What is the best way to increase unit power extremely quickly?

What is the best way to increase unit power extremely quickly?


Level up the items in your club, level up character skills, level up characters to the max, other than that I don't think there really is a way to level it up extremely quickly


How high a score rank can you get? If you're S-rank score capable then hammer through the easy and normal modes of songs for a heap of Gold EXP tickets; C-A Ranks give 5 silvers while S and SS give 5 Golds each on both easy and normal. Switch to rehearsal mode and farm those tickets to drive your characters up through the ranks!


You're also competing with a lot of people that transferred from JP who will already have several maxed characters and club items.


I think your unit power is good enough, mine is about 100K and I am now at 1.300 on the rankings, if you want to get a good rank the best thing you can do is just keep playing at a good pace, and always make sure to use 800 tickets on the event medley, I get about 9500 points per run on the medley with 800 tickets(I play on hard). Don't use all your energy drinks at once, because normally people tend do go all out on the final day of the event. How I am doing is waiting for the voltage to max, then I play 2x using 5 voltage(always go for 5 voltage) then use 2 energy drinks and play 2 more times(1 more if I do level up), after that I wait for the voltage to fill up again and I repeat the process, and I got to where I am now. As they say: slow and steady wins the race! XD About crystals and XP, you get more of those on the rewards from the events, that's the quickest way to get them so you can't rush for these. Good luck on getting top 1000!


I meant top 1000 on the individual medley leaderboards, my unit power caps my score at just below S rank, making it pretty much impossible to compete there


Honestly, Crystals serve as a sort of “gatekeeper” for quickly gaining High Scores, since you need NINETEEN of them per 4* Unit and unless you do ALL the limit breaks, a Level 70 4-Star unit has about the same raw power as a Level 60 3-Star unit. And you only seem to be able to obtain Crystals from events, duplicate characters (seashells) or just BUYING your power with real money item packs. You can farm XP tickets by clearing Easy and Normal songs (although unlike Bang Dream you still need a powerful team to get the higher grades). But lack of Crystals actually encourage me to NOT draw on the Gacha right now. Even if I obtained a new 4* Unit I wouldn’t be able to “grow” her to her full potential for quite some time.


Exp tickets you can acquire via event, login bonus, lives and Gold Exchange! Just use premium ticket for 4 star, and 3-star specific ticket for 3 stars of course. You will need a bunch of crystals to LIMIT BREAK the card. If you couldnt afford that, just use a full LB 3stars with all lv4 equipments.