How I’m feeling about the pod lately

How I’m feeling about the pod lately


Sofia needs to buckle down and get focused tbh. I really want her to be successful and I’m rooting for her, but that’s going to mean setting office hours for herself (not a travel office) and hiring employees who will keep her focused and prevent anymore tone deaf incidents. The best boss I ever had said that you never want to be the smartest person in the room when you’re the boss, you should always be hiring the smartest people you can afford...


we know she has the talent, the first 10 or so eps of her pod were great. But since then, it's just not clicking properly and the energy isn't there.


What I wish for is just a bit more honesty and transparency, Sofia's go to move when things go bad is to be silent or ignore the problem or address things when it's super delayed. Like if you struggled to put the epi out or had tech problems, tell us! We are your listeners and are behind you and want to understand. But when you drop the ball (and do weird things like push merch instead of the actual pod) , don't say anything, it leaves us in the dark and makes us feel disconnected. I just want her to make it easier to be a SWAF fan.


This is how I’m feeling about the merch. I hate the corner cutting. When I see merch like this, I remember that these “celebs” are just trying to make money off of us. Why can’t your fans have quality merch??


Yes! I feel like the SLOOT merch looked so good and sleek, this new merch seems like a downgrade.


Agreed! Those sweatshirts were amazing.


I disagree :( I didn’t really like the design of the original merch; it was too boring to me and I thought no one would know what “SLOOT” meant and that it looked silly. The new merch however I think has a very cute design and draws people’s attention where they would probably ask, “what does your shirt say?” or something like that; which I think is a great way to spark a convo about podcasts/SWAF!!!!


The quality of the old merch seemed better.


Honestly she didn’t create sloot. It’s been around for awhile. It was used in the show Blue Mountain State. But I agree it looked silly and I wasn’t a fan.


I don’t think she ever claimed to create sloot. It’s just the name of her company. Kind of like Nike didn’t invent the word Nike, but it’s still on all their products.


i haven’t even listened yet bc i lost the desire to after the pod page kept posting other stuff w no updates on the episode and why it was a day late


I haven’t listened to today’s yet but I’ve been feeling like she’s been acting a little immature lately. When she first started she was all for women empowerment and therapy and being mature and grown up and slowly as the months have gone on she’s reverted. It makes me sad because I really did pick her over Alex in all of this and wanted to see her kick ass and rise above. I’m also not a fan of her cousin, Alex. I feel like when she started popping in every week is when the tone and maturity level changed. And Alex doesn’t have the vibe I’m going for.


I agree. Alex has changed the vibe. She’s cool but not that funny and they don’t vibe that well. It’s not interesting


Alex has Sofia since of humour but almost more dry and monotone. You need different personalities to play off eachother which is why og CHD was the best


Alex seemed like a good influence at first, but shortly thereafter it was revealed that she's not fun, or funny. I'm sure she's cool in real life, but on the radio she is dull.


yeah, the pod is very boring tbh, now i just listen to 3 girls 1 kitchen


I really wanted to love 3 girls 1 kitchen. Ever since hearing Lana’s story I’ve rooted for her and the work she’s done to dismantle stereotypes. But there’s something about 3g1k that seems so disingenuous. Part of me thinks it’s the girls trying to come off as candid while speaking about topics they don’t really know much about.. but I feel bad saying that because no one should be shamed for attempting to share more elevated thoughts. The other part may be that I feel tension between the girls. Like they’re always speaking over eachother and making subtle jabs. But I keep listening hoping for some improvement.


Y’all should please join r/3g1k always looking for more people to discuss *that* mess 😂


you are so right, however i do find 3g1k way more entertaining, reminds me a little of old CHD, i see the women in 3g1k more spontaneous, the banter is not as forced, sofia really only does well with close friends; alex her cousin does not do it for me, always making self deprecating jokes about sofia, and does not add anything of value tbh. Sofia with her newfound political correctness has turned boring, recycles stories, her ads are not spontaneous ( à la old CHD), i've really tried with the podcast, however it's gone downhill.


It’s too LA for me. I love porn stars and obvi love Lana but I can’t connect.


I felt the same. I saw her in a recent interview with Harry jowsey where she said she wanted to start a new podcast where she can talk about more intellectual topics that she isn’t able to talk about on 3g1k which was a bit awkward


Agreed! I actually love that pod because they’re trying to educate and have structured episodes. That’s how my friends and I talk. Very analytical. You can tell they care a lot about what they’re putting out. But they do seem to have tension between Olivia and Lana. Olivia seems to be bad vibes tbh.


I’ve noticed that too. I’ve really come to like Lana I find her very sincere and secure in herself. One of the other girls I can’t recall her name, gives off pick me vibes with everything she says. And I do sense some tension


This might sound bad but I’m kinda feeling like Lana’s starting to milk her pregnancy.. I mean she’s only 10 weeks




I’ve just been so bored lately ....! I feel like it’s the same stories over and over and it’s the most random content. I know most podcasts are random but I don’t find it engaging or interesting. I don’t really know how to explain it, I am just bored.


yeah i'm kind of over the pod, like its run its course. i get shit happens but there was no explanation or a "hey sorry about the pod being late". it was clearly recorded already because the opening said merch dropping tomorrow (when it was dropped today). i find it interesting that she went off the rails to make fun of molly for not responding to her DM immediately, but is silent about alex/CHD drama. i know she apologized but the molly shit definitely rubbed me the wrong way and makes me look at her differently. also judging by weezy's interview she has an issue with abusing adderall and that's just toxic, i just don't find her drug usage funny.


And I feel like she has had so many opportunities to capitalize on certain topics/situations but she just hasn’t!


Or even just, “sorry the pod is late but I have some big news coming”


I listened to the Molly thing after everyone had already freaked out about it and there were too many threads and things going around for me to comment at that point. But yeah it was sooo unnecessary to talk about her that way. Also I didn’t understand why she would even tell that story, like why are you so upset about someone not replying to your DM? (Even though she did reply). It made her seem super desperate so I was really confused about why she would leave that in the podcast.


Yess omg. I feel like so many people downvoted me when I posted this two days ago. I feel the exact same way :/


Today's episode wasn't good either. I laughed maybe once. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt today because the Spotify news came out a few days ago but it's getting really hard to support her because it doesn't feel like she's putting in much effort.


When I tell you I hate Alex Cooper… but man…. At least the girl hustles and gets content out on time. I’m having a difficult time supporting Sofia anymore. I used to love her so much. But she loves to hit the excuse button and she’s been showing her immaturity quite frequently. I’m starting to think of her differently.


Yup. People shit on Alexs “work ethic” for skipping episodes but when you land a solid deal you have the ability to do it. She also recognizes the need for fan interaction, consistency, social media, etc. She knows what she’s doing. She’s also communicating skipped episodes ahead of time and on her release dates the episodes are uploaded very close to the midnight release. Every. Single. Time. I kind of just get the sense Sofia is doing podcasting because it fell in her lap, makes decent money, it’s familiar now and is an okay gig. But she doesn’t LOVE it. Seems like she underestimated the work it takes balancing it all. Where Alex is just a lot more passionate about it and has always wanted something like this. Sofia could be great. Gaining a large following is one of the hardest part about these gigs and she literally has it built in. I just don’t know why/how she hasn’t invested in actual social media managers, editors, courses to learn skills, and whatever else. Not just because she has money to do it that most “new podcasts” don’t have, but also as a way to say “Fuck You!” to all the haters that said she couldn’t. The inconsistency and recklessness is starting to prove them right.






I swear I change my mind every few months since it happened. Maybe they’re *both* just insufferable 🤷🏽‍♀️🥴


This. By no means am I team Alex and while I prefer Sofia's personality + content, Alex has the better work ethic and ultimately it got her a $60 million dollar deal.


Well, that and the fact that she owns the name, the old episodes, the following/subscribers, and the social accounts. All of those contribute quite a bit to that $60m


>hereforthetea3613 you are so right


Since swaf started, Sofia has skipped ONE WEEK. So what if she’s a couple hours late…give give her a break. at least she’s consistent with her episodes, which is more than I could say for Alex


Legit Do people really sit and wait for the exact time a podcast is supposed to come out ?


I did for the Miley Cyrus CHD ep but other than that, no. I listen on my own time, usually during work.


yes- this is a huge part of podcasting. people like to have episodes drop at the same time because they include those podcasts in their routines. so lets say a pod drops sunday AM. a listener wakes up and listen to the pod each week while they do their sunday AM grocery shopping. since the majority of podcasts are released at the same time every week they get built into a listeners schedule and when a pod is sporadic someone is less likely to listen


I get what you’re saying but Sofia has delivered every week whereas Alex is every other week or here and there. She does always give a heads up though which is nice.


I was just bummed that she didn’t release it Thursday, but once I saw it said Friday I was like ok ok. Then it was the afternoon and it still wasn’t posted. Just a major let down especially cause i look forward to listening while I drive!


This really bums me out…people are starting to turn on Sofia, meanwhile the chd sub is beginning to become a pro-alex sub. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?! I still enjoy swaf and support Sofia 100%. I’m worried for the future of this pod though.


Is not giving what it supposed to give :/


I was thinking about this earlier. It seems like Sofia’s not invested in the podcast anymore. It’s clear her hearts not in it at all and, no shade, but it does seem like she’s more interested in romantic get-aways and vacations with Suitman than her content.


Because she’s taken so many weeks off to go on a romantic vacation with a man???


Facts. She lost me a while ago. And I really really wanted her to succeed. I still do hope the best for her but do not actively support or listen to her anymore