Edison - Black Cherry Punch 🍒 21% Packed April 21

Edison - Black Cherry Punch 🍒 21% Packed April 21


I recommend their I.C.C if you haven’t already, it ha ago be one of my personal favourites right now it really packs a punch


I can’t wait for their MAC1 and GMO cookies. No idea why it isn’t in Ontario yet. I have a feeling the OCS is holding it back.


Edison Gmo cookies were at a few of the dispensaries I looked at in Toronto today


I wonder if it’s bc there’s a few of those strains out already and they don’t want so many of the same thing all at once.


Their icc is actually really solid, I wasn’t a fan myself of this cherry punch too, not bad but the high wasn’t hitting for me at least. I found their icc is actually really good for its price , and solid high too, smells amazing too fruity tones with some gassy undertones to it. Black cherry punch not bad but to me compared to their icc , icc way better, but the bag appeal looks good on the black cherry punch though.


was a little let down with this one. This came to $36 after tax, I’ve enjoyed the Slurricane from Edison (which is $5 cheaper) so decided to try this expecting it to be better. was hoping for more purple, dark coloured nugs, was actually quite surprised at how bright green they were. Didn’t have much of an aroma, nothing cherry-like. Not a bad smoke. Was super fluffy. However, I burned through this hq extremely fast so it’s definitely lighter than the slurricane, which some people may prefer. I however, will stick with the slurricane from Edison!


Damn bro that sucks I usually have no issues with Edison's products. But I agree the BCP wasn't as great as the rest. Their ICC is way better I suggest grabbing that instead if u wanna grab something awesome by them.


Can confirm, their ICC is pretty good. Not nearly as good as the 7acres craft ICC though, that stuff was really dank. Need to try their slurricane and GG4 next.


Slurricane was awesome too... Low thc but packs a punch cuz it's full or terps.


I’m glad you plugged 7acres version there, I agree. I try to spread that message as much as I can because although it’s expensive in comparison... it’s just that much better


It is soooo dank. I rarely buy it due to price but man it is a treat out of the vape when I do.


ICC by Edison is their best offering and it’s kind of a magical high I haven’t experienced with any other strains.


everyone had such a great experience with this strain, the 1/8th i got was super dry and smoked awful :( edison's mac 1 is by far my favourite offering from them so far


For me, ICC gives a similar high to Msiku White Wedding but with stronger body euphoria....even though it's significantly cheaper I think the ICC's high is just as good, maybe better. Just tried Ogen Gas Berries and the high (and taste!) for me is top notch, just got Freshly Baked and will be trying that later.


Thanks for the review. I was happy with the slurricane so tried their icc and love it. This was my next try but think I'll pass on it. Cheers