19KAC s05E15 - First Grandson. I had to rewatch it after all of the toilet birth talk and I just… I’m sorry.

19KAC s05E15 - First Grandson. I had to rewatch it after all of the toilet birth talk and I just… I’m sorry.


Omg is she in a birthing pool fully clothed


Seriously. You absolutely lose all modesty at the hospital when you give birth. I can't even fathom being at home and being like "I need to cover up". Of course, I also didn't let anyone film it.


Yup. I was naked, ass up in the air, while I was in labor lol.


Yup. I got to the point where I didn’t care who stared at my crotch.


I have fast labors and my last one ended with me naked in the bathroom with a bunch of nurses standing watching me.


I’m imagining the 🧍🧍🧍awkward standing emojis lmao


I also have super fast labours and the last one ended with the midwives turning the corner mid sentence, talking about how it's probably time to move me for delivery, only to find me completely naked in the hospital bathroom's tub, all alone, with another 10 pound human's head outside my body. Zero consideration for any of that on my part. Precipitous births are intense, fetal ejection reflex is so all consuming, it goes from "I'll take a quick dip while I wait for them to come back" to "I'll acknowledge you exist when my vagina stops having a center of attention tantrum, thnx" real quick. Solidarity.


I feel like this needs more context.


short story time pls???


If I was forced to have my birth filmed, I’d also be fully clothed. I wouldn’t want everyone on National tv to see me uncovered but that’s just me.


If I was forced to have my birth filmed it would start with me in full hair and make up in the early hours of the morning talking about first contractions, my husband a little later saying it was progressing well and I'm amazing, then fade to black and a final shot of me looking radiant and glowing cradling my freshly towelled off newborn in a cute swaddle. If the word 'toilet' was mentioned at any point I would be effin and jeffin the whole time so the footage was unusable.


TLC would have no problem cutting your audio and still showing the toilet birth. They have no conscious.


For all the snarking we do for the duggars, I want to hate on TLC even more. They are complicit in all of this bullshit.


Their track record is ABYSMAL too. The Willis Clan, the Duggars, honey booboo, more I’m forgetting for certain. Like maybe do some background checks before signing families up for National tv?


Don't forget the allegations that one of the "Little People Big World" boys was molested by someone in production for years. That show is still on the air, too


The little people. I forget their names.


I watched a Muslim couple on tik Tok and they were talking about whether it was necessary to wear a hijab during birth. They said that if possible you ask for female doctors and nurses, but hers was an emergency, so she had a male doctor. They are very observant, but health of mother and baby comes first. It ended with the man saying "if your naked from belly button down, it doesn't matter what's on your head". She did not wear it during labor. Everything the Duggars do is to look pious and holier than though. It so stupid.


I saw that one too! That couple is very sweet. I’ve learned a lot from them.


In movies they always have their "downstairs" covered up with only the doctor looking and I was so naive thinking that was how it was going to be. I kicked all blankets off and didn't give AF who saw my lady parts 🤣


I truly do not know how any of these women manage to keep their clothing on during labor. I only labored without pain meds for a few hours, and god damn everything was annoying and in the way. I am fairly certain I untied the hospital gown and left the back open while I braced against the bed moaning. Modesty isn't a thing when you're in that kind of pain and that focused on getting the baby out. The logistics of wearing a full ass outfit in a birthing pool confuses me so much. Like how are they gonna check your cervix? How are you gonna get soggy clothing off and out of the way quickly when it's time to push?


Whenever I get super bad period cramps (thanks pcos!) the pain makes me so sweaty and hot I can barely stand to have the thinnest oversised tshirt on. I can't imagine that dialled up to 1000 with a dang outfit on! Also you are a rockstar for enduring that much natural labour I could never.


I really don't know why I insisted on holding off on the epidural at first. I only lasted about three hours before demanding an epidural. I'm pregnant again, and this time around I will be getting the epidural at the earliest possible moment. Preferably before the contractions get really nasty. I'm not entirely sure what happens to your brain when you're in labor, but the entire section of it that is dedicated to modesty and giving a fuck just shuts off. In real life, I'm the type of person that gets uncomfortable showing skin above my knee or a bit of cleavage. I also feel very private about all bodily functions. In labor? I would have let the damn janitor see my vagina if he asked. Did not give a single fuck about anything. Hell when the anesthesiologist came by to give the epidural I damn near ripped off my gown and flashed him my entire ass before he could even say 'hello'. At a few points during pushing, nurses and doctors were coming/going. I knew you could see my vagina on display from the hallway where other patients, visitors, and hospital staff were. I did not give a fuck.


What happens is that you go into a kind of instinctual animal state. It’s crazy. Nearer to transition and pushing the moaning really does sound like a wounded animal.


I hung out in the shower for a while at the hospital and that's when I transitioned into starting to push... my husband sat outside the shower and said the noises I made scared him more than anything else!


The shower was the BEST for pain management during my labor. Baby was born in the tub but if I could go back in time I would have just squatted right there in the shower. Thankfully, I wasn’t being filmed, so my comfort was actually taken into consideration.


The shower was the best! I had complications which resulted in being forced to labor in bed while laying down (baby's stats dropped when I stood up for a while) for most of my labor but they let me shower towards the end when everything had stabilized and it helped so much! I was mad they pulled me out to push lol


Idk if this was part of it for you but I feel like there's a weird shamey culture around wanting pain meds during birth. Like it's 'more natural' to do it med free, which is true, but it's also more natural to pull a tooth without anaesthesia. Medical misogyny seems to think enduring pain is just part of being a woman and it really bothers me! It's crazy how primal Labour is. My friend works as a delivery nurse and apparently they can tell its time when the 'mooing' sounds start. It's crazy to me that anyone should be expected to give a fuck when they're literally pushing a human being out of them. Congrats by the way on baby 2!


I'm pregnant with my first and this is exactly how I feel. There is literally no other medical procedure where we would champion someone for doing it without pain management. No one would ever say "yes doc, please do my open heart surgery while I'm fully awake with no meds". And if they did they'd be told they're nuts. Hell most people would gladly get a local for stitches, but suddenly I'm expected to push a whole ass human out of me with no pain meds... Yeah no thanks. I will be getting that epidural asap. Sure "women used to give birth at home/in fields" yeah and they often died. "Women used to do it without epidurals" uh huh, and I bet if you went back to that labouring mother in the 1800's and said you had something to take the pain away she would have jumped on it no questions asked. We've made medical advancements for a reason, it's no badge of honour not to use them.


For sure the mom shaming culture was a huge part of it. You’re made to feel weak and selfish for wanting pain meds. There’s a whole culture of praising martyrdom in motherhood and shaming moms who choose “easy” ways like pain meds, formula, sleep training, or even pumping milk. If you’re not making yourself uncomfortable or miserable, you’ve made the wrong choice. It’s majorly messed up. But 10/10 for epidurals. I will be pre-ordering mine to have on standby before I go into labor this time (I wish that were actually an option).


I'm really seeing this as a first time mum to be. Women are posting in first time groups worrying about taking a Tylenol for the week long migraine they've had, or taking Zofran/Diclectin some other anti-nauseant because they can't keep water down. There's this whole culture/ideal that once you have a baby inside you, you, your comfort, and your preference no longer matter. I'm not advocating for going out and getting drunk every night during pregnancy, but there's a line. You shouldn't have to be miserable all nine months because you're afraid a Tylenol is going to hurt baby. Or avoid eating that one toasted Subway sandwich because deli meat is the devil. That salad is probably more likely to give you listeria, and if you want a damn mcflurry go get it. You don't have to sacrifice literally everything you enjoy because you're pregnant. You're still human and you still deserve some semblance of normal.


The logistics of a wet huge tshirt is just outside my comprehension lol they are just so clingy and heavy like those aprons they put on your torso for X-rays lol. And she changed too into the gray shirt she delivered in (likely to be in dry clothes) but she could’ve come up with something not so overbearing. I will say I was very surprised it wasn’t a blue Jean skirt, which also sounds awful. The one she’s wearing appears thin and not to heavy at least.


Lmao my mom filmed it and I was butt ass naked! I didn’t give a fuck by then.


My sister in law saw EVERYTHING at the hospital and i still dont care. All modesty goes out the window that that point lol


Like...she’s having her birth FILMED, and she still cares enough to labor in a birthing pool in a whole ass skirt. I do not understand these people.


Honestly, that can't be safe.


I’m guessing she was forced to be fully dressed by boob, meech, and the producers


We had a student nurse on her first day of OB rotation at my youngest’s birth (literally born 15 mins after her shift started). She was traumatized. I was there for it and couldn’t stop laughing. Enjoy the show.


I feel her. I had to watch a birth in nursing school and it was literally the second worst experience of my life


Same. I had to watch one in school over 25 years ago and I can still see the woman’s skin just snap and tear like a rubber band.


Wow, a description I didn't know I never wanted to hear


Sometimes I really struggle with the decision to not have children. This comment reminded me I made the right choice. Thank you.


Same here!


Literally. Just shadow an OB nurse if you’re doubting lol


Same. I involuntarily squeezed my knees together and did a kegel when I read that.


I remember when I observed a c-section. The baby's head coming out of the mother's abdomen looked like something from the movie Alien.


My daughter doesn’t want to be pregnant just for that reason. I told her with her bad kidney she’d probably be high risk and a c-section. That’s how she was born. Lol. She said she’d rather adopt. I said we’d love any child of hers. We don’t care what it looks like!


I still think c-sections sound less traumatic than regular birth.


Recovery wise (physically and emotionally), the csection was WAY more traumatic actually. But having had one of each, and even as someone who would strongly prefer to have another vaginal birth, I still have not and will not watch a vaginal birth even though I have watched a ton of csections. I don’t need that in my life.


Interesting! I have had surgery, so it sounds less scary to me, but I think I might adopt a baby if anything. I just can't abide the idea of pregnancy when it comes to myself.


I had a vaginal birth and while pushing, the nurse asked me if I wanted her to hold up a mirror so I could see the birth. I was like FUCK no!


I've had 4 vaginal births. I've never seen a single vaginal birth, not even through a mirror, and unless my daughters or daughters in law want me to, I have no plans to ever see one.


Lol I made my husband cover up the blanket warmer that was directly across from me so I wouldn’t see my reflection in it. However, my first birth I was v v high on whatever they gave me before I got my epidural that I pulled my kid out, Kourtney Kardashian style.


I had a c-section and couldn’t wait to see my daughter. She was in the NICU for a week and I was out of bed as quickly as I could be. Had to just see her and stare!!!


Yeah, I had a c section and I’d rather watch that tbh.


Can relate. For me it was the first assisted delivery. First birth I ever attended too, they had me on leg holding duty. Episiotomy, vacuum, and forceps. Not only was it a rubber band situation, but with like 20 straight minutes of vacuuming a baby out, the seal breaking and misting the room with blood, baby slipping back up, repeat. On a loop. Poor thing still needed stat surgery and baby didn't tolerate the process well at all. I swear, if I wasn't already a mother that would have done it for my uterus. Patient thanked me later for being so calm and supportive, which I heard as "I definitely didn't notice you using the clock above my head as a focal point when your vision started tunneling and ears started ringing".


Pretty sure my uterus just sewed itself shut


I feel like I'll keep my legs permanently closed from here on out, thank you very much.


I had to get stitches after both of my births and that's something I didn't need to picture. 😮


Dude my perimeum ripped a little too and I don't think I cringed as hard during the actual experience as I did reading your description. Jesus.


Only time I wanted to pass out was watching a birth in clinicals. I’ll take an gsw before I deliver a baby. I sure as fuck didn’t want to watch my own in the mirror.


So did I! She was early in her nursing school career and got to see up close a full episiotomy.


I'd like to heartily thank the producers, camera crew, and editor for making sure we all knew about that nap. Bravo, my friends for preserving that dickbaggery.


I feel like at this point 100% of all video of Pest is preserved dickbaggery


This. So much. I tried watching "14 Kids and Pregnant Again" and couldn't handle his smug face.


I’d like to heartily thank you for introducing me to the word dickbaggery.


Pest has Michelle's crazy eyes. The way he's looking at her in what I assume a crotch shot photo is creepy


Yeah that one gave me the heebie-jeebies.


Him sleeping pisses me off even more now that I’ve had my own child. I was in labor for 2 1/2 days before I gave birth and my husband only slept when I did because he wanted to be there and support me.


It’s as if J*sh felt he had done so much hard work that he deserved to take a nap after how much he had toiled. Meanwhile, Anna had been in actual labor for hours without painkillers trying to push J*sh’s spawn from her body. Anna may be a better person than I because I may have resorted to violence had that been me.


Oh yeah. There’d be a few less than godly words coming out of my mouth if I were Anna.


This pisses me off too. I would slap him so hard he wouldn't be able to sleep for the next 3 days. By the way my ex was sleeping too when my labor started (I was dozing off from time to time due to the epidural). So the nurses came in and woke him up. He immediately was awake and stood up. When he saw all the nurses and instruments he was afraid he was going to faint. So one nurse told him that if he was going to pass out he had do to that somewhere in a corner because they didn't have time for him. 😆 it still cracks me up when I think about her answer.


They made my ex husband lay down on a couch in a corner when he turned green seeing me get an epidural. Then promptly ignored him until he felt like getting back up.


I haven't watched the episode so I don't know the exact context but I'll say, when I was in labor at the birthing center the doula told my husband to nap. I was in the tub and don't want anyone to mess with me when I'm laboring. It didn't bother me at all. The real question is HOW he slept because I was not quiet.


Yeah I'm the same. For my first it was 12 hours and I told my husband to nap because I couldn't focus on the labour when he kept touching me to support me. Turns out I like to labour with verbal support only. Or a hand to crush. He refused but after the epidural finally arrived I told him to sleep now because he sure as shit was going to be up for a while later. Then he napped.


Exactly. My husband had a cracked tooth and had been up for over 24 hours but said nothing about the tooth pain and only slept when I had my epidural and was resting.


My husband was incredible when I went into full blown active labor. He helped me move about the room, rubbed my back, made sure I had water, etc. Josh? I bet you he couldn’t have been bothered to get the poor girl a snack.


You couldn’t pay me enough money to have been filmed giving birth. Not a fucking chance.


This is what astonishes me about the Duggars. It's sinful to show your knees, yet having the entire world witnessing your labor is totally cool.


I think Michelle originally did it for the money and then the daughters and daughters in laws were basically pressured into it. I don’t know that they all wanted to.


Right? It’s a birth, not a circus 😂🎪


Michelle’s clown car hoo-ha would disagree 😫


True! 😀🤣


I wouldn't even let my MIL in let alone film the whole thing ☠️ I'm not a parent so I don't have any experience with that but it must've been so horrible. Imagine being in so much pain and then so many people including a fucking camera crew are watching you.


Forget my MIL, I didn’t even ask my mother in. The only people present were my husband and the midwife until it was time to deliver, then a second midwife was called in for safety reasons - the hospital insists two are present, one for mum and one for baby in case anything goes pear shaped. I did not want an audience while I was focusing on birthing. I did consent to having students view my post birth check with my second baby though.


None of the Duggar girls or DIL's were paid either. And JB refused to pay for Jill's medical expenses. That's so messed up.


The one of Josh holding Anna's face as she looks drained and all the others are gathered about looks straight out of Midsommar.


I swear to God, if my husband tried to grab my face like that when I was in labor, he’d be pulling back a stump. I’ve delivered 5 babies vaginally and I absolutely *hate* being touched or breathed on when I’m in pain. BACK THE FUCK UP, PEST.


Yup, my husband was great during my labors but after a certain point even if he was trying to gently massage my back or breathe with me or whatever innocuous, supportive things husbands can do, I would hiss at him to leave me alone and he would scurry away as fast as possible lol. But he was still helpful if I needed a sip of water or some chapstick or him to hold my leg or whatever, there was just always a point where I no longer wanted him doing/saying anything to me unless I specifically asked and he was like "YES MA'AM JUST LET ME KNOW" and then disappeared until I needed him.


Exactly this! I’m the same way and my husband is an amazing birth coach. I just want to murder anyone who touches me or moves wrong around me at a certain point during labor. Lol.


Yes!!! All those people crowding her.., I would have lost it! It was just me, my partner and midwife until it was time to push then about 20 people because I had twins… but no one was up in my space so it was fine 😂


I'd break his arms if my S.O did that while I was in labor.


Bless your servants heart for your holy sacrifice here this was more of a shitshow than I remembered😇🙌🤰🚽


It’s so degrading to Anna: she’s being filmed at her most vulnerable moment so her father in law can cash in on it; Josh takes a nap, because you know, it’s such hard work to be the father; and she gives birth on the toilet. I’m not convinced this is God’s plan for anyone’s life. This episode reminded me why I didn’t get my married and have kids. Thanks TLC!!


I've never seen this episode...why does Anna give birth in the toilet when she has a birthing pool?


She thought she had to go to the bathroom. Either she did, and pooping accelerated the birth and they didn’t have time to move… or she thought Michael was a poop.


Silly Anna. Her husband’s the turd, not the baby.


Commenting solely to amplify this comment.


Bless your servant’s heart


This is the best comment ever!


This bewilders me. One of the first things they tell you at birthing class is that the urge to push feels a lot like needing to poop. This was Anna's second kid, and there were other women there who had experienced tons of labors. Why did no one say, "oh, that means it's time to push!" instead of moving her to the toilet??


No one wanted to clean up birth pool poop. Make the laboring mom move in gawd-honoring ways... Kids gotta have somewhere to play this summer, amirite?


What a horrifying experience. If I ever have a baby I want to be in a hospital with lots of modern medicine.


I mean, her husband is a piece of shit…so I can see how there could be some confusion.




It's *so* degrading, and this is an Anna I can still feel sorry for. Turned into a cash cow and a birthing vessel while J*sh naps.


1. There’s no reason he should be on a laptop. His job was not that important. He just wants to seem like he is so busy and important. 4. Looks more like “you better do it” 8. Why do they all have these gross 4 post beds?


I mean…… I can think of a few reasons I may like a 4 post bed but none of them are biblical.


🎶 Every morning there’s a halo hanging from the corner of my girlfriend’s 4 post bed. I know it’s not mine but I’ll see if I can use it for the weekend or a one night stand 🎶 Well there’s Josh’s answer 🤢


Maybe Song of Songs. 😉


Oh yeah lots of good biblical shagging


The only reason I’m not upvoting your comment is so it can stay proudly at 69


Sitting in that circle with all those women probably made him horny. I’d bet he was looking at porn images, not working.


*child abuse images FTFY


I still believe he’s doing nothing important but I checked around the room, most of the dads have a notebook on their lap so I think he just decided to take notes on a lap top.


As someone who’s given birth - seeing her give birth on the toilet means she wasn’t relaxed/comfortable enough to fully push and lean into the ‘push’ sensation that comes until she though she was in private and on the toilet. Too many people, too many cameras - that’s why this happened. I really feel for her. Seems like a stressful experience.


That’s what I thought— like didn’t the midwives tell her that the « pressure » sensation was the baby literally crowning


Yup- it feels like you’re about to take the biggest 💩 of your life. And you have to be ok with that!


Midwives didn't want to clean up the poop. They thought that they could get her to the toilet in time to flush the impending poop. (Not Michael.)


Interesting you say this because a lot of her labour was her trying to push and then saying “it’s not happening” and “I can’t do it”. Like it seemed like she was not talking about the pain - she was talking about the circumstance of having all of those people around


I'm sure it was adding to the stress of labor having all those idiots in there.


baby juices/birth cheese 💀


>cummies for the lord 🙏 😇 😐☹️☹️☹️ ( Happy cake day!!! )


I’m sorry but I’m also not sorry???? 😂🥺 but thank you hahaha!!!!


You’re welcome.


I'll never be able to erase _birth cheese_ from my brain 🤢


Even the blanket he was sleeping under is the color of poop 💩


You’ve heard of JRod’s fecal chair, now get ready for the (redacted) DUGGAR poop blanket


Wait. Fecal chair?!


I would also like to know context for this.


Jill decided that a gaudy-as-fuck giant chair with decorative pillows would be a good idea to put in her bathroom, directly next to the toilet. And you know they probably don’t put the seat down before they flush. Hence the fecal chair.




Deeply upset, but not surprised


Everyone in that class is secretly hating Josh for the computer.


I’ve never seen this episode and this just pisses me off SO much. When my sister was giving birth to her second child, she asked her former MIL to take pictures of the birth so she could look back on them. She didn’t take any pictures or videos with her first birth and she regretted it. Her MIL obliged and took pictures. The MIL asked if she could send pictures of the baby to her side of the family. My sister agreed. The MIL sent pictures of the baby coming out of my sister to EVERYONE IN HER FAMILY. My sister had no clue until after she came home and her SIL sent her a text about how the pictures were surprisingly graphic. My sister was mortified and deeply embarrassed. She noped out of every family event for a year and a half and her MIL was pissed that she was ‘keeping the kids away’. This episode is so triggering because of the whole situation.


Omg the poor thing!!!! My mum .. bless her , was soo excited she took a selfie with one of my twins and didn’t realize until she sent it to everyone that in the reflection of the window you could see me still up in stirrups getting stitched up 😂 hope none of her friends know how to zoom into photos


That’s crazy. Wtf would the MIL think graphic pictures were appropriate?


Baby juices


Anna’s Blessed Baby Juices


This would be a great flair.


It's the wide eyes that sells it.


IIRC, she pretty much said she had to shit and then suddenly had a toilet baby. So blessed.


Nobody will ever convince me that this isn’t disgusting, degrading and misogynistic.


I’m incredibly short-tempered and aggressive in labor, so I fucking *dare* Pest to talk to me like that.


This just affirms that Josh dgaf. I remember my partner being sick and taking care of him and could *not* fall asleep until I knew he was 100% good. To be able to go to sleep knowing your wife is in pain and probably needs some support is something else.


I understand completely. My partner and I are the same. It's like a part of me exists outside my own body. I know the bar is so low for men in this cult, but Josh really is the biggest piece of work. I imagine Joe or Austin being worried sick about their wives and actually supporting them.


Why is he on his laptop…. Now we know.


Why in the fuck would you even bring a laptop to birthing class? What a douche.


Josh Powell did the same...


Not one bit surprised. Also, damn, didn't think I'd ever see a Duggar/Powell crossover.


Despicable. And this was while his wife was supposed to give birth too.


It's not like he got any work to do. He probably just wanted to play business man and felt like this is what super busy people do.


Wtf do Anna and Bella swan look so much a like in this birthing scene? 🤢


Bro is she seriously wearing a skirt in the birthing pool?!??? These people are ducking ridiculous.


Someone should seriously do research to see if guys with giant foreheads are more likely to become narcissists. I dated one briefly and his forehead was big too.


It’s all that ego trying to burst forth out of his frontal lobe Aliens style


Hahahaha! So true. And they always think they are the smartest in the world too. Dated this guy for like a month and saw through his crap. He even admitted to me he didn’t care about anyone when I ended things. It was quite chilling to hear honestly.


This is a really funny correlation


Jesus she looks like she's fucking dying, I wouldn't wish this kind of birth experience on anyone. The "you can do it" screencap is particularly creepy yikes


You can see how much of an asshole he is to her in his face. Something about his expression just makes me want to smack him, this is clearly a man who doesn’t care about the laboring woman


I sort of feel bad for Anna about this toilet birth specifically. She was super young, probably forced by josh and JB to give birth on TV, had zero support besides fake Michelle who's only there to supervise filming, and useless Josh, probably only took 1 birthing class for the sake of filming and was on her own for the birth. She basically delivered the baby herself on the toilet. She couldn't even try to labor comfortably in the pool because cameras were there the whole time.


God, I would’ve hated being filmed while giving birth. My husband kept trying to convince to look at the mirror as I was pushing and I had to yell at him that I was a bit busy, lol. I also hate that the predator went to sleep in the middle of it all. My husband took a nap *after* I had an epidural and was out of pain.


Uh why did your husband want you to look at the mirror? I'm sure there's a reason but out of context it sounds SUPER creepy lol


🤣 I think they mean some people hold a mirror down there so they can watch what it looks like as they push so they can see progress. Helps them visualize pushing better for some people.


So you can see the head. Of the baby.


Lol, out of context it does. But he was so fascinated and wanted me to see our son coming after spending my whole pregnancy saying he was going to stay by my head during the birth. Instead the guy took so many pictures of the delivery (with my okay), and I think part of it might have been a desire to encourage me to keep pushing. My epidural was wearing off and my contractions were irregular so I had been pushing for two hours at that point. The hospital room had a big mirror on a stand with wheels for women who wanted to see, and while I glanced at it and was fine, I was trying to concentrate!


I don't know how you go through all that on camera and think to yourself that you want to go through with it another 6 times.


Lord he was worthless then while Anna is having his child and now he is just a worthless pervo. She had no privacy and I always wonder how much the Boob made off of her giving birth?


I just want to punch pests stupid sleeping face.


Christ on a cracker what a shit show


Lmao. I cackled at “I’m sorry, what’s up?” I really hope that Pestua is signing in or something and nor actually just like “fuck this” and can’t be bothered. That makes me furious. Also, was Josh asleep when the baby was born?


Jill had to wake him up when Anna was crowning!


I hate the thought of constantly living with full-brightness TV lighting rigs in every room, on all the time. It makes everything and everyone look awful. It’s like living inside a Walmart.


That’s gotta be uncomfortable trying to remain modest while giving birth. My 4 month old came at 34 weeks in February and while they gave me a hospital gown I still somehow wound up ass naked with my legs in the air and bajingo out. Not a single fuck was given... that pain is insane so during labor I couldn’t care less what I looked like or what people thought abt my asshole or vuuuggggjeannnn


where are you watching this


"oh, dear good, please" - Me, seeing predator's smug face.


Him being on his laptop was weird at the time but it is super gross and creepy now. We almost need content warnings for pictures of Josh looking at a computer. Yikes


Josh is so repulsive especially when he's trying to act like a normal, loving father.


Is that couch......... is that the birtha couch? Is that Jessa's couch? It's the right color brown, but please someone tell me that's a different ugly brown couch.


Pretty sure it's the same one


There's at least one other look alike.


All those pillows in the crib 🤭


She really said “baby juices 😳”


*birth cheese* Why???


wait.. he took a nap. he really is trash


Yes, two of 3 births on TV


That 4th picture is scary AF... it looks like he's threatening her.


Remember the episode where they were at the zoo looking at elephants and Anna--who was pregnant, again--started to say something about being excited about the baby but also apprehensive about birth since she now knew what she was in for? Josh just instantly shut her down, like "we don't ever talk about childbirth being unpleasant!" These pictures are giving me flashbacks of that horror.


How are you watching this? Like what website? I’ve also been curious about this episode after seeing posts about it


Oh! Easy. https://123movies.page/tv/19-kids-and-counting-28537.717958 Good quality, all free, and as far as I can tell - every. single. episode.


Thank you, I didn’t want to give them any of my money by buying episodes


Happy to help!


It’s been 20 days.... I was on season 6, and went to watch today and it’s all gone. It says the owner either took it down, or it was flagged for copyright. It worked last night.


Wait. Did he kick her out of the bed so he could nap?!


Can I use baby juices as my flair? Lmao


Yes do it




This is so funny