how did none of them die?

how did none of them die?


I mean, this tragedy did happen to the Plath family for these very same reasons - lack of adequate supervision. It's extremely fortunate that none of the Duggar or Bates kids didn't at least injure themselves badly.


I’m a bit new to all of this, what happened to the Plath family?


The mom accidentally ran over a 2 (maybe 3?) year old.


Oh god - I wouldn't wish that on anyone. That's horrific.


Omg!!! Lack of supervision ?


Joshua He was about 17mths old and she thought he was with the group of children to the side of the driveway when she went to move her suburban but he was loose and and darted out, she backed over him killing him instantly in front of all 7 children. Doesn’t seem like lack of supervision in a negligent sense but more like a high volume of small bodies for an overwhelmed frazzled young mother, she was basically outnumbered to keep up with them. Very sad and tragic story. Didn’t keep her from having more children of course


That's heartbreaking :(


Did she already have 7?


Counting him there were 7 children in 2008. Issac is like 14mths older than him or something near that. The 3 little girls then came close to each other starting in 2010.


No he was in a car seat on the ground iirc


Do you know where you heard that? She says differently on the show.


Yeah I also definitely remember the story being that he ran out in front. Where did you hear that he was in a car seat?


I must be misremembering. I don’t know where I got the idea but looking for a source it seems that I am incorrect. Sorry!


So then yes, a lack of supervision.


And she pulled forward into him. She was dragging fruit trees around the property according to her story.


That's a big accusation for an IIRC. Can you find a source because on their website, he darted towards the vehicle when she thought he was elsewhere.




Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger. They did it. They kept everyone alive.


Guardian jangels


Jangels 😂😂😂


Yellow Cardigan Guardian Angels






I don’t know how to add fair but when I figure it out, mind if I use this?


I often think that it is surprising given the large number of off-spring (the Bates family too) that none of them have had any serious medical conditions (I know one of the Bates girls has limited hearing but I am talking illnesses). What annoys me is that rather than realise how lucky they are, they will see it as a result of them being rewarded by God for being so Christ-like. Argh!!!


They *really* lucked out with the lack of medical issues in their children. Seriously, the odds were not in their favour.


I know. I wouldn't wish any medical condition on any child. I have a child with a life limiting illness and it is incredibly hard. However, I cannot stand the utter arrogance of them. I am so pleased Jadon pulled through. According to them he pulled through because of God. As did preemie Josie. Absolutely nothing to do with the medical professionals and pure luck then? Argh!


Also parent of a child with a life-limiting illness. <3 I do think the kids do have minor issues that were simply ignored. It's easier to not notice a speech disorder\\delay when everyone around you sounds like they can't string a sentence together. Josie simply lucked out with the minimal early intervention.


This is a point. I’ve had an autoimmune issue since birth, possibly more than one, and my mothers response was to just make me deal with it. Unless I had a high fever, a severe rash, or trouble breathing it was just pull it together and get through the day. Because of that I have a bad habit of downplaying illnesses or outright denying that I feel sick because I knew it didn’t really matter (and i always feel kinda sick). I imagine the same goes on in these large families; it’s not that none of them are sick or have issues, they probably just got used to it being ignored and just deal with it.


Grr, I'm sorry. That sucks. I hope you've been able to get the care you need!


>Josie She had a fair amount of early intervention - she was very premature, and spent months in and out of the hospital.


Not luck, amiga. They’re ✨prayer warriors✨


Damn. So that’s where I went wrong? My son will die before his time because I’ve not been praying all my life? Who knew? Just think of all the medical conditions that will be eradicated if we all just pray.


T’s and P’s y’all (Thoughts and Prayers)


Tots and prayers


Ugh! I hate that term so much! I first heard it at a fundie funeral (I was there in a support of the deceased daughter, who still has strong faith but thankfully none of the judgement). It was the dumbest thing I’d ever heard of. Apparently there’s a quote somewhere in the bible. Don’t remember exactly which one but after the funeral, I pretty much was in danger of pulling a muscle in my eyes from all the eye rolling on my way home.


Even Addee Bates’ gearing issued weren’t really a product of her unbringing. She was born slightly early but from my understanding she caught beta strep right before or during delivery which cause health issues due to the infection including her to stop breathing. The lack of genetic, birth defects, or accident related issues is amazing. Especially when you figure the two families together are 42 people!


On the other hand good prenatal and newborn care will general prevent complications from Strep B. Not necessarily her upbringing but a product of her parents poor choices.


Yeah, I was going to say. I almost died because of Beta strep. Had about a 10% chance to live. They pumped me full of so many meds I didn't have a sniffle until I was 4. But I was born in the mid 80s and if it had been a couple of months later, there was a shot developed. Watch these people tell my parents anything. What they wouldn't have given for the chance to do a test and a shot! At this point, it's so completely preventable. Some things in the medicalization of birth are excessive, but you're nearly literally throwing out the baby with the bathwater to outdo each other for the least medical intervention. At least Jessa has resigned herself to a hospital coming up. Shouldn't have taken this long, but better late than never.


The arrogance that a lot of holy people have because they think having an illness, misfortune, or being poor means you have wronged the Jesus. My SIL is stunned when a small misfortune befalls her bc the Jesus should be protecting them from obvious poor decisions.


It’s the arrogance and the I am better than you attitude that drives me so so so far away from religion. Most of the ‘Christ like’ people I know are atheists!


I have an aunt who went from druggy biker party chick to full blown alt-right Christian psychopath to the point that she denies the first 30 years of her life never happened. She was diagnosed with cancer and is so so bitter and ugly that god would allow this to happen to her. She’s still super deep in her beliefs but there is a coldness and meanness in her now that’s just really sad.


Josie has some issues. She has a history of seizures and may have a learning disability, also she looks really tiny and undersized. I saw a pic of her next to Tyler and even though they were only a year apart she looked half his size.


I definitely agree, and also I really want to think that the sister moms had a bigger role in this than we might think. There were 4 oldest sisters in the thick of it on a daily basis and that definitely helped. Plus I’m sure the girls had a lot of love for the kids they raised. I bet there were many close calls though.


GIVE IT UP FOR THE SISTER MOMS!!! 🙌🏼 And some luck.


And the Lord Daniel!


Wait.. who? I’m missing something. I keep thinking of Daniel Keller and I’m not sure that’s who you mean haha.


Another prominent female fundamentalist wrote that she and her husband had witnessed to a young man named Daniel, and led him salvation. While evangelizing might’ve been one of her strengths, composing a grammatical sentence was not, as when she recounted the story, she stated that “I led a young man to the Lord named Daniel.” , rather than “I led a young man named Daniel to the Lord.” This was the birth of the Lord Daniel reference, aka the Lord named Daniel.


Grammar. It’s important. Haha.


The scream that was heard on the show was dubbed in after. Not saying there wasn’t one, but it likely wasn’t as loud as on the show


Yeah, it’s an adult woman’s stock scream, haha.


I was also shocked that considering Michelle's AMA they didn't end up having any kids with down syndrome or other problems that increase with age considering how many they had


When people hear that the risks increase for developmental and congenital disabilities like Down syndrome in geriatric pregnancies, what’s often unsaid is that the risks go from 0.5% of pregnancies to 1% of pregnancies after the age of 35. Sure, it’s technically a 100% increase in risk, but still very minimal overall.


She had Josie at 43 or so, at that age the chances are 1 in 45, so a bit higher but not that high.


I’m sorry but what is the orchestra pit incident?


Jason fell 10+ feet down into an orchestra pit from a stage they were rehearsing on. He wound up not being too seriously injured - IIRC some lacerations and a couple broken bones, but he could have broken his neck.


Michelle and pest calmly filmed it with their phones instead of rushing to help or seeming concerned.


Oh my god what the hell. They were probably thankful they got it on camera, makes for some good tv in their mind


There was a clip the other week that had them following Jason's stretcher out and Meech was being filmed SMILING as she kept up with it. Like, what the heck?


She was smiling like they were going out for ice cream. It was so disturbing to me.


Broken teeth


You and I have very different definitions of severely injured... I’m pretty sure he was unconscious and a couple of broken sounds pretty serious to me.


And the next time anyone brings up Jason/Hilary, here's a good reminder of why he needs her motherly presence in his life!


Ok. I didn’t pay attention to the Duggars for a little while. Guess I missed the orchestra pit. Story please? Edit: found it. https://youtu.be/93x0LIEHvj0


A lot of children grew up that way before the 2000’s hit and children had to be watched all the time. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that kids are more supervised now, I just think a lot of people probably had similarly independent childhoods. I think kids look out for each other, even outside of the role of sister mom. I am surprised there aren’t more medical conditions that they are open about. I know Josie is lactose intolerant, but in a group of 19 children you would think there would at least be more food allergies or asthma or other common ailments that you see amongst children.


so true - I was an only child growing up in the 90s and can think of so many situations that I am surprised I survived. like running around outside unsupervised was the norm.


Oh, no question. I had an averted drowning incident in about 1998(?) when I was about four years old, despite the shallow water and my armbands—my 12 year old godmother/babysitter and her 10 year old sister took me swimming at the community pool with nary an adult guardian in sight 😖 That would definitely not fly today.


Asthma and allergies are often hereditary so if Neither Meech nor JimBob have any, the chances of their children having them is pretty low.


Yeah it wasn't uncommon to go outside to be with your friends in the morning and not go home till the streetlights came on. They now call this free range parenting but before 2000 this was just the norm. Those were the best times of my life. If someone got hurt a friend would run and get their parents. Stranger kidnappings are also extremely rare, even in the 80s when violent crime reached its peak in the US.


Stranger kidnappings are still extremely rare - they just feel more common because of the 24hr news cycle and social media presence.


My mom’s cousin and my dads next door neighbour were both kidnapped, raped and murdered so I was raised with that being a very real feeling danger. My mom was probably too honest about it when I was small as a way to scare me from wandering too far. Kids in my area play outside in packs starting at age 2/3 and I’m just not comfortable with that with my kids yet (they’re only 5 and 7 though). I know it’s rare but it’s sort of a generational trauma I’ve grown up with though. My mom’s aunt and uncle are in their 80s and still need to go to the murderers parole hearings every so often and relive the trauma all over again, it’s awful.


That's so awful.


I live in a working class neighborhood. The kids all run in packs and play until dark. A common perception is that running around the neighborhood all day with your friends isn't a thing anymore...I don't know numbers but I really don't think that's as true as people think it is.


Yeah its still a thing on my neighborhood. The kids are a little older than when I started and it seems like less because less people are choosing to have kids and the ones that do tend to have less than previous generations. Also more kids are in daycare. When I was a kid, a good number of moms still stayed home. now,, at least where I live, most work during the day. On the weekends kids are usually out and there are some in the summer but not as much as a Saturday or Sunday. My house is also surrounded by empty nester whereas when I was a kid, nearly every house had parents of minors. A lot of them are still living in those houses. The newish neighborhoods have a lot of young families but I'd never be able to afford living there.


Yeah, my neighborhood, and the one I lived in previously, has a pack of kids that are always out doing kid stuff. I find it's upper middle class neighborhoods that don't... And those are also the neighborhood that tend to have HoAs that limit what your kids can do and when, and have the busybodies that call the police when a 9 year old is playing outside with a skateboard.


I was just going to say, we had a park around the block from us and it was safe to play. We'd come home for lunch and go back again until dinner time. This was the early 80s. It was a happier, safer time to grow up.


Yeah my mom had 10 siblings and they grew up in a small town in the 50s/60s. They hung out alone all day and my mom tells stories about swimming at the local pond and how once she jumped off a dock and her toes got stuck between the boards and she was dangling head first into the water and couldn’t get out. Luckily an older brother saw and got her free. She said her brothers were always getting into accidents on their bikes and smashing teeth… I wouldn’t be surprised if a few had brain injuries! They all survived childhood but a few of my younger uncles are addicts as adults and have pretty severe anxiety… oddly 3 of my older uncles are psychologists though?


To add to this, my mom’s cousin was raped and murdered after school when she was 12 and as a result my mom and her siblings have been very strict with us and supervision. I see a lot of jokes about how everyone in the 90s was “free range” and that was very much not my experience. My dad’s next door neighbour was also kidnapped, raped and murdered at age 6 so he was strict too. My kids are pretty young still but I’ve found I’m a lot less free range than most of my neighbours who let the kids outside to play alone starting at age 2/3. Even just car traffic makes me too nervous for that!


Leaving a 2 year old outside unsupervised isn't free range parenting, it's neglect. A 2 year old shouldn't even be left unsupervised in the house.


I agree! One neighbour always lets her kid out alone and when she was 2 we went out and a random couple were holding her in front of our house (we live 5 houses away) and asked if she was our kid and we took her home. Last spring she was 3 and during the worst part of the pandemic when we weren’t supposed to go anywhere or near anyone she was always out alone and running up to my kids and shoving her face into theirs… no adult in sight. Her 5 year old sister takes her in a wagon to the park which you have to cross multiple streets to get to. The neighbours all think I’m a helicopter parent though (they play alone in my fenced in yard and I’m pretty hands off, they just can’t go out front alone yet).


Yeah that's what I was thinking. Not against being safe, but kids are a lot more tough than most people think. The medical conditions aren't really surprising either. Both my parents come from big families with 20+ siblings between them and any medical problems only started showing up when the siblings reached middle age. Sometimes genetics, but also living in rural areas decreases the chance of children getting asthma and a few other diseases. It is a medical fact that the way we live today in cities and suburbs is too disinfected and clean...doesn't help the immune system.


They really are fortunate especially considering how few broken bones even. I think just Josiah broke his arm falling out of a tree, and the orchestra pit? But yeah both the Duggars and Bates are medical unicorns. It’s pretty evident comparing Kelly jo to her daughters who are now having children.


TBF, most screams from young children sounds as if they are dying. My neighbors kids scream that blood curdling scream so many times a day, if they were being stabbed to death, I wouldnt glance up. Id assume they are on the trampoline. With Meech shooting another one out of her blessed love cannon because she is that much better than every other baby hoarder every year, TTH has to sound like the Saw movies on full blast 24/7


This is all so true


I definitely agree. It will be extremely interesting if any of the grandchildren will have medical issues/disabilities how they’ll handle it.


i think it will massively depend on the parent. i can see some one like jill genuinely taking it into account and following all the advice, i'm not sure how someone like jessa would handle it though


Pure luck. Look at what happened to the Plath family. There are so many grandduggars I have a feeling the luck could run out.


God takes care of them since their parents don't.


I was watching the “22 and Counting” family from the UK. Of the 22: Dad works outside the home, but starts early and is usually home by 1 or 2 Adult kids go to college classes or work outside the home School aged kids go to school (also outside the home) That leaves about 5 kiddos at home with Mom - still chaotic, but she always has them busy with an age appropriate activity When a kid is hurt, a parent is right on it because they are engaged with there youngest.


You just described the childhood of everyone prior to make the Millennial generation. Not being snarky. Just true.


Was t there an episode with a backhoe? The kids were trying to errect a post with a backhoe and the camera crew finally went and got their parents and a disinterested Jim Bob was like, alright, cut it out, kids. And nothing more. I swear I saw this.