Secretly broken champions that are not popular in pro games nor soloq?

Secretly broken champions that are not popular in pro games nor soloq?


lmao I'm dying at this post, you'll learn how wrong you are one day man


she is not broken, she is just a noobstomper. the higher you climb the harder it gets with her and you build her like you would use 2year old guides. totally outdated and totally innefficient


I disagree. Illaoi is just like Darius. Everyone keeps saying he's a noobstomper, but high elo players like you will still get stomped if you make one mistake. That's the definition of broken is it not?


The thing is that high elo players don't make the same mistakes as low elo players especially against an Illaoi. The only agency she has in lane is if she lands her e. The higher elo you go, the better the player is at avoiding the slow skillshot (whether that is sidestepping or standing behind minions). Not only this but she has a lot of other weaknesses that are easy to play around. If she is truly broken she would be played more. Seeing how you don't know what items to build, your opinion on high elo shouldn't be taken seriously.


thats not really true. darius is a noob stomper but he needs good macro to be good. illaoi as noobstomper just ace's everyone. there is the difference. in higher elos playing her is like playing a different champ. and she is extremly easy exploitable there. and i know what im talking about im an d4 illaoi main. (stop trying to search for my acc, you'll only find a smurf of me)




Try yorick, similar to illaoi in that if you don’t understand him as an opponent, you’re just gonna lose lane very quickly. Or more top… something that is consistently good as a one trick, but awful if you don’t know them intricately. I’m thinking riven/jax. Skill based matchups that really pay off against any opponent. Not like a malphite where he’s a one trick pony in combat with no real variation in play. Jungle try Olaf. Has been out of flavour for some time now, people will forget to respect his cc immunity and chase.


Thanks. Yorick looks really interesting to me and I will definitely try him out. Riven, jax are very popular champs so I don't want to play them.


You're playing normals and your stat lines aren't even impressive. She's not broken and is useless against any decent player outside of lane.


I have way more impressive stat lines. I just show you the recent games cuz I literally cannot lose with her. I understand you won't believe me but trust me illaoi Is actually broken. I won lane against a diamond Riven once.


I am pretty sure its more of your matchmaking being broken than champion. Youre building Illaoi in very strange manner which will not work against decent players. Problem with champion is that she is pretty straightforward at when she can fight and rather easily outplayable. For the toplane i think Gnar is much stronger than his pickrate shows, but leaves you less room for errors than usual toplaners. I think he is matching your criterias as people rarely know his strong points and get caught offguard if you suddenly put pressure. In midlane i found success with Rumble as its really easy to get prio with flamethrower and roam freely with ult.


Illaoi is good against people that dont know how she works but when people start to learn what she does she is just useless and gets shit on during laningphase. I would recommend Aatrox, he is in my opinion pretty good and rarely banned. In lower elo people dont buy antiheal against him, but in higher elo people do buy antiheal but it doesnt really matter because you just buy more healing items and you are good.


this guy is an illaoi abuser trying to stop you from getting free wins too dont listen !!


Annie. She is unspeakably broken but people avoid her because slow start for farm.


she just got nerfed


By 5%. There is rarely a time where any doesnt kill because of a 5% diff in damage infact annie overkills half the time. And the reason you pick annie is because she has a great laning phase and has lane prio.


tbh i feel like leblanc and kennen are much more of a problem then annie is


Does illaoi not build a mythic or is that just a you thing ?


Sunderer is her most common, this guy looks like he uses a guide from previous seasons.


I can go Yuumi jungle in your Drat games and perform better, no offend but your post is just dumb


Shen 100%. He's very good for solo q and not too hard to learn his basics, although ppl tend not to know for example strenght of his early game or some abilities details, as if the spirit blad comes through a champion, his Q gets really empowered and gets increased AS (for these 3 autos). And the Shen's ulti, people are just always surprised with the life-saving and game changing shield.


Poppy is a triple flex pick (top jungle support), and she counters the meta in the 3 roles. She has insane damage among the damage tanks like Ornn or Zac, she's very mobile, has a good clear, big burst, crazy gank, tanky af... Except versus Sett, she's in fact a good blindpick top because every other meta champion has dashs. And I know what I'm talking about, I'm a Poppy main.


Ok League’s a very analysed game, with people literally paid to figure out what’s good, what works good with what and whom. What you’re asking for just doesn’t exist. If a champion is very strong, they get picked in pro games and high elo which makes them popular. You also have established strong ‘soloQ’ champions that work well in the chaos of SoloQ but don’t work as well in the coordinated scene Shaco is probably my best example of this. Then you have Stat check champions. These are like your Illaoi, Darius, Mundo etc…. Where if they don’t get shut down they can take over a game through a combination of good macro and a strong kit. Some of these also see pro play because it’s a valid win condition. There aren’t any champions that are giga broken that nobody plays. The game just doesn’t work like that. There’s too many streamers, analysts, and players to keep that kind of stuff under wraps. Don’t make the mistake that you’ve found ‘the secret’ because you’ll get absolutely shredded by anyone who can play against your champions. Illaoi is a cannon minion if she misses her E. and as soon as you play against someone who knows this and plays around it you’ll feel like she’s so weak and why doesn’t she get buffed.


Kennen mid is OP rn and nobody ever picks or bans him. hes pretty easy too


Shhh don’t tell anyone about sparky boi mid! That’s where the squishy champions live that he can one tap.


I thought Kennen is one of the most popular champions in pro games?


He is not popular in pro


No, he is not played often at all.


I am thinking of Yorick top, Malzahar mid, Skarner jungle, Sivir adc and maokai support. Is any of these champs good?


Malzahar can be picked as counter to some assassins and high mobility champions for example Leblanc. So he's good if you can counter pick with him.


maokai support is really strong and relatively easy to pick up in low elo (up to high gold). Yorick is always nice :)


Mao support (at least AP Mao) got needed a while back. As far as tanky goes there are better options.