelievably hard even on the easiest difficulty and it wrecks you to see a hero you grinded your butt for him for hours destroyed in a couple of turns in a random encounter.


Oh what's that? You didn't have the correct build for this one random encounter? Cry some more, baby. -basically my whole experience in this game.


Yep. Exactly why I couldn't keep going. I felt like I was in an unending resource and hero deficit and couldn't get out of it


After 25 hours (which I played since release up until now, so huge breaks in between), I think I'm finally getting out of that deficit loop. The trick is to really focus on grinding the necessary resources to upgrade the coach so you get higher level heroes. I do runs with throwaway lvl1-0 heroes, if some of them get diseases or quirks, I just dismiss them. Only the ones that do manage to level up without a bunch of negative things, those I keep and invest in. I made the mistake in the beginning to treat every hero as important, and invested money in them to remove stress, diseases, quirks, and upgraded them.


This guy gets it


I’m glad some people love the challenge of that game and get something out of it, but too many scenarios like that happen every single time you play. I know punishment is it’s aesthetic but like... why? I’m sure it feels nice to beat it but it needs a straight up easy mode. No shame in easy modes.


I agree, but there are some small things you can do that really alleviate the pain. For example I discovered that by always focusing on the rear enemies first, I survived a lot longer. Those are the ones that give often have stress attacks. And the strong ones in front I try to stun. I also give more attention to the stats and resistances of the enemies then I did in the beginning.


May have to give it another shot. Thanks for the tips.


I enjoyed it, thought it was really really cool and put over 20 hours into it but it was just so stressful I ended up never coming back. At least my gf doesn't have to listen to me quoting the ancestor all the time anymore hahaha


Another soul battered and broken, cast aside like a spent torch.


"And now the true test. Hold fast! Or expire" Was my favorite and most quoted. Guess I did expire after all..


That’s what I say to my girlfriend too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I love DD but once the run is done and I'm faced with the barrage of micro-management in the town I often quit and don't pick it up again for months.


been playing it for years now, at 25hrs game time now. same thing as you


OMG YES, I've never had turn-based combat trigger an adrenaline rush quite like Darkest Dungeon. It gets so intense I catch myself grinding my teeth and I have to put it away for awhile. I still havent completed the game because of that!


Not after a few minutes, but playing Smash Bros with four people after a couple of hours really drains me. It's total sensory overload.


playing smash bros with my friend group is always intense as hell. one guy and I are about evenly matched so it's really a toss up of who messes up first with no wiggle room


Alien: Isolation.


Bingo. There’s one level towards the end that’s essentially a dark, bottlenecked L, and it is so fucking intense


Part of the issue with this game is it's WAY TOO LONG. I think it took me 20 hours? It way overstays its welcome and should have been like 8 hours long. Halfway through I was absolutely exhausted and just wanted it to end, and I quite like the game.


People saying this are the big reason I've never played Alien Isolation, despite being a long-time Alien fan. I just know I'm not going to have the patience/stamina to push through it.


Yeah, if I'd known beforehand I wouldnt have played it. Looking back , I'm glad I did but it's because it really is great in most other ways and that's what mostly sticks with me, and now I get to whine about it lol. But yeah...I really only finished it because it was like a sunk cost thing. I had no idea how long it was and the longer I played it the more I felt like I couldn't quit. I remember talking to my friend about it like "man I think this game might be infinite, and I don't think I can handle the stress of playing it until like I die of old age."


You’re 100% right. The ending was also pretty subpar in my opinion. It felt like 20 hours of build up for an ending that was so “meh”


This x100


Easy, Dying Light at night... jesus fucking christ thats pain in the chest even a god damn real nightmare if you play during night. You could sleep it out but at night you get double experience at the cost of free nightmare lol


The visceral tightening of my guts when that church bell starts to ring...


Love when games have this risk-reward stuff. Darkest Dungeon had something similar. I would NEVER go out at night in Dying Light, but I like knowing it's there!


And it's honestly something I don't think is often used or when it is, then it isn't done well. Dying light does it really fucking good.


I wish they forced you more often into the nights though. I never finished the game, but i remember distinctly thinking :"nights aren't worth it". But perhaps that changes later ln the game. I might give it another shot


There are a few more night time bits towards the end. I’m glad they didn’t force you out that much. I also love that the night hunters go to a cave during the day. Stumbled in there by accident, dead in seconds.


Later in the game it's a great way to farm XP from the bad(der) guys IIRC (well you can quicksave/load scum a contamination zone) and at that point it's not really scary at all. It's just the first few time it's scary until you know how to play the AI


Solo Hunt: Showdown will leave you wrecked. At least it did me. Thought I would stoke out from the tension.


That's me whenever I play any of the Souls games. Play for a couple of minutes or an hour, and I need to take a break. I know the games, and have over 300 hours combined in the, but still they stress me out. :D


I can hardly make any progress in an hour of Demons Souls, I need at least a full afternoon when I’ve got a tricky boss to defeat. It helps to pause and look at the scenery throughout in between swearing profusely


Yep. Playing Nioh 2 yesterday convinced my watch I was doing a workout.


Star Wars: Squadrons in VR. After 30 minutes I was shaking, sweating, my heart was ready to explode and I was ready to vomit. Can't even imagine what real x-wing pilots feel. One of the best gaming experience in my life, but too intense.


Where these real x-wing pilots at


Tatooine probably.


More likely Yavin IV these days.


Modern Warfare Remastered on Veteran almost defeated me. Well, I didn't complete the last bonus mission on Veteran, but those who have played the game will know what I'm talking about. I finished the game last night, overall it was a very enjoyable experience, but man... the 'One Shot, One Kill' mission really gave me some traumas. The only way to survive was lying down in an ice cream stand for 5 minutes while there are about 30 enemies constantly throwing grenades at you. Killing them is pointless, there will simply respawn more and you need to wait for a chopper to arrive anyway. At the end you have 30 seconds to carry an NPC to the chopper, and it's a matter of luck not to get hit by the enemies because you can't shoot while carrying the NPC.


Assuming it’s the same experience as the original, seriously fuck that level on veteran. I finished the game on veteran but could never get the mile high club achievement for finishing the final level under a set time.


This was me when I played through the N. Sane Trilogy version of Crash 1. Some of those levels had me sweating, especially when doing the time trials.


One word...Sekiro.


Some of those bosses are insane. After beating Genichiro and the adrenaline wore off I was ready for a nap.


Don't think I have held a controller more tightly than during the boss fights against Snake Eyes and Owl Father. Turns out it was a bad idea to play late at night because I would get too worked up to fall asleep afterwards.


Sekiro legit gave me carpal tunnel. I'm not that great at it but I don't get frustrated so the bosses probably took me several hours a piece. I bought it on sale in the winter of 2019 and played it solid for weeks at the beginning of quarantine.


Hesitation is defeat.


For me, it's the board game [Space Alert](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/38453/space-alert). It's a cooperative game set to a real-time pregenerated or random scenario where you need to balance communication and coordination among the players while new threats are popping up every few minutes. A solid 10-minute game feels like a full day of work!


That game is an anxiety attack in a cardboard box. We could only play two rounds before switching to something a lot more laid back, lol. Fantastic game though


DMC 5 on Dante Must Die difficulty. Shit gets *so* intense. Especially if you play as Dante, as you’re constantly switching between your weapons and styles, trying to stay in the air away from the danger and keep your style ranking high, frantically using Royal Guard and Trickster to avoid damage. Shit kills your fingers and fries your brain but is hella fun.


I do agree with this bit dante has so many option defeating an enemy but with V goddamn everybattle is so goddamn long


I hated V's combat so much. Dante and Nero are very fun, but V just feels awkward to me.


Im always exhausted after half a game of CS:GO.


43 years old. Fortnite, a few elaborate shootouts have really stolen my breath. after I started building. I have renewed faith in our youth because you all can build and fight simultaneously.


Online multiplayer is a whole other level. Of everyone I ever knew in person and played games with, I'm the best. I can beat any of them in almost any circumstances. I can pick up a game I've never played before and start destroying them as soon as I get used to the controls. ...then I peeked into the abyss of online multiplayer and met real gaming talent. People who seem like they play with four arms instead of two and have the reaction time and precision of a computer. A competitive stage which is so intense that it requires daily practice to even become mildly good. It's a rather humbling experience. I wish console online multiplayer (and Youtube) existed when I was a kid. It would have been amazing to get my ass kicked by so many amazing people.


Yes it's kind of hilarious. Unless the automatic matchmaking is smart enough to know how to put the lowbi's together, it's just gonna be impossible for me. After awhile Fortnite got my number and now I am more or less evenly matched in my Battle Royales. Fun tip: Since most of those things are based off of Shots Fired vs Targets h Hit, all you have to do is spend a few rounds shooting into the air and getting yourself murdered and you drop in the invisible ranks and you can feel what it feels like to win a few rounds after that lol Same thing happens when you get real hammered and play the next day haha


Xbox Live may have been humanity's single most collectively humbling experience in history.


I experienced this with fighting games. The newest Killer Instinct in fact. I was good enough to beat it on first controller pickup at hard difficulty. I then went online and got my ass handed back to me with a side of fries. Damned sure I practiced a lot. I'm only just average or slightly below. Crazy how good people are now.


It's cause the internet pooled our knowledge together. Learning fighting games now is much easier than when I was a kid. We didn't know that you weren't supposed to spam shoryken and tatsu back then, cause it's such cool moves. The best guy in the arcade was the best only because he knows how to use combos and throws.


I remember having a like 100 page move list next to my SNES for MK lol


Seriously, watching any kid play fortnite makes me realize how bad at video games I am


I notice this especially in rhythm and bullet hell games, mainly when the pattern is slightly too difficult so you try to decipher and follow it rather than just instantly give up. Also when I enter the zone, both in those games and others, when the action finally ends the exhaustion suddenly kicks in. (Un)fortunately doesn't happen that often, though often enough to remember multiple instances over the years.


In Yakuza 0, running away from the Yakuza in Chapter 6 through Kamurocho was draining because there was an atmosphere of fear for your life.


All the underground labs in STALKER series. Especially the one in Call of Pripyat.


TLOU Part II is a fucking draining game


For real. When I read the question all I could think about was this game. The story is heavy, but it goes beyond that. The NPCs (even the dogs!) have names and they call out to each other, the brutal screams of pain, and sometimes the last person alive will beg for their life. It all really adds to the experience. Personally the biggest mind fuck was >!escaping Haven during the big battle. People are dying everywhere, the city is on fire, it is complete chaos.!< It's all very frightening. Great game.


I still haven't recovered. The emotional toll is not to be underestimated.


It's even more draining playing through it again on Grounded difficulty. Some of the encounters are so difficult it took multiple attempts just to make it through a single room.


That game was so stressful I'd leave a session with my arms sore. My whole body was tensed up


I finished it in like a week of intense stress because everything is a fucking gut punch followed by an hour and a half of stealth while still recovering from what you just saw and then boom they kick you while you’re down


Oh my god, first thing that came to mind. I went to marathon the ending one night without realizing there was a prologue afterwards which lasted two hours but I trudged through. I was so emotionally and physically fatigued after reaching the credits. >!Honestly I feel that the state I was in added so much to the fight with Ellie and Abby.!<


>!Man both of those fights were something else. Playing on the highest difficulty shows you just how fucking brutal Ellie is, when you’re playing as Abby Ellie will start adapting to what you’re doing on any difficulty, but when it’s higher she starts crafting bombs at the locations you’ve been stopping at the most and she honestly kicks your ass. She shoots at you so frequently and just fucks you up, when you play it on the lower difficulties it makes you think “Wow Ellie shouldn’t have picked this fight at all”, but at the highest it’s really like “Holy fuck Abby got so fucking lucky”!<


There’s like 20 hours of mindless filler content I was so relieved when I finally beat it


Interesting take


TLOU 2 Dark souls, bloodborne


Dealing with this in TLoU2 right now. Been working on it for weeks by sometimes I can only manage 20-30 minute stretches. Don’t think I’ve ever gone more than 90 or so.


I get that with basically every boss fight in *Ys Origin* or *Furi*. Granted, it's more than "a few minutes," but finishing one boss is often enough to end my play session early.


Playing Paragon. But not because of a few minutes but because during a time in early patches matches would last between 45 minutes to 1 an hour or longer. Each match was a marathon in itself. I miss those times, RIP Paragon


>I miss those times, RIP Paragon Keep an eye on [Fault](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1106750/Fault/) and [Predecessor](https://store.steampowered.com/app/961200/Predecessor/).


Playing through a mission in any of the devil may cry games on dante must die difficulty DRAINS you completely. The game is constantly at 11 out of 10 intensity. Never mind bloody palace mode where you have to fight through 100 floors with no checkpoints or breaks whatsoever (i mean you can pause but still).


Practicing a hard part in shmups can be super draining like this, I think its because your brain is trying to parse the information so fast. Other skill-based games (especially MP ones when its close) also give this feeling. The key is to play in bursts in my experience.


Yep - Rocket League and Titanfall 2 are both pretty draining.


Welcome to Hunt: Showdown


I love that this thread exists. I feel my chest tightening when I’m playing competitive overwatch or in beat saber on VR. That’s one of the reasons I’ve migrated towards turn based RPGs lately like Divinity Original Sin or Wasteland.


Might be a little uncommon in this sub but I get this experience from sim racing far more often than any other type of game. When you have a hard-fought race, up against a real person who wants to win just as badly as you do, and you fight tooth and nail with them all while understanding that a slight mistake could cost you the position or even worse, destroy your car, it provides a level of intensity that few other games can consistently match. A good race can leave me tingling and content for hours afterwards. And even if it's not a good result, a really intense race can make me literally sweat and feel both mentally and physically exhausted. Part of that is because of my equipment, I have a higher end wheel and pedals that require a decent amount of physical exertion to work in faster cars, but even when I was racing on a basic thrustmaster setup, a good race could really get my heart pumping.


Play Dead Space 2 on Zealot difficulty and you'll love it, every death will teach you to strategize and manage with the ever depleting ammo, the brief moments of encounter will exhilarate you.


Fuck that shit haha


Yeah and I think this is one of the reasons why older people tend to drop out of competitive games. Stuff like reaction times and mechanics don't really matter that much in video games, but I definitely notice even though I can hit the same peaks, I can't really retain it for longer because it's too easy for my attention to waver. I pretty much only play 2-3 games of League of Legends or Age of Empires whenever I decide to play bc of that, and I have to take breaks between each match too instead of just queueing up again. Even when I do play, I like to play simpler champs than I used to when I was younger just because it needs less attention, and I like playing rush in AoE so I don't have to exert myself for too long. I don't ever feel that way about any PvE games though because they demand a lot less attention IMO unless it's Touhou or a rhythm game or something similar, so I never really feel like I'm pushing and exhausting myself.


More than a few minutes, but the last level of Doom Eternal made me sweat.


Honestly hearing how some of you guys are describing this maybe you'd be better off playing something else.


The new NieR Replicant ver1.22... is *emotionally* exhausting more than anything, but the updated, fast-paced, intense gameplay makes it even more so. I had to take a break after getting ending A because of how insane the last dungeon and final boss were. Such an exceptional game that I can’t recommend enough.


Alien isolation. I had to shelf it


I just started getting into F1 racing for the first time in my life and as a result I bought F12020. I’ve never been a huge racing game fan, save midnight clubs on the old PS2 days, but yes. I find that after a race I need a break from gaming because for 45 minutes or so you’re managing absolutely everything required of you, from the gas to your tires to timing your pit stop correctly and ensuring you’re not losing time on bad corners or risky overtakes. I can only do one before I need to stop gaming for at least an hour. I love it though; it’s intense the whole time.


Amazed I had to scroll this far. I have over 200 hours clocked in F1 games and I’m still white knuckled the whole time. It’s the fact that you have to modulate the throttle, brake and steering. You can’t just mash them. Plus all the other stuff. If your tyres are shot and someone is behind you it’s so stressful.


Yeah. Online versus RTS games. Starcraft 2 in particular but really any online RTS can be exhausting. I guess it's more than just a few minutes for me. But I can only play about 2 or 3 matches at once which probably only takes 45 minutes? Whereas I can probably play 2 hours of rocket League straight without much issue, or play like 6 hours straight of Total War or civilization without feeling like I'm ready to be done. But yeah I guess it's not even one tough match of starcraft it's just those few moments in that match which take a lot of concentration and effort that leave me exhausted at the end of it


This was my experience playing The Last of Us 2. Most gameplay sections were so intense that I could only play for like an hour, hour and a half max per session.


Hospital basement. The most draining level out of them all lol


Oh I simply cannot play Outlast because 10 mins of anxiously walking through hallways and then hiding in a locker is it for me. My anxiety just cannot handle LOL


I bought Outlast the day it came out! Because horror gaming is my thing, right, all the way back to Fatal Frame and Rule of Rose and all that good shit. Day-one purchase! Played for several ... hours.   Right now, at this very moment, my dude remains huddling in a locker afraid for his life. Exactly where I left him all those years ago. Sorry, man. Just couldn't hack it. :/


Playing through this right now and it's tense as hell. I also only do 10-20 minutes at a time. It came to the point where I got anxiety just thinking about playing it. Just had to take a break for a bit.


Lmao I don’t think I can ever go back good god. I wish I could. I tried the FPS Resident Evil and being trapped in the hallway with pitchfork guy was enough for me. Couldn’t finish


No. I can play games for a seemingly unlimited amount of time. Unless you're talking about IRL gameplay, then yup.


MP games when playing with randoms like in Apex Legends make me tired after an hour. However ever since i started listening to some music at a low vol while I play, I don't get exhausted as easily.


Monster Hunter games. It's just endless boss fights. I love it, but man it's exhausting lol.


Any PvP game does this to me, but I find it tends to chill out after I've got a bit of experience


Dead space games wear me the fuck out. Returnal can do the same.


Ghostrunner...... Especially the very last section of the game.. I've never been so stressed out playing a game in my life... Also hours not minutes lol Also the final bosses of sonic unleashed ... Wasn't so bad at first then I kept failing and it started getting personal. Took me months of trying once a day or so to finally do it... By the end It was extremely stressful.


Bit odd how few RTS games I see mentioned here. That's the genre that's kind of notorious for making you feel like you took a long exam after a match.


Its Resident Evil Village for me. That damn house.


Mass Effect 2, Arrival DLC, Object Rho on Insanity and as a sniper no less, my god what a rush *"Shepard won't go down!"* chills. i had to stop and take a breath and enjoy the music for a bit


League of legends, I don't know how some streamers play the game for hours on end. After two games I have to take a break


Any From Software after Bloodborne. So fast and punishing.


The only time I can ever really think of a legitimate heart pounding moment was when I made it to like 5th in a round of PUBG (I wanna say 2nd but my gut says no). My heart was beating out of my chest it felt like, fast breathing, hands shaking on the mouse/KB, etc. I had never done that well in a match before on my own and I never will again lol. I've played phasmophobia with friends and that got pretty tense sometimes too but the above moment is the one that stands out to me the most.


This is basically the entirety of my experience playing starcraft.


Bloodborne was it for me, it got that creepy atmosphere but at the same time if you suck at the game, it adds a horror aspect to it. You become highly vulnerable even though you can fight back! Also P.T and all the recent Resident Evil games. P.T was especially draining 😂


Dude, I was replaying bloodborne last month. Each boss was so damn stressful. When I would reach the end of their health my heart would beat so fast I was worried I would get a heart attack. Once I beat the boss I would fast travel to a safe place and stop playing for 20 min. I would just try to control my breathing and get calm. The mental stress in high in that game.


Half-Life 2, I think the level was called Welcome to Ravenholme. You come through a shed with a bunch of rusty circular saw blades on the walls, round a corner and you’re looking out at a town skyline and a long street in front of you. It’s dark and you can see the silhouette of these figures running across rooftops. Then one of them stops, lets out a scream, jumps down from the roof to the street and starts running/galloping towards you while continuing to scream, and dives at you when it gets close. You had just gotten the gravity gun at that stage of the game and was using it to carry a concrete block, so I only had one shot. Tense moment! And one of my favourite video game moments too.


Invisible Inc. could also be exhausting (though longer than a few minutes), between keeping track of all the guards, trying to get all the safes and making sure your purchases will keep you alive. I usually have to stop after a few missions.


Oh most definitely, I was playing Warzone the other day, and it was me vs a Team of 3. I managed to clutch a win against them as the last man standing. Legit felt like I was running a marathon or something of that sort.




Horror or high-stakes complex strategy makes me even physically tired because I tense up so much lol


I feel this after 1-2 hours of every action game I play. I love and enjoy them but over the years I turned to more "calmer" games where there isn't so much stuff going on on screen like Visual Novels. So whenever I play something like GTA or Mafia now, I'm done after 3 hours at the latest. It's kinda sad because a few years ago I would easily spend an entire day of playing these, getting all excited about the shootings and heists but now it's just overwhelming to me. And yes I know, compared to FPS games they are still slow but I somehow turned into an action-granny lol


Online Smash ultimate.


I haven't seen it mentioned but every time I get somewhat far (for me it's the later parts of >!Elysium!< as I still haven't beaten the game) in Hades, I feel very tense because I know the >!Theseus fight!< is coming and I'm still having a lot of trouble with it.


After beating it once and using heat, the >!EM3 Theseus fight!< I find so much easier than normal. I’m almost at a 100 win streak because I just do that, and it’s been so much better than normal. The >!kart Theseus!< is way less defensive than usual.


That’s why I can only play Doom 2016 for like an hour at most.


Amnesia and doing dungeons with other people on mmo games lol.


no. honestly no. then again, I've never played something like eve online which requires actual thought, strategy, and coordination on a sizeable scale.


Had this back when I played league. Could only play like three games max before being drained and needing a break, two when I'm losing.


Experienced this today after a couple of hours of collecting riddler trophies in Arkham Knight. My brain was just fried, don’t wanna solve another puzzle for a little while.


I can only play a few solo missions of Phasmophobia before taking a break. With friends I can go for hours, but solo is a way more mentally taxing experience.


Pretty much any horror game. Feeling it now while playing Resident Evil 7 again before Village. I can only play for so long before I’m just exhausted and need a break. I get scared easily in games but I also love the thrill!


I can’t say I feel exhausted, I just am not heartpumping anymore and back to my normal state-of-being.