If r/hometheater had a drinking game….what often repeated phrases, comments or posts would make us take a shot?

If r/hometheater had a drinking game….what often repeated phrases, comments or posts would make us take a shot?


99.9% of the time Soundbars or HTiB (Home Theater in a Box) systems are not a good investment of your time and money. It is the general consensus of r/hometheater not to recommend these things and instead simply steer a user toward a 2.0 or 2.1 system made of quality, *Audio-Centric* name brand components which are easy to assemble and cheap enough for low budget or space conscious buyers. Most can be expanded to 5.1 if you buy the correct items in the correct order. For further explanation please read [Why You Shouldn't Buy a Soundbar](https://www.reddit.com/r/HTBuyingGuides/comments/dy885l/why_you_shouldnt_buy_a_soundbar/) Please be aware /r/Soundbars exists as well as you will be met with opposition to posting about soundbars here. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/hometheater) if you have any questions or concerns.*


"My humble set up/My little set up"


And it's always like a 100k setup.


It's not much, but it's mine and I love it. I'm not mocking people who feel that way (I sure love my setup), just adding since it's a fairly common post.


How about a shot for every time someone posts a photo of their TV mounted above a fireplace, or mounted at eye level for a 6’5” person standing on a barstool? Pretty sure between this and the sound bar thing we would end up in the emergency room.


The auto moderator already got me! Shot 1 down! Lol


"That's subjective" or "that's just your opinion" anyone asking "should I buy these upward firing atmos speakers"


Well to be fair, there very much is a ton of subjectivity that goes into this hobby when it comes to perceived quality for video and audio.


Ya he asked for often repeated phrases. So ya


fair enough


You are right tho.


Subjectivity is such a weird aspect to technically derived products. Like *subjectively* someone might like their TV touching the ceiling, even if it's *objectively* ridiculous. *Subjectively* someone might like horrible misaligned speaker placement, even it's *objectively* problematic. Objectively, I doubt many people in this forum have actually sampled enough setups to warrant subjective preference.


But, like, that’s just your opinion. /s


Good speaker placement finds you rocking while on your back, increasing the chances of conception.


Yes, but mostly no. There are standards and a majority of products only start to touch them. As a professional in the custom A/V industry, you just don’t know what you don’t know. Ignorance is bliss! And that’s OK! But when 90% of the stuff posted here doesn’t qualify for “home theater” and even the dedicated rooms just start to scratch what’s possible. Most fail to realize you need a decent room (with like walls and portals that can be closed), still need room treatment, and ideally and even response across the spectrum at reference volume. Not even talking about end user control (hello C4/Savant/etc.) you’re at 15-20k to really get a movie theater experience at home, MINIMUM!


"you need dual subwoofers" when the person who posted/said it has no clue when/where/why/how you do dual subs.


Is that different from having two subwoofers?


can't tell if you're serious or being sarcastic


¿Porque no los dos?


Me, just looking for decent sound in my apartment. AVR prices: >€1000. People: get two subwoofers (from brands that are not available in the EU). You‘ll want a decent stereo amp to power those speakers. (I listen at barely audible volume levels)


Drink whenever someone posts either “What do these wires go to?” Or “Brrrrr sound not working why.”


“I just bought a house and it came with...”


I can't believe this happens so often with the internet at your fingertips lol. You knew to post to this subreddit, so you had somewhat of an idea of what you're looking at.


Someone posting bias lights and getting alternatively shit on and then defended.


"Let that receiver breathe!"


Any mention of Atmos soundbar is a mandatory finish your drink. I like this game! How about, “I have a $100 budget, help me build a badass first system!”


Subwoofer crawl


Gotta include something about sound treatment


"Klipsch sucks"


Oh and the ever famous Your TV is to high!




“It’s not much, but” “my humble” “tv too high” “subwoofer crawl” “I need 7.1 on a budget of $50” and “doesn’t support true 2.1”


Klipsch subs suck. That's automatically drunk.


how about when Klipsch gets bashed!


...or praised as a value.


"r/TVTooHigh" for nearly all wall mounted TVs, no matter the height. (Granted most of them are justified, but still does an OP need 50+ messages stating the same thing?)


*does an OP need 50+ messages stating the same thing?* Well, apparently they do. At least until it sinks in that the TV really is too high. Just my opinion. Oh, wait, “Just my opinion”, I’ll drink to that.


> Just my opinion. Oh, wait, “Just my opinion”, I’ll drink to that. LoL. Okay, now you're just gaming the system.


Sorry I can’t give a decent reply but, as u may have geused, I’v alredy strted drinking. ;-)


So should we degauss you?