Not wrong.

Not wrong.


The tool horse should be spaced out a mile.


Long horse!




Last 4 albums = 4 dudes in a sloppy horse suit with a looooooooooooong fucking neck.


The Tool horse should be Little Sebastian.




Bye bye


You’re 10,000 candles in the wind.


Wings for Sebastian


Kinda true but look at the quantity of good stuff Metallica has; they are kinda comparable to Tool in terms of total amount of quality music. That being said, Metallica has put out a ton of shit and when I saw them live they sucked hard relative Tool. Like not even close.




Saw them live 3 years ago, id say 50 50. I didnt know much of their new stuff but it was still a fun show to watch.


Yeah, they play the old stuff but the drum is far worse than the recorded one


I saw them live and it was like 1/3 new stuff, I really like hardwired so I was completely alright with that though


Yeah, different realms of the talent spectrum. I have a great appreciation of both ends. Tool is my favorite band, but the people who can just create and create and create something new (even if it's not something phenomenal) that shit boggles my mind as much as Tool time signatures. Where does the stuff come from if it's getting pumped out at the speed of light?


I've seen Metallica 14 times and Tool 6 (basically anytime I could for both bands). They are litterally the polar opposite show. Metallica was so energetic, fun and enganging it blew my mind the first time I saw them. My first Tool show was Roseland in 94' after Undertow came out and the Metallica shows I saw in the early 90's blew that Tooll show out of the water... Ever since I would take Tool everytime. No one sounds better live and the entire show just engulfs you like no one else. ​ If you go see Metallica now it's still good, they play next to nothing from Load on (thank god) but the Fear Innoculumn tour was unreal, there is no comparison nowadays. ​ PS: Pantera was the one band whose concerts were up there with Tool. RIP Dime and Vinny.


That’s fucking awesome man I am jealous as fuck of the performances you got to see as a 28 year old myself. I love Metallica.


I saw Metallica in like 2010 or 2011 in New Jersey and it was a great show. Had more fun than I did when I saw Tool a couple years ago. Maynard just stood behind a wall of plexiglass in riot gear, crouching. He just cannot sing like he used to. Metallica had sweet pyrotechnics and sounded as good as ever. I like Tool more but was disappointed with the show.


Sweet pyrotechnics, but tool had sweet lasers and visuals. Depends on what you were looking for. I thought both bands catered well to their audience.


Good point, the light show was cool at the Tool show. The instrumentals were on point too. It was really only Maynard's performance that was underwhelming. He did yell "This next song is about a dude with a fist up his ass!" Which was pretty memorable.


I saw Tool during the Lateralus tour and he complained to the crowd about the shitty hotel porn.


I saw em like three times on that tour, I mostly remember him asking us about Tomahawk, and we booed. Meshuggah was a decent opening act for people not wearing clothes, and when Jello Biafra opened for them he just got booed the whole time. but he was dressed as a cop and kept taunting the audience, so I think that's what he was going for. those might have been different tours I forget, I wasn't on enough drugs back then.


It seems like Maynard had some bad years. When I saw him Jan 2020 he sounded great! Clear and beautiful on Parabol and vicious and cutting on Swamp Song. Like he's not sounding like a twenty something insane asylum patient anymore, I don't think any 56 year old could pull off that raw energy, but he's really controlled and nuanced with a lovely tone. I've heard other people talking about him getting his voice back too. I think he worked on it and got his throat in order. Even the live Puscifer stuff he filmed after having long haul Covid was nearly studio level!


It was 2017 or 2018 when I saw him. And you're absolutely right, he's getting older and I really don't expect all that raw shit from him anymore. That was my favorite Tool though, raw, dirty, yelling, and not giving a fuck, like in Opiate. I never got to see him rock out for real.


I saw Metallica in a venue with about 1500 people about 3 or 4 years ago. I almost crowd surfed on stage I'm not even a Metallica fan, and that show was fucking sick. It probably helped that most of the people were actually down to earth and not snobs I also got a drum stick that I caught from Lars and so many picks. Never seen Tool, and they are far superior to Metallica, in my opinion. But I feel like if I went to see Tool, I'd have to be seated to enjoy it. Seated, with a nice view of the stage. I want to let me mind and soul wander with then I saw puscifer around the same time as Metallica, and puscifer was great, a total experience. There even had a luchador fight. But I still felt distant from the band even though I was a couple rows from the stage The best shows aren't ever the band's that you love most, that you really want to see. It's the shows that you experience with a true connection to the band when it's happening. It doesn't matter if it's Alanis Morissette, or a dude playing home Depot buckets on the street, or Penderecki Quartet. Just fucking love music, that's all that matters


Listening to old Metallica and hearing those guitars sync on heavy songs will always be impressive to me. Tool is by far one of the best bands I've seen live. Such a great show every time and the sound is always dialed in.


Well that’s like uh, you’re opinion man.


Death Magnetic and Hardwired were great imo


I agree and was going to post the same. For a band (Metallica) that's been around as long as them and to still be relevant and filling stadiums is impressive on its own, but they are actually still making good music.


I love hardwired. Has like 10 solid bangers.


Death Magnetic and Hardwired are good albums. A definite return to form after things like Load, St Anger and Lulu.


Load and reload have great songs, but they just don't sound like the Metallica albums that came before them


The mastering on death magnetic is so fucking bad though.


*L O U D*


They sounded horrible over the FM radio stations that tried to play the singles. No wonder metal fell out of mainstream. It was mastered too loud for radio and compressed like shit on pandora / early youtube.


Yes, this album needed a remaster. It is their best music in the last 20 years. Although St Anger has some cool moments.


I remember the guitar version of the album being the highest quality one lol.


Listen to the iTunes master version it’s fixed and sounds great.


>Death Magnetic I was so excited when those couple of songs were being bootlegged and shared before the album. Then the song I liked best wasn't on the album at all and the other song was destroyed in studio. Edit- it was ['the other new song'](https://youtu.be/cy1quPCex2A)


Agreed. St anger was absolute trash tho


Hopefully this link works. If St. Anger would have been professionally done I think it would be a contender for one of their most relentless and heaviest albums as a whole. These covers are phenomenal and really come through with a good set of headphones. Really makes me wish for a remake but, this will do. [https://youtu.be/lU-UI3\_6HcM](https://youtu.be/lU-UI3_6HcM)


Holy shit, that video is amazing. It also blows me away that it's one guy doing everything other than the vocals.


Just found this, thank you for posting. Amazing retake, so much better than the original.


I disagree. There were some decent riffs in there. Definitely not good, but I personally wouldn’t call it trash (except for the drums)


I honestly think people wouldn't even care about the drums if it wasn't such a meme. Slipknot uses that kind of snare sound all the time Anyway yeah, I think it's a pretty solid album


St. Anger would’ve been received better had it been released by a band that wasn’t Metallica. Overall, with the exception of that damn snare, it’s a solid album.


And James put a lot of heart into those lyrics, considering everything he was going through at the time.


Really? I always thought the lyrics were the worst part besides the snare drum.


But that damn snare!! And like zero guitar solos. That album bummed me.


Kirk was not happy about that lol


That god damn snare! It's been 15 years since I've listened to the album, yet I can still recall what it sounds like with disturbing accuracy!


Its pure genius compared to the dumpster fire abortion that is Lulu.


technically it is not part of the official discography, it was collab with other artist.


it was more hit or miss. I liked a few songs on it. haven't spun it since it came out though.


Those two have become my new favorites actually. Like their old stuff but better imo.


I loved Death Magnetic (but I hate the title).


Meh. Death Magnetic was solid.


I don’t even think it’s their best album, but it hit me at just the right time and it’s my favorite of theirs. I think I have the iTunes master and it’s a little better at not brick-walling your ears to death


I loved Death Magnetic, however looking back I think a lot of my love for it came because it felt like Metallica had gone back to their metal roots after almost two decades of pumping out mainstreamish "hard rock" stuff.


You’re not wrong. Also gonna count Unforgiven III solo as one of my all time favorites. The way he drenches it in wah honestly gives me chills still.


I'm the exact same way, brings me back to that specific time and I associate a lot of good memories to that album. Easily my favorite of the 3 released in the 2000s. I feel like I can always listen to that album and genuinely enjoy it.


My favorite album of theirs!


Hahaha yeah glad you said that. Was exactly what I was thinking. Otherwise, fairly accurate and funny.


That Was Just Your Life is one of the best album openers in Metallica’s discography, and one of my all time favourite songs


Garage Inc. underrated


Best cover album I’ve ever heard. So many fucking classics for an album I didn’t expect much from. They’re really fucking good at making covers sound like them and not just copy pasting but with distortion.


I agree with your assessment of Tool, but not of Metallica. That is all.


Idk to me personally and many other people metallic just fell of a cliff after the black album


I'd agree there was definitely a drop in consistency, but there's still quality stuff on pretty much every album.


I agree 100%. They are almost a completely different band IMO. Even the black album is not as good as their earlier stuff.


This is nonsense, Death Magnetic and Hardwired kick ass.


Listening to Death Magnetic right now for the first time as a result of this post DM fucks hard!


Yeah but Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets and And Justice for All are god level albums. Especially Master of Puppets


I love tool but this is inaccurate because Metallica’s first 4 albums are mostly masterpieces.


That’s the point that this meme is making. That it starts out strong and fades after about halfway through their career


Yea that went over my head. But if this is the case shouldn’t tools horse have a blank space in it?


Ik im gonna be alone but St.Anger is great. Edit: Lol yay I'm obviously not alone and I'm happy that almost 20 years after the release of St.Anger we have all grown to at least respect the album for what it is, despite what any may think of its content.


I heard like a rerecording or remaster of it or something where the snare (I think?) was fixed and it was heaps better.


There's a few "remasters" on youtube where the snare is fixed, however some of them are actually people re-recording the entire album themselves, note for note.


You’re not alone buddy 🤘🏼


I particularly love the snare sound. Also some of the best Metallica riffs ever on this record


I'll agree with you about the riffs. I don't like the end product but there are a ton of cool riffs on the album.


>I particularly love the snare sound. Also some of the best Metallica riffs ever on this record Agreed on both! I actually really like the snare and wish more bands would use one like that.


I'm not a huge fan of it but it's not terrible. I think if it was a completely new band nobody knew of it wouldn't have gotten such bad press.


Not alone


What is the point of this meme? One massive band with their own fan base is different to another massive band with their own fanbase. Both have put out varying music spanning several decades. Some people like all of it. Some people like some of it. This is elitist bullshit and can fuck off.


People have a hard time moving past music tribalism that they developed at 11 years old. These always feel like the lowest effort posts other than maybe "X Tool album is the best". It's all subjective, am I the only one who likes certain music one day and different music the next?


I think you can take memes as seriously as you want to take them


Metallica: started out great but got worse with time Tool: have stayed consistently great


That's not exactly true. Metallica started out as good and got progressively better over the first 3 albums as they defined popular thrash metal, then they moved into more progressive metal, then they changed it up completely by leaving the competed thrash scene behind and redefined themselves as a professional band. While the new style was far less complicated, it was still undeniably Metallica, and this pissed off many purists who were happy to stay in their 80s sphere. Then Metallica explored this new theme for several years with varying degree of quality, but continued to pick up new fans so clearly knew what they were doing. Then they ruined everything with St. Anger and Lulu. Their last two albums saw a raw return to their roots using much of their new styles resulting in arguably better music. So no, worse over time doesn't accurately describe them. While Tool have consistently explored their unique style, over a relatively similar time period, and stayed rather close to their roots. I would suggest their slightly changing direction has been towards introspective prog focusing more on Danny rather than Maynard. Yes, consistently great, but still sticking to their one style. Should bands change over time or just keep doing the same thing? *cough* Slayer *cough*


I also think they suck for going after Napster so hard at the start of the MP3 era. I discovered so many better bands than Metallica thanks to Napster and Audiology, but the biggest most well known metal band decided thought they weren’t getting enough money so sent their lawyers after tech startups. Admittedly, Tool are anal about no photography and recording at their shows, but it’s also a quality control thing because a bootleg can’t replicate the show. They can also go *years* between albums because they believe in quality over making a new album that will sell either way, because of their brand name.


They weren't wrong about going after Napster though (they had the support of a lot of other popular artists, Lars was just the loud mouthpiece). Also it wasn't about getting paid, it was about having control over their releases. It all started because someone leaked their unfinished song before they were ready to release it. You'll notice that kind of shit is still and always has been frowned upon. You'll also notice how much free content Metallica uploads/gives away, and how they are not against bootlegs/recording/etc. They also lost a ton of money doing weird shit that their accountants definitely told them not to do just because they wanted to (started their own music festival/made a movie/played in Antarctica/made Lulu with Lou Reed). Sorry it went against your interests, but if you took the time to know why they did it other than just kneejerking against it because you couldn't do what you wanted anymore, you'd know it made sense.




Black Album and before. That's all you need. And No Leaf Clover. That song fuckin rules.


don’t need the black album.


I suppose I'm biased. That was one of the first albums I bought for myself when I was old enough to appreciate buying albums.




Well, since you put it in Caps Lock, I'm convinced.


you WILL ignore everything after AJFA you WILL say that Enter Sandman is the worst song ever you WILL ask anybody wearing a Metallica shirt to name 10 of their songs


Black Album is a landmark in metal, it fucking slays. Do I wish they'd stuck with a thrash style rather than going into radio hard rock overall? Yes. But Black Album is still good.


I'd say it's a great landmark in mainstream metal. I loved the Black album and listened to the hell out of it. But once Pantera came around... I think the metal crown was passed.


The overlap in the Venn digram of fans that were around for the first 4 albums and like the Black Album against liking the Black Album and everything after, is pretty small


The first four Metallica albums were the best they ever made


Who draws the back of the horse first?


Can’t say I agree with this


The tool horse needs no skin.


Nah fuck that, the only bad album Metallica has is St. Anger. And even that I would listen to an instrumental version with fixed drums. Load and ReLoad are great grunge-metal kind of albums, and DM and Hardwired are just badass. You cannot tell me that All Nightmare Long and Spit Out the Bone *aren't* some of their absolute best songs of all time. Oh, and S&M 2 kicks ass and the fully orchestral version of Unforgiven III is the best Unforgiven song there is.


Bruh, the bass solo on S &M 2. 👨‍🍳👌


I wish I could accurately describe what it was like to be there on night 1 the first time he unleashed that monstrosity electric upright bass with Cliff's solo on the world. The (brand new, never used) building shook with sound and emotion. [Here's](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ04uohmbFs) a taste if you haven't watched it live, but it doesn't do it full justice.


Their last album was pretty good imo.


thats some bullshit. there is no bad metallica. people act like if it isn't ripping crazy thrash metal, it isn't good music. had metallica not stopped doing thrash when bob rock entered the picture, they would have been less interesting. the black album is fucking awesome, and had it not happened, metal would gave probably died out by the end of the 90s. load and reload are fascinating explorations of like desert rock with some cool u2 style texturing from kirk. they're like what gets referred to as stoner rock without the bullshit and lack of creativity. like super heavy classic rock. and some of james' best vocals and lyrics are on load and reload. how anyone can have anything bad to say about outlaw torn especially is really confusing to me. st anger is really fun to drive fast down the highway to, btw. there are some sweet fucking riffs flying all around on that one from start to finish. i didn't like death magnetic at first: not because it was bad, but i saw it as them doing what everyone else wanted them to do. but i went back and revisited it a few years ago, and its an absolutely spectacular cd. i saw it for what it is: taking some of the groove from the bob rock era and blending it with the guitar acrobatics their early stuff was known for to create a new third thing. it might be the single most epic "james hatfield robotic right hand on rhythm guitar" album in all of metallica, theres some things on there that really are the gold standard for super fast AND super tight rhythm guitar. and kirk's solos went absolutely FUCKING NUTS on that one, probably as him letting loose with no solos being on st anger. hardwired was a slightly slower but bigger and beefier version of that. so yeah, tool is fucking great. but its shitty to say that about metallica. you would THINK that tool fans have an open mind when it comes to music, but i guess that isn't always the case. go take a drive later tonight once the sun goes down and put on outlaw torn and tell me you don't feel how incredible it is within you ​ and real talk here, the statue of the horse representing tool isn't that accurate either. the stuff with paul i don't even listen to: that stuff is absolutely nowhere near as good as what's been crafted with justin. its 75 percent tool, almost tool. as far as I'm concerned, tool's first album was anemia. also, 10k days wasn't as good as lateralus or fear innoculum. rosetta stoned is like 10 minutes of throwaway riffs, the heavy ending to right in two is a rip off of the ending to 46 and 2. and joe baressi's mix and master of both 10k days and fear innoculum is messing with the sound of the band dramatically. he's trying to mainstream-ify songs that are not meant to have that happen to them. i HATED the pot for years and years until i saw them live for the first time right before the lockdown. the songs on both albums are good except rosetta, but joe baressi is absolute shit for the recording process. the recorded version of invincible is shit, but if you go see them live you figure out that invincible is the single best song tool has ever written. also, him having adam play orange amps on fear innoculum and descending was a really shitty choice. orange amps are fucking shit compared to diezel's and marshalls. they rrrrrrreally need to not work with that guy anymore and get someone else if they do put something out again in the future


Outlaw Torn on S&M2 is god tier.


Outlaw Torn in general is S-Tier


Lulu is pretty bad


i haven't given it a listen yet, but I've heard some people say it was really cool. buzz osbourne really likes it. I've also read that howard stern freaks out over the last song, the 20 minute song junior dad, and that the song brought both kirk and james to tears at one point. its probably nowhere near as bad as anyone has said. a lot of the people i've heard rip on it have been super closed "more extreme metal than thou" types of people.


I'm pretty open-minded and I just can't get behind Lulu. Give it a listen though, there are definitely people that like it.


You should be Rosetta Stoned to death!!! /s


Wow, awesome analogy


I agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts on Metallica, they get too much shit for actually exploring their sound.


You had me at “invincible is the single best song tool has ever written…”


it is if you only listen to the recorded version you won't think it's their best song, but if you listen to live videos of it (or see them play it live), you will. particularly, the one video from berlin in summer of 2019 thats on youtube. joe baressi fucked up the mix and master and everything on that one BAD. if people can't tell that a band's best song ever written is the best song a band has ever written because of how bad you sonically messed it up, you should go do something else. i finally saw tool for the first time with a buddy of mine october before the lockdown and he wasn't convinced. he also refused to watch live videos, as it was his first time seeing tool too, and he wanted to be surprised. we were on the floor of the arena 12 rows from the front by adam. as SOON as adam launched into the big monster metal riff in the middle of invincible, i looked at him and he was like "yeah...". danny's drums don't ring out on that song at all on the recorded version, justin's bass is mixed to sound flat and farty when live it sounds super deep and colorful and rich. on the album version, that big monster metal riff is played on almost adam's clean channel. what the fuck is that? again, you tell a band to play all the same parts of a song but not any of the sounds that were used in creating them and you wind up with a completely different song. if he had instead been using the sound from the album in the creation of that song, he would have come up with a completely different part. you NEED to let the band use the sounds that inspired the songs to begin with or you fail the song he wouldn't let justin play his super distortion for the album on the metal breakdown style parts on descending on the album version of descending either. also you can't hear danny's sample pads very well in the first half of descending (and the vocals being the excuse is bullshit, maynard is singing quiet in that part of the song). again, you tell a band to play all the same parts of a song but not any of the sounds that were used in creating them and you wind up with a completely different song. adam would always say in interviews "is the song here for me, or am i here for the song" and joe baressi clearly has no fucking idea what that concept even means. go listen to live videos of invincible and descending.


I love Invincible, but this is a very subjective topic, as music always is. .......And if there was an objective answer, it would be Lateralus.


That's funny because The Pot was the first song that got me hooked up to T00L


if you see them live, you know how much that song kicks ass. but joe baressi really rounded off the mids on the guitars, compressed the fuck out of them, and mic-ed the drums in a way to where danny's drums don't ring out at all. the snare is really quiet on that song. also, as a general rule with joe baressi, if adam's guitar volume is up you pretty much can't hear justin. david botrill never had that problem, he ALWAYS made justin's bass heard even during heavy parts. he really is this mainstream minded producer who wins bands over pretending to be the "cool experimenter" guy with all these pedals and things. and how much of the things that joe baressi has produced can you even really hear these effects peals on? the different stuff outside the guitar player's normal setup i finally got to see tool for the first time october before the lockdown, and that song the pot DOES kick ass, but the recorded version is fucking weak. he really did try and apply nicknack's mixing and mastering parameters to tool. hearing the slice of the guitars on jambi live for the first time was a real treat, i might add. as much as a super tool metalwork as that song is, you don't even fucking KNOW until you see them live. that song fucking shreds


Is this implying that the latest Metallica is shit? I’d have to concur. Stopped listening to them after Load. But their earlier albums gave me the inspiration to be a shitty rhythm guitarist.


I never would have become a mediocre drummer if not for Lars.


I would have never learned to cover my mistakes soloing without Kirk and a wah-wah pedal


Kirk does rely too much on wah now but he still did write some of the most iconic guitar solos in history. Everything on Justice is killer and the Unforgiven is one of the most tasteful guitar solos ever.


The first five albums are great. Load and reload, that depends on your taste. St. Anger was meh at best. However, Death Magnetic and Hardwired to Self-Destruct are actually pretty good.


Death Magnetic and Hardwired are fucking awesome, and Spit Out the Bone is the best Metallica track since they released Justice.


End of the Line and All Nightmare Long do it for me


Broken Beat and Scarred has been playing a lot in my headphones lately…very good tune off of DM


I just watched Spit Out The Bone live from Berlin Germany 2017. They should keep that in the live rotation permanently. I can't believe it's a "bonus" track on Hardwired, but I'm glad they did. The 2nd disc with the live record store day set and the Dio (!Ronnie.Rising) and Deep Purple Cuts make me wish they'd do a Garage Days 3.


I'm not sure if it's what you meant, but Spit Out the Bone isn't a bonus track. It's just the last track on the album.


I consider the entire second disc outtakes and bonus.


Ok well nobody else does. There is literally a deluxe edition that comes with bonus tracks. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardwired..._to_Self-Destruct#Track_listing


I literally have the deluxe edition.


I actually like Load and Reload lol


Dude those are great fucking albums. Especially Load. I listen to that shit all of the time actually.


These are my top two favorite bands. I learned to play guitar because of both of these bands. I love everything Tool has released, although I do have my preferences. I love everything Metallica has released except, big surprise, St. Anger, but my two favorite albums are actually the last two. Death magnetic and hard wired are really the whole package for me. Amazing riffs, solos, vocals/lyrics. Unforgiving 3 has my favorite of all the Metallica solos. Halo on fire is also up there. I’m very excited for the next album. As for Tool, I’ll take what I can get. If fear inoculum was their last album, I would be completely satisfied.


So Master of Puppets would be right around the horse's dick region, eh?


I think they both have great discographies, they are two of my favorite bands


Imagine tool losing Justin after lateralus, that’s what Metallica had to deal with in the passing of cliff burton…..2 favourite bands , just wonder what could have been if cliff hadn’t passed


They got sober, of course their discography would go to shit


Aerosmith syndrome.


I know this is tooljerk, but I still think Metallica's albums are great until reload. Reload is alright. St anger is st anger, and death magnetic and hardwired are pretty meh. Hope they do something cool with the next album. Probably not though.


Nah Metallica went from good, to great, to bad, to terrible, to good again.


Not gonna lie, I haven't really listened to them since the black album. What do you recommend?


Reload has some definite gems on it but overall it is average. I'd skip over everything until Death Magnetic and Hardwired. I really enjoy those last two albums.


Noted. Thanks.


Metallica's only bad album is St. Anger, and Lulu if you count that but really it's a Lou Reed album. Combine the best of Load/Reload into one album and you have some great stuff including their best song, The Outlaw Torn. Death Magnetic and hardwired are not masterpieces but are definitely fun return to forms with great riffs. Oh and the Black album is fantastic. This should go without saying.


Metallica shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as Tool


Sad but true.


This joke lands flat for 2 reasons. First, the latest Metallica albums have been super solid and they've made twice as many as Tool. Second, Tool has the next 20 years to put out a couple stinkers and your Tool horse will look like the top one, and that is even if they put out another album at all. Hating on Metallica might seem cool at all, but jokes have to be based in reality to be funny.


Metallica is a horse...ish, and Tool is the Stallion that will mount the world.


I was 12 last time I saw Metallica. Summer of ‘92 at Texas Stadium with Faith No More and Guns n Roses. I’ll let that be my lasting memory of seeing Metallica live.


Metallica stopped giving a fuck after St.Anger. People want to say they sold out with the Black album, but the truth is they sold out when they released Death Magnetic; they caved to the overwhelming St.A backlash and constant fan pressure of wanting "thrashy old-school" tunes. Everything up to that point was (for better or worse) Metallica doing what Metallica wanted to do. Once DM was released, they cashed in on those fans no matter how generic and forced it sounded, accepted their induction into the R&R HoF, and relegated themselves to a greatest hits act going forward.


FI just did nothing for me. Metallica despite being a big influence on rock/metal, just never really hooked me either.


I hate shittalica


Agree. However very few bands if at all can compete with the Tool discography it’s why Fear Inoculum was so successful it’s about quality not quantity.




Metallica made Kill ‘em All then kept true to their word by attempting to have background music in a stream be an arrestable offense


Metallica sued their fans through Napster over relative pennies. I still blast their first three albums on the regular though.


Metallica’s is solid minus st anger and their last two albums, Lulu if that counts. I guess that is a solid amount of not very great albums though lol. I’ll always love the load and reload stuff though. They just should’ve called it quits a while ago.


by the time Tool came into picture, the whole music scene has improved a lot, so we can't really define which band is better because both had a great effect on music and they didn't create music in the same era either.


Einstürzende Neubauten enters the chat... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haus\_der\_L%C3%BCge#/media/File:ENHaus\_front.jpg




I feel sorry for your ears.


Death Magnetic (albeit some tracks could use tighter editing) and Hardwired in particular were pretty good. This meme makes little sense for Metallica. Especially how their last two albums were a significant upgrade over St. Anger. Tool, on the other hand - I personally like Fear Inoculum, but many other fans I know are split about it. I can see both sides' points really, it does get repetitive and droning on some tracks, like Tool jam session. But it's also Tool - even if you might not rate FI as their best, it still is great on all fronts. So that's some /r/tooljerk grade meme.


That horse doesn't have the wings for Marie


Tool h?


Metallica got 15 year old me to pick up a bass guitar and jam, but TOOL made 18 year old me keep playing through into my thirties and compose. Master of Puppets is fun to play, but 7empest is a fucking banger and I love playing to it.


Get back to the Truth of Lighting, Puppets and Justice For All... This is the Fall of All.


Quality vs quantity. I was always a huge Metallica fan, but their albums over the past 20 years don't seem to do it for me. And yes, music is subjective. I guess the reasons why I liked Metallica are no longer there, or just nostalgia. Tool has always been consistent with quality. There are some songs/albums I listen to more than others, but I can't honestly say I dislike any song of theirs. There are lots of Metallica songs that are cringe from the load/reload/st anger era that just kinda made me lose interest. Like if it were another band, it would be good, but they don't feel like "Metallica". But that's just my opinion.


I'm with you 100%.


I liked Death Magnetic, it was pretty good.


The only Metallica album I dislike is St Anger. I think Metallica still puts out great music. People love to hate on Metallica. I guess it’s still from the Napster shit. Guess what? They were right!


How dare you dunk on Death Magnetic and Hardwired!


I love both.


Except it took 50 years to draw. Worth it.


Metallica gets a lifetime pass from me. They built their empire the hardest way possible. No radio. No MTV (until later albums). Skate mags, record shops, passing cassettes along by hand, selling t-shirts. Sure, they haven’t been great for quite awhile. But they earned it. In the beginning, that shit was magic


Good metallica- one; most of the black album; unforgiven 2. Not good tool- 7empest


I just got into tool in the last couple weeks, I listened through their entire discography and I must say they’re one of the first bands I’ve listened to that has not put out a bad album in my opinion.


This meme would be accurate if they never released Fear Inoculum


I'm going to get down-voted to Hell but Tool's last two albums just don't compare to their earlier work. While, I did eventually come to appreciate most of 10,000 days, Fear Inoculum just doesn't seem like it is ever going to be a "go to" album for me. It does have a couple songs I "like" but something about it just feels "off". What I wouldn't give to be able to re-live being immediately blown away by something like Lateralus again.


Oof! I love Metallica but yeah lol. Hardwired had a few good ones so here's hoping the next one is killer!


Honestly, I'm more into Metallica's later albums than I am the early stuff. The first four are hard to listen to save for a few tracks here and there. But that's just me. I was never into them growing up when everyone else was. It wasn't till the "Black Album" that they finally caught my ear. I've liked everything since except *St. Anger*.


You’re not *just* “not wrong”. You’re also very right.


100% true.


I love Tool but this is kind of stupid on a ton of levels.


Black Then White Are


Wrong Metallica deserves more credit


Yeah Metallica is a horses ass, and not much else.