Visiting the city tomorrow!

Visiting the city tomorrow!


The architecture river tour is a good time. I think the Wendella boats leave off a dock with an elevator nearby, so it should be wheelchair accessible (but my info is from 2 years ago so call and double-check). For good views of the city you can go to the Sears Tower or the Hancock Tower. The top of the Hancock Tower has the Signature lounge, where you can grab a drink while drinking in the views of the city too :D There's all the outdoor things to see --Millennium Park and the Buckingham Fountain. These are very close to the Art Institute as well. Across the street is the Chicago Athletic Association. I'm not sure if it's open but they also have a rooftop restaurant and other dining options that should be accessible through the elevator. Outside of downtown there are a bunch of neighborhoods that are nice to walk through as well as the conservatories (which are free and accessible via wheelchair). West Loop has a bunch of nice restaurants to go to as well. You can check websites like OpenTable and Resy to see where you can get a reservation or you can show up and put your name in at Au Cheval (really good burgers) and then go grab some drinks while you wait. I hope you both have a fantastic day!


Yes to architecture tour. Honestly even the Chicago Water Taxi is nice enough.


We had a wonderful time in the city yesterday! We started at the Museum of Contemporary Art (free for persons with disabilities and their caretakers: “I gotta have SOME perks for being in this damn chair!,” she says). Then we walked around the city, making it way toward Millennium Park, the Chicago Cultural Center, and eventually the boat for the architectural tour, which was incredible! During our meandering, we ate lunch at Gyu-kuka (was decent), had coffee at a local shop (don’t remember the name), and took in street-level views of your beautiful city. After the architecture tour we splurged for dinner at Shaw’s Crab House because we realized that yesterday marked one year until our nuptials! A pre-anniversary dinner, if such a thing exists. Thank you all for your advice and well wishes!


Sounds like a lovely way to spend a very hot day! :)


It's going to be hot, so you may want to be indoors. Most of our museums, as far as I'm aware, are pretty wheelchair accessible. You have to make reservations, so if you mention that when you make the reservation I'm sure they'll accommodate.


Try r/chicagofoods for food. Also might want to add; where in chicago will you be, foot type, budget, details. There are 1000’s of places and more details are needed


I think you meant r/chicagofood? No s at the end.


What are you in town for, and where will you be?


The Art Institute.