Kojima teased Death Stranding in MGS4. Genius.

Kojima teased Death Stranding in MGS4. Genius.


Those were actually the ball robots with arms


Yeah, those Dwarf Gekkos


Imagine creating footprints for Gekkos and years later players think "ooh he had the idea for DS in MGS4!" The idiocracy of Kojima fanboys never ceases to surprise 😂 Bring on the downvotes


You're getting downvoted because you don't realise the fun that a community is having. Some observations are meant to be fun, a mixture of playing into to Kojima shenanigans and making fun of it all too. A random example: Notice how Kaz doesn't seem himself without his sunglasses? Obviously Kaz isn't the human at all, but Kaz is the sunglasses. The human is simply a host for Kaz, the sunglasses.


*sunglasses on table* *dramatic music and slow-mo camera pan* **Naked Kaz**


I mean only cause you asked. You’re welcome.


Ok. I’ll downvote.


the word you’re liking for is idiocy. idiocracy would be a government based on idiocy




Lol ok weirdo


Bruh why are you so salty lol


no hand prints mean death stranding.


I understand that but in this game it was from the ball robots with arms and hands


i was joking of course


Or who knows maybe it was the death stranding


In elementary I painted my hand and pressed it on paper to make a hand print. I guess Kojima had the idea for Death Stranding back then already and collaborated with our art teacher as a teaser. Mind blowing :O


I loved how the people painting in the chavet caves teased Death Stranding around 30000 years ago.


those were the first strand type cave paintings


The handprint marks left behind after getting spanked as a kid must have been a teaser for Death Stranding!


Hey guys, have you seen the Dark Brotherhood handprint in Skyrim?! I think it might be a teaser for Death Stranding 0_o


I truthfully believe kojima, faults and all, will go down as a top 5 video game mind in history. Hes brilliantly insane


I don't think many will argue. He's truly an auteur for sure. Dude left an undeniable artistic stamp on his stuff.


Absolutely! The attention to detail in all of his games is just insane


Without a doubt. He literally created the stealth genre and now the strand genre.


nah Noby Noby Boy was the first strand game. or perhaps Death Stranding is the latest Noby game?


Kojima had a huge influence in popularization of the genre and he is definitely one of the pioneers of it but he didn't literally created it. Castle Wolfenstein had stealth-based gameplay in 1981 and is commonly cited as a father of stealth genre but you can go even further into past, depending on how do you define stealth gameplay. But he DID most definitely created the strand genre )))


Speaking of the Wolfenstein series and people not giving credit where it’s due, people often think Doom is the first FPS when it was actually Wolfenstein 3D. Both of which (at the time) were made by iD Software.


I'd argue that first real FPS was Battlezone in 1980 but if we're speaking about the now very standard trope of seeing gameplay trough eyes of a guy picking up and shooting guns than yea, Wolfenstein 3D was the first.


A lot of RPGs in the 80s were first-person as well. The earliest one I know of is AD&D Treasure of Tarmin on the Intellivision, and FTL's Dungeon Master on the Amiga/Atari ST/Apple IIgs was popular later.


Dungeons of Daggorath had real-time, first-person dungeon crawling in 1982.


Oh yes. I would never argue that Wolfenstein is the first first person game. Just that it is the predecessor and template of everything we know about today as an FPS.


What's a strand genre? Online in videogames?


While it hasn’t quite formed a concrete definition yet, it seems to be: gameplay where your actions carry over into other people’s games without directly playing multiplayer with them. By this definition, Dark Souls’ mechanic where you can see where other players have died might be considered a Strand mechanic. That being said, Death Stranding being the first game to revolve itself entirely around that it was makes it the “first Strand game”.


Asynchronous multi-player with the purpose of forming positive connections. You help and assist others without ever meeting them. And this ties into almost all aspects of the game, gameplay wise. Now the souls games tinkered with this concept through leaving messages although it had negative consequences through trolling but Death Stranding is literally built around it and really has no negative aspects.


Clearly you've never seen some helpful soul left a truck sitting on Cosplayer's front porch


Lmao yeah those moments are brutal. But with the option to eliminate those vehicles, it's all so much better. I remember day 1 we didn't even have that option and had to either ram our vehicles into theirs or get out and re park for em


I can't think of another game with that same mechanic, certainly not enough to call Death Stranding a genre. Nier:Automata had that thing where other players could find your body and get a temp buff or companion. Shadow of Mordor/War and AC:Origins had mechanics where you could avenge the deaths of other players, but as far as I know this didn't help the player you were avenging, they just gave you extra gear. These all predated Death Stranding, though. At most, I think the player that died got an achievement and maybe a resource bonus. I can see ways to apply it to other games. Like a 2d Metroidvania, where a player can periodically drop stackable buffs other players can then pick up. Maybe have special platforms that you can activate for other players, allowing them to access special rewards, and in return you get unlockables for how many players your actions huave helped. An Assassin's Creed game where you replay set bits of story mission maps, but to you get a timer to set traps or take out guards. Other players playing those story missions for the first time have to sneak through a courtyard, but witness those traps and assassinations happening around them.


Big fan of his games but I don't think there is actually exists a unique Strand genre independently of Kojima claiming there is one. I don't think integrating some form of shared persistent state in a single player narrative makes the jump to being a distinct "genre", its just a cool game mechanic. It also was not invented by Kojima nor was his the first game to use it.


While I have a deep love for all of Kojima's games, it is a shame that MGS4 is so deeply misogynist. And sometimes the writing is laughably terrible. I'm getting down-voted for this, I know.


I don't see why u'd be downvoted? You're not wrong... the MGS series is the biggest roller coaster of absurdity. That said mgs will forever be a master piece, it had just the right amount of serious / absurd writing that it was somehow believable even when psychomantis made me change controller ports


Why misogynist?


Have you never played metal Gear before? They are all filled with gratuitous T&A


Yeah but I never felt those things to be so relevant, they're just funny details here and there. And what were you referring specifically about mgs4? I'm just asking cause I don't remember particular misogynism in it


I don't know Quiet has to be the most blatantly misogynistic character I have ever seen and she is a major plot point in the last game


Yeah but that's not mgs4, anyway quiet is a shitty character without development, just like any other character in mgsV


Honestly the only thing I remember about 4 is that stupid annoying kid constantly berating poor Snake because it's unhealthy to smoke even though he is just days away from dying anyway. And the 4 freaking hour long ending cutscene


See your already desensitized to it lmao that's what they meant lol


Chill man


Lol I wasn't trying to be mean it's just fax yo things have been pushed on people so hard that we don't even realize it then people hate to admit it just keep it 100 admit any faults change and keep moving forward can't get mad just cuz someone let you know about yourself for a sec I'm an African American Engineer so trust me I know lmao


Sorry :) I confused you with guy I were replying I don't think I'm desensitized to these themes, you have also to keep in mind that mgs are old games, but still I don't think there's misogynism, lot of those elements are often inside japanese products


Nah, I think MGS4 is the weakest in the series. While it’s still got great gameplay, the plot’s all over the place, even within its own universe.


Death Stranding is the only Kojima game I've played and I loved it. What should I play next?


The MGS franchise if you like stealth games.


If you like Stealth, Start with MGS1 or if you dont like PS1 games then start with MGS3 or i recommended start with oldest Metal Gear 1 then play all MGS games - MG1,MG2,MGS1,MGS2,MGS3,MGS4,MGS:PW,MGS:GZ,MGS:TPP. If you like cinematic detective adventure then with emulators you can play Snatcher or Policenauts. Snatcher on Sega CD, Policenauts on Playstation 1 with english fan translation patch.


Top 5? His games alone could be the too 5 and no argument would unseat it.


In this group, seems obvious. But at least in my circle (not at all anecdotal;)), people seem less warm on kojima. Which i think is fair


Sure it's fair. But there is no argument that his games contain the most artistic expression and telling real world values through video game...which is the same judgement that is placed on all art forms. There is good music, but the masterpieces tell a story of culture, society, values, etc. Which each of his games not only represent but when taken as a whole they even connect these values. That alone blows my mind and then each game is innovating in a genre vs just a new flashy look like it seems 80%+ are doing.


Cannot agree more!


For sure. Personally speaking, he changed the game for me. Once I beat Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, I loved videogames on a new level.


Agreed. I don’t personally like when he gets too weird but I always appreciated his creativity. No doubt regardless what he does in the future, he already has the status of legend and will be remembered as one. He’s kinda like the Elon musk of gaming.


I remember some teacher made the class create some Thanksgiving hand-turkeys back in the 80's, i think it must have been Kojima teasing Death Stranding


I hope that's satire cause it's bs


Wasn’t this the trail to lead you to that easter egg with the developer’s handprints?


Yes, this was it, exactly.


Have you seen the human body? We have two of those. I think when kojima created us, he was hinting to death stranding all this time


Next up: hand prints found in CoD 4 MW. Hidden Kojima message ? Future Collaboration ? Omegalul




I understood that reference


Thought I was on r/gamingcirclejerk for a sec


Can we start a meme with every picture that has a handprint is teasing Death Stranding?


There's also the plate with all handprints where you can get the octocamo "hands" motif. I think they're hands from the production team. Anyway I don't think he was teasing DS but surely he has the thing on his mind


Lucky you to be playing this lovely gem.


There was one commercial in the game, I believe it was the last one shown. But if I remember correctly, it had to two female soldiers fighting. But I do remember it giving me a lot of death Stranding vibes when I replayed it after the release and f DS.