How time-consuming is this game?

How time-consuming is this game?


When you move ahead, you get a lot of automatic features. This leads to less time consuming fights. Only arena are 2 x 1 hour slots you have to be online. Than you only have to be all 8 hours online when you reach the coffee or colloseum limit


You don't even really have to do arena if you don't want to, as long as you can stay at a consistant tier


Well, depends on what you want to do. If you just want to have a little fun, to kill time, yea, that should be fine. Really, my advice would be to do most of the daily missions, at least ones that are like: "Spend 30 stamina" or "Enhance 1 piece of Equipment".


I used to play another gatcha game that it's going to shutdown, recently I was only doing daily mission and the game rewarded with decent amount of premium currency so I could stay almost relevant pulling at the right times. Do you think I can continue this way and enjoy guardian tales?


I think so. But, I am not a pro, so I don't really know the results. But, inform me if it works!


This game has a great single player experience and can be enjoyed on your time schedule. PvP is mainly arena which is weekly with diamond rewards based on rank but this will be changing up within a month or so to be biweekly with coop mode. You do not need meta heroes to play story mode. I’ve seen players on here try to complete all of it with knight.


Daily gems are like 100 per day giveaway (200 on weekends), 70 for guild attendance + arena participation, and some occasional 10 gems from Princess. Oh, also new coop being 150+ gems per 3 days. Plus like 2-3k gems per week for arena+colo ranking. 10-pull costs 2700. There is no pity system in this game, only first 30 pulls guarantee, plus mileage tickets, 300 pulls (81000 gems) for 300 tickets which you can buy any hero or EX weapon with. Count for yourself. Gacha is crap in this game sadly. Also the fact that hero dupes give stupid hero crystals, not evolution stones, makes 5-starring heroes one hell of a chore (over 1k+ stones to 5-star). Honestly easier to just play the game with only 2-star characters, than maxing 3-stars, they're not that worse tbh.


>There is no pity system in this game What do you think Mileage is supposed to be?


That's like calling F/GO's spirit origins a pity system. It's just too much.


I mentioned it, and it's way too shitty to be treated as pity system. 300 pulls like srsly. And you need 7 times of that just for 1 hero (hero + 6 EXes), which the game requires you a lot to have to clear different contents. Most games do no more than 100 pulls to get guarantee, because in most gacha games (GT too) getting a hero at all is probably the easiest part of their progression, the hell starts later.


While it is 300 pulls in theory, with the amount of free gems we get, I don’t mind it anymore. We do get Mileage Tickets fairly often as rewards(I feel event mileage tickets alternate every 2 weeks as rewards) I feel it’s like in 1.5 months from starting that people should be able to obtain 300 Mileage(depending on the event). And since we can choose ANY hero or ex wep of our choice it’s fairly generous since other games could’ve only limited the pity to the current banner.


1.5 months, dang, by that time in any other gacha game you'll be able to farm enough pulls for another pity from scratch. Events giving Mileage are good but still not that much and earlier it wasn't even the case. Also for roadmap event you get like 20 total? Also another ones for pulling, but you need to pull useless banners 20 times for you to get 10 tickets, no thanks.


I’m probably biased since the other gacha games I play are less generous in free currency/pulls. I think last event we got mileage everyday if we spent 250 stamina. The current heavily benefits people who needed/want to pull now while the 20 roadmap mileage is a freebie. I got Garam and his ex wep this time around in 60 pulls and got an extra 30. So I got a total of 50 free mileage this event.


Yes, but in most games the pity only works in one banner and the credit is usually lost when the banner ends. This one is permanent.


First time I'm hearing this. Event banners usually retain the pity counter between different iterations. Maybe different types of banners do not, but whatever. And I better pull 100 times to get a hero than pull 300 times to be able to buy anything even offbanner.


Yes. As your guardian level increases and you unlock the sweep feature, farming becomes a breeze.


15 min a day? Possible to exit the app in 15 minutes but you WILL miss out. If you do the daily missions, guardian pass missions, three colo runs for free 50 gems, three arena runs for 50 gems, that will be at least half an hour per day. Then you'll need to take out a few hours extra time on the weekends for the story, towers, grinding for various resources until you unlock sweep, planning out your team and retrying hard levels. This game has plenty of content despite story not being finished.


Don't worry as a beginner. Play it at your pace. That's what I did to figure out how I see myself with this game. At the beginning I also spent 10-15 min per day. After a week I spent 30-60 minutes (I mainly played through the story). After a month I finally reached the Guardian level 75 and unlocked the sweep function. From then onwards I only spend 15-30 min daily (Collos, Kamazone, Evo-Dungeon, Awakening Dungeon and if available Guild Raids). I always spend 1h to play the story. Everything else I'll do it within 30 minutes (excluding Arena and Co-op). Before I go to bed I play Kamazone again. **My tipp:** **Play it at your pace with no pressure. The most important thing is to have fun :)** The worst outcome would to be burdened with the constant thought that you need to worry about the time and missing contents. EDIT1: If you want to search for guides or videos about this game, I would advise you to look for more than one source. There are many good and also outdated information. There's also a official GuardianTales Discord. There are many friendly people and they can help you if you have any problems or questions. EDIT2: If you reach the late game content and you're a bit active, you can expect a weekly gem income between 2.000 to 4.000 and upwards (I myself get weekly around 6.300 gems and more. That would be 2x10 summons per week).


once you unlock sweep you can spend stamina on evolution dungeons in seconds til then you gonna have to auto repeat and the story mode is like an actual oldschool pixel adventure rpg, so its gonna take time to clear but you can do it at your own pace


When does sweep unlock? I have 2500 stamina and i wanna 5 star my fp i am currently in world 7 and i don't do evolution dungeons much so i don't know if it's unlocked already


Once you finish World 7, the Guardian Base Camp unlocks. This gives you some stat buffs and QoL improvements, but it takes a few weeks to level it up to unlock Evo Dungeon Sweep.


It unlocks after world 5


😓 It really is so much wrong here 😔


Its true that untill u unlock sweep the game is time consuming and takes time to do all the stuff with 3 stars but its also very satisfying and the story is very imersive so its not like those games where u will be skipping the story just for the game play so its like spending time to read a book or watch anime. If u want to u can play the game for the story and do it at your own pace.


It's a bit time consuming at the beginning especially if you want to be efficient and if you're also very competitive. I recommend just playing at your own pace, there's no rush in doing stuff in this game. A lot of the events that have their own stories and stages (also called side stories) can be played anytime anyway, so there's no rush in catching up since you won't really miss out on any side stories. I'm kinda in the late game now and it pretty much takes like less than 15 minutes every day to play unless there's some new content. There's this feature called sweep that basically says no to grinding and you can just spend all your stamina at once with just a couple taps.


Getting the daily gems and awakening dungeon seems to take like 15 minutes or less. Pretty easy stuff. After that it's basically as much as you can do and as stamina permits. The colosseum and kamazone dont take stamina. The story content itself is lengthy and at times challenging I started a week ago and just got to world 10 while playing somewhat seriously. There's a lot of stuff to do there and progression unlocks features and more things to do. Seems like the only thing that takes a lot of time is the event. Using all that stamina to get those event points is a tall task. Overall there's a lot of content and starting out you get more than enough stamina to binge but you can mostly go at your own pace.


I believe this game to be very rewarding for the time you spend on it early game and late. Of you farm the story as quickly as you can rather than enjoying it you will see a good powers pike but you won't have the materials to max out your characters. So spend your time enjoying the game using misting natural 2* characters then when a character comes out you think looks cool pull for them. Of course when you get into the so called late game you will need meta characters to win but there is ways around that by using teams whose party buffs synergise really well rather than just putting all the strongest units you have in one team. Also after pulling enough you can use your milage(a currency you get for doing pulls) to outright buy any character or their weapon you want. You can even save it for new characters and buy them as soon as they release if you feel like it(unlike literally every other gacha game) .


first, it took a lot of time (like 12-16 hours a day) to rush the story, now it takes up to 1 hour per day, with logins/raids/kamas/arena/coops/lags and some decisions in between


Ppl trying to sugarcoat the harsh reality, but you'll need a lot of time and completing most of daily activities, 3-starring all contents, doing battle passes, getting all free coffee every day, participating in coop and arena (thus adjusting your schedules) and hopefully not making that many progression mistakes and leveling up too many useless characters in order to feel the steady progress without paying. Otherwise each 2nd-3rd new chapter will skyrocket in difficulty and make you quit real bad or just drop out for significant amount of time (which you could use gathering resources). Or you will just play at extremely sluggish pace. Also in terms of characters - each one needs tons of resources to reach full potential, so switching is in no way easy. Even maintaining 5 characters is a pain in the butt, and game's activities will require you to keep much more heroes ready. At some places game's also way too meta-slavery, with some heroes being obligatory for comfortly clearing such contents at your level, not by overgearing or overleveling or just going into hibernation mode and farming like madman for weeks to minmax everything. And considering how many resources you need for each character, it takes a hell of a patience not to drop this game at this point.


30 minutes a day. Collect heaven hold soul points. Get kamazone daily 2000 gold, and buy lvl 15 hammer (1000 gold). Sweep (awakening dungeon, rift dungeon) until coffee is done. Get mail coffee and repeat sweep. Claim guild attendance. And raid if there an event. Do colosseum. Do kamazone. Morning routine done in 10-15min. Comeback in 12 hrs. Collect heaven hold soul points. Resweep rift dungeon. Do colosseum. Do kamazone. Do 1 coop. (Arena if you can) Night routine done in 10min. I dont do arena, if I do, i just do it once per week and get extra 1.7k gems per week. I still get to live life 23 hrs a day. Except when theres new content to finish where I dedicate only a few hours a day.