I’ve come to the sad conclusion that New Vegas was a one of a kind game, and I don’t think I’ll ever find anything that’s as appealing as it is to me.

I’ve come to the sad conclusion that New Vegas was a one of a kind game, and I don’t think I’ll ever find anything that’s as appealing as it is to me.


I hear [Atom RPG](https://store.steampowered.com/app/552620/ATOM_RPG_Postapocalyptic_indie_game/) ain’t bad


Actually am playing that. Doesn’t surpass New Vegas for me, but if you enjoyed the original Fallout games I’d definitely play it, it’s a very good RPG. Biggest downside is the isometric turn based gameplay, but it’s atleast much more user friendly and accessible than the original Fallout games.


Wasteland 3 might also be an option if you’re *ok* with isometric The games got a lot of those sweet fallout vibes but is a little more tongue in cheek like the old ones


Wasteland 2 and 3 are fantastic. I think I liked wasteland 2 more but it's tough. They changed a lot of mechanics for 3 (i think mostly to remove a lot of RNG from skill checks, but i liked being the little save whore i am and just brute forcing locks and terminals until i succeeded) and of course built and added many more.


I like isometric more than FPS, and I’m kinda shocked how few people do


Meh. I think it just comes down to what you prefer. I don't very much like isometric views. It's one of if my biggest issue with most RPGs in that vein, like Wasteland or Pillars of eternity. I much prefer to see what I'm looking at through the character or around the character. More immersive that way to me.


Some people grew up with D&D and some people grew up with Doom. Different strokes!


I don’t think this is it at all. I grew up with both and vastly prefer to inhabit a role and world in first person as opposed to driving a little person around it in isometric or third person.


Unless it’s Zelda games I’m a 1st person gamer. I can’t stand 3rd person view.


Well, I think most people here are young, so they're used to FPV in games, not isometric view. The transition between the two, if you're used to one of them is not a fun experience, in my opinion.


I saw the transition occur. For certain game types (RTS, city builder, etc.) I prefer isometric. Basically any where I'm not playing a specific character. But when I am playing a specific character, I find 1st or 3rd person over-the-shoulder to be far more immersive.


Yup, same here. I get easily disconnected if I don't have full control of my characters cause unfortunately, I have a hard time being immersed in the first place. I love RPGs, but it's why Fallout 1 and 2 fell flat for me whereas New Vegas and Outer Worlds did not.


I think the nail in the coffin was the Witcher series. They tried the optional isometric camera settings along with Dragon Age, but fully abandoned it by Witcher 2.


For RPGs I just like to have direct control of my character, which isn't usually the case in isometric RPGs


Somehow, isometric games mess with my eyes and I get motion sickness after a while. Some third-person and first-person games do it too but if ai can adjust the camera its fine. Isometric gets me every time.


I tried my best to get into Wasteland, but just couldn't, ended up hating the character creation and never got far into it and refunded. Just sucks because it's such a well reviewed game.


It's actually the other way around. Fallout had Wasteland vibes. Wasteland 1 was the inspiration for Fallout.


Ehhhh, Wasteland 3 lacks the nuance of Fallout and favors a more “goofy” vibe without the nuanced connections to the world and humanity. The setting is similar but the story fails very hard to be anything great.


I assume you’ve tried Outer Worlds? I don’t think it’s as good as NV, but it has a lot of the features you seem to really enjoy


Guessing you (like me) prefer FPS RPG over Isometric. I did like Divinity 2 Original Sin. It's isometric, but if I liked it, maybe you would too.


I think the best game I have ever played, one that I consider above New Vegas is Kenshi. i skipped it because of the graphics, but I ended up going back and its beyond amazing


Kenshi is really interesting


There's a bunch of great isometric games (or so I've heard, anyway), but personally I just don't like the idea. I much prefer the physical freedom of 3d fallout as opposed to all your actions basically depending only on your stats. Also turn based combat just feels awful to me.


I love ATOM but it has some of the same limitations as Fallout 1 and 2, like you can't control your companions during combats and other stuff that honestly was annoying in FO1 and 2. But ATOM is awesome!


Actually, you CAN control your companions. Not in a Wasteland kind of way, but way better than Fallout... My problem with ATOM is every-fucking-one has their own thoughts and huge dialogues on bullshit like where they're from and what they think. It adds to the lore and all, but still, I think I'm not up for dialoge chunks anymore... specially the meaningless ones... and I also don't know russian culture for shit, so the Gremlin and that Lenin story... I can never tell what's true and what's not...


I felt this way when i played Morrowind. Its rare to play a game and think, man there will never be another game like this will there. (also this isn't nostalgia talking, i played Morrowind for the first time last year)


I'd second Morrowind for the New Vegas itch, I know it's fantasy and probably not what OP is looking for but New Vegas and Morrowind are more alike than any other two "Bethesda" games in my opinion.


Explains why I loved em both so much


I think Morrowind with some graphic improvement mods would satisfy many peoples NV itch. It was from a time where Beth didn't dumb down their games for the masses.


They would have to overhaul the combat system for me to go back to it. I tried last year and couldn’t stomach it, even though I loved the game when it first released. Funnily enough I can go back to Fallout 1&2 with no issue, but dice rolls and first person perspective just do not mix.


There are mods to overhaul the combat into something more akin to modern Bethesda games. Make it so that attacks always connect, but with variable amounts of damage to keep things reasonably balanced, that sort of thing.


Yea the combat was the only bad part of that game


I always dislike the 'they dumbed things down' argument mainly for 2 reasons, first morrowind is also dumbed down from their previous entries and the depth of morrowind is far from always a good thing. At one hand you can really do a lot, on the other the balance is everywhere and the overall leveling system is just shit, which is pretty bad all things considered. Despite the depth you kinda have to level up your skills in a specific way or you end up with weaker level ups. You're also punished hard for not leveling up properly since you literally won't able to hit anything or even cast any spell. Dumbing down is as much as 'casualizing' games as it's removing them with mechanics that aren't archaic and work against each other.


Yeah, like DnD 3.5 vs 4.


I agree, im playing oblivion and i think the leveling system is absolute bullshit. If this is dumbed down i don’t think i wanna touch morrowind with a 10-Foot pole


Blame Zenimax. They are the main reason Bethesda games got steadily dumber and then simply directly aimed at wider, non-RPG audiences.


The thing with Morrowind is I did get the same feeling again when I played Tamriel Rebuilt and Home of the Nords. 👈🏻 As opposed to Fallout: The Frontier, they’re actually about as good as the original game 😃


Helps that Tamriel Rebuilt has been in development longer, with a incremental release model that lets the team iterate over what works and easily patch out what doesn't. Plus, mod development for Morrowind is in someways easier than mod development for later games (you don't need to worry about voice acting, for one thing). But, even with that, TR is a *damned* impressive work.


You could give the Wasteland games a shot. It's a top-down tactical RPG, which takes some getting used to if you didn't play the classic Fallout games, but Wasteland 2 was one of my favorite games of all time, and Wasteland 3 has been pretty good so far as well. Plus it has the added benefit of being the series that inspired Fallout to, well, exist, so it has a pretty similar setting, especially Wasteland 2.


I’ve actually heard some people say Wasteland 3 is better? And do you know how well Wasteland 2 and 3 are on console? That’s my preferred way to play games, but I have a halfway decent PC if it’s awful on console.


Wasteland 3 works very well on console. I played on a one x before I got my PC and it works great. It is on game pass too if you have that.


All I’m going to say about Wasteland 3 is that there is a faction of cultists who worship an Ai of Ronald Regan as their God.


You don't?


10 PRINT Well... 20 GOTO 10


My problem with Wasteland 2 was the horrid pacing, and the voice acting is iffy. Wasteland 3 is a bit more streamlined and oddly enough I really like the voice acting. No offense to the obvious big names in the voice business like Laura Bailey and Troy baker. But the voices are a wonderful breath of fresh air.


Can't speak for Wasteland 3 since I've upgraded to PC since then, but I played Wasteland 2 on Xbox One and I didn't mind it at all. Obviously top-down tactical games are gonna be better on PC, but it doesn't play as bad on console as you'd expect.


I’ve got Wasteland 2&3 on xbone here, and I absolutely loved both of them. They’re closer to the original Fallout 1 & 2, but they’ve got their own story and style. Definitely give them both a shot. They can be a little clunky at times, but they did a wonderful job making the tactical battle system work on console. The stories are good, and I put them pretty close to NV in terms of freedom to make choices, as well as your choices making a difference in the setting. Also the leveling system is real similar, but just with fewer skills and fewer points awarded. There will be levels that you go up and don’t have enough points available to you to upgrade the skill you want. You’ll have to bank points sometimes so you can upgrade what you need. All in all, I recommend them highly.


The thing I don't like is playing with 4 characters. I prefer just one like old fallouts


Yeah, it seems like every other rpg exists on a few extremes The in depth, choice heavy, immersion, great writing, of isometric rpgs are everything I want but most of those developers turn their noses up at first person and have no interest in making an open world game. Where as all the people on the other side are super into open world and combat, are either more worried about accessibility and therefore refrain from making anything too hard core Or the hard core group focuses on in depth mechanics, combat, and immersion, but they have no interest in making a tabletop style narrative or mechanics And it just blows my mind man. Like New Vegas is such a great foundation dripping with potential and *no one* has built on it since.


I think the reason for this is really simple. Making a first person, open world game is EXPENSIVE. Especially if you're trying to make an immersive RPG with a world that feels natural and organic and your actions have consequences. So anyone making the investment in doing this is going to be worried about accessibility, leading to nhe game being dumbed down in an attempt to sell more copies. I don't agree with this approach. I think if you're smart about your time, and don't focus too much on stuff like graphics, you absolutely could make an in depth, hard core RPG in first person. But its hard and risky, hence why it has only happened a few times. I think this was what happened with The Outer Worlds. They were clearly going for FONV, the goddamn release trailer basically said so. And they hit a few of the notes. But in so many areas, you see stuff that had to be cut because of budget. In particular, the weapon and ammo variety was pretty poor, and it did the thing where you just find new versions of the same weapon with better stats. Each are was also pretty small and the game as a whole was fairly short.


Small areas were the most recognizable consequence of a low budget. Followed by enemy variety. But the things that disappointed me with TOW were: Character customization, and perk variety. Character customization. I mean the whole package. Looks and internal specialization. I don't have to tell you New Vegas got the latter right. No other game has done better! TOW? You can pick a hypothetical history that might give you a single, essentially meaningless point in some skill. At least an attempt was made. New Vegas gets a pass in the physical department because you can easily mod the game and it's gotten a LOT of love there. In TOW, I challenge you to make a character with your own skin color. Obsidian decided that the majority of their players shouldn't get this option. And because of some of the game's narrative choices, I am not convinced this was an accident or laziness. In any event, "beauty" seems to have been firmly off the table as well. Perks. Let me just say this: By the time I was finishing the game up, I had 3 or 4 unspent perk points, because the perks were so boring, unimaginitive and unnecessary that I had zero enthusiasm for them. The contrast eith New Vegas, or most other games really, could not be more stark.


Yeah, levelling and progression were dumbed way down as well. I still think Fallout 1 did perks the best. You got them VERY rarely, but they could be complete game changers.


I prefer a perk system that has a variety that covers the entire spectrum from "game changing" to "useless." The point of "useless" perks is roleplaying. Even FO3 understood this, albeit probably accidentally. "Cannibal" fits this concept nicely—nobody's going to pick that perk specifically because they believe a little bit of health from enemies will be legitimately useful. "Rapid Reload" is another. 25% faster reloading? It's satisfyingly non-zero, but the real point is that if you want to be the fastest gunslinger in the west, you pretty much gotta have that perk just for bragging rights. Otherwise, nobody's going to care. Obviously this all goes straight out the window in a game that gives you effectively limitless perk acquisition. And the other extreme is a game that has a comparatively short list of available perks, making each one too precious to be anything less than solidly, functionally useful.


>I still think Fallout 1 did perks the best. You got them VERY rarely, but they could be complete game changers. Oh hell yeah, Cult of Personality was a **total** game changer! */s*


This is why I'm actually hopeful now that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda. Hopefully they can pump a ton of cash into TES7 and make it a seriously incredible game.


Never seen a "this" comment so much in my life. It's like no one wants to actually make an open world first-person rpg. Anything that's come even remotely close is just...missing something.


I think it's less that no one wants to make that kind of game, and more that they are just extremely difficult and time-consuming to make, not to mention money. While New Vegas is legit amazing (my favorite game ever), even the developers will admit that they would have never been able to make that game if they didn't have the engine and a lot of the assets from Fallout 3 ready for them to use from the start of development.


They had to use the assets because they had **18 months** to make the game. If they’d had a few years they probably could have made some more of their own assets.


And 10 years+ to think about and marinade on the story and world-building. There’s a reason it’s as good as it is.


They made plenty of their own assets. Saying this as a New Vegas modder with a strong focus on fixing bugs with vanilla assets.


I mean Bethesda makes open world first/third-person rpgs.


They do. But like I said, in comparison to New Vegas, there's something missing. The stat system, the reputation system. The depth and scale of the RPG elements, etc etc.


I think it's more of an issue how *hard* it is to create such a game. There's a reason why open-world RPGs are known for being full of bugs and glitches, and it's because it's just so difficult to create a stable open-ended simulation of a world with a deep, rich story and player agency. Add that to the staggering amount of content that's typical of an RPG, and it becomes basically impossible to tie all of those systems together in a truly 3D environment and have it be acceptably bug-free and a good experience. It takes tons of skill, dedication, and especially *money.* Remember, those kinds of games typically don't sell as well as your The Witchers and your modern Fallouts. Considering how expensive and difficult to make they are, I think it makes a lot of sense that they are a rarity.


Additionally there’s just the good luck required in getting all the right people for such an endeavor. You need great writers, great artists, great modelers, great level designers, great world designers (who can work excellently with the writers to bring it all to life, and you need great leadership to keep everyone on the same page and moving at the same pace. This is the tricky thing about games like New Vegas, they aren’t just good, they’re EXCELLENT. Everything that was needed for a top tier experience came together in the creation of this game. Trying to replicate that level of success is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle.


Well there’s 4-5 people that will tell you the writing induces vomiting to them and in fact it messed up every single piece of lore that made Todd work very hard to fix since he’s a scholar of Fallout lore. Let’s face reality, Fallout 4’s dialogue system and writing is far superior. /s


Well, New Vegas did mention silicon transistors existing (pre-2067) since House knew they were common enough before he went under to casually drop them in conversation, OWB confirmed jet was pre-war since they are found in locked pre-war rooms, and introduced songs recorded in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s on the radio including 2009’s Sit and Dream and an in-game cover of a 1990s song sung by Josh Sawyer.


For me it’s not so much that they change lore/ or get something wrong/ it’s specifically what they change and why. Silicone transistors? Honestly who cares. It’s not something many people would notice, it likely was an oversight, and it really doesn’t take anything away from the lore. I’m just not going to get into the Jet discussion because this sub will spend the next week fighting about it. And I just have always disagreed with people about the 1950’s rule. It’s an alternate timeline. The 2000’s still happened they had to have had music then. and it is way more immersion breaking to me to believe that the world just stopped doing anything after the 1950’s in fallout. In my opinion if a song fits with the world of Fallout then It’s fair game. It doesn’t have to be specifically from the 50’s. It’s a really superficial issue. Same thing with weapons. Where as things like the Brotherhood of Steel, And FEV in 76 *does* effect the lore and most people *will* notice it. There are issues I do have with New Vegas but honestly if you told me Bethesda mentioned silicone transistors I still wouldn’t give a toss about it.


> Honestly who cares. It’s not something many people would notice I kinda wish people would adopt the same attitude for all the Fallout games. These happen to be identical issues brought up in other games so it’s kind of refreshing to see someone agreeing that it doesn’t really matter in the overall scheme of things.


Like I said it depends what they are and what point someone is trying to make. For me at least. I’m sure I have nit picks that people see the same way.


Ah yes, and now we get "Oh it depends. Depends here meaning 'Anything made by Bethesda'" defense. Why do we need "it depends", when exact same situation is held to a cross when it's Bethesda, but Obsidian gets "oh it doesn't matter".


Because New Vegas good and Bethesda game bad


Finally someone said it! Lore complaints are just needless nitpicking.


Especially when there is pretty obvious explanation for something, like "why is there pipe gun here?". It's not lore violation, it's random loot table not being container specific. Or complaining that enemies respawn. Game mechanics are not lore, unless otherwise acknowledged in the game.


Did it beat up your mom, take your lunch money, and sleep with your wife too? Damn you, New Vegas!


Oh god no, how is 'Sure', 'maybe', 'Sarcastic' and some stupid lazy thing like 'Persuade - Yes', New Vegas actually gave you varying responses, that wrre written. And don't get me started on the lack of karma system in 4, what were they doing!


Karma system sucked a** since day 1 in fallout 1. Fallout 4 ironically fixed this issue. You no longer have the game telling you what you did was bad. Made a hard choice? Well...the game isn't telling you. You now have to actually think on it. See how it affects people. Amazing, right?


> Fallout 4 ironically fixed this issue I'd argue New Vegas did better by focusing more on faction rep


Karma still played through your actions. It told you "oh this was the right choice". While gameplay wise it used faction rep more, it still told you which choice you made was good and which was bad.


Yeah, I think Fallout 4 with faction rep instead of the companion opinions would be dope. Nothing like stealing from the bad guys giving you "bad karma" in F3


Lack of karma is good, IMO. People should not automatically judge me for something I did in secret half-away on the other side of the map that they have no real way of knowing. Nor should people be given arbitary good/evil values for everything, morality is not objective.


Yes but at the same time, it's easy to fall into whatever category you're aiming for. I was a super mega-theif all throughout Fallout but would do good things for people. The result? Good karma. I specifically had to play a bad karma playthrough to experience that.


You spoke my soul brother. The thing that hurts the most, no one cares. New Vegas pushed the status quo, but now a-days the status quo is all we get, and all players even want. No one is begging for a New Vegas style RPG game, we are the minority consumers. I don't think we will ever see a game like New Vegas ever again, or at least nothing that quite captures what it did so well. Shame.


What about Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines? After playing New Vegas I played VtMB and I loved it! They feel similar


This. VtMB was awesome.


I am excited for the sequel.


It's a shame that the development is being a disaster and will probably not be as good as the first one :(


The first one had a famously troubled development process, too, so it's not impossible that the sequel manages to pull a rabbit out of its hat once more. Not that I'd place money on what amounts to lightning striking twice, but it's not *completely* unthinkable....


> it's not completely unthinkable.... True, which is why I will be excited when it is released and not before. I will then check out some reviews and see if it is either an instant buy, wait until it is on sale or just forget about it.


Amusingly enough, the studio that made VtMB (Troika) also bid for the IP rights to Fallout when Interplay sold them. They even had a prototype in development for Fallout 3. And speaking of Troika, their other big game (Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura) is another fantastic isometric RPG that F:NV fans might enjoy.


Lucky for you there is Enderal. Look it up on steam, give it a fair chance ( the beginning is a bit slow ) but after an hour or two you and you get to the main city and start experiencing the amazing side/main/faction quests you could fall in love. It's my favorite game ever and it's a mod. I love rpgs with meaningful lore and deep meanings. You might just have a new favorite game.




I'm on board. legit is amazing


> A blank slate character, someone you can project a story and even backstory on because they’re not already made. Well, except for unintentionally blowing up a community a few years before the events of the game.


But with you being a courier (which as the only bit of backstory you have in the beginning, I think is pretty great because you’d have to be at least half competent with every skill to just survive normal wildlife and the desert in general) having the unintentional destruction in the Divide the way it happened, because of you, still works with that blank slate I feel. Your character had no idea, and it’s shown. The whole point of the DLC is Ulysses being pissed because you destroyed the Divide and you didn’t even realize the death, destruction, pain and suffering you caused, and without Ulysses bringing you back, you never would’ve had to answer for what you did because as stated, you had no idea. But I understand your standpoint. The explanation works for me, but I can see why that wouldn’t work for some people in the sense of it is giving you a backstory you didn’t ask for.


Yeah I mean... the Courier's "backstory" is that you delivered a package once. Shocking, right? Lol


Not a lot of wasteland jobs, literally anyone can be a delivery boy.


Just ask Philip J. Fry


The only game that grabbed me the way New Vegas did is Bloodborne. Nothing else has really come close


What retcons in 4? For the most part, my understanding is that the Massachusetts Commonwealth in the 22nd century was starting to form somewhat of a government, however it ended when a majority of the leaders of many of the groups got killed by synths. This of course, disrupted the whole issue of unifying, and now the Institute was viewed as an enemy. Problem is that the Institute could continue pushing out synths while the Commonwealth couldn’t, also the Institute couldn’t be found. That’s why there are major settlements few and far between (With the most notable being Diamond City and to some extent Goodneighbor). Places like University Point were starting to flourish until the Institute targeted it. After that the Institutes goal was to keep the Commonwealth weak, leaving it the way it was. People weren’t willing to go out and start new town and what not for fear of being targeted by the Institute. It didn’t help that supermutants were more than likely being released intentionally in order to continue weakening the Commonwealth. That’s why 200 years later your not seeing a Nation State in Boston, unlike the Brotherhood of Steel who more than likely have a lot more power since Fallout 3, more akin to that of the NCR.


Honestly, I don't get why people pretend as if there was no rebuilding in Fallout 4. CPG massacre is a major point in lore, as is rise and fall of Minutemen, how Institute keeps fucking over any attempt at large scale rebuilding. It's like people were building a house and every time they start to get somewhere, make foundation, get skeleton up, etc. some crazy dude comes and sets whole thing on fire, or reroutes river to go over the construction site or sets an explosive.


I actually like the variance of "West Coast is new seat of civilization" and "East Coast is an extra crispy charred hellhole". Makes sense to me. East Coast got absolutely turbo-fucked by nukes, and the survivors have not been as successful at getting back on their feet. Given that radiation can = mind rot (as demonstrated by ghouls vs feral ghouls) its also very reasonable that the # of psychos/raiders/murderers are just higher in the East.


I imagine that, especially by 2070, the eastern seaboard was even more dense and populated than it is now. You'd drop a LOT of nuclear fire on that, and I imagine there's just less land on the east that wasn't immediately next to a military or population target. It's not like LA didn't also get wiped off the map, but most of the story out west is in the wilderness and what was once small towns. The literal desert, which would have been nuked for good measure anyway. Back east they're climbing over themselves to survive in the nuclear rubble of cities because that's what's out there.


There are no retcons in 4, I don’t understand where OP or anyone gets this idea. The Boston Commonwealth, the Institute, the Railroad, and Synths (called Androids in the Capital Wasteland); were all directly interacted with during the Fallout 3 quest “The Replicated Man”. One of the most repeated predictions even before Fallout 4’s announcement was that the sequel to 3 would take place in the Commonwealth. Also one correction to your comment, the East Coast Brotherhood and West Coast (what’s left of them) is nowhere near the size or advancement of the NCR. The NCR is by all rights a functioning nation, the Steel boys are a military junta that is tiny by comparison and only have any feared strength left in the East.


Yes even in Fallout 2 40 years prior the NCR had over 700,000 people, and that was before they expanded to take New Reno, Oregon, and Vegas. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/NCR_history_holodisk


Yea I couldn't even get into Wasteland 2 because when I'm playing I'm thinking to myself "this is fun, but it's not Fallout". Fallout and especially New Vegas have just spoiled me when it comes to rpgs because others just don't offer the same amount of choice.


I think Wasteland 3 does a way better job


It really does. I picked up wasteland 3 recently and I can't stop thinking about it.


Loved wasteland 3. A few flaws but one of the few new games I really got into


I hope they make a game that expands the legions lore. I want too see what'll become of the legion decades after caesar dies. Seeing how their culture evolves and what factions sprout.


I think a prequel to NV would be cool. You could explore the rise of the Legion in Arizona. Not sure if they could do a game like that in the classic FO style though as there’s only one possible outcome. Might be a cool spinoff title.


It'd be cool to see Raul and/or Cassidy senior in the game. I wonder became of Cass and what Raul was like before giving up.


Game taking plaze in Arizona during Legion civil war could be interesting. You got Lanius (or whoever replaces Lanius) faction, you got reformist, you got those who want Legion just flat out gone, you got those who want to replace dictatorship with republic and so forth.


Morrowind, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, etc


STALKER is pretty different, though clear sky does have a faction system of shorts.


The outer worlds not your thing? Felt like new vegas to me. Mostly. Wish it ended stronger though.


Loved it, but it was too small. Not much to explore and doesn’t really take that long to beat. When all the DLC is out I’m going to get it and do another playthrough though.


All the DLC is out, season pass is 20% off on steam rn actually.


Oh cool, I got it on Epic though cuz I wanted to play day 1.


All dlc came out yesterday, and the game is worth replaying if you make a character with different stats than you did last play through, like a bee game


Didn’t like the weapons and space stuff, but I did like it a lot and loved the characters and choice and what not. Plus it wasn’t technically a AAA game, so I’m excited for if there’s ever a sequel


> Plus it wasn’t technically a AAA game, so I’m excited for if there’s ever a sequel Outer Worlds was a very good game, but has even more potential as a world/setting. Most of the issues with it (biggest one being too short/not enough side content) stem from a relatively low budget; a sequel now that Obsidian has MS money behind it could be amazing.


The dlcs are lit


The Outer Worlds was fine, but just felt meh all the way through. Your choices doesn't really affect the game world, the story was lackluster, no memorable characters (except maybe Parvatti), the game is too easy, combat is boring, exploration didn't feel rewarding and your costumization and build variety is basically non-existent. The writing and dialogue was pretty good though.


Hell no. It started strong but fizzled out halfway and ended on a whimper. The world wasn't a world, but like 4-5 planets with a couple of towns in them and boring outdoor areas with no interesting points about them. The same unexplained respawning goons and same scattered crates everywhere. Then it ended halfway. Devs should really learn to plan things out better and deliver something smaller, but complete. I got the game to support Obsidian, but after they burned me with an unfinished product I refused to buy the DLC. Maybe I'll get it if it's on sale for a fiver.


Yeah the separated exploration areas really lost my interest


Did it really end halfway? I thought it had a pretty good ending point. Not really a cliffhanger ending, but it did give room for the series to expand in the future and it did resolve its own internal plot of "people on Hope need to get off Hope, please help them not melt"




So you expected nothing else of the 'old planet gone silent' plotline that was mentioned several times? Or nothing after you woke up the ship inhabitants? I expected to wake the ship and for more to come. In a longer game with a decently written story waking the ship would have been the end of the second act and after that we'd have a 3rd act. As it was it ended on a whimper with the people unfrozen and a vague description of them working toward a better future. Imagine F3 ending right after Tranquility Lane and pops starting Project Purity in an ending cutscene without the Enclave ever getting involved.


Outer Worlds is a great game from a story and role-playing perspective but mediocre from a combat and world building one. Combat and armor system is literally ripped from NV and, let’s face it, NVs combat was not the best back then, and when up against more recent games, it looks and feels really bad. Very few worlds to visit and very few interesting side quests. Honestly this disappointed me the most but I understand Obsidian were on a budget. The writing and the characters are top notch, and the main story missions are the most interesting things but other than that it feels like they just wanted to make NV in space, and the game was poorer for it. It would have been great to see an Obsidian RPG with more modern advancements that recent games have.


Its the only game I could say took as much time in the plot points as brilliant novel. It just had so much soul to every aspect. It was a great way to send off the era of great story telling of the isometric game period.


I've just got a new (to me) PC and am starting a new play through, having not played for years. I just encountered a death claw at level 2 but somehow managed to outrun it. I'm also breaking it with incompatible mods every other load but I'm having a great time.


Me but with Fallout 2.


The hard part of the game isn't finishing it... it's letting go.


yep this is an r/Fallout post


>and I’m not even going to consider 76 canon lol we're just a full on "DAE NV best and bethesda bad" at this point The canon for 76 is fine. The game has a lot of flaws but the story and worldbuilding is great.


>"DAE NV best and bethesda bad" at this point Its this persistent "Only New Vegas"ers that are actively hurting the franchise. You can tell barely any of them have even tried 76.


Why do people get so upset that someone's favorite thing is different than their favorite thing?


That's a complete misreading of the situation.


Honestly i disagree with you on the gameplay part, the special system is very dumb and a person that's new to the franchise ends up making very bad decisions in terms of where put your skill points, like when i first played NV my only other game in the series was 4 so i put a lot of points in charisma, and kept most of my other skills pretty low, which ended up in me HATING the game in my first time through, my shots were going everywhere, i had absolutely zilch HP, and I wasn't enjoying the story enough to forgive the god awful gameplay. It was probably the worst decision i have ever made in a videogame, but you see, it wasn't my fault, the game itself told me charisma was needed to succeed speech checks, even though what you actually needed was the "speech" skill, so i was fooled into thinking charisma was way more important than it actually was. The skills are OK i guess, i still prefer how 4 simplified the skill/perk system, + a lot of the perks are REALLY situational. Another god awful thing is the weapon/armor Durability, GOD what a stupid mechanic especially for the armor, i was basically afraid to use my weapons since the repair tab on your pip boy did nothing (maybe it was a glitch? My repair skill was like 55 and i still couldn't repair anything by myself) and it really screwed you over on the armor side, since if you ended up losing your only good armor, you're screwed! The story was great, amazing even but my first few times through i was so distracted by the shitty gimmick mechanics that I wasn't really that into it.


about repair: you either had to have the identical weapon in a fitting condition or with a perk a similar weapon. you basically repair one weapon with parts of the other :)


Try the Gothic series it may be able to scratch your itch. They are a bit older but gameplay wise they still hold up.


I literally came to the same conclusion some years ago, I feel ya. Its a "modern" game with 3d graphics and mechanics and exploration yet its an "old school" game with its excellent themes and writing and quests and.. you get the idea. Never seen another perfect blend of two eras of gaming, probably won't ever see


It's obviously nothing like New Vegas, but RDR2 has done the same thing to me.


In terms of production quality nothing comes close to RDR2. On a technical level it's the most impressive game I've played by a wide margin. But if someone was looking to actually make choices that affect the story like OP describes, your only real choices are to say to "no" to some side missions and decide whether or not to be a psychopath in free roam. Which left me kind of disappointed that the karma system basically only changed the ending cutscene. I only had that complaint after drooling over the game for 200 hours though.


Now that Microsoft owns both Bethesda and Obsidian, i am looking forward to a potential remake/remaster of Fallout: New Vegas in modern game engine.


why would they? i could be making it up, but i really feel like Todd has said he has no interest in remaking old games. honestly i've given up on the idea, i'd love a New Vegas redo, but i'm definitely not holding my breath. regardless of who owns what


Look no further than fallout 4 new vegas


I’m so tired of reading about how great New Vegas is on this sub. This is a fallout sub, your not unique for liking a fallout game lol.


Dragon age origins? Vampire the masquerade?


While both games are great in itself, they're by far not fallout experiences. DA:O even less than V:tM,


jesus christ is every fucking post about gushing or whining about new vegas? fuck me. change the name of the sub. bye!


I liked Fallout 4 character arc so much, it’s one of my favorite games. I agree with you though, in NV you could completely decide who you were gonna be. Bad, good or somewhere in the middle. The game didn’t force you to choose good decisions or bad decisions. It’s a freeing game.


I’ll admit, the story in 4 is pretty good. Has its flaws, but that’s really when you look really hard into it. A problem I had, however, is the game says “Here’s a spouse, here’s a child. Care about them” instead of giving me a real reason to care. But that’s just me, and I do still love Fallout 4. My favorite part about New Vegas is every option for who you side with seems feasible but no matter what there are glaring flaws with every option to consider, so you have to rationalize which is just the most sustainable option, and you can go about everything diplomatically, in which that has many options, or just full on murder the Mojave. On an unrelated note, I LOVE the scavenging and settlement/base building in FO4 and 76.


For me, I think NV had better writing overall, but the companions were just not doing it for me. I think FO4 had the better companions. They feel deeper, and in general, are more interesting to me. Barring that they are at least more memorable. I have a hard time not romancing Piper every playthrough. Or Curie, she is adorable. Then you have Nick, THE gumshoes of 50's pulled straight from some Noir film. Even Preston is an interesting character, you can see how much the fall of the minuteman has weighed on him. Honestly outside of Veronica and Cass I don't remember much about the companions in New Vegas they never really stuck with me.


Boone, though. But yeah, fair point overall.


I’m not one to poke too hard at storylines, I’m really bad at empathizing with characters that I just ignore/don’t see the problems. However, I totally get that not everyone is like that. You had really good points 😊


You could try far cry 5, blank slate character, beautiful world and fun mechanics. The only real people to care about are the residents of the gamr and you may grow to care for your companions or not


I actual played a LOT of Far Cry 5, but it doesn’t fill that itch for me. It doesn’t have the choice in which New Vegas does in my opinion, but I do really like Far Cry 5 though, just for different reasons.


Ahh ok, well borderlands may work for you but I'm certain it's already been recommended


Same thing for me with Far Cry, love Borderlands but it’s not the type of RPG I’m looking for.


I really hate 4’s story specifically because of how predefined your character is. Want your character to be gay? Too bad, they’re bi/pan at best, and shoehorned into a heterosexual relationship at the beginning. Want to decide your character’s occupation for yourself? Too bad, they were a soldier (if male) or a lawyer (if female)... which is odd since previous games have shown the pre-war military had plenty of female soldiers. New Vegas at least had both genders be a courier, and being a courier pretty much justifies a huge range of skillsets because anything that can help you get from point A to point B in one piece is useful. Think your character wouldn’t want kids, or else wouldn’t be a responsible parent? Too bad, you have a son, and your character worries about them constantly when you’re doing the main storyline. You don’t even get to imagine what your character sounds like *or* get as wide an array of responses in dialogue because they put voice acting in the game - both limiting dialogue to cut down on voice acting costs and forcing you to be stuck with a voice that might not fit what you envision for your character (the unmodded game doesn’t even let you change the pitch of your voice, for god’s sake). Regardless of how you feel about the storyline, it is worse as a choice-driven RPG than previous games because it’s so restrictive regarding such major choices. EDIT: Seeing the karma on this fluctuate a bit. To the people downvoting, my point is that if they were that determined to define those major aspects of the character, they should have just made a singular predefined and predesigned character that everybody plays, and then just give the game a subtitle rather than making it a numbered entry in the series. I wouldn't care if I was playing Nate or Nora Lastname and they actually felt like a fully realized character, I just don't like having a half-mine half-theirs mess of a character.


I agree with your point, and NV (although initially disliked), became my favourite entry to the series. However, with the Lonesome Road DLC you lose your “blank slate” as your character has been a courier for some time. I don’t mind too much, but if you’re going to cite Fallout 3 as not being a blank slate character, I think you can’t have NV as one either (although to varying degrees)


Outer worlds was made by most of the same team, plenty of skills and numbers, attribute system akin to special, you can use the shitty little spacers choice pistol from the time you get it to the time you stop playing, or you can avoid any kind of fighting whatsoever with your hacking/stealth/social skills. If you're ok with dystopian space sci-fi. They took everything people liked from new vegas, froze it, shot it into space, and left it there for doc brown to find and thaw out. Maybe this game isn't the best choice, but it is spacer's choice.


You've tried the best, now try the rest!


Nostalgia is a big factor aswell


New Vegas is lightning in a bottle. For the next Fallout, all I'm hoping for is something closer to 3 than 4.


See, I really don’t think that it is. I just think people need to work out what made New Vegas work so well. A lot of people focus on the writing. And I think that was certainly a big part but I’d argue it was depth of the mechanics. And the consistency of the world. I think if someone could figure out the mechanics. And write a passable story that had consistency and and plenty of choice then they could make another “New Vegas” If I could code I would love to experiment with a smaller mod. Make 1 small wasteland town. Nothing big and nothing crazy. Then try to figure out out the guns and dialogue and story telling, then go back and make the evil play through Maybe put a couple of smaller dungeons etc... And just keep tweaking based off of feedback until you’ve got the formula worked out. But I’m not a coder so oh well.


There are coders who can't write or design. Contact a modder In Nexus and suggest a partnership. There are writers, graphic designers AND coders on most major projects.


I got my first copy when I was 10, in 2010. And all these years later, I play through atleast one full deep play through a year. The only other games I’ve put that kind of time into is COD and GTA 5, but that’s purely for the online with friends. My second favorite game though, is RDR2 because that game is very amazing


You should try Wasteland 3. Really good game


In a way, I don't want New Vegas to be attempted again. Like the mechanical elements that are solid yes, but the whole vibe with the genre mashing and wild characters and fun and gripping storyline, it's just so unique and weird. I love it for what it is, and know that even though it can never be recreated, that it will always be there to love.


I just made post like this I get it


It hasn't come out yet but [Atomic Heart ](https://store.steampowered.com/app/668580/) looks promising to me. It's definitely more action oriented than the fallout games and I don't know if we can tell how in depth the rpg elements are yet, but I'm hoping it'll be a mix between fallout and bioshock in terms of feel.


To be honest I've never played anything but FO4. My stepfather used to play New Vegas all the time but I never played, just watched him. Would New Vegas be the next suggested game? I normally play on PS4 but I'll be buying my next Fallout game on PC.


Try Enderal


I feel you, but I feel that way about Skyrim instead. I only started playing Fallout because people said it was Skyrim with guns, but yeah nothing appeals to me the exact same way Skyrim does and I've exhausted the shit out of that game at this point.


Pathfinder Kingmaker is the first game to surpass Fallout NV in a long time, imo. It's not similar, but to be it's a better RPG. Nothing else has come close. It's probably my favourite game since Baldur's Gate 2.


I had to come to this conclusion when it came to Halo 3. However, I’m alright with that as its my favorite game of all time. I don’t compare games to it, because I would consider it unfair. Everyone has that game that clicks with them. They can often go back and play it anytime they want. I think where we get into trouble is when people start expecting other games to be equivalent or better than the already established masterpieces. While yes, I would love a new Halo game to be as good as Halo 3 I don’t expect it to.


The weapon mods don't get mentioned enough. A longer barrel increases damage, not a reciever. Looking at you Fo4


"Good ol days". Every generation has it. A time where nostalgia makes it impossible to ever obtain a similar experience because that experience is remembered in a deceptive (positively) way. I'm honestly not sure why Bethesda refused to play into this nostalgia and give us a remaster/remake of NV or even F3. New Vegas also had a lot of good DLC, and people have remembered it as that definitive version. It's why I didn't really like the criticism of F4 initially, comparing the final F3/NV versions with several DLCS to the base game of F4. Both F3 and NV base games were improved by DLC. Now, F4 had only one GOOD dlc so now it's more comparable. Anyways, yeah, it's kind of like the boomers ranting on and on about their childhoods being the superior childhood.


>Want a strong moron who can barely form a sentence but can smash anything in their way? Go for it. It is a completely doable, and fully realized option. Is it? You can drop your Intelligence and Charisma both to 1 and no sentences will change, you only get a handful of extra you will likely miss because they are so well-hidden. You hit the wrong dialogue with Caesar and you enter a complex ideological debate with him. In fact, 98% of your human interactions will see no change whatsoever, let alone sprouting barely-formed sentences like in Fallout 2. >Another problem I have with the Bethesda entries is that after 200+ years after the Great war, the entire world won’t still be in shambles. New Vegas really flips this around: New Vegas has every reason to be almost-intact and a highly developed city state on its own right, yet it is in shambles because... reasons, I guess? >I don’t like games where you’ll keep finding the same exact weapon, just slightly higher stats every time. Huh? The New Vegas weapons are literally the exact same weapon just slightly higher stats. Or not even slightly higher stats, just the same stats in a reskin. The best example is the lever-action rifle line that is literally the same weapon three times but with slightly higher stats.


Even the Outer Worlds, which was advertised and hyped up as a spiritual successor to New Vegas, didn't live up to it. New Vegas is the high water mark for western RPGs and we probably won't see anything like it again. Especially considering you can't get a game made now unless you can make it accessible to the average 6 year old.


There is, a remake version of it using FO4 game engine that will recreate the New Vegas wasteland and hopefully make it larger than before. If it allowed integration with some mods from Nexus mods I would recommend they do the Weapons of the New Millenia mods. A few others would be mentioned but I'm sure it would be obsolete to them


I mean, there are good RPGs out there. Mass Effect for one. While Andromeda sucked Donkey Balls, the OT is absolutely epic. And while your character isn’t a total blank slate, Shepard is damn near a blank slate. Outer Worlds is also pretty sick, a lot shorter than Vegas, but it’s a solid RPG with similar mechanics and made by the same people. Skyrim is also a game with a blank slate character and an absolutely impressive RPG progression system. Then there’s other games and genres with roleplaying elements like Stellaris, and once Cyberpunk finally becomes playable i can imagine how impressive it’s gonna be. New Vegas was a masterpiece. But there are games out there that are pretty solid as well.


>Another problem I have with the Bethesda entries is that after 200+ years after the Great war, the entire world won’t still be in shambles. That's explained though. DC was nuked hard and is now full of super mutants and other awful critters. Even then, there's some signs of civilization like Megaton and Rivet City and the Citadel. And the Commonwealth was working on establishing a working government until the Institute interfered and killed the leaders. The Institute is keeping the Commonwealth from being able to establish an NCR type nation.


Guys it is a great game but move on god damn


ikr, I’m a huge FNV fan but this is crazy. FNV is not the best game ever. I’ve seen better RPGs


ikr. Jeeezus I don't get these karma whoring nostalgia posts. Why do they keep getting so many upvotes?


I feel that way about 4


I'm gonna say it: Play Morrowind.




The outer worlds isn't that bad. It's at least has the same humor. I haven't finished it yet because I don't have time for many games right now but I played the first act and liked the premise thus far. Where I think it falls short is the combat and ui system. Sadly, I agree that New Vegas may never be matched again.


New vegas' second act fails because of the blank slate. And even then the courier is not a blank slate. There are many things predefined about the courier. Specifically the divide. Skills in new vegas are an outdated system. Leveling up medicine by 3 points does nothing. Same for every skill. This is more noticeable in science and lockpicking. Something Bethesda fixed with their perk system. The moron isn't consistent and barely anyone reacts to it (if you want a strong person but low intelligence it's still possible in fallout 4 and 3). 200 years later and no, there won't be full nations everywhere. Fallout 3 had a reason why it was in shambles and the whole goal of the main quest was to help bring a possible civilization to the wasteland. Fallout 4 has cities and was going to have a government before the institute killed them. Bethesda isn't just treating it like what you say it is. Fallout 4 and 76 haven't changed lore. They did retcon. Something new vegas also did. The difference is new vegas *actually* changed lore.


It's good to see legit criticism of NV in this sub. The game has a number of significant flaws, some of which you point out, that are handwaved away by the fans. I have no problem if someone legit likes NV but the level of effusive praise it gets borders on religious euphoria especially for a game that is so monotone, not just visually but textually as well. I don't get it. Best I can figure is that the 4chan wing of this sub have successfully created a cult of personality around this game and adoration for it makes them feel part of something greater.


What's funny is how when new vegas came out everyone hated it. It had a buggy launch rivaling 76, it was unpopular to like it, and now here it is. The "best" game ever created and "best" fallout game ever. It's ironic when you realize how many people who won't get 76 a second chance after launch are new vegas fans.


Dude, I remember! I was lurking on reddit when there were posts about NV. I remember one front page /r/gaming post with a Youtube video that mocked Matt Perry's voice acting in NV. I have a pet theory that the launch of Skyrim in 2011 set off a concerted effort to undermine everything Bethesda while trying to shift focus to NV. So whenever there was a positive post about Skyrim the comments would all be the same copypasta "wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle" over and over again from multiple accounts all saying the exact same thing (oh and the 'Todd lied' bullshit about mountains and Oblivion), same wording. That for me is the smoking gun that 4chan was trying to grassroots a hate mob for Bethesda and their games and it just continued from there. You could also see it in the wake of the Fallout 4 announcement, they literally did CSI "zoom ins" of the trailer to parse out as much negative buzz from it as possible. Bethesda lives rent free in their heads 😂


>A blank slate character, someone you can project a story and even backstory on because they’re not already made. This is my biggest problem Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and the Witcher. Except the New Vegas dlc gave the Courier the most backstory of any Fallout character.


>>Except the New Vegas dlc gave the Courier the most backstory of any Fallout character. Which dlc, because the only dlc that has a "backstory" is the one where it telling a story of how the courier was doing his job and unknowingly delivered a bomb...and that's not much of a backstory.


You forgot the parts of that dlc that detail how the Courier is from New California, hasn't been east of the Mojave, worked the Big Circle trade route decades ago, worked for the NCR, founded a trade route between NCR and the Mojave that led to the creation of the city of Hopeville, *then* unknowingly delivered a bomb, then continued to the Mojave where they got a job at the Mojave Express until the events of FNV.


Uh how are you not a blank character in F3? You literally start playing as a baby lol you are a NV fanboi i get that, just don't talk about F3.