Florida man, defending himself in a capital trial, screams at jurors during his opening statement

Florida man, defending himself in a capital trial, screams at jurors during his opening statement


He's going to fry. He sacked his defenders because they said that he couldn't use "Stand Your Ground" to justify shooting his girlfriend repeatedly with a shotgun. Then beating her with the weapon after he ran out of shells. Before stabbing/slashing his autistic daughter, who also had cerebral palsey and couldn't speak or run, to death with a machete. Then driving to his sons house, dousing him with gasoline before setting him on fire. The son survived. He's now claiming that the 911 call where his girlfriend pleads for her life was fabricated......


With hair like that, you would have thought he got fried already…


Most interesting mullet I've ever seen


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I mean his brain *probably* is.


Casual racism from a cop fan. Who'd have guessed.


Sounds like he's setting up for the insanity route for his appeal


That's not how that works- insanity is an affirmative defense meaning you need to invoke it at the beginning of the trial or you lose it.


Oh I’m aware. But I’d bet he’s not


That's a guarantee.


I mean he is crazy. Just not that particular flavor of crazy.


His appellate attorneys will bring it up on habeas petitions or direct appeal that he was too mentally ill to know to request an eval for himself and that he wasn't competent to act as his attorney. Just like Tiffany Moss in GA. [WHOLE TRIAL](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoW1SIeAWaWYXP6xItyGK5REYy1XemzTB). Edit to add: looks like he was ruled incompetent back in October 2018, but was ruled competent in June 2019.


Can't wait to hear the son's testimony.


Solid case, assuming those "stand your ground" laws in FL just mean you have to be standing on the ground to justify murder... now if he was jumping or levitating, he'd be fucked.


Wait, so clarify again for me… why could he *not* use “Stand Your Ground”?


Because he shot his girlfriend (motivation unknown), and when his gun was empty, he beat the hell out of her with it. Then stabbed his disabled daughter to death... and then burnt his son alive... I think it's pretty obvious why you can't use SYG as a defense there.


I think that there was an implied /s there.


Honestly… I didn’t think I was going to need the “/s” with that one… but considering I got 3 responses all explaining why he couldn’t use stand your ground for multiple murders or attempted murders at different locations without any threat to his own life… I apparently should have used the “/s”, lol.


This is reddit. You **always** need /s Too many stupid people who say shit like that and are dead serious.




Yeah what the fuck hahah


Not a lawyer but my understanding is stand your ground means you had a reasonable belief that a person was going kill or maim you. You can defend yourself with deadly force and don’t have to run away from them.


Obligatory Not an attorney, just find it interesting to read self defense law. From https://criminaldefenseattorneytampa.com/violent-crimes/stand-your-ground/ >Section 776.032 provides that, in certain circumstances, a person may use deadly force to stand his ground against an attacker and be free from the fear of prosecution. >The statute effectively “grants defendants a substantive right to assert immunity from prosecution and to avoid being subjected to a trial.” Dennis v. State, 51 So.3d 456, 462 (Fla.2010). FL has a provision within the statuette that establishes Stand Your Ground (Section 776.032) that also says if the person has a clear case of self defense, they should not be prosecuted. My guess is the attorney said "dude, its not clear, dont waste time on the motion". One of the DAs could tell it more accurately but thats my layman's understanding/guess


I'm from WI and a law student, so not a lawyer. But basically you claim it to not even need to defend yourself from the evidence that points to you for murder. Kind of a like: even assuming what you said is true, it doesn't matter because Self Defense. If you lose then you can continue and defend yourself from the actual charge during the trial nonetheless. If you win, there is no actual trial on the charges since you are immune.


The state has to disprove SYG by a "clear and convincing" standard at a pre-trial hearing if SYG is claimed by the defense.


Well considering that "Stand Your Ground" was successfully used when some dude decided to go after, stalk, approach with a gun, and threaten some kid who was minding his own business (because racism) I can see why someone might think you can approach your girlfriend with a gun, empty it into her, gunbutt her with the stock, and claim the same defense. Except that that reading of the law only works if you're white and a cop or a cop wannabee. Just like as how it is absolutely illegal to snap a 12 year old girl's arm in half unless you're wearing a badge and screaming "STOP RESISTING!" repeatedly because that's the get out of jail free card.


Holy shit...


Sounds like a 9mm would save quite abit of taxpayer money and do the world a favor at the same time.


He should fire his attorney.


He's firing everyone, even his son


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I think that was the problem. Edit: /whoosh


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Luckily I caught it before mockery happened.




He is saying he found out it was a joke after he commented he isnt wooshing anyone else


But how would he pro se(ceed)? Sorry, terrible pun.


The fifth amendment would do him some good right now lol.


love to watch him drown in court


Unless he's going for an insanity plea.


The JCS Criminal Psychology channel on youtube recently had a video discussing insanity pleas where the only benefit would be removing the death penalty. [Most relevant portion between 2:06 and 3:40.](https://youtu.be/Mwt35SEeR9w?t=126) The entire video is worth a watch if you have an hour to spare




I know in San Diego the entire area outside the hospital is nasty. No clue about inside but I doubt it’s the Ritz.


The hospital is right next to a prison and a drunk tank in my city


Strip clubs, recruit depot, transit center, and hockey stadium over here.


That's not how that works- insanity is an affirmative defense that needs to be pleaded at the outset. He didn't (I assume), so it's not on the table, and can't be raised on appeal.


That's a bold strategy, Cotton. Anyone who represents themselves in a criminal trial has a fool for a client.


"Your honor, I was too stupid to understand the consequence of my actions." This guy on appeal, still representing himself.


Appeals brief will be written in crayon, no doubt. IANAL but I'm pretty sure you can't appeal because of ineffective counsel if you represent yourself...


>He’s accused of killing his... 9-year-old autistic daughter >He claims he acted in self-defense 🤔


Does his hair look like the Pillars of Creation or is that just me?


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A Florida man with that haircut, making terrible life decisions? I don’t think that I can quite believe it.


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I just want to let you know I stole your traffic cones comment & commented that on Facebook. And I was call racist. “You have absolutely no right to comment on a black mans hair” and some other stuff. I hate Facebook lol, and I’m only going to stick to Reddit bc most ppl are a little bit more reasonable.


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"By the time its all said and done you will see who is THE MASS MURDERER!!!!" Uh... You were the only suspect there.


I didn't think it was even possible to represent yourself in a capital murder. I thought the court would mandate counsel for him. I didn't read the article though because the 29 second ad for the 5 second clip pissed me off. *Edit I got curious and read it. It sounds like a defense lawyer is still in the room.


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I hope they televise it, pay-per-view that shit.


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He'll be out in twenty years on parole.


What a terrible fucking excuse for a human. Very sad for the victims involved.


Add jury tampering / intimidation to the charges and see what he does next.


Good look there fella, hope you rot in hell.


This is not the fun Florida man case I was expecting :(


"He who represents himself has a fool for a client." -This guy on appeal, probably.


Pro Se defense is a bad idea, especially in a capital case, must have a death wish.


Some things solve themselves...


"Assistant State Attorney Scott Harmon told jurors that after he beat Barron to death, Oneal ran back to his home and used a hatchet to kill his daughter. Harmon says Oneal’s daughter was autistic and had cerebral palsy. Harmon said she was unable to speak and not able to run away or defend herself." Pretty clear-cut case of "stand your ground" here. I mean, come on! I can't believe this sick fuck was upset when his legal counsel stated that "stand your ground" would not apply in his case. Obviously a REALLY smart individual.


What is it about Florida that makes everyone so crazy? Or do crazy people just gravitate to there?


Part of it is meth, part of it is that they have the most open freedom of information laws. Everybody who gets arrested has the details of the arrest published. But it has a crazy crime rate as well. IIRC at the 2016 election 25% of Afro-Americans in Florida were unable to vote due to being convicted for felonies.


The felony disenfranchisement law has been repealed in recent years, if I remember correctly.


I always knew that The Trial of Timothy Heidecker would play out in real life one day


This guy trying to speed run his way to getting a death sentence?


Shame Public Executions aren't a thing anymore. Towns could raise money for it...we all know the news and media desensitized us already so what's there to loose? Also cruel and unusual ways of death to match the heinous ness of their crime. Death by Cheese Grater is my personal suggestion.


Florida and Utah have done "public" executions as of the 90s. (fuck I feel old realizing how long ago that was) Gets to be a clusterfuck especially for the police - look at the last French public execution, you had spectators trying to collect bits and pieces as well as soak up blood as souvenirs to sell.


In the UK hangmen used to sell off strips of the rope as a cure for all ills, as an aphrodisiac, a good luck charm..... Usually they were able to sell about 100 yards of a 12 foot rope in 1 inch pieces.


In ancient China, people would bring bread to public executions, dip their bread in the criminal’s blood, and eat it. Because it’s supposed to cure all ills.


There’s a reason why lawyers don’t defend themselves in a criminal trial….


Mental illness is a helluva drug


Bold move cotton.... Let's see how it plays off.


Deserves the death penalty for whatever he did to his hair


Saw a story on the bottom.of article about a camera found on the bottom of the ocean from the titanic and pictures were on the film. Wonder if photos are real all those years in the ocean. And o yeah, this guy needs to fry. Seriously


he looks like lisa simpson!!!!!!!


Of course he’s from Florida. Say less.


I love how half the posts are about how much a a monster the guy is And the other half is about how his barber was the real monster all along


Never go full Florida Man


He asked the court if he could hold the shotgun that was in evidence. They all said no. He claimed he is innocent until proven guilty. What a monster.




So in America, is there a chance that this guy won't to live a long, calm life in a prison where food and warm bed will be served to him?


He'll probably get the chair.