How do you bring a delicious work lunch?

How do you bring a delicious work lunch?


Step up your ploughman's game. There is nothing more satisfying for lunch than quality bread, excellent cheese, and a delicious sausage, all topped up with mustard and pickles. When the components are simple they have to be good.


I use a little Crockpot lunch warmer and fill it with leftovers. I plug it in in the morning and my food is warm at lunchtime.




I like Asian foods, particularly noodle dishes. I also love Japanese curry. And Italian foods are quite nice as well (pasta and pizza). Then there’s the typical fast foods like burgers and stuff.


[These insulated bento lunch boxes](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0016S11VC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_YFCDB5KBJ7SKBF6S1B7F?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) we’re game changers for us. They keep the food hot enough that it won’t need reheating at lunch time. The only issue is if you want something to be crispy it might steam from its own heat, but panko breading is really good at staying crisp no matter what.


Tasty dinners usually make excellent lunches. When I had the time & inclination, I would bring sandwich makings & make them fresh, I hate soggy sandwiches. Instantly makes something like ham & cheese with cucumber on a croissant palatable. Since you’ve got access to a press, here’s my fave: turkey, brie, cranberry chutney/red pepper jelly on rosemary focaccia.


I'm impressed your work pantry has sandwich presses. But what's wrong with a cold sandwich? Daal (done in a big batch then frozen) then add shredded chicken breast was and is my staple mid-morning snack. Any curry or chilli. Rice also microwaves pretty well.


Leftover dinner. Or a dinner-style meal meal-prepped for 5 lunches.


What about a device like this you take your food, put it into a meal storage container you want to store it in. then in the morning put the storage container in here and go to work. about an hour or so before lunch plug it in. https://www.amazon.com/HotLogic-Mini-Personal-Portable-Oven/dp/B00EC7XJ28/ or use this little gem. put your soup, spaghetti, leftover casserole, etc. in this little guy in the morning and plug in again 1 to 2 hours before lunch time. and perfect temp. It doesn't keep cooking your food. I got one of these for my best friend and she actually now takes her lunches and Loves this thing https://www.amazon.com/Crock-Pot-Lunch-Crock-Food-Warmer/dp/B00CEILVAE/


I have no cooking equipment available at work, not even a microwave. I always take cold lunches and keep them stored in a cooler in my car. My favorite is a mini charcuterie board: chunks of cheese, salami/prosciutto or shrimp, pickles, olives, crackers and fruit. Simple and satisfying. Also Gazpacho, pasta salads, sesame noodles.


If you like to smoke meat, they are great served as microwaved leftovers. I smoked a 5 lb Boston Butt and ate it for 4 days. It doesn't lose much quality if you ziplock the leftovers and nuke em as you go. It returns to it's delicious gelatinous texture. They make great sandwich meat, pulled pork meat, or main item with rice. You could prep that with stir fried asparagus and mushrooms and just nuke those with cold rice to have a delicious work lunch that would make people's mouth water


I usually bring leftover from dinner. Salads are good. I pack the dressing on the side so it doesn't get soggy. Green salads, pasta grain, bean or lentil salads all work well. Pasta dishes, soups, casseroles and stir fries also tend to reheat fairly well. Snack type things like pita, vegetables and hummus, cheese and crackers or bread and fruit.