Did we ever figure out who this character is? Is it Luxu or MoM?

Did we ever figure out who this character is? Is it Luxu or MoM?


It can be Strelitzia ? Or the player ?


I think Strelitzia. They’re all union leaders, and she was intended to be one.


That's my head cannon


My head cannon is Strelitzia because s/he holding a (idk) flower similar to Lauriam, and turned her/his back to him


It is likely intended to be Strelitzia. It makes sense for her to be in a picture of all the union leaders, there was that hubbub about the JP art being made lighter after she showed up in a white coat (I think that might have been faked though), like you said they're mirroring Lauriam's pose and the flower she's holding represents the death of a young maiden. They're also shorter than Lauriam and look female, so that rules out Luxu and the MoM. Dark Road implies that the Player is canonically male as well, so it's probably not us either. I'm not sure what the timeline was for Darkness' introduction and the image being used, but unless something about Darkness' character was changed drastically since their introduction the face is a no-go. The only other major players I could think of who fit the requirements are Ava and Gula (if we assume it's not a girl and those breast looking things are just muscles which considering the KH2 org is a reasonable assumption). Ava and Gula make no sense, since they already have masks, no one would question Ava in particular standing with all the union leaders, and Gula hasn't done anything to earn a place on the title screen.


When in dark road did it imply the PC was a male? I do not recall this.


The opening, when Xehanort's having those visions. They show the default male character instead of your character.


Gotcha guess I should go back to it sometime!


There is currently no way to revisit story scenes in DR. They said a while ago they would add theater, but I guess that's happening in the offline.


What kind of flower is it?


A [bleeding heart](https://www.google.com/search?q=bleeding+heart+flower+white&client=ms-android-samsung-ss&ei=B4OOYM79FZO5tAb_0JzQDA&oq=bleeding+heart+flower+white&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAMyAggAMgIIADIGCAAQFhAeMgYIABAWEB4yBggAEBYQHjIGCAAQFhAeMgYIABAWEB4yCAgAEBYQChAeOgQIABBHOgIILjoECAAQQ1Ckc1i-gAFglYQBaABwAXgAgAF_iAHHBJIBAzQuMpgBAKABAcgBCMABAQ&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp#imgrc=5QZB4FgsVsSrDM).


Thank you!


It's our mom, no worries


I would think it’s the player, considering they were drawn with a face. The design seems to harken to a blank replica. The observer projects the face on to it.


KH1's secret movies had hooded characters with visible faces. KH2's cover had a hooded character with a face. KH Coded had a hooded figure with a face. KH2.8's cover had Luxu and the Master of Masters faces both visible. The point I'm trying to make is that a visible face doesn't necessarily mean it's Player.


Does player have a specific canon look? Would be weird to say "the only canon thing about you is the light skin and dark hair"


In Dark Road kind of, but this could easily be updated with our own avatar data. Well all replicas have light skin without a host and Xion came out with dark hair. Not saying player is a replica but, the image is just supposed to conjure a blank slate. They added extremely subtle features for you to project. If they wanted to conceal the identity entirely and have this person actually be someone else, we would not see any details under the hood at all. If they wanted people to extrapolate that it was another character from the narrative, they would have made those features more obvious, or not cloaked them all together. If it wasn’t the player, then the key art would have been altered by now to reflect this, seeing as this game has about less than a month left.


Could you imagine it though? What if this whole time, the player was a replica? I think that would be pretty cool.


Yeah I definitely could. Considering they exist as data now, theoretically if they were backed up they could be imported to a replica body later/


Don't we see the MoM holding one of those flowers in an early KHUX cutscene? Am I misremembering? I always just assumed it was him.


MoM held a dandelion while talking to Ira in the "Case of Ira" cutscene in X Back Cover.


General consensus is that it's meant to be Strelitzia. The flower (which I'm blanking on the name of atm) signifies her character, and the shorter, feminine build would match up as well. It'd also makes sense for her to be shown with this group since she was meant to be a Union leader.


Strelitzia, https://imgur.com/a/IpRm1Pk


Luxu holding a flower that represents Strelitzia.




I believe it's either the player or strelitzia, but I dont think it was ever confirmed who it actually is.


I think KH fans are being way too KH fan about this. I think it's Luxu. Given the plot of the game, and how it flows, on one side you have the Dandelions and Ava, and on the other is Luxu and the MoM. It just makes sense to me that way


Its Strealitiza because she was meant to be a new union leader and the flower she is holding is a bleeding heart flower because the color is white which means death of a young beautiful girl that is even more proof it's Strealitiza. You will come up with a argument saying she is dead but have our characters stayed truly that shouldn't come back from it she seemed like she didn't want go so she has a high chance of coming back she didn't willfully die like 2 old mrn we know


The easy answer is not always the best choice, specially with nomura... So, it could be luxu but it also could be, dunno, strelitzia nobody. Could be luxu holding strelitzia flower to be a parallel of him giving her "away" in the pot to the future... She can be subject X (thought it could that subject X is skuld and strelitzia was send to a really far future. Or as I said, could be strelitzia nobody.


It really seems like Xion, but I think it's impossible


Xion??? What leap led you there?


The black hair, face and the body shape


Okay fair, if you really zoom in maybe with the black hair part.But I think the body is more androganis than anything.