What should I be spending shop points on?

What should I be spending shop points on?

  • By - Ch4dx


The most valuable card at the moment is Merlin, then other healing cards and finally the sub-ability boost cards. Do not buy Hades, Hag, Siax and Ansem. They are mainly for collection purposes only and are not worth the cost. In fact Hades and Hag probably should be free with how bad they are.


That depends on several factors: 1. How many Shop Points do you have? 2. What cards in your Album aren't fully stacked? 3. What cards are missing from your collection?


I have 730 and am missing many cards in the collection. I read that maxing out Minnie and Tinkerbell are important so I might start there .


Start with the cheapest cards first. Minnie and Tink are high priority. I'd also recommend Potion 2 for the extra HP boosts. As for Key Art 1, while that card can be a nice replacement for a normal attack card, there are much better physical cards you can use - like the KH3 King Mickey card from the card event last week. Elemental damage and sub abilities are where you can bring out Xehanort's true potential DPS.


think they meant key art 2


In that case HECK NO. OP, chucking 1000 SP at the Flare card isn't worth it. The card, for now, is essentially a meme. Much better things to use your shop points on than Key Art 2. Save yourself the hassle.


Sub abilities can buff, debuff, and in the case of Potion 2, Merlin, KH3 Sora and King Mickey B, even HEAL you when you battle Heartless. Even though this game is only a year in, the cards have progressed to the point where you can have a combo where you can heal back nearly ALL of your HP with a full set of Cure cards in a combo, or heal AND deal at the same time.


What boost are you talking about of Potion 2?


Stack buff - 16 total Max HP from Potion 2 once you have 10 of the card


I didn't know that, thank you a lot


No prob. If you wanna look up more extra stats, check KH Insider. They have the entire Enemy and Card Albums to date.


Max your healers starting with Merlin then save the points for the next healer, or maybe spend it on a Light/Wind card if you don't have enough of those already.


Noob question: how do you get shop points? I’ve been on for almost 2 months now and never got any.


You get them when you pull a duplicate card after you pull the 11th of something. So eventually the free pull every day will give you shop points every day. They're just a pity prize for pulling cards that are literally useless to you since cards have a level cap


Whatever card you need for current or upcoming tower