This comment says it all

This comment says it all


⛔️ TW NUDITY AND SEXUAL CONTENT. PROCEED WITH CAUTION ⛔️ https://mobile.twitter.com/trishapaytas/status/1270504868612935680?s=21 Also this is def sexual harassment in my opinion when this was made after Trisha was making sexual comments towards Ethan and hila on the h3h3 podcast that were clearly unwanted. Trisha also tweeted sexually explicit comments and images at Ethan many times before frenemies started, which Ethan clearly stated he was not comfortable with


yeah she literally tweeted out her genitals at him




I remember in the early days, she used to say something along the lines of "Everyone either hates me or wants to fuck me". Then she claimed that since Ethan doesn't hate her, he *must* want to fuck her. Good for Ethan for putting up with her this long. I pitty Moses for finding something in her I cant.


Yeah imagine thinking that lol


I don't hate her and most certainly do NOT want to fuck her lol. The sad thing is I have always rooted for her when she starts to show progress.


I'm not usually one to agree with this argument, but just reverse those roles. Not sure H3 would be around right now.


Exactly. Or reverse the roles in the abuse between Trish and Moses.


This is disgusting.


I'm fucking triggered now, why did I click that


That is vile and a sure sign of severe mental illness. Normal healthy people don't post themselves masturbating to their coworkers on the Internet, for their coworkers to see!! Why is this behaviour accepted in today's world?? So sad.


Doesn't seem like it's super accepted to me. People seem pretty disturbed by it.


She is so gross, how can her only fans be a thing? It shocks me.


>Also this is def sexual harassment in my opinion when this was made after Trisha was making sexual comments towards Ethan and hila on the h3h3 podcast that were clearly unwanted. Trisha also tweeted sexually explicit comments and images at Ethan many times before frenemies started, which Ethan clearly stated he was not comfortable with people have kinks, I guess... some of them sexualise mentally ill train wrecks.


There is a fetish for everything sadly.




I think I'm having a brain bleed


What is this? It either won’t load properly or she deleted it.


It’s a tweet where they are promoting a video of themselves masturbating to Ethan and hila on the h3h3 podcast episode they were on. The tweet contains screenshots from the video of Trisha touching themselves and is captioned “who will make me c*m first?”


I didn't know anything about either of these people until the drama hit the front page, and the pronoun use in this post genuinely confused me lol. Until the last sentence I thought the Frenemies team jacked it together to the guy's other podcast.


Yeah...When this person says "they" it actually is referring to Trisha. Ethan is not involved in the masterbation, only Trisha. It is new confusing non-binary pronoun usage. They refer to Trisha (one person) as "They" instead of he/her.


Lol sorry, even though Trisha isn’t great I still try my best to respect their pronouns. Takes a bit of time to get used to


it'll take even more time when she changes her pronouns again


I'm all for pronouns...but the "they/them" for one person needs to end. It's confusing to read.


Yeah it is confusing to read sometimes, although I think it is because we are so used to they being used in the plural, as people get more used to it being used also in the singular form I imagine it won’t be as difficult. Language is constantly evolving, I think people will adapt. It’s like how in the past to talk about humanity as a whole people would write “man” or “he”, singular being used as a plural. Also, I think it’s always been pretty normal to use “they” when you were unsure of someone’s pronouns, if you were talking about a person and their gender wasn’t mentioned it would be pretty common to say something like “what do they look like?” “Do they (insert random question)”


it will always be confusing when there is a discussion about one person vs two people or a group as in this situation.


Yeah, can we just do a diff singular pronoun that's not gendered, if that's what we're going for? How about "h" and "h's". Saves some page space as well.


It’s possible. If it doesn’t work then it won’t catch on and something else will take its place. for instance, in Spanish many people started to use -x as a replacement for the typical gendered -o or -a such as Latinx rather than Latino or Latina. Although this was not a plausible change to native Spanish speakers because the spanish x is different and it doesn’t work pronunciation wise as a replacement. So there is now a movement to replace it with -e such as “latine”. The situation is still evolving and what works will stick and I imagine the same will happen in English speaking countries as well.


It is stupid as fuck. I am all for equal rights. If you are a boy and want to be a girl go for it, the same goes for a girl switching to a guy. However, I am going to call you He/Him and She/her. I refuse to say they.


Okay, well that is your decision that will have its own consequences in your personal relationships with others in your life who identify as non-binary. I am not asking you to do anything here. Just as I can’t force you to use they/them pronouns, you cannot force me not to use them. But thanks for sharing your opinion.


I don't care if you use them or not..that doesn't bother me. But I am just not going to use it. My cousin is trans, so is one of my sister's kids. I love them no less because of it. But one was male and now is female I call her she. The other is the opposite I call him a him. No need to make shit so complicated. However I do have respect for your response there most people on the internet freak out.


No reason for me to freak out, like I said, you’re allowed to make your own decisions and have your own beliefs/opinions. Those opinions might have consequences in your personal relationships but in this context here it doesn’t affect me. I understand how the concept of non-binary identity and pronouns might seem unnecessarily complicated or confusing but I would recommend that you look a little bit into it with open mind (if you want to) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w8UgxG8e2TY here’s a quick video I just looked up explaining it a bit. I’m sure there’s a lot of other good videos out there you could find if you’re interested. Doesn’t mean you have to change your opinion but it might be worth trying to understand it. But ultimately it’s up to you. ✌️&❤️




eww wtf my eye T\_T


This is disgusting, I'm having the FBI come to your house.


To my house lol? I put a trigger warning, up to you to proceed at your own risk ✌️&❤️


Also it’s still up on trishas Twitter open to the public ✌️❤️🦶so contact them not me


what the actual fuck. do they know about this?


I would have to assume that they do by now bc it’s been going around a lot but idk if they knew since the actual video came out. I never heard them talk about it and only just recently saw this myself.


Although I feel like if Ethan did know this whole time then he def would have brought it up at some point so maybe he didn’t know idk


Ugh bro....make that warning a little bit bigger! :) Looks like Buzz's girlfriend!


I just updated the trigger warning lol hopefully that will help


Hahahaha cheers


Remember how often she used to say Ethan wanted to fuck her in the first few episodes? Imagine that happening in an office? She was sexually harassing him in the workplace IMMEDIATELY after she got the job.


to be fair when you hire Trisha you have to expect some of that.


oh yeah wouldn’t she literally always bring up that they should make an OnlyFans together even though Ethan would always say no


Yeah and if it were the other way around we'd never hear the end of it


She’s literally masturbated to Ethan and Hila on her only fans.


Hollddddd up😬 what the fuck!


wait what


yes i have the screen shot she even posted it to twitter shes ridng a sex toy staring at the laptop and hila was on the screen.


this cannot be true, i refuse to believe this because its too disturbing


Someone linked it in the top comment. I don’t recommend clicking it lol.


🚨 Throwing this out into the universe. If anyone or any drama channel wants to sit through the podcasts and pull up every time she made Ethan uncomfortable or made sexual comments and compile them into a video that would be great, it would be about an hour long. Didn’t she say ‘I know you want to have sex with me’? Didn’t she make a porn video of herself masturbating to Ethan AND Hila? Didn’t she ask how many times they have sex per week? Didn’t she constantly talk about her OF, squirting, sex tapes etc despite being asked to stop? Those are just off the top of my head, there will probably be about 50 different examples if anyone has the patience.


imagine if ethan actually agreed on wrestling with her.


Also in the video she mentions that Ethan sexualized her skincare commercial. The same commercial that has the products arranged in a way to literally look like a penis ejaculating.


That was nicely worded


Shes overcome with confidence and narcissism after taking down David Dobrik.


Ok can I just say something in defense of David dobrik and Jason? Her biggest issue with them is they literally ignored her for 2 years, she considered them a close friends for a big part of her life and they just cut her out and she acts like the victim in that instance. I most certainly would have as well and I think Ethan needs to do this as well for his own safety and mental health. Trisha literally got mad at Jason and drove through his living room, made multiple videos calling his children’s mother all kinds of names because she felt her kids were unsafe with her around, not to mention the multiple videos she’d make when one little thing pissed her off with that group.




yes i found it strange when they were exposing david and his crew that everyone was just glossing over the fact that trisha was there, knew that underage girls were there and drinking and that the guys were trying to fuck them.




If I could gold this entire threat, I would. You guys put into words exactly what I’ve been thinking! Yes, Trisha never had a problem with anything the vlog squad did until it got in the way of her controlling Jason’s and then until they ignored her for good. I really don’t think she cared about any of the girls that got involved with the VS and came out with their stories until she realized that with the platform Ethan gave her, she could actually do real damage. Jeff became the literal devil in her eyes and became the target of a hate campaign from her little fishies after he simply ignored her at a Starbucks! It’s all about protecting her ego, nothing else matters.


Ethan needs to take the same approach to her, but its not going to be that simple if Moses stays with her. He can have limited contact with her, but if they want a relationship with Moses, which I suspect they do, they wont simply be able to pretend she doesnt exist. I never understood why Jason and David got shit for ignoring her. Its probably not the ideal situation after a breakup, but its certainly a common one. Why would you expect your ex to keep taking your calls? Much less why would you expect his friends to keep taking your calls?


I saw it starting up even harder after the fact. It was very apparent by the way she was beginning to act. I’ve never felt more appalled by her behavior


28 minute video of not saying your sorry


Narcissists always blame others and NEVER take responsibility for their own wrongdoing.




She’s so contradictory lol


Wasted words unfortunately. Trisha needs lots of professional help. And even then, who knows? I've got family like this. You love 'em and support 'em but, always keep them at arm's length.


Good on Ethan for trying to make Trisha’s life better. But that being said, if Ethan decides down the road to bring her back into the H3 universe or continues Frenemies then I could no longer be a fan. It was very uncomfortable watching the H3 crew avoid calling her out for her bullshit, especially in situations where she is hanging out with influencers who SA young women for YouTube likes. After a while bringing such a toxic person into the group became an insult to fans who want to support good people on YouTube, not psychotic leeches/vampires who drown themselves in drama. People who supported H3 during Trish’s time should be allowed to be compensated if they did not want to support such a toxic person. If she comes back I hope all H3 donations stop. Do the right thing Ethan and leave her in the past. Send her 1/2 of Frenemies merch to her and let her figure out how to sell it.




this is your reminder to unfollow Trisha, if you haven't already.


I remember very clearly when (In the first episodes) Ethan said he unfollowed Trisha because they wouldn’t stop tweeting him pics of their pussy


Damn, she looks horrible here.


Buy her Trisha Paytas™ brand skin cream and you too can look this horrible for only $200/bottle!


I thought you were joking about the price, but it actually is $200.


It’s insulting to anyone with a brain lol


Every time she mentioned, he was surprised. Even on the tour bus she just kept sharing stuff but that Shane and Jeffrey humor doesn’t work with everyone.


If she only reads one comment, it should be this one


That was so well said. For Trish to do this to them when they are pregnant too is so incredibly terrible. And for Moses to condone it. So unfaithful to his family. It’s really so gross.


I got shit on the Trisha sub for pointing out her horrible actions like this. I work in behavioral health see this behavior every day. They all called me unprofessional and then said I lied about my job lol. She has a crazy group of followers who think she does no wrong and it is scary.


You don’t know the half of it! Trisha’s “fishies” on her call, have: -Harassed a neurodivergent former fan and his mom to the point where he attempted suicide. -Written hundreds of bad fake reviews to different restaurants, venues, and services Trisha has trashed in videos at least 3 different times off the top of my head, forcing said places/services to shut down their social medias temporarily. -Harassed every single one of trisha’s “enemies” throughout the years, the most innocent “offenders” off the top of my head have been: Sean after Trisha made a billion videos about their fake break up and outed him (he was in the closet at the time) to her millions of followers. Jason’s wife, who Trisha never even met, continually, to the point that fishies were in the ex-wife’s Instagram comments talking trash about Jason’s *children* Angel and Jesus (I think that’s his name?) her hair stylist and former make up artist, after Trisha heavily implied that they had stolen watches and other fancy things from her house. They had to private their instagrams temporarily at the time. TLDR, Trisha’s fishies are as vicious as she is and can hold a grudge for a long long time like their queen


Yeah if she had any respect for other people, she would tell her fans to stop the harassing. But she probably lives for that shit. Poor Ethan has been getting shit on by them now. I just hope none of them are harassing him and Hila extremely.


Yeah, I hope they have the sense to stay away from Hila specially, but I can only imagine how bad the harassment must be!


Yeah Hila doesn't need any stress from Trisha and her fans right now.


THIS thank you oh MY GOD.


Unfortunately its not he said she said anymore since they filmed the interactions we have a video record of the gaslighting. Sorry not sorry


Is Moses an enabler or a victim? I’ve heard conflicting things...


Only Moses knows the answer to that. He is probably both.


To long to read, so. CONGRATULATIONS! OMG!! 😁 Or I'm so sorry that happened.. 😢


Look at that fucking piggy nose lmaoooo




She hits all points.


She also demanded to know his penis size and how many sexual partners he had.


Yes! Yes! Yes!


Queen shit


Lol what


I was talking about the person that commented, she nailed it