AVR in a tight cabinet — too tight?

AVR in a tight cabinet — too tight?


way too tight


That’s what I was thinking. Damn!


There’s about half an inch between the top and the wood


Gonna want at least 3”, go ahead and laugh


Story of my life...thanks, guess it’s staying on top and my center will go below


Good plan!


3"?! Not with a class D amplifier.


Seems a bit close for adequate airflow. I’d be concerned it might overheat and damage the unit.


I have the same unit. There's more space on the bottom rack. Never had any problems with mine but it may not be as tall as yours. I've just put my hand on the top and it's not hot despite having been on for the past hour and a half.


It’s a tad more spacious on the bottom but it only gives me about an inch of clearance.


I'd consider taking a saw to that middle shelf, and cutting out that whole middle section between the metal upright parts. Then your amp can go on the bottom shelf with plenty of space above for heat to dissipate. Or the same but with the top shelf, but I'd assume you have a center channel there. If not, and this pic shows how it's set up, then just cut out the top shelf and let the receiver breathe. You could always make a breathable shelf with a metal grate or something if you're real handy and want to get fancy. Maybe it's just me, but I don't have reservations modifying something to make it more useful. Take the time to do it right and it wouldn't look like a DIY hack.


I have a denon and they said I needed 4 inches for ventilation. I got a receiver cooler by the brand aircom on eBay for 50$. It’s the aircom t10… an inch tall and has 3 fans and auto turns on when your receiver reaches a temperature above what you choose.


Would the aircom t10 work with his avr on that shelf?


They have units that exhaust out the rear. Sucks outs, spits out the back.


I’m not sure. Maybe if he took the feet off? Id also have to see if there’s any clearance under the receiver. They also make different models that port the air in different directions. The t10 is a front venting fan verses the other ones that vent front the top or the back.


I reccomend a TV stand which allows you to raise the TV and put things under it. I have an Infinity center under a 70" TV. And the center is huge. I'll link the stand I have. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CORQRX0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_DR8DCCSEQB07VXKM0YGN?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


The downside is that your TV will technically be too high. From personal experience though it's not that big of an issue but this sub doesn't agree on that one


Appreciate the tip! I plan to mount the 77 on the wall, should free up the top shelf nicey


Remove the legs and get a sleek air cooler that can be put on top that pushes air out the back. Havent seen any myself but based on others comments on this thread that may work.


Certain death the way it is. Way too constricted.


Yes, and that avr does not crank out it’s advertised 100 wpc. Try even a cheap fosi audio external amp and it should make your L/R sound much better. I have the same unit and it’s internal amp isn’t even close to what it says it should be able to do.


Definitely way too tight. Don't use it like that unless you want to buy a new AVR. Read your manual, there is usually a minimum distance for obstructions above the AVR...