Prenup - Sugarbud - 20.5% THC

Prenup - Sugarbud - 20.5% THC


That looks like some pow-pow weed right there. I once bought some death Bubba that was so sticky and caked it jammed up my hand grinder and broke a few of the metal grinding pins!


It’s almost wet and left some hash marks in the grinder lol Got it 15% off @ $33 OTD and happy at that mark. Bud size is good but aroma is kind of weak from what I was expecting from some review. High is a little intense for a sativa but I’m all for it.


I just grabbed some of this and am beyond impressed.


This stuff impressed me, little weak on the smell but that is my only complaint, perfectly cured and hits hard for a sativa dom the glass container is a nice touch as well


Sugarbud def knows what they are doing 🔥


Looks nice but only 20.5%… next please


Some 15% will hit harder than some 27%. Depends on so many factors. If you only go by THC, mydude, you're missing out!


Lol go smoke a distillate cart then if % of thc is all you care about.. these opinions are wack.


Thc is like 1/3 of the high. The other 2/3 are freshness/cure and terpenes. This stuff hits hard


Agreed. Most people go for the highest thc. I'll take take 16% thc with 4%terps over 30%thc. High last longer and hits harder. Just finished an oz of Stormtrooper that was 40%+thc and cured perfectly but built up tolerance to it quickly.


Sorry, but I’ve been smoking weed since 1984 and if it’s not at least in the 25% range I don’t get very high to be honest as my tolerance is through the roof at this point.


Hits way harder cause of the terps i think