[Game Notice] Move and Passive Skill Text Improvements

[Game Notice] Move and Passive Skill Text Improvements


This is a great QoL improvement. Atleast we won't be confused about the chances anymore lol! (Well, atleast for me, I always mess up the chances so I love this change)


Now I'm curious what kind of description they would give to Hostile Environment and Aggravation


On one hand, terms like "Raises", "Sharply", "Harshly", "Radically", etc. are so ingrained on Pokemon games that fans know what the level changes mean, and gives their own terminology uniquness. On the other hand, Game Freak seems to have this fear that percentages seem to be more intimidating to kids than descriptives, even though you'll only mostly know what they meant if you go to the internet. Lack of base stat information in the Pokedex, no display of stat ranks like in Masters right now, and omission of hidden secondary effects (like how much does King's Rock add to flinch rate) isn't there. In addition to things like Hail boosting Defense (although through Passive Skill), Masters IMO has things that the main games can apply to add spice in battle (like moves that amplify damage based on enemy debuff).


Very glad this is being done. One of my main problems with this game has been that there are barely any numbers available in game (such as the exact percentage of some damage modifiers) so this is a step in the right direction.


Such an innovation in the Pokemon world


On one hand, this is a great change for beginners to learn what moves do. On the other hand, RIP `Radically raises the user's Attack.`


At least "radically" existed for a while (with Alder). Poor "substantially" barely ever saw the light of the day (except in the co-op of the first Mewtwo event)...


Well, even Hau had a passive which radically increased his Speed in a pinch. Many units have substantial stat raises. For example, Morty gets a substantial start raise from his Trainer move if he's afflicted by a status condition, Raihan has Ferocious Entry 4, which raises both Attacks substantially on entry, Garchomp has Last Dash 4, which raises Speed substantially when in a pinch etc. So, it isn't all too rare.


Oops, I've always been under the impression that "substantially" was a +12, hence the comment about boss Mewtwo. Also I'm 99% sure there isn't a Last Dash 4 on Garchomp... (just checked, you probably meant Kommo-o.)


Ah no worries! It happens! And looks like it just happened to me lol! Yeah, I was going through the sync pairs and saw that "Cynthia" had it. Didn't bother to check which Pokemon of hers did! Oops😂


At least "Substantially" was used. I mean, there was any unit with "Dramatically" (±5)?


Sounded good while it lasted 😢


Original game adapted to casual mobile game. Still really useful so people can learn 👏




I hope they also change how the supereffective and critical hit display words pop up. currently, super-effective hits cover up the indication of a crit, though I think it should be the other way around given that crits aren't always guaranteed whereas super-effective hits are.


This is the poggest improvement ever since the stat changes in the battle show number.


This is great. Hate having to translate in my head sharply/drastically/radically etc. in my head to know how much it increases things by.


Bruh, come on DeNA, where's those sweet sweet numbers in descriptions for FFRK!? We could use some of that shit over there, instead of having to use a [spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f8OJIQhpycljDQ8QNDk_va1GJ1u7RVoMaNjFcHH0LKk/edit#gid=938172420) Saltyness aside, this is an awsome QoL change.


Hopefully they bring a QOL update for the opponents passive abilities as well. I have no idea what most of them do.


Thank fucking God. It's been long enough, but good job for once DeNA.