5 Years heroin free today! My first setup - Finally able to afford to enjoy some of the finer things.

5 Years heroin free today! My first setup - Finally able to afford to enjoy some of the finer things.


Congratulations on the 5 years (and the system). You've earned it.


A gift to myself because I've earned it. Came here to brag and show you guys my first attempt. I appreciate all the advice with purchasing and troubleshooting the settings with me. Everything is new except the TV(coming in fall) and shield. Marantz sr5014 (manufacturer refurbished) Kef q350's Kef q250 Kef q150's Svs pb-1000 pro Polk owm3 Xbox one x bought used from co-worker Monolith stands (amazon) filled 11# dry sand ea. Wayfair media center with several modifications to allow for cords and airflow ( too shallow). Let me know what you think. I am open to any criticism and ideas for aesthetic wall treatments. Thanks again. -hairy Edit- thank you for all the love and congratulations it means a lot! Update- YOU ARE AWESOME- Thanks for the gifts and support!


You know, I see “five years heroin free” and wouldn’t mind a bit about anything else. Keep working everything that you do to make it work. (But you’ve got some nice gear.) ((but damn that doesn’t matter, I’m glad you’re here))


Congrats man! Just passed two years this April! It’s amazing how one can have so much money to blow and still have money being saved for emergency fund/savings. What I noticed too is how much more quickly payday seemingly comes when I’m not staring at a calendar counting down the days lol. Most of the time I’m like jeez, didn’t I just get paid?? In the past two years, but mostly the past year, I’ve built a sick computer rig and monitor setup and am currently in process of upgrading my car stereo to a 10.1” Kenwood Excelon wireless carplay touchscreen with speakers and sub. Had the speakers and sub for like 10+ years, if I could’ve effectively sold them or my “friend” wanted them, I would definitely not have them anymore. Kinda glad I resisted the urge and/or my friend didn’t have his own car. I can’t wait to get them installed to this new radio. Oh yea also bought a 65” LG CX and a Denon 3500h lol. How could I forget about that. Next on the docket is probably svs atmos height speakers and svs subwoofer.


Congrats to you too! ALL good on you!!


I'm in the process of building some acoustic panels for the basement, which is not difficult, just time consuming. I go back and forth about whether I should have just bought them. Anyway, very nice setup, perfect for music also.


Sounds interesting. What materials are you using? Are you doing custom shapes or? and just elastic fabric covers?


I'm using Rockwool board from an insulation supply as the sound absorber, wood frame. The shapes are rectangle, mostly 24" width matching the Rockwool. I have a microsuade fabric from ATS Acoustic. There are lots of options for materials. I'll probably take some pictures and post, it's a reasonable diy project.


Looks awesome! Congratulations on 5 years dude. That really is an amazing accomplishment. I'm glad your able to treat yourself now. Have you thought about going with a projector? I can't recommend the Epson HC3800 enough, especially if you find it on a sale. Got mine for $1500, and had previously bought the 120" screen for $250. It's absolutely epic, looks beautiful, and I cannot imagine replacing it with a TV. Just sayin 😁


Thanks I'll look into. We are moving within the next year so I want to see what I'm working with as far as room size and layout. But you definitely have me considering it.


Darn right you earned it. As others have stated, Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! May you have many more to come. The setup looks great and legit with that temp monitor. I bet it sounds amazing. Enjoy.


You absolutely earned it! Maybe some LS50’s for your 10 year celebration!




Ya I just used an oscillating tool to cut a 15"x6" hole on the lower middle shelf to slide my avr back. In the cabinet I used these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QFWLGPU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_i_8VY5Y9095SRDRS1MJKX3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JLV4BWC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_i_SA3Q4M8ZMV4X4M1SB6G0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I have 1 fan pulling cool air in from behind the xbox 1 circulating and one exhaust on top. Heavy duty velcro strips holding stuff up.




Yes there were two links there. It has an auto setting that turns all 3 fans when it gets tripped




Congrats on your five years!


Congratulations! Very happy to see, self reward is always important, you’ve earned it.


it’s always interesting when my subreddits bleed into each other. or whatever you call it when many of your interests and experiences collide. anyways, congrats! having money for some of the finer things in life is one of the (many) rewards of recovery! i hit five years back in october. which was shortly after i returned to college at age 35. keep on keeping on!


Congrats! Welcome to your new addiction.


Yeah this one is safer tho. And thank you


Will still take just as much of your money ;)




I just want to say as a former heroin addict myself (12 years clean) how amazing of an accomplishment 5 years clean is and even though I don’t know you personally I’m proud of you for overcoming the huge monkey that was on your back. Awesome system btw, it’s a great feeling to be able to put hard earned money to good use.


ALL good on you! Congrats


Congratulations on the 5 years! I see you have good taste in music. Too bad Layne couldn't pull himself out of that as well. I miss his voice... Just out of curiosity, did you know that shit was bad news after the first time you tried it, or at some point down the road, you realized it had you in its clutches? Hopefully not too personal of a question...feel free not to answer if so.


i’m not op but have a similar amount of time off heroin (i hit five years in oct) and i was already very addicted to oxycodone before i ever tried heroin. i tried very hard to avoid using heroin. but i was up to about 400 mg of oxycodone a day which is far more than i was prescribed at any time. eventually i moved somewhere where the price difference was too much to ignore and so i rationalized that if i never shot up it would be ok. what i neglected to consider was the difference between a known dosage of a clean drug and an unknown dosage of an unclean drug. my life quickly started to disintegrate, and i was in rehab within six months, but it still took me another two years to actually stay clean for more than a month or two. edited to add: i eventually did shoot up and it was then that it became very clear if i didn’t manage to stay clean i would be dead within a few months. still surprised i’m not. my extremely high tolerance is likely actually what saved me. fortunately i got out around when the fent was arriving on the scene. which just made it that much more imperative that i stay clean. shooting heroin is an experience like nothing else in the world and no matter what else you’ve done up til that point (in my case, all the drugs, and heroin itself just sniffed) it still leaves an impression on your brain which takes a long time to fully go away. if ever.


This ⬇️ is very similar to my story. Oxycontin became less available and very expensive so I justified doing heroin, cuz I wasn't a junkie in my mind cuz i just smoked it, like the pills. Then one time when I was withdrawing so bad I couldn't smoke it I just kept throwing up, I had my "friend" shoot me up. Soon, yes I realized.


35 years heroin free for me!!!


Hats off!


Hell yea! Congrats bro.


Thanks I am lucky to have a strong support system so I cant take all the credit though


AV - one hell of a drug


As someone told me tow days ago when I posted my setup, welcome to Kef club mate 🥳 Congrats and enjoy ! Ps: you gave me the envy to watch top gun, such a great movie ! 😅


Nice! Curious how that 250c performs with your system, hope it’s great! I have the 350s and 150s as well. Absolutely loving both, 350s we’re a nice step up from the 150s for my large living room


this post has made me smile on a shitty day - thank you, congrats on 5 years and enjoy your set up.


Year clean from meth. Was able to afford a klipsch system


I’m biased since I have them but I love seeing KEF’s. I’m very much a mids-loving person more than heavy bass and treble.


Congrats! On the 5 years!


Thank you


Congrats ! Now get urhairyanus a colonoscopy.. they save lives..


Got one tomorrow :(


I know how you’ll be spending your evening then. Good luck.


man the prep SUCKS.


Love the poster man! Congrats on the 5 years!!


My brother just celebrated his 4th year opiate free, I am proud of him, and I am proud of you brother. Really like how you have the xbox enclosed, and ventilated.




I know I had them over the speakers with the sub on the inside but this sounds better.




I'm doing it right now. When I hung it I had my left channel and sub were switched around but this sounds better


Congratulations for 5 years mate. Also awesome setup:)


KEF make quality speakers. I'm hoping for a pair of R3 at some point.


Congrats! Your setup is awesome too.


Good job man! Keep up the good fight. Nice system to boot.


Respect well done


I almost just got the exact same set up! Where did you get the K150s from?




We may have gotten advice from the same person. They were on sale, new, for $300 from Best Buy FYI. Not sure if sale is still going.


Fellow marantz owner here, the external fan is a must! Nice set up!


Well done


Lovely to read that mate well done 👏


Lol trading one addiction for another.


This is one heart-warming thread. Enjoy the new setup man, sounds like you've earned it. :)


The mushroom picture is nice 😉.


... someone say free heroin?


Only the first one is free!


Congrats and well done. Can you comment what is controlling or powering the PC fan in the XBOX cabinet? Does it automatically turn on via a trigger?


It looks like AC infinity system. So yes, there is a thermostat that trigger the fans when you reach a set temperature (with the little blue screen on the side of the cabinet) ☺️ If you wonder, I think that the device above the receiver is also another AC infinity product that help cooling down the amp.


This https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QFWLGPU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_i_8VY5Y9095SRDRS1MJKX3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 And thesehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JLV4BWC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_i_SA3Q4M8ZMV4X4M1SB6G0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


Thanks for the links, I have some research to do. Seems like a no brainer.


I didn't tough it was that expensive. Is it realy effective?


AC Infinity products are relatively expensive. But, yes, compared to a system with no airflow, they're amazingly effective. That being said, you could piece together a similarly performing setup for a fraction of the price with PC fans (that's what I've always done). If you don't know what fans to use, just pop on a PC hardware subreddit and ask about some low noise fans and an AC adaptor to power them.


And thank you yes it turns on at a set temp


What is the thing you used to mount celling speakers. It looks good.


You earned it! We’re proud of you!


Congratulations, enjoy your new system. Well earned my friend. How are you liking the KEF Q350s & Q250C?


Great for this size of room 19' x14' with open kitchen behind. I have the 250 propped up about 3/8" now and the dialogue is cris The q350s are impressive I'm hearing instruments and background guitar rift's I've never heard on songs I've listened to hundreds of times.


Glad you’re enjoying them! Spending a bit more initially is definitely worth it to avoid the upgrade bug. If I was going to upgrade it’d be between the KEF Q series or SVS Ultra, but whilst I’ve got neighbours to consider I’m happy with what I have 😉


Congrats on the 5 years! Great setup!


Well earned dude, props!


Bro!!!!! Congratulations.


Congrats, proud of you!! Also GREAT choice in movie, my man.


Proud of you! Well worth the trade if you ask me 👏👏👏


Great job! That’s an awesome achievement and you should be proud! My wife and I recently celebrated 17 years clean and sober; It just keeps getting better.




The best drug is freedom


Keep living that dream bro!




Nice gear


Congrats on both OP!


I have a similar stand and freaking love how you customized it with the fan and side temp readout. Awesome addition, and frankly, something that never crossed my mind.


Awesome song choice!


Have you researched room treatments to control the acoustic response of the room? There are two general techniques that I'm aware of- absorption and diffusion and it doesn't take much to make an improvement. You've probably seen the absorption panels in other setups on reddit. You can buy premade stuff but it's a bit expensive, so DIY is the other options. It can help control the reflections you get off the walls. (it's easy to overdo it though which makes the room acoustically dead. ) I hope to get diffusion panels eventually because that tends to be a more effective technique than absorption.


Congrats totally earned it. Treat yo self


Congratulations man! This may be an asshole insensitive question but it's foreign to me. How much do you think you spent on heroine a month when you were an addict. Or overall in your life


i’m not OP but happened to see this and i hit 5 years in october. i spent around $200-$400 a day. plus another $100+ on crack/cocaine. and then plenty of money on alcohol too. i only used daily for about five years but i could have bought a house where i live now in cash. i’ve estimated i’ve spent over a quarter million on drugs. this is not typical. there are many who only spend maybe $20-50/day. but i was already heavily addicted to oxycodone before i finally broke and touched heroin. check out r/opiates if you’re really still curious.


400$ a day? Your drug dealer was a bad bad man.


i mean you’re not wrong but they were no worse than the others. my tolerance would just eventually rise to *every damn dollar and cent i could possibly earn, steal or deal*


Does your family still talk to you after this? Must be hard man. You came back strong. Good for you!


i don’t want to sound like one of those thieves that pretends to have morals, but i never stole anything from my family at all (well except some klonopin from my mom once when i was sick). unfortunately she passed away the summer i started getting shit together. i still talk to my dad but he has a girlfriend who lives with him now so between that and covid i have not seen him as much as i used to (he’s 75). the rest of my family does not live in the area but two of my cousins are in recovery so we probably talk more than the rest. to add: i never stole from other people just businesses. primarily my job. i’m more of a white collar criminal.


Stay strong brother


it’d be harder to go back at this point than to keep going forward. i feel like that’s key.


I good way to retrieve some moral if you are interested is when you have some $$ or belongings that you can spare to give it to a stranger it's in a sense canceling the stealing...


i try to do what i can :) but sometimes i joke that it will be a long long time…


Congrats! I see its easy to see how it destroy lives beyond recovery. Sorry if I looked at your profile, but I tend to do that when posts get personal. I see you posted on ADHD too. I've got adult adhd too and I was always good at math. I read one of your post; ADHDers tend to self medicate in some ways or another and unfortunately suffering from ADHD makes us susceptible to comorbid afflictions like depression. Getting diagnosed is probably going to be a hurdle due to the nature of the medication, although there's non-stimulant medication you might try like Strattera, which works. Having said that, it's very easy to confuse lack of motivation with ADHD when in reality it's an underlying symptom of depression. Finding out if depression medication works for you takes 1 month and it could change your life. In fact I didn't get diagnosed until I got that out of the way. Depression, especially mild is something easy to miss. Anyway good luck!


i appreciate your input. i have tried ssris before but nothing has really stuck. and part of me is a little… leary of most medications at this point. i would never want to be on a stimulant medication anyways so i’m more focused on trying to find ways to work with my brain than medicate it into submission.


I had a good initial response to SSRIs and it fades, I've changed meds over a while, but honestly I can't tell when I'm on them or not. They only work if you take them once a day for a month at least without interruptint treatment; but to be honest that's something you should talk with a psychiatrist. Sorry if I seemed to meddlesome, ADHD is a topic I just feel passionate about, just wanted to share what worked for me, treating ADHD like a set of symptoms is what made me comes to terms with managing it, motivation/happiness and attention. Because only when I manage the first one I can work on the second one. Anyway nice chat!


yeah! i’m not necessarily opposed to *most* medications but there’s something about stimulant adhd meds that makes me feel like dogshit after a few days. also, the dry mouth - i already take another medication which causes this plus the addictions and i went from never having a cavity to having to get a back molar pulled. i think it was more burnout (and long covid symptoms). i’ve worked in restaurants since age 15 (as a manager from 20-35) and regularly worked 70-80 hour weeks for many years. my job after that was still 60+ and dogshit on top - shit pay, shit boss, shit owner. i had covid last april and this is when things really soured - i was treated pretty badly after i came back (i always knew how shitty they were, but they didn’t act like that *to me*). i ended up walking out in july. i got let go from my next job in dec because they were sticklers on punctuality (i was only more than 10 min late a handful of times - usually i arrived on time or 1-2 min late). since then i’ve been on unemployment and it was a much needed break. once i got the vaccine (and got over the initial reaction) i have been gradually feeling more myself.


Big big congratulations!! Addiction is no joke, and you did it! For 5 years!! That’s hard, nothin but respect for you! Please repost when you set it all up. ALL good on you!!!


Congratulations on a good life Bro!


Congratulations! Nice setup!


Congrats on both! Well earned


Congratulations! That’s a huge achievement. And enjoy the setup! I have a nearly identical Marantz/KEF setup and could not be more pleased.


Great job


Man that looks awesome!


I took on the hobby after a serious bout of benzodiazepine dependency. Turned out it was the high I was looking for. Keep on the path, always good to see people do a 180 after the toughest of times. Best of energies.


Super stoked and proud of you! You deserve it! Happy to see you alive and happy!


Congratulations. We have similar taste... AC Infinity fans in the cabinet and Top Gun as one of the obligatory first watches. Congrats on beating the struggle. I have a friend who has been struggling for many years, and while I'll never fully know what it's like to walk in your shoes, I've been close enough that my heart breaks for him, and I'm extremely proud of anyone who can make it through. Congratulations, again. AND ENJOY THAT SETUP!


Congrats! Setup looks great!


That’s a great way to spend that hard earned cash. Congrats!


Just take the time to set it up correctly.


Congrats on the time. I’m at about the same amount as you are and that length of sobriety really is impressive. The amount of people who never get off heroin is crazy, I feel like that stat would shock the general public.


Congrats to you also! Finally living life without worrying about being sick and spending all my dough. And I refuse to be part of that statistic. Hang in there and if you ever want to chat msg me.


Aww, a touching moment with *squints at username* hairyanus47 it is


Congrats Op. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you. Keep up the great work!


Nice setup and congratulations. I use the AC fans too except I have mine running off a wifi plug and google.


Congrats on the sobriety!! Great job, keep it up!! Enjoy your new gear. 👍




Fuckin A. Love it! May movies and sound keep you clean!! There’s plenty of content out there to help. Stay strong brother!!!


I don't know you, but I'm so very proud of you!


Ok cool!


Congrats on sobriety and congrats on the excellent gear. Enjoy, man!


Casual Psilocybe poster 👀


Ya only psilocybe and cannabis for me now!


That's awesome dude, you're a true champion. Well done


please... clean that xbox


Well done mate


Congrats, well deserved.


Congrats dude. That’s an accomplishment.


Mad Season!


Oooo baby!


Congratulations and God Bless!! Enjoy your new system.


God bless you


Congratulations on 5years clean and sober.




I have a similar setup with a built in cabinet for airflow. Happy for you. I put one fan one side and one top. However, I keep the same shelves, sawed out the middle, and replaced them with metal grates that are hot glued on the original shelves. You may be able to get multiple shelves in there to get better organization.


Congrats and may God continue to give the strength to keep going!


That's awesome. Congrats!


good post u/hairyanus47 ! forreal tho, good for u man, stay strong


Nice job! Opiates suck.


So I accidentally read that as 5 days heroin free and I was like goddamn, how much money do you make a day


"Yeah, I take in a cool 10 grand a day or so, but I REALLY loved heroin."


That looks great! And congratulations!


Congrats and p.s. That's a great song


Congrats on your milestone, hopefully your post will show others ,what they can aim for being drug free. System is ace too.


Congrats on your journey and welcome to the world of HT!


Welcome to Kef Club, but surrounds are overkill, should have gone with Q50A, anyway your choice.


Congrats OP, stay strong!!


Congrats on thst, sounds like a big achievement!




I don't know who u are but I'm proud of you


Congrats! Upvote for your health and for Mad Season. 👌


Congratulations! 5yrs also.


Congrats 🙌


I’m happy for you! That was also my life for 10 years ago, when you’ve been sober for that long you really appreciate all the good things in life! I still struggle until this day when ever I get stressed or when tough things happen in my life, my brain is so used to “take the easy way out” but now days it isn’t a hard choice or as hard to refuse your brain like it was early in my sobriety! All the luck to you! 👍👍


Fuck heroin go for gaming


It's more addicting


Excellent! Keep on the path brother! Enjoy life and all it has to offer! Nice setup!


Congratulations man on the system and beating the addiction ! You are a badass warrior ! I have one question tho, in your Xbox cabinet what is the speed controller ? And i see that you only have an exhaust fan what do you do for air intake ?


Congrats on the accomplishment! I'm picking up basically your same setup soon; KEF Q350 and PB/SB-1000 Pro! Very excited to see someone with the same!


Love the temperature monitoring inside the TV stand. SICK


I notice you've got your shield mounted to the frame, presumably with some double sided tape? Do you know of a way to reboot it when it becomes unresponsive without having to pull the plug? I'd love to mount my Shield similar to how you did it, but the rebooting issue is what is stopping me.


Heavy duty velcro. couple strips 1" wide


Top Gun is the perfect movie to christen that system. Congratulations on the 5 years!


Congrats! Do you happen to know where you got the little wire shelf that sits above the Xbox? I’m looking for something like that.


I found it in the school supplies section of a local grocery store sold as 15" desk shelf or cabinet shelf something like that




Congrats on 5 years man that’s a huge accomplishment! And the system looks killer ur gona have a blast :)


Proud of you. That's an amazing milestone and a very appropriate reward :)


swaggy chill spot


Big pat on the back 👍👍👍


What mind of speaker wires have you used....


Seriously heartfelt congratulations on staying clean. Getting a nice sound system is obviously pure gravy on having yourself back.






Cool use of the AC infinity system! Congrats on the gear and on your sobriety!


That's all the things you were missing while in the grip of addiction. Life is beautiful without substance. Music has always been my1st habit. Stay strong


Hey congrats op, I'm from the same situation but neet/mentally Ill for 10 years


Thank you. Stay strong


Great job and congrats. Enjoy!


What does it mean heroine free? 5 years divorced ?


Heroin is a drug.