Reno fragments

Reno fragments


Yep, game won't let me convert him to fragments either.


Reno, due to being an event only NVA, is locked to not be fragmentable. Like UW Edel and Charlotte & Physalis before him. You must pick up the fragments from the event shop, 20k per 1 fragment.


They do this so it's harder to permanently mess up your awakening process for them. Last thing they want is a flood of support tickets because people accidentally converted both of their Renos and now they can never get their NVA ever again.


So glad this thread exists, cause I thought it was broken. Also never thought I'd say this , but I'm kinda burnt out on ff7 events after all this time


If GL follows JP, Reno cannot be converted. His fragments should be sold by the mog king.


I find it dumb that all units that go to NV cannot be converted why not make it 100% universal. I could farm a little less by converting 1 unit. Sucks i had to come here to find an answer when they should all be able to be converted.


Me too! I came here looking for this same info


So glad I found a Reddit post everyone here has been helpful.


It's because the unit is limited. Gumi doesn't want someone going in to the frag menu and converting their only copy of Reno then throwing a fit they cannot convert it. At least the KM event also goes on for 4 weeks to give more time to farm. Add on to that the fact that there isn't anything really energy intensive out for a while. This at least gives you something easy to drain your energy on.


I’m guessing it’s to prevent people who only have one copy of a limited time gift unit from converting their only unit and screwing themselves. But they are too lazy to allow it when you have more than one.


yeah I should have not spend the currency for the prism :S


Well his STMR is a budget guts accessory although not as reliable as Lucid lense


I have many guts option now though




Oddly Fenrir Edel was the same in JP but apparently they changed her in GL


And if I recall correctly, there was a lot of to-do about that, since people accidentally fragmented her and were lamenting that they weren't able to get additional copies of her STMR and such. There was also some kind of error or something if you fragmented her as well. Anyway, TLDR, they probably did it on purpose this time with Reno since the UWU Edel experiment failed.


So even if he has a nva he can't be converted to fragments ?


Nope. He is a special case.


There are enough free fragments to EX3 him: 200 in the MK shop and 50 from Lord of the Sewers (the regular one, not the much harder EXT). He doesn't require any pearls


But requires more farming 😡


Farmable EX3 for future CoW (and actually a useful breaker/tag chainer), I'll take it




Same. I get that we have the fragments but still dumb


Why would you want to convert your old Reno into fragments when the game gives you all 250 for free?


SO the Best way to go with this is just get the fragments from lord of the sewer easy, awaken to NVA our old 7* Reno and farm the other fragments from there, right?


you get 50 from the sewer event and 200 from mog king. If you already have a 7* reno then it is less resources to awaken him to NV. Although its not really a big deal either way.


Yes that's correct


The sewer king gives you enough certificates to buy 50 in the KM shop.


Because 200 fragments is a lot of KM grinding, and 150 fragments is slightly less grinding. And unlike Fenrir Edel, there isn't any point in having two Renos of various EX levels.


The event is also on for a month and there's not much else to spend nrg on.


Depending on how many bonus units you have, currency for 50 frags really doesn't take that long to farm. Especially if you get bonus mobs.


Instant gratification I guess. I don't need 2 NVA Renos personally.


you will have one NVA Reno at EX3 and another at 7*. Sell the 7* if you'd like.


You can get 50 fragments from the Lord of the Sewers first mission.


I submitted a ticket on this earlier. The customer service response was that they are investigating this issue so who knows.


It is intentional, it was like this in JP.


I didn’t read the menu closely and ended up converting my free Reno to a prism…woops lol. I already had a 7* Reno and was trying to convert the free one to fragments. Good to know he can’t be converted to fragments right now. I’ll live with my bonehead mistake. I’ll just need to farm all of his fragments if I really want an EX3 Reno.


You can't convert Reno units to fragments. Instead, awakening him does not require any pearls (even +3)


Well that sucks, Guess I'll just NVA the old Reno from the first ff7 remake event.


Welfare units from previous event couldn't be converted to fragments in JP so i suppose Gumi never intended to change that. The only way to get Reno shards is to fight Abzu (you get 50 there) and playing the event to empty the 200 ones in the event shop.


I needed this. I've been trying off and on to convert him and finally stumbled upon this thread. Really sucks to know that I have fully done Reno but I still have to farm those frags. Ahh well


I wish i knew that before i droped LB pots in my orignal Reno, or is the original reno not fragment able either. As i dont really need 2


Neither can be fragmented.


So what these replies are telling me is that I can convert my old unit that I already loaded up on pots? BS move Gumi.


You cannot convert it. And for a KM event that goes on for 4 weeks, you have plenty of time to farm his shards from it without much effort.


That’s pretty f’n stupid on their part.