In a perfect world, we will get Outer Worlds 2 sometime before 2025, and it will be twice the length of the first game, with twice as much DLC.

In a perfect world, we will get Outer Worlds 2 sometime before 2025, and it will be twice the length of the first game, with twice as much DLC.


I hope they develop Outer Worlds 2 in such a way that the DLC extends the storyline, rather than requiring that it take place before a "point of no return" in the game's plot. I mean, I get that multiple endings are one of the desired features of a good RPG, but if the company is planning on DLC, they shouldn't hamstring the opportunity to extend the story.


I will mostly agree with you. I think one of the reasons I liked it was because it was short. I don't get tons of time to play games anymore, so this was easily consumable for me. I got to play a great game and finish it without feeling like it's dagged out or that I have to commit an enormous amount of time to it. It's one of the few RPGs I would feel comfortable replaying. While I would still buy it if it were twice as long, it wouldn't fit that niche of consumable RPG.


I'm with you there. The price was also good for it's length, and being shorter is a good reason to play through as different character builds.


You can still have a 20 hour story and lots of end game stuff to keep you busy


I agree with you there. I am on my third playthrough at the moment and I have used 55 hours by now. Outerworlds has just the perfect lenght for me. I like immersive stories and chance to play it again without investing too much time. I clocked 47 hours to Witcher three and it just Keeps stalling and going on and on and on.


In the year 2025. If obsidian is still alive. If the fandom can survive. We may find...


They will survive cause Microsoft Money 😌


A rusty sword (from Spacers Choice) for practicing proctology would fit pretty well in the world of Outer Worlds


In a perfect world we would have Outer Worlds VR released


The way weapons work in this game really bugs me. Often times a neat unique weapon will be impossible to upgrade to max level because it costs more money than you could possibly find throughout an average play through, regardless of how many money boosting perks you take, and half the uniques just have high tier mods preinstalled that can't be removed and don't have anything unique about them. Science weapons aren't various enough for me to get excited about them. While powerful they're still relatively boring in action. I just dont like forcing you to constantly change your weapons. This isn't call of duty, it's a fallout clone


Just so you know, Science 100 makes your tinkering costs -90%. I always get Sci:40 asap for Tinkering-50%.


I know, I got there. I just like having an "old faithful" for simplicity sake, something you never need to be swapped for something else so you always have a reliable death dealer in your arsenal


I felt the same about the science weapons in the base game tbh. While I love the gloop gun and mind control ray i felt that I couldn’t really use them since they were kinda weak by the time I got to monarch even though I had both the science weapons perks. Then the two melee weapon ones while ok were again super weak and I felt that their gimmicks were kinda lame especially the freeze one. Shrink ray is kinda dope though. They are really cool weapons but I felt that it was just better to use normal weapons than them which is sad because I really wanted to use them as my main weapons when I got them. However they were sadly outclassed very quickly. Also I somewhat agree with your statement on all weapons. While I feel that it was kinda expensive to upgrade weapons and armour and some of the uniques were not that unique. I disagree with the part about keeping the same weapon. Most open world games like outer worlds. ( fallout comes to mind) constantly force u to swap weapons and armour as you progress to make you stronger. It would be really boring and easy to get the best weapon in the game at the start and then steam role everything


In fallout games every gun is viable in end game if you've got the right perks for it. There isn't really a best weapon, they're all just situational. Uniques were all superior to their base models.... well except fallout 4 and beyond. The concept of a unique was made pointless as any perk could appear on any weapon, I didn't care for that really. The game became laughably easy after I found an explosive minigun and maxed explosive damage


Fair enough


This is what tinkering is for, sir


Tinkering isn't long term viable. More than 10 upgrades even at maxed out science tinker reduction is wasted money. The point i was making is there are a couple unique low level weapons that you can't take to the end game, which defeats the purpose of making them a unique entirely.


Uniques just aren't that good in this game 🤷‍♂️


Also Mods though


Or maybe the DLCs could just be in the main game


Yeah but then id want *more* DLC