Should you pull for SS Ku- I mean Masked Royal and Incineroar?

Should you pull for SS Ku- I mean Masked Royal and Incineroar?


It should go like this: Should you Scout for Masked Royal? Are you a whale? if so, YES! Are you F2P? NOOOOO! Is he your absolute Favorite? If so, YES! No but fr don’t scout on spotlight’s, such a waste of gems


Yeah, that's mostly true. Still, I like reading OP's thoughts on the pairs.


I'd still like each one to have a score, maybe list at the end: Base Kit: x/25 Grid: x/25 Necessity: x/25 (roll banner into this one as they kinda complement each other) Competitive: x/25 TOTAL: x/100 No need for a full analysis then, just helps organize them all and give people a rough idea of why the rankings are the way they are


My criteria: If he is hot he is worth


He is my husbando so I had to go for him. The pecs... the abs... Omg XD


His sync move animation is pretty cool. If red and snorlax becomes a thing, I’d want pulverising pancake to be their sync move.


I'm gonna pull even I have no any gems lol. Muscular handsome guys are always my favourite 😂


Sameeee. He’s so hawt 🥵


I think Masked Royal is one of those rare general pool sync pairs with a fantastic base kit. He achieves both of his sync multipliers on his own (+6 spe from trainer move, minus enemy attack from Terrify 1). His defenses aren't too shabby and are augmented by both terrify 1 and dishearten 9. Even if his 1/5 grid is pretty shit, I think the base kit more than makes up for it as a good dark nuke before you get the move multipliers at 2/5.


Why does everyone call him Kukui!? He's not the same person guys! Anyways, I totally agree with your analysis. I would really want to get him in one of the anniversary banners. I'd really want to nuke the living daylight out of opponents. Moreover, he's handsome!!


Is he the first unit with 4 sync multipliers (Innate speed multiplier + Dominating Sync + Bob & Weave + Pecking Order)? I wonder if he can outdamage Marnie.


Thanks for this. I already knew I would try and get the pair as Incineroar is my favourite mon but since I got lucky and get them on my first pull I was debating if I should try and get more. After reading this I decided to get another two pulls (mostly for the bonus coins) and if I get more then it's a bonus


First, thank you for your work, always great description and information about new units. And yes ofc do a tier list before 2nd Anniv if it has the same quality as the thing you do know, i can't wait for it.


Is his damage good ?


Depends. His dps is low, and you’re best off not grabbing his multipliers. His sync is extremely powerful and easy to setup