We need a hard mode for overworld exploration

We need a hard mode for overworld exploration


The hard mode already exists and it's called 'exploring without your artifacts/gear.'


Difficulty is different from personal challenges.


My point is you can absolutely replicate that kind of difficulty right now.


I don't see how increased HP and attack of enemies would make the game even harder. It'd just mean it would take about 5-10 seconds more to kill off an entire mob of enemies.


Overworld enemies were always a joke. Making them 100 they'd still be a joke unless you wanna slap a timer on every encounter "finish in 2 seconds or were deleting your account" Making the HP of those enemies that can barely hit you just stand there won't really make the game harder.


I'd much rather have a hard mode for domains/bosses, i find overworld fine as it is honestly, it's not supposed to be a challenge i think. Overworld is more for exploration than challenge.


>So I suggest having a hard mode which you can toggle, which makes overworld enemies harder. As a reward, you should get more monster materials from them. Every time "I want harder content.... BUT ALSO I SHOULD GET MORE REWARDS FROM IT"


Well to be fair if you make stuff harder there has to be incentive to go towards that and that would make people want to spend money on better characters to make it easier to clear that "harder" stuff maybe? Idk


His build suggests that he has cleared the requirements for the basic overworld. That isn't exactly a content that has rewards beyond mats to increase characters. If he is farming for characters that still need to be built then why not use those unbuilt characters? This isn't end game yet. What rewards would he possibly need faster?


I like being able to explore overworld with characters I haven't invested in at all yet.


This. I love being able to try out other characters.


Nah that's what abyss is for.


Until if’s not about increasing char exp from mobs or make mobs drop 10x more mora it’s meh (and they not gonna do that). Increasing mats amount from mobs is absolutely useless since everyone have ton of stuff in inventory at this point


If you want a challenge, use characters you're currently in the process of gearing and learning. I mostly explore overworld with the characters I don't currently use for my bosses and abyss. At half gear, the mobs take a little more time to kill. But if you're saying this mostly to drop more loot, then I don't know what to say.