Will you pull for them or save for anni ?

Will you pull for them or save for anni ?


I'm never pulling on a master fair again unless I have the 36.6k needed (which I do not). Having to resort to pity pull on Leon has haunted me


Same here. That rate is just horrible.


Was that the first time you had to reach pity?


I've been playing since day 1 and never had enough gems to pity pull


Same, man. Being f2p is a tough life.


Because you pull on every banner obviously day1 player too i never pulled without 36,6k


sure was. I had been pretty lucky before then but now I see the wisdom in saving


Haven't pulled on a master fair, won't pull on a master fair. They only cover pairs we already have but make them slightly more op. I have May, Red, and Cynthia, I don't *need* any of these.


Sadly I do not have Cynthia Least I have enough gems to pity pull


I’m in the opposite boat. I took a rather extended break from Masters in early-to-mid- 2020, so I don’t have Red or Cynthia. I pulled for Leon instantly when his banner came around, because I was missing a good Fire and Ground type attacker. Now, here I am again, pulling on another Master Fair- because I want a sun setter who doesn’t have to rely on his sync move to summon it.


Probably would only did a few multi for the 12% 5 star rate then go back to saving for anniversary, wouldn't actually aim for Groudon and Kyogre even they are really good ( Sorry but that 1% rate is too risky)


Archie is guaranteed with my 36.6k gems. If I get him early, I might considering going for Maxie.


Same plan. Plus the bonuses and the 12% 5* rate are too good to pass. I was planning on saving up to 2 pities, one for S-Steven rerun and one for anni but with Kyurem I have really no need for S-Steven anymore, and that is just a regular banner. Hence I’ll spend my 40k gems on Maxie and then go in savings mode until anni. I feel like Maxie is the first really NEEDED unit in a while, since the ground pool of units is ridiculous.


Definitely saving for the anniversary. Not even a question for me.


What's the ammount of gems needed for anni ? 30k ?


36,6K free gems for a guaranteed pity pull. But they will be giving a lot by the time too. For 1.5 anniversary they were giving almost 30K.


Its likely that we will see multiple new anniversary sync pairs show up similar to what happened with Blue/Leaf. Saving 73,200 gems is probably the best thing to do, if one can manage it.


this upcoming month they're giving 22k total






Save as much as you can


Are you planning on only using gems to getting them 3/5? Cause from my understanding, that’s no longer the best way, specially since we are about to get a candy for every 5* type unit.


No, I just don't want to spend my gems/money on getting units I don't want. 400 scout points to be guaranteed a unit I'm not very interested in isn't worth it to me.


only for daddy oras archie


Idk I already have Cynthia and may who I'm pretty sure are the best strikers of their respective type, but I also don't have a master fair pair yet


Archie synergizes with May decently well, actually. Pairing the two boosts Archie’s master passive skill, and Archie can only summon rain twice per battle (once when entering, and a second time after using a sync move for the first time via grid skill), so pairing May with Archie will allow both sync pairs to benefit from rain for a longer period of time.


I never really have long drawn out battles though maybe Archie would be good in battle villa with may tho


May is not a striker


Still better than most strikers


It's probably really beneficial to save for Anniversary (if you're not interested in the current units that is) We're getting a lot of gems. Plus a lot more candies & candy coins than before. So even if the Anniversary pulls go wrong, you can still unlock the full potential. Plus one thing I know for sure is that there are going to be a LOT of powerful banners during that time (considering all the 3 Anni's have had meta-changing units), so I'm planning to save every gem and candy I have for the next 3 months.


You forgot to mention that the pull rates will be at 0.5%


I will have 42k gems when we get the rewards for the community event. I should be able to pull for Archie and then have enough for scout points by the time the 2nd anniversary comes around.


What's the necessary ammount of gems for scout points?


36.6k gems


I'm pulling for both, but focusing in Maxie first. Hopefully 40k gems will be enough for both.


Sorry archie. Maybe i’ll see you on your next rerun. Goodbye creepy smiling whale 😢


The "gifts" are tempting (especially if they will be like last time) .. but thinking about it.. I stocked up 94 5* tix.. do I really need more? ok but it also gives candy coins.. but the new bp thingy gives a bit of those too..


I am going to pull just for the gifts and pray I get at least Archie 1/5.


I mean.. idk.. if it's just "because it's him" I could get it (but I wouldn't be in for it) but.. most recent units are trash at 1-2/5 compared to 3/5 so..


Archie and Maxie are actually pretty good at 1/5. They don’t need dupes to shine


haven't seen yet what they have to offer unfortunately.. may I ask you where can I see it? 🙂


Check Absol-Utely Twitter or the datamine thread in this subreddit


k thanks 🙂


Try to pull for both


Gonna use the extra/leftovers Gems from PityPull for 2ani on Kyogre; That rain setting on the spot will make him another 'SureWin' 1500 CS and help alot on the Timed Battle mission.


archie is hottest man in pokemon so i must


I have enough for one pity pull but i’d rather save.


As a relatively new player (started last month), the 12% rate will be great for improving my roster. I am lacking in strikers for Ground, Dark, Flying and Fighting, so I'll be going for the Maxie banner (hoping to get Bea and Blue too). Dark striker would be covered by BP Karen. I would pull until I get one copy of Maxie, then save the rest for second anniversary.


Same ... will go down to 20 k / maybe 14 k and then save for anni


I'll scout for Archie as soon as he's available. I love Team Aqua and Archie himself, plus Kyogre is my favourite legendary Pokemon along with Lunala. Team Magma is cool and all, but I never played Ruby so I don't feel the same attachment as I do with Aqua therefore I'm skipping Maxie. I did play Emerald, but my first introduction to Hoenn was through Sapphire so Aqua has always been *the team* to me.


I currently have 70k gems so I think that I'm able to pull for them


I'm dumping all my gems. If I don't get them, then too bad.


They have the bait value rewards for pulling tho and that 12%. Friendship with regular fair banners has ended, m-fair has entered chat.


Won't pull on these master fairs. Will NEVER pull on any master fairs. Not with those ridiculous rates.


What kind of banner will you pull ?


I only used to pull on pokefair scouts, but even that is starting to have terrible rates as well. Last banner I pulled was N's. For now, I'll save up my gems for the anniversary unless a Snorlax or Greninja banner shows up.


I’m really conflicted right now. I would have to save gems for SS Blue since it’s the only one I don’t have and I’m only at 25k rn, though I love both kyogre and groudon, they were my first legendaries so I’m super attached to them and I also kinda need a pure Earth striker since I do have Leon and Cynthya but I don’t like either of them. Also I really hope the new anniversary unit is gonna be something like Red or someone I really don’t care about so atleast I can avoid to worry about that too.


Yeah no. The new ground meta is obviously here, but I don't care about either trainer or mon, and type-maching isn't even a thing anymore for veterans. So whatever. Saving up, if these guys are OP, anniversary units will be even more OP, not gonna miss that one just to end up on a combined 0.5% master banner later lol.


I have garchomp and EX Grimsley and 3/5 May who I might EX as well. I don’t think I need them. Honestly so far the spotlight scouts have impressed me a lot but since they go into the regular pool I’ll just wait for them too.


Ex May go brrrrrrrrr


In the same position, except EX May instead of SS Grimsley. Don’t think we need another water or ground striker to complete content If anything, Hala and Masked Royal are the more interesting units to me and serve more of a niche (physical ice striker, dark tech with de buffs and AOE speed, as well as sync nuke) that is lacking in the meta currently


Yeah, I might pass on Hala for Summer Steven but Masked Royal would be great. I never got Holiday Hilbert and Karen and Houndoom have felt kinda weak lately. He goes into the general pool so I might just wait and try my luck but he might be a great sync nuke


Not sure. They're real good, but they're upgrades over what I have, not filling holes in my roster like my total lack of a Fairy striker.


You don't have S Lyra, P Serena or Diantha?


No no and nope.


Definitely gonna pull for bara pirate daddy😍 my 5k gems might say otherwise:/


So i have 32.5k gems right now. With the rewards from community event i will be able to reach pity. However, i'm still debating if i should save double or triple pity for anniversary


Gonna save. I'd like the Kantrio (or, well. SS Leaf and Blue, don't care for Red at all), whatever they're doing at the 2nd Anniversary and also I want to try and pull for Furbert at Halloween.


Damn it, I would've had 36.6k gems if I didn't waste 18k on the super fair. But no, the chance of getting lance who I didn't even really need, or sync level 2 on Cynthia or Steven was apparently enough that I kept going until I got a 5\*, which shouldn't have been long at 10% rate, but somehow took 15k gems (the last 3k was a frustration pull, and I didn't get anyone from that either)


Anni will definitely have at least 2 new master pairs and their rates are trash, saving all of my gems and candies for that moment


Saving gems for Leon until he returns again. Since I already have Garchomp Ex and it works perfectly for me


Is leon that good ?


I'll be trying to grab a Maxie. I still have x2 5* Striker candies, and this seems like a worthy cause, given how terrible the last Master Fair rate was.


Both archie and maxie are pretty great candidates for keeping at 1/5 if that helps? In fact all master pairs so far have been very strong out of the box at 1/5 and only add some nice but unnecessary additions at 3/5. Kinda like putting sugar on a sundae unless you reallt just want them at 3/5. Might be better to save for a pair that goes from bad or good at 1/5 to amazing at 3/5 (c.iris is a good example of a pair who really gets a very big boost at 3/5 worthy of candies.


That's good to know. 5* candies -are- hard to come by, so I'll take your advice into consideration before I use them. Thanks!


Foe sure! Always go with what makes you happy but advice wise id say both archie and maxie are units that really dont need more than 1/5 (which is awesome) but theres tons of other units and more to come that could really benefit from them instead!


I'll try to get Archie but will mostly make use of the 12% 5\* pull rate. I am missing a ton of units (No May, No Brendan, No Elio, No Bea, No Piers, etc.)


Archie is monstrously strong. I cannot say it enough how powerful he is. Yes if you have may, you might not “need him” bur for veteran players, who do you “need”? The game would need to change alot for us to feel like we truly need a character tbh. Hell even when leon and diantha came out people were like “i have red, dont need them”. I have 70k after the update so ill pull 1/5 archie. If i get him early great, if not, its a worthwhile pull. Dont forget if you save we will have made a ton of gems for august.


Nah save for Gen 4 rep


My only two Ground types are Hapu and Clay, and the Cynthia pull rate with the banner is trash. I'll take my chances with Maxie


Groudon sadly, much needed ground unit, its pretty much a joke for me as a MASTER UNIT. It's still very strong dont get me wrong...But 1% pull rate. Takes one turn longer to max out his damge potential (2 dire hits + 2 expand the land) instead of kyogre (2 x sp atk + 1 open the oceans). Loses the 30% damage boost (solar surge 3) when the sun runs out. There are NO SUN SETTER from HOENN (silver, blaine, lyra) wich means that you cant get the max out of his master passive + solar surge Kyogre seems really good, especially with swampert, but let's be honest here, if you have swampert it's already by itself more than enough. \+ In general, there is a lack of really good supports from the hoenn region Groudon gets destroyed by Sp atk moves Kyogre gets destroyed by physical atk moves these units dont really seem worth the struggle (SCREW YOU 1% pull rate) In the end i feel like i am going to skip these,i feel like anni units are going to be way better than these, most likely also with the gigantimax feature. That's my take on it, but hey if you are going to pull for them,i wish you the best of luck to you all!


I'll probably wait and hope when they come back they end up in the same banner


If they do that, they probably will have the the champions banner rate, 0.5% each.


Let’s see the rate first


It’s a master fair so pretty sure we already know the rate... 12% 5 star rate but 1% for the feature.


It's most likely the same as Leon's rates. So 1% for the featured character, assuming Archie and Maxie are on different Master Fair banners


Both are on different Masterfair Maxie comes first Along with Story event Archie come one next day


I'm waiting for the july leaks see if there will be an interresting seasonal pair. Maybe I will pull for the bonus of the master fair, but I'm not interest in the pairs. I think I will skip.


I think I'll just do the daily pull since I spend a bit of money in the game, since we have two banners during one month it's likely that I get one of them. Mayyybe I'll do a few multi on the last day


Nope. Saving for Kanto trio


Not sure I might I mean if they bring back the kanto trio all I need is blue so maybye


when is anni ?


august i think


I have my gripes with both. Kyogres kit looks to be the best and the special attack boost synergies well with its moves and other units who like the rain. But it’s stats are lacklustre and it feels like Dena had to make them lower to compensate for its other strengths. Groudon has good stats but lower synergy with the physical bonus not affecting solar beam and other fire units who tend to use special attacks. He is valuable since ground units and strong sun setters are rare though. I just think with these short comings, it may not be worth pulling them since they are a master unit. I think with master units they need to be flawless. Still go for them if you like them or have the gems. I just think this is a massive bait for the upcoming anniversary unit.


Pull. I don't have the self-control to save gems.


Groudon is my fave mon so for me its an easy choice. I personally hate maxie as a character but i love groudon. Gonna try and do the trio team


Probably gonna pull for Maxie, just because I'm going to be desperate for any sort of real Grass damage until the inevitable heat death of the universe when I finally manage to pull Brendan.


Reading the comments here have reminded me how lucky I was to somehow get a 3/5 Leon without pity- thanks daily discounts. This also means that it’s probably really unlikely that Maxie will come home. Which is a shame, because I need a good sun setter, and a good ground striker. Although, funnily enough, Leon still functions fine as a ground striker.


Just a little for the sexy pirate Yup. This month is reserved for bodybuilders huh?


I'd scope it out for if there's the Ho-oh treatment first.


I don’t have Cynthia or Leon and I have 59k gems. I’ll be gunning for Maxie.


Will only toss a multi or 2 on Archie (he's the one I beat up the most after all) for the rewards and the increased rate since I've been mostly saving after Leon's banner ended. Currently at 40k and I'm saving for both a new summer seasonal, anni and (if things go VERY well), Furbert's rerun.


If the waifus can't get me to spend no one will stop me from saving for the anniversary