Extreme Battle Event: Ancient Brawl Megathread

Extreme Battle Event: Ancient Brawl Megathread


**Compilation of no Archie/no Maxie teams used to beat the Extreme Battle Event** (by u/skippingmud): https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonMasters/comments/nspr7i/compilation\_of\_no\_archieno\_maxie\_teams\_used\_to/


This was definitely a challenge for somebody who doesn’t have Archie, Maxie or even May. I managed to complete it with Winona, Phoebe, + EX Wallace for Maxie and EX Steven, Phoebe + Brendan for Archie. And shit ton of resetting too bc RNG was not on my side lmao. I get some people asked for harder content but EX SS Blue and Skyla being unable to survive two hits is insane 😭


yeah i hate this so much, literally all my tanks get knocked out in 2 moves if i dont change the weather... i managed to beat maxie w ss blue ex, wallace ex, and may. still cant beat archie tho... might try the team u suggested


same, i knew it was gonna be somewhat challenging but i didn’t expect my go-to tanks to be obliterated within the first minute lmao. and yeah, feel free to try it out and tweak it a bit if you want ☺️


I did mine with ss blue it was definitely difficult he died on last charizard left


It’s not hard content even. Just locked behind pulling certain sync pairs which is the worst


I have that whole team but could you tell me who was targeted because I failed.


For Archie: Phoebe is 1st, Steven is 2nd, and Brendan is 3rd. For Maxie: Winona is 1st, Phoebe (or Sabrina) is 2nd, and Wallace is 3rd. Edit: Hold on, I messed up. If you’re using Phoebe instead of Sabrina, put Phoebe first instead of Winona. My bad, I’ve been trying out different teams and I got confused 😅


Okay thanks


What sync grid are u guys using for Wallace Ex? And is it better to Ex him or May? Thinking of Ex-ing either him or May just to clear this stupid event.


I don’t normally use this grid for Wallace but I needed to keep Wallace’s health up til I got rid of Maxie so I picked up Healthy Healing (https://imgur.com/gallery/YSWElss). Looking back it though, it’s not the most optimal grid and you can probably swap out Dire Rain for First Aid since Winona doesn’t MP refresh on rain dance anyway. Maybe something like this (https://imgur.com/gallery/0ypAFVA )? Even though they’re kinda similar, you should probably EX May tbh. She has rain dance which is important for this event to get rid of the opponents weather. I believe she also has a stronger sync nuke than Wallace and also has an AOE attack which may be helpful for being able to take out the sides for this event. I just don’t have May and I like Wallace more as a character so that’s why I use him a lot EDIT: just coming back to say i absolutely recommend using the second grid over the first one. it’s much more reliable and safe to use


Thank u good sir!!!


[I assume I shouldn't even bother touching this event](https://i.imgur.com/OjStTb4.png)


You assumed right


You can kill off the Stage 1 Maxie. I did it with 1/5 May, Winona and Drake. They don't get much from being 5/5 so you could probably clear it quite happily. I'm getting close with 1/5 Glacia, May, and Winona on Super Hard. But those Charizards keep fucking me and I don't think there's a way around that.


Do you have SS Blue EX? I managed (barely) to beat the Stage 2 with 1/5 May, but his endure after sync and double buff were crucial. It's doable if you have him!


Yes, I do. I will try that out later. I just managed to get Archie Stage 1 for the third time with SS Leaf, 1/5 May and Drake. E: Nice, did it first time with SS Blue EX 3/5, 1/5 May, and Winona.


Good luck! :)


Managed to beat it first time thanks to your advice. The Endure and Crit boost meant that May did like 20k damage to Groudon when it came to her sync and the Charizards were put down soon after.


Wtf are these Empoleons?


Yeah finally killed Kyogre with my EX Brendan, thinking I’d just sweep the Empoleons and they took virtually no damage...


I assume you have Archie because of your flair. I used Archie 1/5, Brendan 5/5 (Gridded with interia, amped up, both sync nodes) and Roxanne(Upgraded to 4*) to just barely beat it. Roxanne (Right) - Use def all once first, then use her trainer move to increase the team's sp atk and speed, then use def all again. If you manage to survive after using all her status moves try using wide guard which reduces damage from earthquake. Archie (Middle) - Use his trainer move then go to town with origin pulse. Brendan - Use his trainer move, dire hit + twice then use leaf storm once or twice to increase his speed more from amped up. Then sync nuke with Brendan and go to town with leaf storm. Then later sync again on one of the Empoleons.


Brilliant, thanks for the advice man! Fortunately I have Archie EX at 3/5 and Brendan EX 5/5 so hopefully if I use your strategy I can have success. EDIT: Wow it worked perfectly, really good strategy, thanks man.


First thing first: don't use a non Hoenn tank. SS Blue and Xerneas will get destroyed in no time, but Drake will take it like a champ.


wallace is also a great tank, with healthy healing and first aid 4 (recuperation 2 as well if youre syncing)


This is why most people are having a problem. The event gives 5x stats to Hoenn!


Drake is who I used for Archie. Defensive buffs and full move gauge regen is too good.


5x is abit beyond a challenge to ignore :s maybe a 3x scale wouldve been abit more fun


I managed to beat this without Archie or Maxie, but this is a huge p2w fomo event. It not only wants you to whale all your gems into the Mater fairs, but ALSO wants you to wallet for the Hoenn Select pull to get May and Brendan and relevant supports. All units below are max level, and all teams use corresponding max level gear. Archie Strat: 3/5 Brendan EX w/Dauntless, 3/5 Phoebe, 1/5 Glacia. * Phoebe tanks, but Glacia draws attention after the first hit to split some of the damage * Phoebe gridded for full support MPRs, On The Ropes and Team Toughen Up * Phoebe buff crit -> Glacia regen all -> Brendan trainer move -> Pheobe buff crit -> Glacia trainer move to lure -> Brendan spam Leaf Storm and Syncing when possible -> Phobe spam Shadow Punch but using trainer move as needed to refill gauge -> Glacia spam Powder Snow (can freeze each opp once if lucky). Kyogre should die before Syncing, and the Empoleons are tankable after that. Maxie Strat: 3/5 SS!Blue EX, 1/5 May, 5\* Roxanne * This one actually comes down to RNG and how often you miss. * SS!Blue tanks, then Roxanne * SS!Blue gridded for To the Top MPR, To the Top Pep Rally, Team Triage Tank, Team Fist Bump, and Natural Remedy for burn heal. * SS!Blue X Def All -> Roxanne X Def All -> May Rain Dance * This needs to be done before Groudon gets off the first fire punch. The rain and def buffs will let SS!Blue survive long enough to sync once * SS!Blue trainer move -> Roxanne X Def All -> May Muddy Water -> - SS!Blue trainer move -> Roxanne trainer move-> May Muddy Water -> SS!Blue Sync * Blue will survive to Sync because the rain makes solar beam take an extra turn. Make sure Blue's TTT gets an MPR because it's needed to max May's crit. Also make sure that Blue buffs May's SpAtk by +2, which along with Roxanne's trainer move will max May's SpAtk. We do NOT use May's trainer move until we run into gauge issues. * SS!Blue sync gives the 2x sync buff but also give the whole team endure which is crucially needed to out spam the Charizards in the end. * If you are queuing moves efficiently, May should be able to muddy water here before rain ends and just before one of the charizards uses Sunny Day. * Roxanne trainer move -> May Rain Dance -> SS!Blue trainer move (MPR needed) -> Roxanne Ancient Power -> May Muddy Water -> SS!Blue Water Pulse -> Roxanne Wide Guard -> May Muddy Water -> SS!Blue Water Pulse -> May Sync * Wide Guard just before sync to avoid move queue inefficiency * SS!Blue will die soon but just in case queue X Def All * Groudon will sync but should be very low from the May Sync * From this point, we spam Muddy Water, refill gauge as needed with May's trainer move, and use May's Sync whenever possible. Wide Guard should sponge one heat wave, and Groudon should die before using Eruption. The endure from SS!Blue's Sync should help you survive. Now it's a sheer battle of RNG for how often May can hit and get MPRs to refill gauge.


Thanks for the note on Pt 2 Groudon. I'm still getting used to Move Queueing so i forgot Blastoise still works without the 5.0x Def.


What a lazy way to make an event. I did ask for an event where Groudon and Kyogre could shine but don't just straight up multiply the stat like it was normal thing to do.


i finally beat ultra hard without archie or maxie..... WALLACE MVP. he was my tank because ss blue and skyla both died within 2 moves, sad Maxie: ss blue ex, wallace ex, may. rain dance from may so fire punch didnt one shot anyone, trapped everyone with wallace's whirpool (pokey trap 1 & 5). synced with ss blue first for the endurance plus extra ex boost. he died shortly after. but then what do u know, wallace is a great tank for these specific battles. have healthy healing on his grid so he slowly kept regaining health. plus recuperation 2 on sync, so i kept syncing with him after (also had first aid 4). but yeah it literally came down to the last move because one of the charizards suddenly got some resistance thing and couldnt be trapped??? and then that weakened wallaces moves too cuz stationary target Archie: tried this battle like 40 billion times with different teams, sun didnt work for me and neither did sandstorms, stall teams with poison and trap didnt work, tried obstruct with obstagoon and using phantom force w drifblim to hide from moves lol i was desperate. but guess what??? even with rain still going, wallace was a great tank. so my team ended up being wallace ex, brendan ex, skyla ex. skyla to max out speed for sceptiles inertia and to spam potions. still trapped everyone with wallace. only synced with brendan and spammed leaf storm. after 1 sync and 2 leaf storms, i got rid of kyogre which was actually right before he synced which was lucky. nobody died either to my amazement. now i gotta try and win this battle 2 more times


I tried a similar Phoebe / Brendan / Skyla EX team and it worked well. I synced with Skyla first and then Brendan (Inertia / Ramming Speed). The Empoleons weren’t that threatening.


I did Maxie with your strategy! Thanks a lot for the tips :-) my Wallace is not EX but he got the job done


The thing that pisses me off the most about this event isn't the fact that hoenn pairs get a boost (that's fine to have us use different ones), it's not that we have to beat each stage three times to get everything (though that does suck), and it's not even how clearly that Groudon and Kyogre can crush this event (as it's doable without them) It's the fact that the Charizards have piercing gaze AND acuity, along with Groudon having acuity. Having both serves no practical purpose other than sandbagging Swampert's dizzying power passive, which is extremely unnecessary and infuriating.


Smile and nod y'all. This isn't for us dolphins. 🥲🤐


It definitely is doable even if you don't whale. Make sure to use Hoenn pairs, the fight is balanced around that 5x boost.


Bruh I have basically every hoenn pair apart form the new master ones and my best team got absolutely destroyed


Then you're doing something wrong. There are plenty of clears that don't use Maxie or Archie to succeed.


Then please tell me how I should be clearing the ultra hard courses without them. I'm waiting with baited breath


There are plenty of run videos posted on this very subreddit, or you could test different teams yourself. I beat Archie using Lisia, Brendan and Drake, for example. Also, *bated.


I don't have Lisia. What else ya got?


do you have wallace? i found he was a great tank


Dude I cleared Archies ultra hard with 3/5 EX Brendan, lvl 120 Roxanne and Blaine, don't have Maxie or Archie yet. It's definitely doable with Inertia/Ramming speed Brendan grid. 100% FTP btw. As for Maxie... Don't think I can even do the super hard cause my only Hoenn water unit is a 2/5 Wallace lol


Why is this being downvoted? You're literally correct


Many people on this subreddit tried the fight one (1) time using their until-then strongest team (usually Kantrio) and got obliterated, then immediately got on Reddit to cry about it instead of reading the bonuses and using boosted pairs. I assume the downvotes on my comments trying to get people to test out other strategies come from that initial outrage.


Man, these are the times where three teams could have worked, it would mostly be poison + venom drench spam but it could have been beatable without Maxie or Archie.


i tried using a stall team, but literally every tank gets knocked out in like 2 moves. ss blue ex, skyla ex, ss leaf ex. wallace survived a little longer tho w first aid and endurance but thats about it


The problem is that Hoenn doesn't even have a decent tank. Glacia and Phoebe are made of papier-mâché and Wallace isn't even a Support.


And the ONLY Hoenn unit with an electric move is Archie. I think that's the most annoying part to me. Those Charizards are a pain unless you have a guaranteed hit move like rain+thunder, even say the lower level


Phoebe has great stats; she just needs a SpD buffer and/or a healer to tank well.


Wallace is a tank tho. Being tech doesn't automatically not make it a tank


i know... its frustrating how wallace can survive longer than my top tanks


I think you are missing the event mechanism and requirements. Hoenn sync pairs' stats are 5x boosted when other regions don't get any boosts. That's why SS Blue and other non-Hoenn pairs don't work here.


yeah i know lol, the gap between hoenn and non hoenn pairs is just kinda ridiculous. all the hoenn supports are extremely fragile, so i ended up tanking with wallace and was able to complete both ultra hard battles without groudon and kyogre


I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I'll keep it short. As usual, DeNA is awful at gacha psychology. This convinces absolutely no one who wasn't already pulling for Maxie/Archie to pull them, so it's essentially just punishment for not pulling for a specific character or, perhaps even worse, for having the bad luck to pull for the character and not get them, especially considering that these are master fair units and are already twice as difficult as a normal new unit to pull. Sometimes I wonder why I play this game when the developer can't go more than a couple of months without falling back on FOMO and negative reinforcement in the most bumbling, transparently desperate manner possible.


Was able to beat part 1 for both w non-ex Brendan, Skyla and Blaine for sun, and ex Wallace, SS Blue and Winona for rain. You need to immediately get rid of weather so they don’t one shot


When I saw that Drake, May and Phoebe ALL got the 5x bonus I laughed as I hit "Go" on the battle page... I'm not laughing anymore


Just saying pre-emptively that now is the time to make it clear to DeNA in feedback that we don't appreciate this event


for everyone: you can find feedback under Poryphone -> other -> customer support -> feedback


And remember to be polite when doing that.


But I liked it :c


It should give a medal and maybe a few 5* Power Ups. Medal allows you to brag Locking decent prizes behind it is brutal for most players. I know they need a lure, but this is purely top player content Maybe have matches like this on a two week rotation and a leader board of fastest clears with winning at least one net you a 1* medal and 2 5* Power Ups, and prizes for 3rd (2* medal and 10 5* Power Ups), 2nd (3* medal and 20 5* Power Ups), and 1st (4* medal and 30 5* Power Ups) would be better? Decent prizes without being gems and gives top players something to compete on


That's a great idea. I really enjoyed that kind of events, where you are basically limited to a region, but I can understand it's annoying to miss gems. 5* power ups are a great alternative.


They should give champion spirits too then, the whales have the issue is that they are limited to the amount of pairs they can EX due to champions spirits.


So. Seen a lot of clears for Kyogre with F2P friendly teams and not a lotta Groudon. Any advices for an unlucky one without Archie, Wallace or May?


Unfortunately the only advice might be to get the credit card out…


Yep, seems that way. Guess I'll bash my head into it with Steven and see how far I get.


A five time boost? *Really*? Five times? What's even the point of such a battle? New players and casuals won't ever beat this. People with the master pairs will easily beat it. All that's left is the hardcore players that didn't want the master fairs, or were unlucky. For them, there's nearly no incentive to actually pull. It's just a little bit of gems and maybe a little bit better gear. This event is just a giant "fuck you" to a huge part of the player base. It doesn't even come close to rewarding us for pulling on the banners. "Just spend 35k gems and you'll get 700 gems back!". That's not the way to do it lmao. It just does my head in. This isn't fun for anyone. It's boring for those who pulled, bitter for those that pulled and weren't lucky, and just frustrating for everyone else. The fight isn't even fun either. Oh yeah, you're five times as strong, isn't that fun? What a creative way to make the fight matter. It should have been focused around weather control and all the weather teams should have had a way to compete. Would be so cool if someone came in with Summer Steven and managed to overcome the difficulty that way. Instead of just brute forcing with Maxie/Archie. Man, I can totally understand why people would want to quit now. Events like this one and the Prestige event can fuck right off.


I pulled 3 times on masterfair banners and literally got zero 5stars. How dafaq am I supposed to do this event


Congrats, you're dead 🙂


Four times on 11+ pulls, didn't get anything above 3 stars ahahaha


Open up that wallet


Unlike in most other events, the new big Sync Pairs and the relevant stat boosts aren't a bonus to make things a little easier. They're a requirement to make things even doable. That is such an inherent player-unfriendly design, that I'm amazed this got past the drawing board.


If you don't have Maxie, Archie, May and EX 3/5 Steven, you are basically screwed.


I beat Ultra Hard Maxie with 1/5 EX May, 2/5 Glalie, and Pelipper. Had Pelipper tank and always made sure Rain was up. Glalie started with regen all then Attention here. You will probably need a refresh on it for the SP buff for May. May just used all of her trainer moves then spammed Muddy Water and prayed it hit.


Did you grid Glalie? I tried this with 3/5 May ex and got wrecked.


Her grid shouldn't matter much. Winona is a much better tank outside of hail.




Yeah, you basically have to use Hoenn pairs. Easter May’s support build is popping off for me right now.


Basically want you to use hoenn pairs that is strong as grass/ground and water/electric. Hmm I wonder who those could be. My Brendan could do a lot of work. May was a bit of a let down as a water type with not enough accuracy, and disappointing as a ground type. In the end, it’s just gears but since they are a bit exclusive I’m still salty.


You're missing gems as well if you can't do it, not just the gear. You get 1200 gems for completing all of the battles and 100 gems for completing all of the battles 3 times.


Funny enough I'm exactly 700 gems short of another multi in the Archie pool... guess who I need to get those gems.


Don't worry, you still have 17 days to do your daily missions, should be enough to pull once. You need to get lucky though.


If it's any condolence, I tried pulling for him twice with the 6k we got for the event. I got a Volkner, at least, everything else pretty much 3 stars.


ok seriously tho with the accuracy thing, like i have may 2/5 and picked up muddy water accuracy nodes but the amount of times its missed makes me feel like Dena secretly changed muddy waters accuracy to like 20 for these battles


The charizards are sneaky and have +2 evasion. That’s why muddy water keeps missing. I found status ailments and traps work well against them in this fight. I used torkoal and milotic along with May to clutch it.


yeah i was finally able to beat ultra hard w ss blue, Wallace, and may. but eventually one of the charizards had some resistance thing and couldnt be trapped??? it literally came down to the last move


There’s some BS passive called Resilience which applies the other status shield. It seems to do so randomly, I can’t figure out the pattern.


...wonderful ( ͡╥ ͜ʖ ͡╥)


I managed it. Somehow. Archie, I was lucky and I have Maxie on my team. I'm not going to mention it further. Extreme Battle 2 against Maxie? Gah. I barely scraped by, but I managed with what I have. The team that I used was a heavily (5-Star Potential)Winona, (2/5)SS Elesa, and (4/5)Wallace. No EXs across the board. I've maxed out my numbers where ever I can push it within reason; Pins, bandanas, etc. Winona was the team tank; Grass Guard is being used to survive, but I think Fire Guard would have been FAR more beneficial. Elesa's only job is to get Wallace buffed up, as she collapses after two Fire Waves. Wallace's job is to be the sole DPS for this outfit with a Dire Rain build, eschewing nearly all tanking ability in order to pump damage with the Super Effective, Dire Rain(Brine), and Stationary Target nodes. Starting out, Elesa's only time is spent on Sp. Atk All. Wallace Whirlpools any open targets starting with Maxie and working his way down. Winona uses Rain Dance, then tries to land Flinches where she can while using Graceful Acrobatics on the off turns where I know the opponent won't attack. Ideally, I manage to flinch on either Sunny Day OR even better, whenever Maxie is on his second round on Solar Beam. Wallace syncs. Breathtaking spam on Wallace. In my winning round, I was actually unlucky and didn't get another proc. Just one. It was fine. She Thundered one of the side edges under the Rain and wound up paralyzing the right side. This would be crucial. Winona stayed around long enough to delay Maxie's sun game and provided just enough room for Wallace to sync again, followed by a full on sinking of Maxie before he could get out his first sync. What followed SHOULD have been a loss. One side went down to a lucky Sync, crit, and Brine. The other... Stayed. If they were able to keep attacking, it would have been over, but somehow I managed to avoid both the weird Free Move thing and paralysis miraculously procced. Having slowed down the last Charizard's move gauge significantly... I just had to hold on long enough, spend the endurance from Aquatic Illusion, sync, and finish them off with one last Brine. So. Tl:DR, this team can do it, but it took an impossible amount of luck to do so. BUT!! If you have Wallace and decide to EX him, I think you stand a better chance than most. Once I get a few more supplies, I think he's going to be my next target for EXing as it's my best chance of beating this event with any regularity. It IS doable with just him, which is fantastic if you are like me and have been rebuffed by May and Archie. However, it takes a lot of investment so... Maybe decide if you want to do that first?


Any chance you can share Wallace’s grid? This is the only battle I can’t beat so far, but if this team can do it, it might be my only option if Archie continues to spite me. I randomly have Winona at 5\*s because she’s a favorite, 2/5 SS Elesa, and 3/5 Wallace. I’d EX Wallace cause I was planning to anyway, but don’t think I’ll have the resources to by the end of this, so I’d love to try this instead.


Sure thing! Wallace : https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=0&grid=AAECAwQFBgcKDA0PGxwdHiAhIg==&o=750&p=Milotic&s=5 SS Elesa : https://pokemon-masters-stuff.github.io/?e=0&grid=AAECAwQFBgcICQoLExQaGxwdHh8lJw==&o=750&p=Rotom&s=5 I've leveled up all of the relevant Theme Skills as well as the Gear. Not sure if it's powers are multiplied as well, but it if it is, then it's well worth the small boosts that make this build work. After running the battle again, this setup seems consistent so I'm hoping it works out for you!


Used Groudon(not EX’d), Brendan (not EX’d), Roxanne with Nosepass for my first clear of Archie Part 2 but wanted to try a clear without Groudon. Ended up clearing with S!Steven, Brendan, and Glalie. Hah Wasn’t easy but was doable. This does seem hard for all the wrong kinda reasons though. https://imgur.com/a/pyfpqmc/


Lol, I tried Summer Steven/Glacia on Maxie and got destroyed.


this event is straight up p2w, if you dont have featured master fair or maxed out ex may you are likely fked


I have both Archie and Maxie, I only habe them 1/5 and I'm getting murdered


I have Archie and Maxie 1/5. Cleared it easily with Archie/May/Roxanne and Maxie/Brendan/Phoebe.


This is not true, there are already some clears posted using none of those pairs. Just make sure you're using your Hoenn characters.


Of the sync pairs that aren't nerfed for this event, only 4 are super effective. All of them are gacha 5 stars. If you are unlucky enough to have never drawn these 4 sync pairs, then your only solution to beat this event is to keep throwing money at the gacha. How is that not p2w?


You can beat it with off-element pairs...


and that further increases the difficulty, meaning you'd need good off element pairs. Most of which would come from the gacha.


You can just say that without saying what team you used


yeah hoenn pairs like either ex brendan or ex may with grids, keep telling yourself that


I went into the Maxie one with Lillie, Elesa and Barry, hoping to do damage to the sides with Elesa and nuke Groudon. And then Groudon one-shots Lillie with Fire Punch. What the literal hell is this event lol!? Surprisingly was able to beat Archie but Maxie is giving me a problem. Let's see if I can do it with some other pairs (Just realised that we NEED Hoenn pairs as their stats are buffed. Sad that we don't have any Electric Hoenn pair except Archie \[Wattson when DeNA?\]) Like, damn! I wasn't expecting to get obliterated like that!


You definitely cannot tank using non-Hoenn pairs, the stage is balanced around that 5x boost.


So for those who do have Groudon or Kyogre, what X/5 were they at when you cleared Ultra Hard?


i was lucky enough to pull 1/5 archie on my first multi, but i ended up not using him becuase he kept getting one shotted first sync. my team ended up being ss blue ex, wallace ex, may. but it literally came down to the last move, like everyone dead and wallace at 1hp (endurance)


I have both at 1/5...... but also brought some EX'd units 😐 for Archie (down before he could sync), I used Maxie, EX Brendan, and EX Lisia. Lisia was only there to tank so probably replaceable with Liza. Brendan 5/5 because he kept coming (and he won't stop coming) just maxed his and Maxie's buffs, synced with Brendan, then spammed precipice blades and leaf storm. for Maxie, I used Archie, 4* Roxanne, and EX Wallace (first target). Picked up the thunder nodes on Archie's grid, immediately buffed spA/speed with Roxanne plus Archie's TM and then spammed thunder on the left (your left) charizard to get rid of it before it can use sunny day. had dire rain and shielded squad on Wallace.


Yeah, I just gave it a whirl myself with Groudon 1/5, Brendan (3/5, not EX'd or anything), and Lyra (3/5). Seems like leading with Light Screen then having the boys buff themselves and then give them +2 Crit chance from Lyra is what did it. I just had to barely put any points into Groudon's grid since I'm low on orbs (and apparently I didn't have any for Lyra and still came damn close) and I'm not fully committed to Groudon just yet. i also didn't have a fully upgraded scarf so there's a surprising amount of wiggle room with the fight with that comp, I really just needed lyra to up everyone's crit and sp. defense and then they did the work. That said it IS kind of bullshit that you practically need Groudon and Kyogre for these fights, I imagine vs Groudon it'll be a similar story, but at least there I got May beefed out and ready to become a god once I get the pin maxed out. I know people are clearing the fights without them but good lord the fights are far too clutch.


yep, those master passives make such a huge difference with the insane stat boosts. it's only fun when you have the right kind of units to play around with, otherwise it just really seems like a painful grind to try and squeeze out a victory- for gems that would exactly be helpful towards making the wins easier. I literally got enough gems from fighting Archie to do the pull that got me Archie for Maxie lol.


1/5 for both. Roxanne, ungridded May and Archie deal with Maxie easily: just take care of the Charizard with Thunder asap. Drake, ungridded Dauntless Brendan and Maxie does well enough against Archie: Maxie take care of the Empoleon and Brendan can take care of Kyogre.


Both 1/5 but also both EX'd... Still deciding whether to use candy on one of them or maybe even Leon. It was pretty easy imo, but I will have some harsh words for the event elsewhere in the thread.


I have 1/5 Archie and 1/5 Maxie. Cleared it with Archie/May/Phoebe and Maxie/Brendan/Phoebe. Brendan and Phoebe are 3/5, but you could probably do it with less. Roxanne is also a good support.


Yeah, fuck this event. No idea what they were thinking.


Could someone give me some pointers on what I’m doing wrong in the case of beating Maxie? I get the feeling that it’s impossible in my case since I have neither Archie or May. Does anyone have any ideas?


This is just ludicrous, man. Near-lockout on non-Hoenns is all well and good, whatever, but what’s with these passives? I must have just gotten lucky fighting Archie (I’d managed to pull Maxie and he rendered those fights braindead, though not without still taking it to the skin of my teeth on the harder one), because I recently got lucky again and pulled Archie but the Maxie fight is just obtuse! I’m at a loss here, I’ve been shuffling all sorts of possibilities and nothing’s working. I have no other options short of somehow super-juicing people into 5-star EX, which I can’t exactly do at the drop of a hat. It’s the Charizards. Never mind that most of the better Water Moves among the Hoenn pairs are >100 accuracy (and there don’t seem to be very many Electric ones at all), the Charizards also enter with *+2 Evasion,* apparently just for the kekkles. To make sure you know it’s not a two-way street, they also have Piercing Gaze so they *can’t miss.* They also get Tough Skin for some reason, so they’re just all around damage-resistant. The worst part is that one of them always throws Sunny Day early in the fight (and I don’t recall the Empoleons throwing Rain Dance), which means that either you *must* have a Rain Dancer of your own to keep Groudon from gibbing you or you kill that Charizard quickly. Since the former ended up not working (because having control of the weather did nothing to help kill the opponents before they killed me given the outrageous numbers we’re dealing with), I tried the latter. It is simply out of my abilities to achieve the latter. I can kill it at about the same time it inputs the Sunny Day, but no amount of spam-clicking or attempted timing has let me put in the last Thunder order before the AI inputs its Move. So effectively I just have to reset spam and pray to Arceus that that Charizard decides to get Paralyzed right then and lose its turn. Of course, the Charizards also have Lessen Paralysis 5, because fuck you. The Charizards also boost their side with offensive buffs, so the longer they’re out the worse it hurts. Unless I missed one somewhere, none of the Hoenn pairs can knock off stat boosts well enough to counter this, and Groudon enjoys bullshit crits anyway. On an unfortunate Crit, Archie just dies outright to Groudon’s sync much of the time. Maybe I shouldn’t use Archie, maybe I should use May, right? Well either way I’m looking at 85 accuracy, when the Charizards get Agile Entry, meaning a fuckton of resetting because the bonkers numbers being thrown around (x5, everybody, let’s hear it for pentupled stats and opponents that resist attempts to use status!) make everything balanced on a knife’s edge. If I miss at the wrong time, well, fuck me I’m dead. At least I can bank on the enemy missing—oh, right. Never mind. As far as I can tell the closest thing to Piercing Gaze among relevant Hoenn pairs is things like Thunder that can’t miss in the right weather. Ah, but the Charizards change the weather! Like, I can’t be *that* out of sorts here, the Maxie fight *is* markedly harder than the Archie one, right? I don’t remember the Empoleons dodging that well, although maybe I just got lucky. Guess I have to get lucky again because as far as I can tell my only hope in this situation is to drop Rain Dance entirely (just bank on Archie’s entry) and just reset until the Charizard with Lessen Paralysis 5 loses its turn and fails to raise Sunny Day. Then I have to do that two more times. Even then, a +6 Origin Pulse *critical hit* in the rain really shouldn’t be doing such paltry damage if you ask me. What a damn travesty. I suppose I’ll figure something out eventually, but this is just excessive, man. Wallace is doing what he can, but he’s having *significantly* more trouble walling here than he did against Archie. Doesn’t help that Whirlpool is whiffing far more often than it ought to and now I have to reset around random-ass Burns because of course I do. Hot damn, man. I wouldn’t mind so much if it rewarded, say, candy coins or power-ups, you know just some stuff for the bestest players to kick around and keep powering up. But these are exclusive gear pieces (and some gems, too). Maybe they aren’t really all that good, but it’s still a bit egregious, especially considering that you can’t even *begin* to compete here unless you either managed to pull the right gacha pairs or have roid-ramped certain other ones enough to stand up to the difference. Fucking Agile Entry Piercing Gaze Charizards, that’s just fucking mean. Like it really isn’t *that* bad in terms of numbers if you happen to magically have the right pairs pumped up, but 1) not having the right pairs puts you up shit creek and 2) the amount of requisite resetting to squeeze by is just silly. Maybe it’s time to get weird. Maxie, get off the bench I’m gonna see how you do fighting yourself. EDIT: Terrible idea. Anyway I’ve managed to get it with Wallace walling, May on the offensive, and Archie as a kamikaze unit. Pretty much keep rain up, use Archie’s Trainer ability, and then have him Thunder down the Charizards, sync with May first after reapplying Rain following the Sunny Day. Then Archie pretty much always dies to Groudon’s sync, but that’s okay, his work is done. Just juggle May Muddy Water and Wallace Brines, syncing with Wallace if necessary, and then maybe you win. Takes hella resets though because Muddy Water’s accuracy isn’t great, anyone getting Burned is a game-ender, and misplaying at the wrong time makes Wallace die. What a shitshow.


Super & Ultra Hard Archie. 3/5 EX Metagross, 5/5 Sceptile, 5/5 5* Probopass No turning back -> Sturdy buddies -> x attack -> dire hit + -> wide guard -> x attack -> dire hit + -> x attack -> sturdy buddies -> leaf storm -> best there is -> leaf storm -> Metagross sync -> leaf storms/iron heads/bullets punches After Metagross 1st Sync, you should attack Kyogre with leaf storms and the sides with Metagross (until Kyogre dies). Try to flinch Empoleons (though it's not that necessary). I synced only with Metagross (twice) because he did great dmg to sides. Have in mind that it was a close call especially in Ultra Hard Mode.


Perfect!!!! It just worked for me. Thanks for the strategy


I'm glad u found it useful! I'm trying to find a similar team for Maxie but I just can't beat it. :s


I'm glad it's not just me finding this hard! I beat the easier of the two Maxie battles with Winona, 1/5 May and Misty, by keeping the weather as rainy as possible for as long as possible, and getting some RNG flinches from Pelipper's Air Slash.


Same, I clocked in earlier thinking it would be a doozy only to get sent to the shadow realm.


Beat Super Hard Kyogre using Oak, Brendan & Leaf. All 5/5 and only won due to 4 potion refresh procs.


I appreciate the difficulty, but next time, can we make the fight difficult in a way other than the enemies dodging EVERYTHING? Goddang, that Maxie stage makes me REALLY wish we had Wattson and Manectric w/ Shock Wave in this game.


Am I missing something or did Dena forget to give enough ground pins to max upgrade?


That's the point, ground pin did not win so you don't get to max it just yet. Well, not like you just "get" to max the aqua pin either, considering the ridiculous difficulty.


You can’t even survive the first sync, I have both Kyogre and Groudon at 1/5 and a non EX 2/5 May but still…


Archie + May can definitely beat it before the first sync; same with Maxie + Brendan. If you have 3/5 Phoebe, Team Toughen Up helps, but otherwise use Drake.


I’d recommend using Drake if you aren’t already. Hell buff your Def and Sp Def so you can ideally tank those sync. I’d imagine it should be very doable with the Master pairs.


Beat the Ultra Hard Archie with 5 star Roxanne Probopass and 1/5 ex May and 1/5 Brendan. I EXed may for this event even though I only have 1/5. And use my 3 star and 4 star level up on Roxanne so she can take one more hit (thunder) then use wide guard to avoid one aoe earthquack. May foucs on the side and Brendan Leaf storm Archie.


Now imagine this but with a 5x boost on Galar pairs. I’m in danger


Man, I just wanted a Team Magma pin....


I can’t do this, none of my pairs are strong enough, and having none of the optimal pairs really hurts the damage output. Too little reward for going through so much effort


I have beaten Archie on both difficulties with Brendan but I think Ultra Hard Maxie is impossible for me with no May or Archie and only 1/5 Wallace but I did clear Super Hard with Ex Brendan. It took about over a dozen tries and I ended up needing to upgrade my Winona to 5* but Ex Skyla, Ex Brendan, and Winona did it. So if you already have EX 3/5 Brendan and Skyla you can potentially get your 300 gems for that fight at least. The strat is using Winona to turn off sun immediately and serve as your main tank. If sun is up this fight is too much since they hit too hard and Groudon sustains way too well. Skyla provides healing and speed buffs for Brendan who is your damage. Then, you use staggering Gust and Air Slash to try and flinch down Groudon, taking the time to heal if it ever gets off a Solar Beam since Pelliper can’t take much more than that. Sync Skyla first for the buff and then just Brendan. I was able to kill both Zards on the third sync.


So in order to clear this event, you need several 5\* gacha pairs at least 3/5 sync gridded, and the event is designed to force you to pull Archie and Maxie because the battles are virtually impossible without them? Cool, I'll pass.


I have Maxie and 3/5 Brendon so the Archie battles were quite straightforward. I do not have Archie. I have May but it's Easter May. I can't even do the first Maxie battle.


Just got a clear on Maxie UH with 2/5 Wallace (non-EX, no lucky skill required, although Fire Guard or CS2 would/will likely make it less luck reliant), 3/5 Sabrina (doesn't necessarily need to be 3/5--mostly just need some good luck with heal refreshes), and 5/5 4* Winona. I basically just followed the strat in [this clear](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiuNgbQTzzM), but without Fire Guard (I'm out of cookies and had horrible luck), it was a more difficult. I think it helped having a 2/5 Wallace for Stationary Target 3 in his sync grid for a bit of additional damage to help take down the sides. I also had Healthy Healing active, but it was largely unnecessary as my successful run had enough heal refreshes from Sabrina that he was at full HP when she died/regen ended. If anyone would like more details/help, feel free to ask; I'll answer as best I can. Edit: I'm up to 2 clears; this is torture but I know I can do the third for those hundred gems! Ahhhhh. CS2 does make it slightly easier; I had more breathing room on my second clear than my first, though not by much.


Finally worked up the energy to beat the Part 2 stages for the pins and gems. I had it easy in so far as having May and Brendan, but oh my god the amount of RNG for May I had to reset for. Maxie is just short for Maximum Pain. :(


Trying to beat maxie part 1 without May or Wallace. Anyone succeeded? Archie part 1 was manageable and I won’t even start with part 2 haha would love to beat maxie part 1 though for the gems and the pin. Any suggestions appreciated!


Bullshit. Maxie one shotted my entire team of lvl 135 Raihan,Morty and Piers


You definitely cannot tank using non-Hoenn pairs, the stage is balanced around that 5x boost.


yeah, its kinda frustrating :/ but turns out wallace is a great tank, mvp for sure. used him in both ultra hard battles and managed to beat them without kyogre or groudon (after trying for like 3 hours straight)


Yeah, you basically have no choice but to run Hoenn pairs.


this is so stupid literally every top tier tank gets knocked out in 2 moves


Yeah this right here is the definition of pay to win events


I didn't spend any money and I still beat them all.


Sooo, is f2p out of question?


Yaaa f2p units are not gunna work. I did manage to beat it with 3/5 metagross, Roxane 5 star, and and brendan using a strategy someone posted above.




I was able to beat lower kyogre stage with Milotic, seviper, and EX metagross, but holy crap was it close and came down to trap and poison. This will be brutal. I'm going to bed; I'll try for more when I wake.


I beat Part 1 with Wallace - Flannery - EX May (burn-trap + rain and Muddy Water) for Maxie and Roxanne - Wallace - Brendan for Archie but damn was it hard, the second battle came down to only Milotic tanking and waiting for the side mons to die via trap


This event is like... Prestige Event level bad tbh. The fact that no one from Hoenn can survive two hits is ridiculous. Like, it's not even fun. If you have 3/5 Maxie and Archie, it's a breeze and you´re done with in a minute. If you don't, it's hard as f\*ck and you hate it. Who even enjoys this?


>Who even enjoys this? DeNA


This event was disgusting. I barely and just BARELY cleared the Archie battles with a 3/5 EX Archie myself. I can't even begin to imagine how nasty and unfair this was for people without the team leaders and especially without a functional assortment of Hoenn units that they've highly invested into. F2p people who didn't have enough for the leaders or newer players who just haven't accumulated enough resources/sync pairs basically just insta lose 1200 f2p gems. I have to say I'm not a fan of f2p gems being basically whale/pay gated. Defeats the whole purpose of saving gems


Beat Maxie 2 with Phoebe, Glacia, May. Working on Archie 2.


Beat Archie 2 with Glacia, Brendan, May


Finally managed to beat Maxie UH with 1/5 Archie, 4\* Winona, and 4\* Roxanne. All are Level 130 with relevant passive skills at. Lv 4. Archie has CS2 and 1/5 grid, Winona and Roxanne have Vigilance. Lv.2 Water Bandana, Lv1. Team Aqua pin. Feel free to go to Lv 135 and/or max upgraded bandana/pins if you have the resources. First few turns use all trainer skills to raise defense, speed, and Sp.Attack, Winona to keep weather rain and Air Slash, Archie to spam Origin Pulse and sync move until Groudon dead while get some healing from his trainer skill. Then kill left Charizard with thunder (the right one should be using Sunny Day and you should already have Rain Dance lined after), then kill the right one. Good luck!


Finally managed to clear all of them once for the gems! It was frustratingly hard, since I don't have Maxie or Archie and my May is only 1/5, but thanks to the RNGods I managed. For Archie, I used Phoebe, Skyla and Brendan. My Brendan is 4/5 and EX, so that made Archie easier than Maxie for me. Used Skyla to raise his Speed and her Potions to heal Phoebe when she took too much damage at the beginning. Kyogre wasn't that hard, ofc, the problem was those damn Empoleons. Luckily, they mostly used Liquidation on Phoebe, so I could keep hitting with Leaf Blade until Brendan sync (fourth sync, first two from Skyla for EX bonus then sync with Brendan) to kill them. Maxie was ridiculously hard. I tried a loot of teams. Steven EX, Wallace, Roxanne. I even tried Zinnia for the Weather bonus from her grid; all useless. Finally managed to win with SS Blue EX, Winona and 1/5 May. The trick is basically to never let the weather stop being rainy, and to sync first with Blue. Not only for his double buff, but also for the endure; lets him and Winona live a bit longer. First used all of Winona rain dances, then used May´s. When not casting Rain, have Winona keep using Air Slash to try and flinch. May can hit hard, but you need good luck bc her Muddy Water accuracy is trash and those damn Charizard have evasiveness up. Took a bunch of tries before finally getting one win. F\*ck this fights tho.


For those who need it: there is a semi-reliable way of beating Maxie without Archie, using Drake(5/5), May (1/5) and SS Elesa (3/5, Ex) (<-- the one high investment): * Get +4 SpD before Charizard uses Heat Wave * When sun is set, use Rain Dance last in queue to maximize its duration * Get May +6 SpA and at least +1 Crit before first sync. * Sync with SS Elesa * Use breathtaking on May (MPR doesn't seem necessary but doesn't hurt - use it on May again for accuracy) * After all buffs, try paralyzing the charizard with dragonbreath (it's never useful, but you never know) * Spam Muddy Waters and thundershocks (Drake probably died, probably due to burns too) Its "semi-reliable" because a) Groudon has to die before sync, b) drake can't get may can't get critted (assuming rotom has vigilance), c) you have to quick-queue a move after EVERY sync, d) heat wave can't burn Swampert or Rotom But this RNG feels way better than praying Muddy Waters goes through, which it usually does after one breathtaking, and always after two.


If none of my Hoenn units have sync grid investment and most of them with the exception of Wallace (110) are below level 100, should I even bother with the event? Not planning to pull for Archie or Maxie, sadly


This game is rigged... First time I was about to finish off Maxie's easier level, my Milotic decided to miss Brine 3 times in a row, allowing a last standing and almost beaten Charizard to Heat Wave me to smithereens... Almost threw my phone to the wall.


lol, I have 3/5 Wallace, 2/5 Archie, 1/5 May and I still can't win the Maxie ultra-hard battle. Cue to the git gud comments.


You need more support. Each one of those functions as a main attacker in this event.


I have Archie 1/5 and I can't even beat it I feel so noob XDDD (don't have Phoebe sadly since I see a lot of players using her this event. Neither Brandon or May)


Try pairing Archie with Drake or Roxanne for defensive boosts. Wallace works well too to tank hits and heal himself.


Maxie and Archie feels like a literal key to beat the stage, I hard so hard beating Maxie cause I don't have Kyogre and literally one tried both Archies cause I have Maxie, difficulty of these stages can be toned down a little bit.


I thought Summer Steven might be able to show out here against Maxie, but he got demolished lol. Same thing happened with Zinnia/Rayquaza I cleared Archie without much struggle thanks to Brendan, Easter May, and Liza. Maxie on the other hand is kicking my ass. My best bet is my Wallace who I’ll probably have to EX if I wanna clear this.


Any tips on Groudon stage VH ? I have Ex 3/5 steven 5/5 Zinnia 5/5 Brendan 5/5 Glacia 2/5 Phoebe 1/5 May 1/5 Wally


I have Kyogre (1/5) and still can’t beat phase 2. Please I need help lol. I’ve tried Lunaton, Pelipper, Milotic(1/5), and Probopass as supports and I just can’t do it. I even raised Lunaton and Pelipper to 5 star. Edit: I finally did it with Probopass, Pelipper and Kyogre.


So are we not getting the last team magma pin? or am i missing something?


Not until the challenge comes back and only if people beat Groudon more than Kyogre next time.


Is it possible to beat some of the battles with my roster or should I just ignore this event altogether? https://imgur.com/a/5Yx6WQT


I managed to beat both Archie stages decently with EX Brendan, Roxanne and Drake. You'll probably struggle with Maxie though - but your Wallace MIGHT be able to cheese out a win.


I don't have Maxie or Archie and managed to beat Archie part 2 with EX Brendan, Drake and Skyla. I tried gridless Brendan and was still able to do it, as long as Skyla can continue healing Drake.


I managed to eke out a win on Maxie Stage 1 with Brendan EX, Flannery 4* and Skyla 5* No EX. It took some good Potion RNG to keep everyone topped up. Flannery was the main target and Brendan was the DPS, always syncing when possible. Flannery also spammed Ember to get gauge as well as burning Groudon.


Ok so I pulled Maxie (1/5, but I Ex’d him) and therefore Archie was easy, but holy hell was Maxie hard to beat without Kyogre. I ended up using Wallace tank (3/5 non Ex) Easter Burgh (2/5 Ex) to buff and heal, and May (2/5 Ex) to do damage / keep rain up. The key in this battle was to make sure you keep rain up whenever your opponent has Sunny Day...and to make sure to use Wallace to Sync when he needs HP and May to sync for a giant nuke when he doesn’t. My first two syncs were May and I killed Groudon before he synced luckily on my successful run. That being said it was still sketchy as fuck and I got really lucky. Not looking forward to having to clear it again 2 more times. I would guess Winona would work as an additional Rain Dancer in addition to May. But yeah, it was brutal man.


The difficulty of the event is one thing, but even worse is that even if you DID pull for one of Maxie/Archie, the corresponding gear is locked behind the stage that's still going to be stupidly difficult for you. Really frustrating, I really wanted that maxed out Team Magma gear but I'm not planning on pulling for Archie.


Wew. Took me hours, but I managed to grab the win for Maxie 2 with 4* Winona to set Rain, 2/5 EX Wallace to tank and deal damage, and SS Elesa to accelerate Syncs so Wallace can kill Groudon before he syncs. Archie wasn't too bad with 5/5 EX Brendan, 4/5 Phoebe for tanking and 2/5 Lisia for sub-tanking and fishing for flinches.


I need help to beat the challenge Fight the Land Incarnate! Part 2, because I am struggling. Here are the sync pairs that I have: [https://i.imgur.com/CCRr4K7.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/CCRr4K7.jpg) [https://i.imgur.com/zV7emDY.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/zV7emDY.jpg) [https://i.imgur.com/bbwYDVW.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/bbwYDVW.jpg) [https://i.imgur.com/EltACsg.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/EltACsg.jpg) Additional sync pairs not included in images: Cyrus & Palkia, Ghetsis & Kyurem, Mallow & Tsarenna, Maxie & Groudon Please give me advice on how to beat the challenge.


I can’t get past the charizards on ultra hard. I’m using 3/5 May ex, Roxanne 5/5, and phoebe 2/5. I can kill groudon but then those heat waves that never miss just finish me off.


Can anyone even clear Groudon without Archie or May? Best I did so far was Milotic + Peliper + Nosepass, and the Chars were left alive... At minimum difficulty...


Wait could someone clarify for me: In the news for the event, it says we can win 4 Aqua Pins and 4 Magma Pins. Currently, if you do part 1 and part 2 for fighting maxie and archie respectively, you only get two 2\* Magma and Aqua pins respectively. Where are the other two? (Not even gonna mention where the last magma pin would be to fully upgrade it)


Check the missions tab


Ahh thank you!


I just barely beat Maxie part 1 with EX Wallace 2/5, Liza, and Phoebe, what is this... Poor Liza even got crit on the first turn so she couldn't raise Sp Def twice. Can't imagine how horrible part 2 would be. Agile Entry on the Charizards trolled the heck out of me in previous failed attempts! Edit: Archie was a cakewalk because I had Groudon and 5/5 Brendan. Wow, dramatic difference.


Well I beat the Archie fights but it took me bringing my Liza to 5* to survive very long lol. I used Liza, Ex Skyla, and Ex Brendan with a sync nuker grid. Skyla was kinda needed here, I tried it with Roxanne but I needed the healing too much and she still gives me the speed buffs for Brendan. Still yet to beat any Maxie fights, it’s gonna be rough as I don’t have May or Archie and my Wallace is 1/5.


Can anyone help me against Archie? I was able to do the Maxie fights but I am stuck on Archie. Here are my [sync pairs.](https://imgur.com/a/wjOEMgW) I have 1/5 Phoebe, 2/5 May, 2/5 Wally, 2/5 Glacia and 3/5 Wallace. None of them are Ex'ed.


Has anyone done Maxie Part 2 with non-EX Wallace? I used 1/5 May, Sabrina, and 4/5 Wallace to do part one, but not sure if that’s enough for part 2


Jesus, I have brendan and even boosted he ain't dealing any meaningful damage. Only 1/5 but still, this is a bit much. I have nothing to throw at Maxie.


I decided to try this event the good old reliable Cheese team but Jesus Christ thats insane. Red was doing barely any damage, and they beat me in like a minute. I guess I’ll try with my Hoenn units then


I was able to beat Kyogre with Sceptile(ex)/Probopass/Delphox and beat Groudon with Swampert/Salamence/Alakazam(necessary for healing and boosting accuracy). The Groudon team is really close and needs a lot of RNG...


Well, I knew this was coming. Dena showing their laziness yet again. I tried warning people that theme skills were just a way to lazily get more money, but shills gonna shill.


Not my team idea, I saw it from Poce, but just to make sure I just want to share my experience and hopefully help people out who couldn't get Archie or Maxie. The numbers next to names is the tactics order I used. So for the fight against Maxie, I used Winona2/May3/Roxanne1 My Winona is only 3\*, Probopass is 4\*. May is 3/5 EX. First off, if you have the power up tickets, May is a really good EX so I recommend you use them if you think it will help you win, she is such a solid unit. So start with her trainer move and hope for MPR. You need MPR refresh to get crit to +3 which is needed to hit Groudon for \~13k. After May's trainer move use rain dance to put out rain asap, then use study buddies on Roxanne. Then May's trainer move again, and Winona's trainer move. Then use X defense all on Roxanne to help tank the fire punches that will be coming. Then if MPR happened use May's move a third time, Winona's trainer move. Then just use study buddies to max Swampert's attack. Sync with Swampert and use rain dance with Pelipper to get rid of the sun that Charizard is about to put out. Then you just need to spam Muddy Water with Swampert until you win. Use Pelipper's air cutter to try and flinch them as you go and use rain dance if rain runs out to make your gauge stay fast and weaken the Charizards' attacks. ​ For Kyogre I used Brendan3/May2/Roxanne1 and again here May is the only EX. My Brendan is 5/5 as well though. I have inertia, ramming speed, and speed up on crit nodes. I just buff himself while also buffing Swampert until they both have 3+ crits. Use Probopass to buff Swampert's special attack to max and X defense to help tank earthquakes. If your probopass can survive the thunder from Kyogre, make sure to have wide guard queued to block Earthquake. Use Leaf Storm on Kyogre and Earth Power on the Empoleons. Sync with Swampert to make Mega Swampert and continue beating down the empleons with earth power. When probopass dies, swampert can tank for a bit since he heals in rain and is spamming earth power. If you get sync again, use it with Brendan to hit really hard. You may kill Kyogre with the leaf blades so you can use it on Empoleon instead, but if you're not 5/5 you may need the sync to kill Kyogre. Your Sceptile and Swampert will need to tank one Sync from Kyogre to win.


Any advice on how to beat Archie part 2 without an EX support and with a 1/5 Brendan who doesn't have dauntless? (I got him 2 days ago and don't have any cookies left... I'm hoping to get it when the battle villa re-opens...). If Kyogre sync, I'm dead. And without an EX support and without dauntless, I can't spam leaf storm and that's basically hopeless. ​ I have 1/5 EX Steven, 1/5 May, 2/5 Phoebe, 1/5 Brendan... I don't have Wallace nor Maxie/Archie


Hard af even with the weather duo, but doable


Archie was easy only by virtue of Groudon. I suppose that makes my argument invalid if we are to assume no one has these new pairs. So allow me to enlighten on what I used for Maxie: - Liza 5* 5/5 - Sabrina 5* 3/5 - May 5* 2/5 Liza was actually promoted just before the fight, she's imho one of the most underrated trainers in the game. She covered all bases for defense and offense and has a 1 bar move for sync counting. Sabrina helps May reach full and keeps the team healthy with Six Sense. Reflect helps against Groudon. May should use Rain Dance last and Sync as soon as your countdown reaches 0. Don't anyone else until you lock the button. At this point, her sync move will cancel Solarbeam. Wait and use Rain Dance as soon as you see sunny day, don't try to squeeze an extra move after the sync. Then pretty much finish the game from there.