[Skin concerns] What are these huge lumps that I get regularly on my thighs?

[Skin concerns] What are these huge lumps that I get regularly on my thighs?


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Hey if nobody here has an answer for you (and even if someone does), you should schedule an appointment with your PCP/dermatologist. The thing about weird skin bumps/rashes/etc is that unless it’s a very common thing, it’s hard for the internet to “diagnose” and you want to make sure it’s not something serious.


It's just the body's way of purging and releasing toxins. I am learning a lot about the healing process of the body I experienced many of these I believe that we're undergoing an actual healing process, pretty much worldwide, due to many factors. Some being sunflares and frequency spikes, which are purifying everything in between Earth's surface and the ionosphere. I personally have cleared up so much over the last few months so just keep purging it will clear up.