How long is this work capable man going to be unemployed? Asking while I’m on my lunch break.

How long is this work capable man going to be unemployed? Asking while I’m on my lunch break.


Men in the Duggar family don't work, for the most part. I have no idea what they all do all day. Or how they hold their heads up in a fundamentalist culture that teaches husbands should be sole breadwinners.


My family is mostly conservative Catholics, all the men go into finance, oil or like medicine because they're expecting to support 5+ kids. The women usually at least have some kind of degree (teaching, nursing) to fall back on. I do not get refusing to work *and* insisting your wife doesn't work, *and* having a huge litter of kids. Like how irresponsible can you be? If Ginger was a librarian or some shit at least they'd have an income and proper benefits. Ugh they are so gross.


Yes, the few fundies I have known follow the routes you described. Engineering is a big one, too.


At least they don’t belong to a cult that forbids higher education


Not sure if seminary has any similarities to normal grad school, but the family probably lives off of a stipend, like the ones many universities offer. I went to school in a rural area so I couldn’t tell you what the typical grad stipend in a place like L.A is. But their income is is probably a mix of seminary income, sponsorships, and maybe they’ve saved some of the Counting On money. It also helps that they are a family of four that’s not having a new baby each year.


I had a friend whose husband was kind of on that track...getting a master’s in an obscure/religiously-oriented subject. He didn’t work during school, she worked part-time, I think. They started feeding their 6 month old cows milk only because they couldn’t afford formula. I’m a developmental therapist and wanted to cry when she told me this years later. Cow’s milk does *not* provide adequate nutrition to a baby. I get that ppl want to follow their dreams, but if you can’t afford to properly feed your kids—get a job!


They didn't sign up for WIC?


No. They were very conservative and did not believe in “entitlement “ programs. I was so sad that their misguided religious/political beliefs/pride were allowed to possibly hurt their children.


Or wait to have kids until you can afford them!


Just thought of this, but my cousin got a portion of her rent paid when she did grad school in NYC so maybe Jeremys school does that and he gets a stipend for the other living expenses? Because the majority of people attending a seminary are men who don’t believe in women working their pay structure should reflect that, but the bs idea that God provides no matter what has lead to lots of kids not having the food, clothes, shelter, or medical care they need.


Usually those are for students that are being sought after by the university as sort of an incentive to study there or students use their student loans to pay for housing.


My son got his masters in Chemistry from Columbia University. His tuition was paid through a package that included a stipend of $32,000 per year. This type of arrangement is very common in the science sector because a student is usually working in the lab while taking classes. When my son got his degree he switched to law and received a full scholarship as an incentive to stay at Columbia.


I went to a school in NY known for its health and science department and many people I knew who were there for grad school were offered similar type of packages. That’s the only reason I know about it haha. I’ve never heard of it for something like a seminary program.


I had never heard of it either. When my son told us, I thought he was joking. I don’t know anything about seminary programs (thank God), but the two J’s do get out a lot in a very expensive area.


I knew a guy whose father went to seminary, lost his faith, and had no other skills. They were building a house, and it ended up being tents on the foundation. They had five kids!


Hey! Leave Germ and his fake degree alone!


They work in Jim Bob's real estate properties and car dealership.


Provided those are a thing. I don't think Josh sold enough cars to make a living during the past years. If at all. In his bonding hearing, there was no mentioning of a job, and the rules by which he has to abide don't include anything related to earning money.


I agree. If Josh felt comfortable enough to view and download CSA at the car lot, that's a dead giveaway nobody was coming in there. He couldn't have sold much of anything.


I'm sure that Josiah and Joe, who also worked at the dealership, knew what was going on with Josh and the internet.


The car dealership closed after Josh's arrest. I imagine that Jim Bob has been largely supporting Josh and his family for years.


Can you imagine having to ask rim job for a couple hundred to take your family mini golfing? I just imagine that being a constant source of friction, but Boob just muttering to himself about it and handing it over day after day. My guess is Pest is just rim jobs unskilled gofor. Probably does things like mow the grass, bale the hay, "go to the hardware store and get me some more nuts" kinda thing.


Josh probably gets monthly cash payments from Jim Bob.


Apparently they eat all day and post it to social media


They all work in construction. Now, they are building homes


Gross. Can you imagine buying a house and you're driving by to see the progress and you see a herd of Duggar men smelling like hot milk out there framing the house? That kinda ruins the hot construction worker fantasy for me.


I am confused. I thought he was a pastor in Texas. I think there is a joke that went over my head.


You're a few years behind lol. Read up on what Jinger and Jeremy have been up to (hint: they live in LA)


What???? I am so far behind. Here I thought they were a minister's family in a conservative town but they are influencers in LA. Wow






Influencers? More like flatulencers to me!


I think there's very few people who are truly influencers.




I don’t understand how any of them have any money.


I tend to try not to snark on looks but he is an exception: he is not as cute as he thinks he is.


He quit that to move to California so he could putz around in seminary school while spending his days eating and photographing his food when he isn’t too busy curating a collection of various LA hats and fountain pens.


The real question is how in the hell does he afford it all?


Free rent, grift, jinger’s fame/sponsorships, probably had their own contract with TLC, perhaps loans and credit card debt.


Wait. HOW are they getting free rent? Why???


The church associated with his seminary or rather some couple from that church (I think) said they’d let them live there for a year for free. It was on the show where they were looking at different properties with a realtor. I laughed so hard as they pretended to debate which property to go with….the one they’d have to pay for or the free one? As if there was ever a doubt. Hahaha. Anyways, it’s been way longer than a year and they are still there according to their photos. Who knows, maybe they pay rent now. But I doubt it.


They have to be getting help and/or running up credit card debt. My husband makes six figures, I work as allowed (chronic illness), we're childfree to boot, and even we can't afford the "Instagramable" life in nearby Orange County.


Hello fellow chronic illness how are we broke when we make this much money oh right it is south county person


Jinger and Jeremy have their own contract with TLC. The network pays very well.


Do they? I hadn’t heard that.


and sneakers... NIKE!


Something about his crooked mouth bothers me.


The canines. Also whitening gone bad


I just wanna know how they got that picture of him from 5 years in the future.


Dorian Gray vibes


That's the app you DO NOT WANT.


Not to take away from people who actually go into seminary work (not sure the word for it), but as much as this guy posts, he never talks about school. Derrick has full blown finished law school already.


Right? Derrick, who is already an accountant, is now a lawyer, and slimy jermbot is still eating sandwiches and trying on shoes... IN LA.


That was his goal though. I don't believe one second that Germ ever envisioned himself working a regular job. Being an influencer is his ideal job, even though he sucks a it.


I’d like to be a mega influencer if I had anything interesting to post and I was hot. 🤣


Good point.


Seminary is dependent on what denomination you want to pastor in. For instance in the Episcopal church you go through a period of discernment within a diocese before you start the path to becoming a priest or deacon. The deacon at my parish was ordained a priest last night at St Marks Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle. A friend of mine who is Latinx is the postulant at a Hispanic parish in Mt. Vernon, WA. She is doing her seminary classes through the diocese’s Iona School. She also works full time at a restaurant, in addition to her work at the church. She is a Dreamer. Her parents work in the fields as seasonal farm workers. They are an incredible family and when she finally gets ordained not only will her parish celebrate, mine will too.


Thanks for sharing your experiences. It's special people like your friend who want to help others that gives me hope. I wish her well.


Has Jerm finished school? He should have by now. Maybe he “works” in the mega church a few hours a week setting up projectors or chairs or welcome signs or something. 🤷‍♀️


This is A revolting photo.


I regret eating a sandwich for lunch 🤢


He used to be kind of attractive, what happened?


Aging into the face he deserves.




Too many pastrami sandwiches. Edit: On a second look, might be a reuben.


Whatever it is, it looks too much like his lips for my comfort. People wanna talk about lady parts like this, but from now on, I'll just associate it with Jerm's own meat flaps on his face. /dryheave


"jerms meat flaps" - the flair nobody wanted


Accurate. 🤮


Well "if you know, you know"...🤮


People who say that often know very little.


Ha! Agree! 😄


Wait. Is a Ruben not a pastrami sandwich?? I'm shook.


No, a rueben has corned beef


And if it's made with pastrami, it's a Rachel sandwich.




No, the no. 19 is the signature pastrami sandwich at langer’s deli in LA


It’s definitely a reuben my fiancé makes them from there to time . I feel so sorry for that reuben being Germ’s lunch & I know a much far better appreciating stomach than his . Mine.


his mouth is closed.


We got to know him


He’s like “you better eat this sandwich with way too much coleslaw or I’ll mouth breathe on you”. Also that photo of the man behind him kills me 😂


He is holding that sandwich up to the camera very aggressively. It makes me uncomfortable. The man in the photo behind him is so pissed at him!


I legit thought the man in the photograph was another customer looking up in disbelief 😂


I’m dying. Why is this comment so funny


Ha! I can see it now. It could be a mirror if I didn’t know that logically he should be holding a phone in the reflection and not a sandwich. I’ll just assume that he was a time traveling snarker and had his photo taken and placed on the wall behind where Jrmy would eventually sit for this upsetting picture 😂


Thank you, thats an insane amount of slaw


All he does is photograph himself eating things in restaurants and wearing expensive shoes and yabber on about his 200 page book that he wrote with his wife that has no real substance. They live rent free. They own two cars. They have two children. They frequently hire babysitters (though they probably don't pay them).


So relatable!


Does he get some sort of stipend from the seminary? and is it really that much? I have seen some of the most sought after grad school spots which cover room and board and give a modest stipend (in exchange for being a teaching assistant or research). Or do we think Jinger got or is getting some money from Daddy?


i think you are probably right that he is milking jinger for duggar dough somehow


I wonder if they do. Jinger, we know, was likely never handed so much as a dime for any babysitting service. Most people at least have a few times where they might babysit the neighbors' kids and get $10 or $20 for their trouble. Payment for childcare It is probably a completely foreign concept for her.


All I can see is Melissa McCarthy holding the subway sandwich in the end credits of the movie, "Bridesmaids."


Lol “who’s a hungry bear?”


I'm just wondering when the Grace Church people are going to wise up and demand the keys to the house back. He came out to LA on the pretense that he was attending their seminary with the goal of being a pastor. His Duggar connection scored him the house and probably a car. It would appear that he's squandering the opportunity, wasting his time posting pictures of himself wearing shoes that belong on 12 year old feet, eating big unhealthy deli sandwiches, and touting a ghostwritten not very interesting, not at all necessary autobiographical book intended to be inspirational. He's a big, embarrassing phony.


Ronald McDonald called and he wants his shoes back. Lmao


He’s clenching his jaw trying to prove to everyone that he is capable of taking a picture without his Bass mouth gaping open


Isn't he in seminary?


More like ad nauseuminary


Underrated comment




4 years, 1 book


Imagine how much money you save on books each semester of your only book is the Bible.


At a good seminary they're ready dense commentaries on scripture and church history. I can't speak to Jerm's seminary.


He is. I just feel like it’s been a long time. He’s also never discussed (that I know of) what program he’s doing. The degree he said he was obtaining in pastoral doesn’t exist that I see.


I'm not sure what school he's in but the seminaries I'm familiar with have a 4 year M.Div program that require extensive study of languages (Greek, Hebrew and Latin) and theology. I have no idea when Jerm started seminary but if it seems like a long time it usually is.


ewwwwww imagine how much more douchey he'll be if he learns all of those languages? he'll write in those scripts with his pen...


Most seminarians, and thus most pastors, have only a very basic working knowledge of those languages. I think most seminaries only require a year of each, so there is only so much they can squeeze in. Someone like Jerm though is sure to bring it up in casual conversation. He'll learn a couple of greek words from the New Testament and torture everyone with his rudimentary knowledge of them.


There’s an M.Div. on their website designed for people who already have undergraduate degrees “pursuing church or mission vocations which require ordination.” I assume that’s what he’s doing and it takes four years.


We never hear ANYTHING about that...🤔


Who is taking this picture?? Imagine posing for this. And asking another person to take a picture of you holding out your sandwich. These people are reptiles.


It's quite possible that this place makes good food, but this picture makes the sandwich look disgusting. Also, the look on his face turns me right off food, and sex.


If the photographer had focused the lens on the sandwich itself, it might’ve looked a lot more appetizing but instead I assume Jerm is so selfish he insists the focus ALWAYS be on him and if the photo quality suffers, so be it.


I can't be mad. If someone paid my bills for me to take photos of me doing ordinary shit *and I didn't even have to make it interesting* I mean hell yeah.


Right?!? And he thinks he can get away with it because he's so "famous" 🤮


His facial expression looks like he's waiting for someone to stop talking so he can take a dump.


Yes Jerm, we know you suck


Lol acting like he’s an OG Angelino as opposed to someone who’s lived here for 5 minutes. Shut up dude. You don’t know shit.


All those food runs are definitely catching up... Might start seeing fitness influencers coming soon from this pair.


He has a habit of making all food look revolting. Even the food I actually like.


I think it's because he is revolting


Who is raising their kids? Seems like they r out on dates like every day


He's a StUdEnT


The only sandwich he needs is a knuckle sandwich


He looks awful. Seriously, his face looks like my friend's Dad's and he is in his late 50s. I guess all the hate and controlling behavior ages you quickly?


“if you know, you know”. all i know is i’m never going to Langer’s again.


if the $20 latkes weren't enough lol


$20 for LATKES? My moms are, I assure you, MUCH better and WAY cheaper to make… even for a large crowd.


Hey, Trader Joe latkes aren’t bad either. Highly recommend


But I have my own “recipe” from my mom! “Take some potatoes, grate them, add enough grated onion, an egg or two, some flour, make them into patties and fry them until they’re done.” What a recipe. Honestly. So detailed.


Uh oh. Are you sure you want that on reddit? Anyone could steal it.


Sounds like my grandma's recipes! She never uses any ingredient measuring tools besides tsp./tbsp., everything's "just as much as it needs to be". Thanks, grandma (love her)


No baking recipes like that, but anything she makes in a pan on the stovetop doesn’t really have a recipe. When I ask for a recipe, she does them like I said. It’s made me a more confident cook because obviously she never had a written down plan so I don’t need one either.


[https://imgur.com/axUjzEC](https://imgur.com/axUjzEC) true fact.


I mean, they look good… but $12 good (it’s still a restaurant). Not $20.


I'll admit, I would risk venturing into MacArthur Park for Langer's.


Do we know when he is supposed to graduate?


I never really see the ray Romano thing but this picture really does it for me. Great value ray.


Bitch looks like he's in his 50s


It's a sandwich, Karen. Get over yourself.


whatever that food item is makes me want to vomit. all germ seems to do is eat. ugh


That double chin isn't going to grow itsself.


**Boring** P.S. thanks. I hate it.


Why do I feel like he wrote that caption with the biggie Smalls song in mind? Haha


Damn ginger was just a pawn. Date a ditzy “famous” fundie and live off of her. Take her away so nobody questions what they are doing in California. What a lazy f*ck!


My husband works, I work, both of us could retire but we both love being busy, enjoy the fields we're in, and actually feel like accomplished humans. These unemployed, fundie grifters really piss me off.


Make that fucker work! I'm so tired of these conservative layabouts. My Amazon order is late because people like him won't work. Poor me. Poor poor me.


Jing in luck with him working so hard on that early heart attack.


this is the worst pic i've ever seen of him




He must be a terrible student if it’s taking him this long to graduate. He doesn’t have anything to worry about except his weird “school.”


Everything about him makes my skin crawl 😳


He looks more smarmy by the day.


Beyond sick of Jeremy's stupid, endless restaurant posts.


We can all agree that he is creepy, but can we focus on the sandwich for a moment. The proportions are just off and it looks like it’s about to fall apart in his hands in the way back to his awful, smug face. I love me some sandwiches but even the soulless wonder manages to sully it somehow.


I bet whoever owns that shoulder right next to him paid for the meal.


Like Bin, Germ's job is his "ministry." It's a convenient umbrella term that lets him think of his "Hey, fellow kids!" efforts as proselytizing. Everything he does is "ministry" and that justifies others funding his life. There's a shortage of photogenic, fit, and stylishly dressed fundie men (witness the Duggar sons), so they feel obligated to use their "gifts." Say what you will about Bin/Germ; they're smoke shows by comparison. Pricey Viking Meat Feasts for IG? Flashy shoes and clothes? All important moves in bringing sinners to Jesus. I remember JB saying of one of the sons-in-law that he had needed to confirm that he was "serious about his ministry."


on another separate, yet still relevant note, that sandwich looks disgusting. just layers of yuck.


All that iceberg lettuce. Now that’s a crime because California has beautiful produce year round.


We put that trout mouth AWAY!! No one wants to imagine you eating that🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮


Is it on purpose that the man on the photo behind him has a sandwich in his hand too?


I’m thinking he’s being “witty” and posing like the picture behind him. I can’t think of anyone less funny other than the other Duggars/spouses.


I would assume so but I don't know who that is.


If God created your arteries, why do you have to be so hateful towards them?


I bet that sandwich made his breath just delicious /s


NIKE! That much asymmetrical receding hairline is defrauding!


I thought this was Zied from 90 Day Fiance for a sec lol. omg somebody help me, I watch too Mach reality tv


God he’s so douchey. Obviously he acts almighty with Jinger but the same with his followers 🙄🙄


AnYoNe CaN mAkE hIm A sAnDwIcH


Are they living off money from the show at this point?


TLC money probably pays more than I will make in a lifetime.


I don’t know. What am I supposed to to kNoW?!


The fatphobia in this thread is really popping out hmmm




Yeah. Yikes.


Why couldn’t they at least get the sandwich in focus and keep him a little blurry lol 🤮


Maybe b/c it's dinnertime, but that sandwich looks really good...


He has put some pounds on, for sure.


When did he lose his pastoral job?


When was the last time he was employed? It didn’t stop him before.


That’s a dang good looking sandwich


Notice how the camera is focused on his face instead of the sandwich. 🥴 To be fair, I’m not interested in either.


Holyshlomy pants - his mouth is closed! Never thought I’d see the day!


He does work…as an influencer. I’m sure someone paid him to post that sandwich


He’s in school? I’m no Duggar apologist, but he’s attending school and also doing sermons, plus the book they wrote. I don’t see him as a slacker, especially compared to some of the other Duggars/spouses.


Yeahhh he did not write that book. He told some anecdotes to an actual writer who wrote the book.


Fair but regardless... he’s bringing in money. Work smarter, not harder 😉


Dying to know where in L.A they live


Wow, he closed his mouth for once.


Even the old man in the photo behind him is complete over his sh!t.


He's hoping to make big bucks on the book he wrote with his wife?