time to cut her loose imo

time to cut her loose imo


In the same breathe she said she was frustrated!! Make it make sense 🤣🤣


Exactly!!!! lmao


She was absolutely not frustrated or upset. You could tell by how frustrated she looked and how upset she sounded


Right?? I mean come on, calling this gaslighting? Her tone of voice and body language tells us she was pretty fucking upset.


She doesn't know what gaslighting is.


Probably thinks it's related to cooking.


The tiktoks defending her that she included at the end of her last video all have the same take that Ethan is a monster for assuming Trisha's feelings and that you cannot assume people's feelings from the voice or body language, only from what they say


You can tell she was pissy in the first 30 seconds of that episode


But now she has trauma from calling Hila a c-word and Hila still being “so nice”? lol


the audacity of trisha just takes my breath away.


People don't realise how hard it is for me knowing I hit moses and uninvited my sister for Christmas- trisha


Deadass like.. what


Wait wtf. Where did she say that


Did Ethan say anything to her when she called Hila a cunt? Because I mean that's over the line.


He said “you should leave” and “we’ll talk later”. She also called him a cuck


Alt-right, meet your new queen


Don't even joke about that. I just watched part of a video by an alt-right YouTuber called The Quartering proclaiming her Ethan's victim. Ethan has been on their radar for a while now probably for going after Crowder. And Trisha's endorsing Mitt Romney in 2012 and Trump in 2016 (supposedly as a joke) endeared her to the alt-right troll brigade back then. Plus, the racist and LGBT insensitive videos always signalled she was as they like to say "based". More recently, right-wing Qanon mum groups are focused on child predator rings and Trishas rightful crusade has caught their attention. That last one is obviously not her fault, just saying that it's everything that's happened on sites like Parler. And no, I'm not proud for clicking on that video but as someone who tracks rightwing infiltration of media discourse, it was interesting to see this petty shit showing up there of all places. And seeing how blatantly pro Trisha and anti Ethan the video and comments are.


I just peed in my basement...


Lol the quartering and ethan have history. Man that guy's on the same intellectual level as trisha and keem.


The Quartering's wife hates him and left him in his basement to go get Pizza without him.


Do you have a timestamp?




4 zoom sessions a week


should ask for a refund since it's clearly not working


Problem solved.


She needs 7.


And she definitely didn’t lie about that because she doesn’t lie about anything. Also, she hates the Adams family sequel.


Therapy 4 times a week yet doesn’t use anything she has learned to make her life better


Therapy doesn’t work for narcissists, especially given that she’s a pathological liar.


At this point my understanding for mental health issues ends. Imo she’s just a shitty person.


It’s interesting to me, as someone with BPD to try and balance my opinions on her behaviour and my understanding of where it comes from. As an example my cousin also has BPD, we were born days apart and were raised like sisters. The only different experience we had is that I was in therapy from the age of 5 and she attended two sessions after her diagnosis at 19ish and gave up. Her behaviour differs from mine greatly as a result and I have better coping skills than she does, which in turn means I have more relationship stability. For years I was like everyone else in my family and just overlooked it, because I understand how she feels and I know what it’s like. Then I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t keep saying I understood because... I didn’t anymore. How can you still not get help when you’re destroying the people around you? How can you live with the guilt? Won’t you miss them? The conclusion I came to was there is no guilt. No, she won’t miss people. It’ll be their fault somehow. My having BPD and experiencing guilt and fear of loss doesn’t mean she will. Whether it’s that she’s a bad person or just very sick and unwilling to help herself, I can’t be around that anymore because I have my own mental health to protect at the end of the day. There comes a point where yes, someone is very sick, but refusal to do anything about it is abiding and standing by your own behaviour imo. You don’t see it as enough of a problem. That’s what makes the difference to me. If you truly felt remorse, guilt or even selfishly just wanting people not to leave, you would do something about it. That’s the issue I have with Trish. I know they’re having therapy, and DBT can take years, but there still has to be some self monitoring. They could’ve said ‘Sorry guys, I’m not coming in for frenemies today, I feel a little agitated and don’t wanna be difficult on the podcast’ and avoided the entire thing. Stepping back is rule 1 of borderline club.


So many people with bpd coming out of the woodwork. Even though it’s not something that people get diagnosed with as much as they used to.


This is a strange comment, I’m not too sure what you want me to say to it. I can assure you I am diagnosed, if that’s the issue? For what it’s worth I was an inpatient in two hospitals for almost 2 years and I met *plenty* of people diagnosed with it.


Thanks for the input, Doctor.


You’re welcome.




It’s not an excuse for her issues, but it is an explanation


I don't have the same struggles as trish but I am quite quite sure it's the mental illness that's causing her to be so blind and, dare I say, arrogant to the situation and it seems so blown out of proportion. With bipolar, which I assume she struggles with, it can be easy to only see your tiny view of the situation and all the other sides and arguments are seen as nothing but an attack on your character so she's just fighting to stay in what she thinks is the right. I wouldn't go as far to say she's just a shitty person, but this is something really shitty that's happening. Overall, really hope this blows over and she's able to let her guard down to talk things out with Ethan and Hila and apologize. :(


still soon to be sister in law.. rip...


Like that was ever going to go through.. she's a volatile ego whose entire purpose is to be in the Instagram spotlight with an expensive token wedding.


Enough already with this creature ! She talked so badly about GH that she became the same person.


I do not understand ANYTHING about her appeal to anyone. Ugly inside and out. It's a shame.


I don’t get why being frustrated about something is so bad to admit lol


Trisha looks like a giant baby with a wig on


Hila is such a saint. If I was her and Trisha called me a cunt, I would have dropped kicked that bitch live on the podcast


I really hate bringing this up but imagine dating someone who called your sister cunt and cuck your brother-in-law.


Imagine dating an emotional bomb such as Trisha in general


Can anyone link where Trisha calls Hila a cunt? I can't find it


it's in the end of episode #13!


It’s a meme on Tik tok now too




Fuck this stupid toxic vomit inducing sleazebag


This whole situation is r/leopardsatemyface to the core. This is what you get when you bring a mentally unstable person into your life for the sake of money and entertainment, though it’s not like they had a choice in her joining the family. What a fucking mess lol


Do you put everyone you meet through a mental health screening process before letting them be part of your life ?


Mental illness most often does not define the person with it but in some cases it might. Without being a doctor you'd have no clue if they are hopeless or not till you tried to help and found out.


Not trying to defend Trisha but I see it from her point of view, when someone tells me "you're upset" and I say I'm not, it makes me frustrated. No one knows your feelings more than yourself.


Christ. Just a few weeks ago they were all celebrating and partying at Trisha’s huge birthday bash.