What is your favourite moment from the show?

What is your favourite moment from the show?


[The “I want him to teach me how to dance” preview](https://metro.co.uk/video/love-island-teaser-shows-maura-make-play-curtis-1959406/?ito=vjs-link)


the creepy zoom into Curtis!!!! no preview will ever have that impact


Ahahahahahaha amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣


So good! I remember the whole time between the preview and the episode trying to reassure myself that Maura was talking about someone other than Curtis


I agree - the 'all mouth' situation had everything: * Tom says 'it will be interesting to see if she's all mouth' * The boys waiting in anticipation to see if Maura heard * Cringing when Tom repeats the comment the comment to Maura * The boys absolute delight when Tom walks back dejected * Anticipation of Tom going back to speak to Maura with his tail between his legs * Maura absolutely destroying him. "what did you expect me to do, suck ya off?' Amazing. If anyone has been living under a rock and hasn't seen it... [Tom makes the 'dickhead' comment](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZOHSNz9840) [Tom tries to talk to Maura](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYGzAi8LUnw)


Yeah this makes me laugh hysterically every time


When Greg asked Curtis "what was your thought process behind that"


That whole scene is 🔥. Someone telling Amber to give them space and her saying no she’s my best friend and then promptly stomping over to them. Maura screaming “you just said it!” with her eyes nearly bulging out of her head when Jordan lied about not making a move on India. Amber talking shit to Jordan while Anna argues with him. Ovie grabbing India and pulling her away from the scene. Maura saying “what, what now???” and throwing her wine glass when Curtis told her of Jordan’s plans. Maura pulling Anna for a chat to tell her, making her walk to the opposite side of the garden and then with no intro or smooth talking says one sentence: “Jordan’s cracking on with Indie.” Tommy ditching the boys and telling Anna he’s on her side. Curtis backtracking and tell Jordan he he gave Jordan “shit advice.” I could go on. That whole moment is *chef’s kiss* reality tv.


do you know what episode this is ?


This is an all time.


This is the answer. I think about this all the time


And then when Curtis tried to justify it 😭😭😭


This was my number two. 👌


What’s your number 1?


It’s a really little one but in series 3 the boys get a text they’re going to the beach and they all run and jump on Chris and they’re all excited but Chris doesn’t know what they’re actually doing then he just freezes and says “WERE GOING BEACH?!” It’s just so wholesome and sweet


Chris has so many wholesome moments. Bless him. He sure is a polar bear 🐻‍❄️


“If Tyla really liked him she should go as well.”


Hahha my fiancé DIED at this. He usually in the background not paying attention, and I love when I catch him proper enjoying it.


My partner will be like "oh I don't like love island" and then I'll be watching with him on his phone next to me and he'll pipe up "oh how could he say that to her after saying they're exclusive?!" Once I was watching it and he was tipsy and not even trying to hide how invested he was, fully arguing with the tv haha


Same!!! He was like “the man makes a solid point!!”


The best. Hahahah




When Curtis gave Arabella a 10 instead of Amy


Great connection. Its a 10 🤩


Oh man who is that says "I don't think that is who you think it is" lmfao


Anton 🤣


No one brings this one up but it was GOLD! Ugh. Season 5 had so many good moments.


From Ian narrating season 4: ‘Alex is having lady troubles so he’s gone to advice from-‘ Cut to him talking to Adam ‘Oh god no’


I liked the talent show season 2. The girls brought it!


Shit this is an underrated comment! They proper smashed it and the tribute to Zara was lovely


When Tom and Maura were on a date and he described his type as athletic and Maura replies: *atlethic?* *What's atlethic?*


Johnny, Theo & Tyla triangle. Tyla “Johnny, is nice and all but I just want someone with some energy and excitement” Camera cuts to Johnny who is eating nuts and just looking a bit bored. Camera cuts to the pool area. Islanders are clapping and shouting “Theo, Theo” as he limbers up to jump the entire length of the pool. Theo jumps the pool the house erupts with applause! Tyla looks amazed. Johnny looks less than impressed. Seriously underrated triangle in Love Island.


Ngl I was so impressed at that jump I still randomly think about it every now and then.


I’m trying to find it on YouTube. No joy though. Found it. Courtesy of Britain’s finest the Daily Star https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tv/love-island-jonny-sulking-face-16971919


thank you for this


This is amazing thank you!!! Always wanted to rewatch it


OMG when they zoom in on Johnny's pissed off face, I had to take several moments to compose myself. That was my phone background for so long his absolute look of hatred was so funny.


“If someone likes you they want to have a cuddle in bed with you in the morning” “Yes but I also want to be the person that gets up and makes everyone a coffee so that they’re ready for the morning” Me and my sister quote this all the time lmao. Fucking Curtis


Oh god i forgot this moment since the whole season was packed with good content. That shouldve been a huge sign that they werent going to last.


The dirty dancing in S5. They all went for it and so every single one of them was iconic in some way - I didn't get the secondhand embarrassment I normally get watching them dance in other seasons.


100% what you said. "AVE FOOKED IT."


Chris S3 “Do you want me to rap a bit to lift the mood?”


Casa Amor recoupling from season 5!! From Curtis basically telling everyone that he doesn’t like Amy anymore, to Amy coming back thinking he still felt the same while Maura and Lucie’s faces are like 😳😥. Then we have a sweet moment where Mollie Mae comes back and sees Tommy standing alone which makes everyone cry (and Lucie as well, but it looks more like tears of pain). Followed by Anna, who comes back with KING OVIE, and she was all “This my man and imma stick beside him!” Until she sees Jordan alone and acts shy/self-conscious. Oh man, then we have AMBER coming back which was so suspenseful!!! Michael basically talking out of his ass about this so-called connection with Joanna, insulting Amber in the process while all the villa women are on the edge of their seat (Anna looking like 🤬😡, Molly Mae looking like😳, Amy looking like 😬 and Maura looking like😒) while survivor by 2NE1 is playing in the background. And it ends with Amber walking back to the villa, alone, looking crushed by trying to hide it with a smile. Mannnn the tension must have been THICK. And then the aftermath?! Oh man. That scene alone should’ve won an award!!!


The comment about Lucie’s tears of pain has me cracking.


The tension was thick and so was Amber 🤤 *im sorry


You’re spitting facts hahaha


When India said she saw Jordan as a mate and he mutters “...mate?” & then the iconic MR FUCKING BOYFRIEND that followed


The tiny head tip he does before he says ".....mate?" You can see his soul leave this earthly plane.


the dramatic music playing as anna storms toward them absolutely GETS me




Hahahaha yes also that fake trip he does when he first pulls India for a chat was weak


Siannese and Luke T’s dance in s6 Maura doing literally anything Also Ovie doing literally anything Georgia and Sam being forced to split up was a fucking hilarious train wreck


This might have already been mentioned but the part in season 1 where Hannah mentions there was a language barrier between the girls and the naked butlers and then it immediately cuts to a shot of her drunkenly speaking complete gibberish. I will never not die of laughter during that part.


So many people on this sub either haven’t seen season 1 or must have filed it away as a fever dream. There was so much toxic chaotic energy in this season that made for some insane but iconic reality tv moments.


I watched the seasons backwards and hesitated to start season 1 but I just finished it and I thought it was extremely entertaining.


yeah season 1 would be completely cancelled if it came out today


I was so surprised by the nudity! 😂


[This](https://youtu.be/tmffRfEiS24) is one of them. The friendship between the season 4 boys felt the most genuine out of all seasons and the most enjoyable to watch.


And in contrast to that, the girls were on a day out arguing over what the word loyal meant 🤣


I forgot about this 😂cracked up when I saw it though


S4, when Adam and Charlie distracted Eyal so Alex could go chat up Megan. They called him over but then one of them turned to the other and asked 'what the fuck do we say to him?'


Everytime Ovie screaming “MESSAGE!”


Olivia telling Chris not to rap.


I really liked the Casa Amor Season 5 Reuniting episode. The moment where Tommy and Molly see each other again is so sweet and I love all of the girls' looks when Michael is making his speech and Amber is walking back in


The awkwardness when Amy is gushing over Curtis when he's just admitted he was tempted to recouple 😬


And I love how you see her sense that something is wrong


Curtis with the “We need to talk. It’s nothing bad😅” ooooof.


"I missed you so much!" "Yeah good seeing you again"




just brutal


When Jordan does his sexy strip tease for the ladies and he says to Anna "what's your favorite novel? Moby Dick." It then cuts to Anna in the confessional booth and she says "Toby Dick? What the fuck is that?"


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Good bot.


All my favorite moments have been said But another amazing one was Cassie picking grant and taking him from tayla


Omg I have so many, but for sure when Ovie pulls India before the eruption occurred, like if a man did that for me…whew…I’d be w*t for sure


Maura overhearing the “all mouth” comment 😂😂😂


Top 7 rated comments are about season 5...just curious what people think, why is season 5 talked about so predominantly on this sub? Not that I disliked season 5, just seems weird


I kind of wonder if it’s because it was the last “big” series? The winter series was poor/didn’t garner a lot of interest or hype and the show has been off air for ages.


I think season 6 just didn’t bring as much drama or as many iconic moments. I couldn’t really keep watching it because I lost interest.


I think it was just a great balance. Diverse contestants. Bit of drama. Plenty of entertainment.


I didn't think it at the time but on reflection, it really was just a great season. Almost perfect in the watered-down, post Season 2 era.


Personally, I feel like it was the best season. Every single episode was packed with drama up until the very end; there was never a dull moment! Just iconic.


I’m doing a rewatch right now and it’s truly and by far the best season. Perfect blend of humor, drama, and love


[This](https://youtu.be/Pm7_jZRF7l4) is one of my faves! When Josh rips the baby’s arm off, it’s just the shock on his face 😂


When Maura walked into the villa like a god damn Victoria’s Secret model from the early 2000s


When the season 4 boys are going to cass amor and sneak out like they’re on a secret mission. It always makes me smile. Also Wes and his bits committee


Season 2 when Adam maxted made really awful comments about liana and she is screaming at him and he’s just sitting there eating crunch a munch 😂


God Adam was such a TOOL, he’s lucky the rest of the guys were so awful that they made him look not so bad.


Oh entirely. An absolute monstrosity but he did make for incredible tv


“I want him to teach me how to dance..” he was just.. standing there… menacingly..


when Kady and Olivia are locked in the hideaway losing the plot


At first when kady denied saying c*nt maliciously, I was like COME ON. But when she owns up to it, says she doesn’t think before she speaks and even owning up to being a brat. She was only 20, and I loved her genuine growth in this season.




I can hear this comment


Hahahaha every time I read that word I hear it in her voice. Can also see her laying on the floor as it happened lol


When Luke T and Luke M walked in. As the slow motion buddy/buddy edit played I sat there and thought - 'what a couple of pr\*\*ks. They then proceeded to prove me wrong and add a brilliant new energy to that season. I'm very judgmental of LI contestants in general, but I genuinely liked them and now think - 'Fancy a beer lads?'


After Camilla did bad on the lie detector test, her and Jamie have the sweet conversation where he tells her how worthy she is of him which was exactly what she needed to hear. It was real and beautiful and I cried.


stop i’m crying now reading this 😩that was a really wholesome moment


Season 4, meet the parents. When Alex’s mom is talking to Dr Alex and says, “well I don’t know what show you thought you were going on” 😂 Season 4 when Hayley thought Europe was a country 💀 Some of my favorites.




The pushchair race where Alex drops the baby Or When Demi falls over outside


Jordan telling India he fancied her and then the fallout afterwards


-any moment with Maura -S3 Chris talking about the babies needing to be protected from the sun and how they need sun hats and sun cream and he starts crying -S4 Brexit discussion. “Does that mean we won’t have any trees?” -likewise, S5 discussion where they talk about how they just realized Edinburg is in Scotland and the discussion ends with one of the girls confidently claiming that Barcelona is in Italy


When Finn comically slipped and fell in the challenge, then got up and immediate did so again. I rewatched it about 10 times and then when I moved forward Ian said something to the effect of “how many times did you just rewatch that?” I DIED


When Luke T asked Siannise to be his girlfriend. And not a favorite, just emotional moment was Amy's speech in ST. During both of those I bawled even though LI is supposed to be superficial reality tv.


1. Ovie subtly escorting India away from the drama. 2. Chris Taylor saying he’s never really fit in and the guys saying he fit in with them! 3. Greg “what was your thought process behind that” 4. MR. FUCKING. BOYFRIEND. 5. And finally the oh so iconic “congrats hun”


The Kady and Tina fall out was also gold


Hat in freezer. ETA: also the salmon dive.


“Sit back down!” “I’m sat.”


Your answer is the same as mine!!!!! The fall out from that was amazing to watch.


When Hannah season 1 says that she wasn’t interested in the strippers and that she loved Jon. « Unfortunately there was a bit of a language barrier » cuts to her drunken jibberish. I go back to this clip just to make me laugh when I’m feeling shitty.


Yes! Hahaha this is my absolute favorite moment of the whole series


Hahahaha thanks for reminding me of this I’m gonna watch now


When they needed to distract Eyal so Adam asked him about stars


I never fail to cry at Molly and Tommy reuniting after Casa Amor.


I’ve posted about this before but when chris asks if anyone would like him to rap to lighten the mood


Favorite moment is Hannah fighting with Jonathan and telling him “suck ma d*ck” in her adorable accent 😂


“Sit back down.” “I’m sat.”


ARE YOU THAT FUCKIN IDIOT!!! Anton thinking Anna is picking him I was coming back here t- The toastie argument When malin returned and 'can I have my fucking sunglasses back' If tyal really liked him then-


Congrats hun


When Demi in S6 falls