Moving in a new apartment, is an Atmos setup too annoying for neighbours?

Moving in a new apartment, is an Atmos setup too annoying for neighbours?


Atmos should be fine. It's the subwoofer that you need to worry about.


Do you think that having it not directly on the floor could help?


I have had a quality 12” dedicated subwoofer along with a LCR setup for a solid 3.1 in my 2nd floor apartment. Even though I have to be a bit careful of when I watch movies (don’t turn it up TOO loud and try to watch them during the middle of the day), typical tv watching at reasonable volumes is still extremely nice. Still get to hear those lows, even at lower volumes. Have yet to have one complaint. Can also help to communicate with neighbors to see what is “too loud” for them. Not so sure about the atmos, as I do not have it myself.


Surely I'm gonna adjust the volume for them, I was just wondering if having speakers on the roof could cause problema but I think that having them facing down is enough


In/on ceiling mounted speakers are more for that immersive feeling. Very subtle and quiet, but you feel like you are in the space. That's my experience.


Ceiling speakers or height speakers will be closest to the upstairs neighbors, but they will be pointed away from them. And those speakers will only be in use a small portion of the time during a movie, so even if they can hear it it’ll only be momentary.


If the apartment is well insolated and you aren't listening at 100db you should be fine for the speakers - the subwoofer is more of a concern than the configuration being Atmos.


As a long time renter I'd say skip the sub. Just not worth the hassle of interfering with others lives.