What are you doing to improve your mental health?

What are you doing to improve your mental health?


I have a lot of different techniques, but one of the most effective at the moment is a 1 day rule. When I notice I'm on a downward spiral, I let myself have one day where I don't try and fight it. So I end up staying in bed all day, ignoring friends, feeling sorry for myself etc. And then at the end of that day I ask myself how it felt. The answer is always "fucking horrible". That lets me make a conscious decision to say I don't want everyday to feel this terrible. I remember what that's like and I don't want to go back there. I set a goal for the following day. It's usually something really small like getting dressed or brushing my teeth or whatever. Once I do that small thing, I praise myself and remind myself that I'm already having a better day, and things seem a little easier. Also writing down all your small goals. Like making the bed, opening the window, drink a glass of water etc. Then every time you finish one, you tick it off and really consciously praise yourself for getting it done, like "well, I'm really glad I just opened the window, I can feel the breeze and it feels nice. I wonder what else on this list I can do". Praising yourself is really key. It doesn't have to be a patronising celebration or anything, but just take a second to acknowledge that you're managing to do something that seemed impossible. After 3 or so of these tiny tasks, you kind of feel on a roll and even if you're too tired for anything else you know you've managed more than if you'd just stayed in bed. If you stick to this, you notice that you can get more and more little things done. Then you notice that they get more and more advanced. Like maybe a few weeks ago you were glad when you opened a window, and today you've managed to eat a healthy meal you made for yourself.


Thats so awesome, I think I'm gonna try this out!


I let myself be for 1 day and it goes weeks


Me too, but also getting up and moving


Not taking anyone’s shit. And exercise. Lots of exercise.


Exercise is great when you have a lot on your mind. You get to tired to freak out about every little thing.




[Agreed, exercise is great](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VW53nHdBdw&ab_channel=HartTheDutchie), but seriously, exercise is great, and hiking.


I have OCD and I could be obsessive about something that disturbs me for a full year and I mean every second of the day and some days it’s really bad. Whenever I get into exercising the thoughts are easier to manage. I got some really bad back pain and now I can’t do exercise for like 4 months now. Everyone should know how important exercise is for your head.


Neither of those things are working as well as they used to. Send help.


I was going to say running. Putting your body through a little bit of stress takes your mind off of everything


Exercise really helps. Been doing a lot of it lately. Mostly because during that time I only think about how to survive the sets. Nothing else crosses my mind. Lol.


Wife left during the pandemic. Ever since I’ve been on a search for something to fill the void. Somethings that have worked for me: 1. Get out of the house, doesn’t matter what your doing just get out of the house and stay out for as long as you are able. I go to the local town square and people watch. Usually, you can strike up a conversation with at least one person, even if it’s just a few nice words between eachother. 2. Clean your house. Nothing will make you more depressed than sitting in a dirty house. Call a friend, a cleaning service, or call your mom. Mine came over and helped me clean every square inch of my place and it made me feel soooo much better. 3. Stay away from alcohol. If your already sad, alcohol will only make matters worse for you. However, if your feeling better, meet up with a buddy for a social drink but only if your headspace is positive that day. 4. Pick up a new hobby or one that you have neglected for whatever reason. Mine is and always has been music. I picked up my guitar the other day and played for hours. First time in years. I turned it up as loud as it could go and just had a blast. 5. Download an app called “Calm” it really helps with anxiousness and depression. 6. Get in touch with your artistic side and just do something anything creative. 7. If there is a mountain nearby or you feel like going and finding one, HIKE THAT BITCH, don’t stop till you reach the top. Sounds silly but you can get a lot of self gratification from creating a mountain. 8. Change your look. I got tired of looking at the same thing in the mirror. I got new clothes, new haircut, new shoes. It WILL make you feel better. 9. Try and make a new friend. Don’t try for a bunch, start with just one and go from there. 10. Change your job. I hated my job, it was a depressing dead end that I hated going to every single day. Changing your job can have long lasting benefits for you. Cheers and best wishes everyone.


Trying to see the good in things instead of negative


Taking all those negative memories into the darkroom and developing them into something beautiful. Looking in the background at things that were good, cropping and zooming in on those parts instead of the mess and chaos.


Over the last few years I have greatly reduced my interactions with other people.. this has helped.. Also I pretty much do only things that I want to do, and at my own pace. This too has been of benefit.


Walking, stretching, lifting weights, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and giving myself compliments and pats on the back.


I've been going to therapy for an hour a week for the last 8 months. We've been working on reducing my marijuana use, processing years of trauma from childhood and losing a parent when I was 8, and how to manage my symptoms on a day to day basis. I'm 23 and I'm finally working more than 20 hours a week (no more random panic attacks). I have a better relationship with my partner of 4 years, and my own behavior and brain are a neutral force to co-exist with rather than my mortal enemy to defy and fight at every turn. Currently unmedicated but I'm seeking a physiatrist soon. I can't stress enough how impactful and important therapy is, even if you only go for a few weeks.


I am so freaking happy for you. That is absolutey amazing.


That's amazing. Therapy is such hard work, but so worth it. I lost a parent young as well, I know how hard it is to work through that shit. You're doing amazing.


Wait...do you improve your mental health??!


yes, I hope you do it too


Coming out to my family at a BBQ tomorrow


thats awesome hope it goes well


Asking my psychiatrist if i have ADHD instead of self diagnosing with google.


Never listen to Google, honestly lol. I had convinced myself when I was younger that I was crazy because or google... it was very silly, but horrifying as a kid.


Therapy, medication Neither of which are particularly helpful. Medication does have benefits but it doesn't go to the source


In the same boat as you. The only difference is therapy is helping more than the meds.


Well idk if this improves anything but staying busy keeps my mind off things


Exercise and meds. And making sure I do things even when I don't want to. So if I'm having a bad day and don't want to do a lot, I'll at least clean a room or do laundry so I can feel somewhat accomplished.


Nothing tbh, I know I'm screwed so I just make jokes for my imaginary audience in my head while my mental health breaks down lmao


thats the way to do it




Two things. 1) Write down what either bothers me or makes me happy. 2) Don't show interest to intrusive thoughts and keep on doing what I'm doing.




Care to tell us more about the CBD?


Got back into running and doing a deliberate plan of improvement so I've got a sense of accomplishment, and trying to do one on Monday mornings before work (massively sets up my week in a good way, I find). Deliberately forcing myself to go out and meet people by proposing group plans in advance (so I can't bail on them) now that it's possible again with lockdown lifting here. Set myself a goal to sign up to and start a new sport or activity in June (overall aim is to a) meet new people and b) have some kind of challenge to focus on). Working on skincare! I've always been conscious of some parts of my not-great skin (hello, bacne), and now I'm trying to do something about it so I don't feel like I look awful without a shirt on. Another small one, I immediately shower and get dressed when I wake up. It stops me slobbing around and wasting the day because I just feel like I'm ready to go, even if it's a day at home.


Learning that changing your mindset is everything. Most worries are just in our head, especially for those of us with anxiety. Once I realized that my mind was “playing tricks on me” I had a much easier time going through my everyday life. Having a more positive outlook will always be beneficial in some way!


This is something a lot of young people should learn.


Cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies


Therapy and Med compliance. I hate a new Med I am on but I take it like I am supposed to even if it makes me eat all the time. I also do self care activities more now, which is a huge thing for me.






Bruh that is fucking awesome and I'm happy for you man.


I set myself a goal this year to get a hobby and although it is costing me a lot of money (which I am budgeting for) I am really enjoying throwing myself into arts and crafts. It has given me a purpose, has helped me plan future goals. I'm loving it.


Work out more


I've been reading a lot of books on Stoicism and making sure I get plenty of exercise as well as time outdoors.


I am eating well.


This is one of my most difficult— I love sugar and I know it’s bad for depression


honestly, just mind my own business


And wish others to mind theirs as well!


- A lot if reading (positive books) - changed my social circle to positive and happy people - i go out and meet those nice humans - i started to be thankful and train being thankful


Trying to not drink for at least the next 48 hours


Mindfulness. It takes a while to master until it becomes automatic. But so worth it.


I where a double padded sports bra and panties to feel more feminine cause I'm a demigirl m to f


I quit social media.


My mental health is getting worse so i guess nothing




Idk mate... I'm trying I guess... Idk if it's even improving anymore....


workout. Will to live goes down, gains go up.


I'm seeing my family today. That always cheers me up.


I lift and I stay away from people who drag me down.


I've stopped playing video games that only frustrate me / make me angry. This has in turn helped me enjoy other things more / play games less in general.


Walking outside, laying off the sugar and getting 7-8 hours of sleep.


learning guitar


Taking CBD oil- calms me down cuz I have high anxiety. Would rather just smoke weed but...


Lots of exercise and sea swims


Listening to music, making music. Music is key. Music is the best.


nothing i'm perfect at least I think I am oh god am i no no i'm fine oh shit what am i actually feeling i think i'm alright I'm ok \-ish


Right now, going to the beach with a friend. On our way as we speak! But lately, getting into routine. It seems that routines really work in keeping me grounded and keeping me doing one day at a time.


waking up earlier was a huge game changer. i used to go to bed at 4am and roll out of bed around 12, which was wreaking havoc on my mental. now i go to bed around 11 and wake up around 7. even though i'm still awake for the same amount of time, shifting my whole sleep/wake cycle a few hours has made life a lot nicer.


Masturbate , I am 42 yo and I am doing that since 12 yo . That take off all stress .


For me, I write about past experiences. They always calm me down and take me to a better time


Housekeeping. It's no cure or anything, but it's way harder to get overwhelmed or convince yourself that you don't deserve good shit when your house is in order.


Meditating right when a I wake up, before my thoughts get the zoomies.


Three Things Rule. The idea is to complete three meaningful tasks during the day outside of the usual things people should do anyway, like eating, sleeping, and hygiene. This rule doesn't limit to three things, so you can do more things if you want, but the rule is to do at LEAST three things each day.


I stopped talking to both narcissistic parents. Now looking for a good counselor to help with PTSD and anxiety and depression. I'm meditating and started walking. All have been very helpful.


I have anxiety and intrusive thoughts in my romantic relationship, and what's improving my situation the most is getting used to discomfort. Anxiety made me "fix" a nonexistent issue right away, ask for reassurance, sometimes even be a little petty, so now I'm not fixing any imaginary issue until i don't feel anxious anymore (the issue 100% of the times is not even important when i feel well), I don't ask for reassurance and I'm not being petty, no matter how much I want to be. This is helping me so much in the long run. I'm having less and less anxiety, I'm not as reactive to intrusive thoughts, and I'm finally able to enjoy the beautiful relationship that we're building. Keep fighting everyone, take it step by step, no matter how long it takes and how many times you fall down. Healing is not linear, remember!


Brain puzzles every morning and avoiding political news channels.


Personally, I find it so easy to spiral down into negative self-talk and believing the self-talk. I've been learning to catch myself in these thoughts and swap them with realistic, positive talk. Also, exercise. My dogs have been the best things ever because they force me to get off my ass and get outside.




Letting my self cry going to theraphy taking my meds thinking ahead by one day (what do I have to do for tomorrow) instead of thinking about next year Painting mandalas


Man, I'm just trying to hang on until my situation changes. I'm so fucking stuck right now it's not even funny. People talk about quicksand not being as big a danger as they thought it would be when they were kids, but I see it as an analogy. Because I'm sinking in quicksand, no vines or sticks to grab into, and I'm doing my best to float until I get close enough to the edge to climb out. I know exactly what needs to happen to change things, but my current options are to wait or go full nuclear on my whole life. So I wait. There is an end date in sight. It won't fix everything, but it will give me room to breathe again, and then I can start working on plans to fix the rest without destroying everything I love.


I deleted social media and i started to avoid my triggers. I grew up in a pretty neglectful household, so im doing all I can to help myself from falling back into a trap. I keep my room clean. I try to take a shower and brush my teeth twice a day. Its hard to keep up with simple tasks, things thst shouldve been taught to me, but its helping.


Counseling, which is hard. Because of the fact they're literally adults, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TRUST OR TALK TO THEM? This is evil... T-T


Taking my rage out at magatards.




I picked up playing the blues again. Piano and guitar. I work in IT consulting, and have been doing so from home rather than client sites during the pandemic, so I spend a lot of time on screens. Getting to unplug from it and just escape into music has been beyond therapeutic. Also, Sour Diesel. Sativa and blues is like peanut butter and chocolate.




I’m on medication for it, and I smoke weed as a second form of medication.


does weed interfere with the medication or is it okay


No idea. Doesn’t seem to do anything different. I was on meds because I was having suicidal thoughts constantly, like every night when I got in bed. Those all went away


thats awesome


🎶🎶smoke weed everyday🎶🎶


Weed. A fuckton of weed.


Mostly drinking and taking xanax... it seems to do the trick.


Iv stopped taking my meds after 18 years and started smoking weed again after 18 years and iv never felt better!


Not eating right. Not exercising. Over workings Not sleeping Your brain is a muscle so you have stress it to make it stronger.


Define "Improve"


get mentally healthier


I have a cat.


Listening to music while browsing memes


Like Elon, i smoke a laughing cigarette


Doing things that make me happy like talking to my girlfriend or hanging out with family drawing listening to music


Not giving a fuck. Honestly, try it.


Reading, although it sometimes does the opposite (my fav characters always die 😫). It's very relaxing.


Psilocybe mushrooms!


Dancing my ass off. Makes you feel out of the world. Just wear headphones put on music you like then just dance even if you're bad at it. It's better if you all alone lol


I make good art.


Nothing. I just want to go to sleep now






So, I'm still in training for my job; and I've found that coming in for 2-3 hours on some of my days off (like if I have Tue-Fri off, go in on Wed) to get a little extra time in helps. It gets me out of my apartment, let's me have human interaction, and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Plus, the praise from my boss doesn't hurt either.


Exercise but with no goal in mind. Just for fun


Camping on weekends where possible, removing work apps from my phone, 10k steps a day, 16:8 fasting - all helping 😀


Exercising everyday and posting more often on Reddit


Ignore the fact that I am crazy.


I go outdoors. Gives me some time, I listen to an audiobook, and that works.


Rest. Alone time. Ignoring anyone and focusing on myself.


Not much right now, but I promise I'm trying.


Nothing. I might need to tho


I bake a lot of cookies. Not great for my physical health but very relaxing.


After reading some of the comments here I decided to start reaching out to a mental health organisation. I’ve been stalling for years haha, so that’s what I am doing to hopefully improve my mental health.


Exercise helps. If you are not able to do this, then try talking about it to a friend you trust. I'd been bottling up things for a long time and needless to say, it wasn't going really well. One day, talked to my best friend about it, unloaded lots of info on her. Felt very light after and it also helped me sort my thoughts.


I usually drive around when I'm not hanging with friends. I'm not a popular person, just a boring guy.


Take massive dumps


Playing Minecraft or video games on easy difficulty. Defeating enemies with no effort makes me feel like I have power of things, and Minecraft is just soothing.


Nothing. I just expect it to go downwards enough that committing a multihomicide-suicide sounds logical and reasonable.


Finding things I love to keep myself occupied such as drawing art, reading a book, writing stories, exercising, playing video games, going out to get fresh air and also meeting up with friends when I get the chance.




Started taking Ju jitsu classes. I also take Ashwagandha and CBD Oil every day.


Absolutely nothing.


One quote I heard recently really changed my life "Be kind to yourself, you are the only you that you'll ever get. If someone talked to me the way I talked to myself, I would have punched them. Criticize yourself and recognize your shortcomings, but don't abuse yourself."


Looking into getting therapy and attending it regularly, reading about what triggers my dread, and making small goals for myself that I can feel proud of doing in my immediate future.


1. Going to the gym. 2. Drinking less booze 3. Smoking more cigars


I'm trying to be more chill on reddit you limp-dicked fuckwad


Taking time off from work. And from everything else too, for a few days.


I’m just spending time by myself, my favourite company is my own company. And being around people is just exhausting. I have a journal which I write in on really bad days and then when I’m having a good day, I’ll read it and think I can get through bad days, I’ve got this!


Hitting the gym. Lifting weights. I just started in February and it’s done wonders for my mental health and mood.


I dont know. Hope a hole in my head helps.


It’s harrrrd for sure but reminding myself I’m a bad bitch. If I needed to cry, I’d let myself cry it out but I damn well gotta make sure I pick myself up after and go do something that makes me happy like paint, cook, watch comedies & visit my mom etc.


Talking with friends. That helps more than I think. Everytime something happens I let it all out by talking to them. Takes a lot off my shoulders and calms me down a bit.


Exercising, cooking homemade healthier foods, working on my communication with peers


Counseling for depression, anxiety, and anger issues.


Taking some time for myself on the weekends. I spent the last 4 years getting a degree in a difficult major and spent most of my weekends (and weekdays) studying. Now that I have graduated and got a job I am using my weekends to relax and reconnect with my fiance. It's pretty great 👍




Today I hung out with my mom, cleaned my kitchen and had a salad. Small steps lately.


Working out, painting and, very recently, rapping. I always feel inferior to others, so it's nice when I find stuff I'm decent in.


I started an SSRI a few months ago--big difference. If you struggle with anxiety, ask your doctor about trying a medication.




Absolutely nothing :3


Therapy and medication.


Cleaning something. Anything really


Whenever I am feeling down and dusted, I will try to have a 'me' time. I will ride my bike to a place I have not been to (within the city), or go get myself a treat (usually ice-cream) or force myself to go meet a friend.


Distraction. I’m prone to depression so doing just about anything is a good thing, plus it gets me out of whatever mental spiral I’m in. I do have to be careful of media when I’m doing worse—it’s not uncommon for me to quickly back out of Reddit threads because I notice they’re triggering thought paths I’m better off avoiding. Normally the best thing is having the right kind of social space in my life. I’d been doing better the last few years, I wasn’t dwelling on things the way I used to, but then *hand waves*.


Im starting to bike ride, its nice but there are too many people out for me to really enjoy it. Ive also spent time getting ready for my next camping trip. Its the first of 3 that are planned for the summer so that’s exciting.


Wholesome memes


I’ve been to therapy for years. I know the why of it. I’ve spoken enough to be sick of my own voice. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, trauma, major depression disorder and anxiety. I’m disabled, broke filed chapter 13...I’m a survivor of domestic violence. I have so much repressed rage & i didn’t know how to rid myself of it. Then i got the teens bow because I’m a small 51yr old woman-and i let those arrows fly carrying a bit of rage until I’ve wiped myself out. It’s awesome. When i get scared and overwhelmed again-i shoot again so it’s every day and my arms are awesome looking!! Anyway. Find a way to visualize that rage, and let it go with power. In whatever way you find it.


Drink A LOT of water. Exercise. I constantly have music on because it helps keep my mind busy so I'm not overthinking. Eat healthy. Limit sugar. No caffeine. Go to bed and get up around the same time every day. Get outside time. At least an hour a day.


Listen to asmr before sleep My favourite One Is Hank Miller, I remember when i listen the phrase "I dont want a model, I want you" and burst into tears and have to pause the audio because i felt so happy because earlier some people laught about my weigt If you do asmr, I have to thank you, you dont know the power you have in people's lifes <3


If you got a porch and it’s a nice day outside -bring a chair out there with your phone out


Not arguing with people on social media. Used to do it a lot. Like go ahead, respond to my comment- I won’t read it lol. Go ahead and use my lack of a response to feel like you’ve “won” the “argument” if it makes u feel better. I’ve got my sanity!


trying to go outside more, thats really all that helps since i always stay inside.


Nothing. Don't judge me, I'm waiting on therapy, but currently nothing. I don't yell at anyone, I don't hurt anyone. I channel all my negative energy inwards. I'm also waiting for the bottle to break. For the day I can finally scream at my sister and say things I couldn't say, then get to say to her face "That felt good. That's what you say every single fucking day after you scream at our mother."


Whenever I'm starting to feel really stressed out/overwhelmed, I write out everything that I need to do, then plan it so that in one day, I try to complete 3-4 of those items. It helps me be a little more reassured in what to do next. I also like to take hour-long walks around the neighborhood while listening to music and not thinking about anything—I always feel more productive afterwards. (But I haven't recently because CICADAS ARE EVERYWHERE) And, I write. I write about how I'm feeling, what events made me happy (no matter how small), what events made me want to scream or cry, what I'm looking forward to (like new releases from artists I follow), etc. I write about anything I want about my life—negative or positive—and it has really helped.


Working out. I cannot do it as much as other people due to physical health but it’s been helping me a lot lately. Working out let’s off endorphins naturally and makes you feel good about yourself in general. It doesn’t even need to be working out. Going on a walk, doing some stretches, even meditating can improve your mood.


ACA 12 step, gym


Meditation, clearing of the mind.


Remodeling my room, so far it’s helping :>


Going for runs, asking my husband to watch our toddler so I can have alone time






Trying to find affordable therapy


Water. Sleep. Exercise. The basics.




Letting go


Exercise, meditation, and breathing exercises work wonder☺️


Drawing and progressing my story im working on. Although animating it might do the opposite of helping


literally nothing lmao


Seeing how many of my roommate's stale oreos I can eat. I should be a life coach


I try to make stuff go by in time steps. At work I do 7 hour shifts. It gets annoying after a while so if I have 3 hours left in like I have 3 a hour intervals left.


LEGO games.


eating delicious & healthy foods like okra, even if it is a little hard for my picky eater self.


I wish I don't have to pay for sex to cuddle or hug when I'm in my 50s.


I lift weights. I also constantly ask myself if there's any valid reason why I am having an off day. Did I sleep okay? Am I stressed about things I can't control. Have I been eating well. Did I have enough water. Have I been anti-social for too long? If any of these are true, I forgive myself and make sure I remedy them on my next free day. As well as that, I think about how often I'm thinking about me. The more I think about myself the less happy I become and so I divert my thinking energy to active things that I enjoy and stop worrying about the future. One thing I rarely try to break is 8 hours of sleep and exercise, the rest can be fixed with some breathing and acknowledging that my mind wants to think, but I dont have to pay attention. My demons have names and I don't identify with them, they are just passerby at this point.


Scrolling through Reddit to relate and talk to others.


Trying to be grateful even in times of suffering. Because no matter how awful things may be, life has proven to use those weaker moments to teach me a lesson and make me stronger each time. So no matter how rough a situation, I am grateful for them because I know it will pay off in the future in some way. :)