How do you deal with work whilst working towards FI?

How do you deal with work whilst working towards FI?


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>How do you even deal with this to achieve your dreams? 95% of it is just being an adult and doing it. >I then feel like I need to repeat this to earn enough money Yes. That is the basic pattern. There really are only three legitimate solutions: 1. Go back in time and be born into disgusting familial wealth 2. Win the MegaMillions or similar 3. Set short, medium and long term goals and then live below your means, save/invest the difference, and work hard to improve your market value so you can earn more money along the way


I think anyone would be likely to complain of a 60 minute public transit commute. Me money moustache for ex. stressed the importance of living extremely close to your place of work, so i dont think your commutes are a constant to FI. As for point 2 perhaps im naive but maybe u just need better quality sleep and some coffee


I think whatever you do for work needs to either pay well enough that it will offset the misery it puts you through, or make you happy enough that if it will offset whatever you’re making. Finding a job that you love that also pays well is a challenge. Finding a job that you hate that doesn’t pay well is super easy. If you can find a different career path with similar (or less pay even) which will make you happy, take that path. You only have one life and you deserve to be happy. If that means working a little longer in a job that’s better for your mental health, I would do it. Now if you’re just put off by the prospect of work, I don’t really have an answer for you. Generally most people have to work to make enough money to not have to work (retire).