TLC FRAUDING EXPOSED (not really) Dinyell and Mo on IG.

TLC FRAUDING EXPOSED (not really) Dinyell and Mo on IG.


Mohamed’s comment is really sweet.


It’s so nice! Never thought I would think “aww” about anything to do with either of them.


I feel weird reading the replies since I started watching 90DF halfway through the Mohamed and Danielle season and everyone says that he treated her badly, but idk. I thought he was ok....he didn't seem to delight in embarrassing her after the fact, just so "over it" like at the Tell All. I don't think that either of them are bad people...It's nice to see them cordial :)


I’d bet money that they would still be married if she cleaned her snatch and had a decent job. He only left when he realized he’d been bamboozled.


Honestly I don't think that all. I think he was 100% for the green card. I mean maybe we could say "if she did x, y, z" but at that point she wouldn't be Dinyell. I absolutely believed he used her for the green card and he was very wrong to do that. But she was wrong to embarrass him and discuss sex so frequently and publicly, knowing that he's Muslim and obviously wanted her to stop. Everyone's wrong lol, I'm glad they're being nice to each other!


I actually said "aww" out loud. Definitely a surprise for these two! And congrats to Danielle, that's a great accomplishment.


People don't radically change and I wouldn't trust her around anybody in the rest home. She's a shameless, felon, klepto. Watch your stuff. Dinyell just walked in the room to wipe your ass and steal your credit cards.


Seriously. I've always thought he did use her and treated her pretty badly, but damn, this is nice and supportive. It's great that something positive could ultimately come from their relationship.


I always thought they were both awful to each other in their own ways but yes!


There is a video of him talking to the 90 Day Fiancé staff. Do I think he used Danielle? Yes. But apparently there is also a lot of footage of him sitting down with Danielle and trying to fix the problems she has and offering solutions. They decided to only show the bad side to make him look like the bad guy. I think he didn’t love Danielle and wasn’t even attracted to her. But I don’t think he is as bad as they made his seem.


People change, especially young people.




I think Mohammed was like 28 when he first appeared on 90df. I'm about the same age and still learning every day!


He was actually only 26 when they got married!


When is 28 not young? This sub is literally the only place where I hear 28 isn’t young.


I noticed on their last season together how protective he was of her. I think they’re friends now. I also think he’s legit pissed at TLC for making them both look ridiculous & recycling old drama when it seems like they’ve moved on and are focused on their careers.


Exactly! I’d be mortified if I was becoming a nurse. How can you tell a patient how to look after themselves when you’re infamous for a smelly fanny! (The U.K. version not US)


Gotcha lol


I like how Dinyell shows her appreciation for the comment too


My initial reaction as well.


This is very wholesome... But can I be *THAT* person to point out how Mohamed’s English is better than Danielle’s? “Thank you for asking how school is always going.” Another “how’s your driving truck going?” moment, gotta love her :))


I'm married to a trucker and that's actually what we call it - 'driving truck'. I always know someone has a trucker in their life when I hear that phrase.


To be fair, "driving truck" is how a lot of truckers refer to their job 🤷🏻‍♀️


I wish I could hate on her about that, but I'm American born and bred and my Portuguese best friend has waaaay better grammar than me, especially when texting or writing. She speaks like four languages fluently and I can barely speak one.


Than I* :P I’m just joshin’ ya.


Driving truck is an Ohio thing. When I lived in NW Ohio people "drove truck" for a living.


I think It's nationwide. We say it in CA, NC and SD as well.


It's international too! Canadian here. I know two truck drivers and both of them refer to it as "driving truck"


I’m also Canadian and thought it was an Atlantic Canadian thing!


It's not an Ohio thing, it's just the name for it. Truck drivers all over "drive truck."


Formerly married to a truck driver in California. He referred to it as driving truck as well, definitely not just an Ohio thing.


Yeah when I first met my wife (she is from Michigan) she said “drive truck” it threw me but yes Michiganders also say drive truck


I don’t think many people really care about their grammar when typing online or in a text.


I am impressed by Mohamed's English. He speaks English better than some Americans.


She speaks fluent Ohioese.








Too funny, lol!


Lmao this made me laugh


*underhand tosses support LIKE at him*


This would be a great shapewear/jock strap advertising slogan 🤣






this thread 😂😂😂


You win!!! 😂😂






I’M WEAK. I’m sorry I don’t have enough to give you an award but please accept this 🏆🥇🏅🎖




I read that exactly in her voice, omfg lmao


I think that they are better as friends. Maybe that’s what they needed before their marriage.


The thing is that they actually were (or the way they tell it they were). They didn't meet on a dating site, it was apparently just a site to meet people and talk. She's clearly lonely, he was working in a different country and was lonely and they struck up an online friendship. It all seemed to fall apart when she lost her job and the financial and immigration stress that caused (she didn't make enough to sponsor his green card), plus the fame/infamy the show brought them and the resulting women contacting him/ jealousy issues.


Plus, TBH, I don't think he was ever into her like that. I don't know them but I just don't believe he actually found her attractive.


Oh for sure, but even from the very beginning I had the feeling that he was following a much more practical approach to marriage, which really isn't uncommon in many parts of the world. He outright called her "acceptable" when asked about her appearance, which basically acknowledges that he doesn't find her attractive but her looks aren't to the point it's a deal-breaker. Not great, obviously. But he said then and has maintained that they had a good friendship and he thought they could make a lifelong partnership out of that. To me, that's believable. He was clearly wrong, but I think that on the long list of things that ruined it, his lack of attraction to her was low on the list. He signed up for that part. He didn't sign up for the poor living conditions, unstable income, lies about finances and the crazy that came out of her jealousy issues (that really were in most part due to the show).


Oh man, when I used to watch the show (I only came here because this was so wholesome) there was stuff lost in cultural differences to American audiences. Here in the US the approach to marriage is very Disney fairytale, where you marry the love of your life to be with them forever to get a "happily ever after" when that's not exactly how marriage works everywhere else. Now there is definitely a lot of people in other countries that believe the fairytale too, not saying it's across the board here either, but I've learned in other countries marriage is taken more as a commitment that requires growth. I wouldn't say one is better than the other, since marriage in other countries can seem very "what can you do for me?" business arrangement instead of about caring for someone. But yeah, everyone should understand that the commitment of marriage can hold different expectations across the world.


>his lack of attraction to her was low on the list. He signed up for that part. He didn't sign up for the poor living conditions, unstable income, lies about finances and the crazy that came out of her jealousy issues (that really were in most part due to the show). I agree with all of this. I actually never thought he was a bad dude. He was taking a practical approach to marriage and signing up for a relationship where they could be friends and life partners. Up to that point they had only met in Qatar so he had no idea what her life was like in Ohio. He got pretty blindsided by the living/financial situation but he was a lot more mature about it than most 26 year old guys would be.


You cannot convince me for a second he was ever attracted to her. He liked talking to her and probably hoped the rest would come but 🤷‍♀️


Aw that’s really nice.


How y’all doing?


I spit my water weight out at your name and profile picture 😂


Lol!! Good catch


Bahahahha I am cackling at your username and pic


Lmao I love you.


I didn’t read the username at first and thought it was a really nice fan who wrote that. It’s actually really sweet to see that one of the couples, whose drama 90DF thrived on and goes on encouraging, is on good terms. Mohamed seems rather mature to put the past behind them and focus on supporting her.


His annoyance with TLC and saying things along these lines during the Tell All made me really happy. Like…we want to see good things. They’re already scripting enough drama, why won’t they just allow this friendship to be a feel-good break amongst the other shit? I feel like that would be extremely welcomed by viewers!


I hope TLC is reading this!!! I miss the old 90 day.


Same. I wish I could feel good about watching it. And at least a few seasons ago they'd mix in some wholesome couples with the trash. Nowadays none of it is wholesome. They should at the very least not put all their eggs in the "trash"/guilty pleasure TV basket. That shit gets old.


I fell in love with this reality show BECAUSE of it’s strange authenticity. I miss it.


me too :(


The last wholesome couple was Armando and Kenny.


Omg I loved them, particularly because I'm from Mexico so they really have a special place in my heart (especially Armando's daughter). I also loved Anna and Marcel even though they were cringey (I think if TLC producers were smart they'd cast more couples like that because they have meme potential *but* are still charming enough that viewers are truly invested). And I loved Avery and Omar. I want more wholesome love stories. :(


Honestly Mahamit is so fed up w TLCs bullshit and I live for it


Ya you could tell he’s really trying to move past it based on how he reacted in the single life tell all.


And everyone at the tell all was all clutchingpearls.gif like they haven’t put up w TLCs bullshit themselves


Yeah they all deflect and try to shift the negativity to the other cast members


They want to keep suckling from that TLC teat because it’s their bread and butter. Trucking pays well if you’re on the road as much as him…he doesn’t need this shit and I’m here for the spice haha.


Exactly, he’s making decent money now and doesn’t need to put up with their shit anymore. And he’s clearly hoping Danielle can do the same with her degree. Exploiting your old drama for reality TV checks isn’t a sustainable career path.


Its pretty pathetic too. Its like $1200 an episode. I get that's a lot of money for some people, but you can make more than that in a paycheck with a good job. These people are just for the most part trash who have made bad financial and life decisions and so $1200 per episode seems like a lot. For me that is way too much work to make $1200, even if I did 6 episodes or how ever many in a season. I can make more than that, with less effort, just doing an actual job. SO i get Mohammed 100%


Now that I think of it most of them do seem to have financial struggles….. 🤔🤔


Now that you mention it, it does seem like a prevailing theme with a lot of these people.


I appreciate that Danielle backed him up when he got fed up with TLC's bullshit (making him late for work, then asking him stupid questions just to try to stir up old drama). Everyone else went straight to trying to villainize him, but I think Danielle speaking up and saying "I understand why he's frustrated" helped to quell things quite a bit.


Shawn was such a bitch about it, too, when she said “he said he was done on the last tell-all too, he’ll be back”


I dislike her so much


I’m glad I’m not the only one who dislikes Shawn. She’s incredibly condescending and you can tell she loves to stir shit up.


Yeah it’s absolutely disgusting to me. She can’t even host either.


She's worn out her welcome.


The tell all last year when everyone was piling on Rose was sad. She came across as such as scumbag.


She doesn’t know how to steer the conversation at ALL. It’s just sad


I enjoy watching him. He seems like the only sane and coherent person on that show


I like him too 🤷‍♀️


Have you seen the video of him going off on the TLC crew for making him look bad? I swear they love making him look bad, even tho he’s admitted he’s fucked up.


Where is this vid?!


Mo...biggest redemption arc on the show. Seems like a genuinely good guy


I really didn't see this coming at all. I thought they'd basically phase out of each other's lives and eventually stop talking about each other once they faded into obscurity. I wouldn't even expect them to be cordial, so to see them being supportive of each other and reveal the truth? I am surprised.


This just made my heart warm, love seeing the real life separation from the drama tlc drums up.


Evuhdens that TLC is tricking us


This is so sweet… She graduated before Chantel?




Chantel has been in nursing school for like, 47 years already 🤣


She's more interested in showing her boobs and big thighs than studying. Chantel isn't very bright at all. Dumb as a post, she is. The whole family sucks.


I think Chantel is going for her BSN. Danielle is doing LPN.


A BSN is a 4 year degree, not 12 lol


And there’s a huge difference between the two programs.


I feel personally attacked.


My chicken feet are offended by this comment.






TLC paid for those bimbos to take her to the beach resort so we could all laugh at her expense. Thats not right at all.


I hate how they're encouraging these fake friends to mess with her and act like they care about her when they just want exposure or whatever.


It's a win win for everyone. These bimbos get paid or social media clout. TLC gets more views from people laughing at Danielle.


Mo was complaining about that some on pillow talk. He just seems over it.


Those women are fake friends.


That was really sweet


I’m happily surprised by this - the Mohammad and Danielle shitshow was what turned 90DF from a run of the mill low-drama reality show with normal people to the flaming dumpster fire reality TV franchise juggernaut that we know and love today. We also owe a lot of the fandom’s lexicon to these two (EHUVDENS, uuuuuser, she is acceptable to me, etc.), and they’re definitely a big part of the reason that a lot of other couples (Nicole and Azan, Laura and what’s his name) were cast. In other words, they made Matt Sharp an absurd amount of money, and from what I understand, they made very little from him and probably have dealt with a ton of online hate on top of shitty paychecks. So I’m glad to see that, despite all of that, they’ve both pushed forward in their lives, experienced personal growth and are able to be kind and supportive of one another. Props where props are due.


I’ve always though Mohammed was a decent guy. I didn’t even think he was using her like a lot of people did. I just don’t think he was raised in a “romantic love is everything” culture and he married her for legit reasons and he liked her. Maybe not sexually. Maybe not romantically. But enough for him. I also hate how he’s been vilified by TLC and most 90 DF cast members as talking shit about Danielle’s bits. He didn’t. She did. And no one EVER says this. If she hasn’t said what he said, I seriously doubt he would have.


Well, that was a breath of fresh air!!


Mohamed saw how producers manipulate them against each other and wasn't putting up with their crap anymore...but people thought he was being a diva. At the single life tell all he was visibly upset when he saw the kind of questions they were asking and the repetitive narrative of basically humiliating danielle by bringing back that nasty moment... They didn't do that with big pred by bring up his nastiness with rose for instance. He was so right to call production off and the disrespect with his time as well.


Here for this energy. He’s always seemed like an okay person tbh minus him using Danielle to improve his life.


She was trying to do the same thing-- so I think they're even.


That's exactly how I feel about them, and it shows the more time goes on that it's genuine.


She wanted a sex slave.


The two of them have honestly changed for the better since their season and I’m here for it


He was like that all the way through The Single Life, too. They have a great friendship now


I’ve always been 100000% Team Mo. I think Dinyell was just very hurt and rejected and embarrassed and lashed out. I think she is an emotionally immature person who seems well on her way to growth and good for her and even better for her kids. But she was definitely toxic AF and it’s pretty shitty that her fucks ups were soooo exploited by TLC while Mo was simultaneously soooo vilified by TLC. I’m happy for them both


Mo was always the adult in the relationship while Dinyell was the child. I don't doubt Mo used her to get to America, but I do think TLC was frauding for drama and making him out to be far worse than he really was.


I don’t get why he always gets so much hate. Danielle lied to him about a lot of stuff including their financial and housing stability. That’s terrifying when you leave your entire life across the world and get dumped into that. I always believed he loved her, and this and his other comments on the show prove that. Look at Luis if you want the purest trash on TLC.


‘How school is always going’ 😆 It’s nice 🤓


I was like why does Danielle sound like the foreigner?


>🤓 The emoji has me dying in laughter lol


I di like MO a lot. Maybe he could be on Single Life, having dates at the truck stop diners? Might be interesting 😉


I wouldn't say no 👀


“Then where’s my SECKS, MAHAMIT?!” But seriously that was pretty sweet.


I really wish she commented this


Can anyone please tell me which episode this gets said in? Also can’t find Asuelo’s ‘slut people’


I’ve ALWAYS liked Mohamed, he’s genuinely always seemed like a decent person to me, at his core. He was pushed too far when he and Danielle were divorcing and said some bad things, but who wouldn’t, especially with the stress of a camera in your face. So happy to see them have such a good relationship now.


That is awesome! They should support each other! 🥰


This is so nice 🥲


I’m glad they turned their relationship around and now have a friendship. Mo’s comment was very sweet.


Good for Dinyell getting her LPN


TLC is feeding us fraudulent stuff?! You don’t say /s It’s great to see Dinyell further herself and Mohammed being very kind and supportive


I keep seeing this as TLC frauding. They showed the same thing on the Single Life.




I am team Mohamed all the way.


After seeing him on Pillow Talk, I realized TLC exposed them damn selves like that. I could tell he cares about her and is chill AF. Got so greedy that they can't even cover their own sloppy asses. I always get angry how they depict Islamic men on the show, so that certainly plays into my general outrage to say the least!


It terrifies me that she is a nurse.


LPN. It is commensurate with her abilities. I think she can hand people their prescribed medication and help them fill out paper work and bring them things and take their temperature and pulse. She can do these things and I think will do them warmly and sincerely, making people feel comforted. I commend her for bettering her life and possibilities.


I honestly think that he liked her, also used her for the green card, but I think he genuinely liked her, more in a friendship way, when they first started talking...ya know... before he found out she catfished him. I think she was more love emotion involved than he was. They both had their moments of being awful to each other, but he seemed to be nice/protective/gentle with her and she acted out due to her being hurt.


Both of them came along way. Now if only other cast members will be this cordial with their exes.


I have just a 'Helpful Award' to give, but you've helped by brightening my day with positivity


well this is adorable


Reality TV isn't real. We are getting a GLIMPSE into their lives. A highly manipulated, staged, and exaggeration version of their lives. They're just characters. No one knows them outside of this show. Props on her advancing in life and I'm glad they're on better terms. Life's too short for nonsense.


MAHAMIT HAS A SOUL! And congrats to Dinyell! Tbh this is really wonderfully heartwarming. I never thought either of them were bad people, just not a good match together.


I am not fully caught up on 90 day the single life but I have a theory. I’m an immigration lawyer and when you get a green card through marriage, it’s a two year conditional green card. After two years you have to petition to have the conditions removed. The main condition being that you stayed married. Usually your spouse signs off on this petition. However, you can successfully petition to remove the conditions even if you are divorced if you can show that the marriage was entered into legitimately but just didn’t work out. It’s part of why Mohammad pushed so hard for a divorce vs an annulment. If you’re going to petition to remove the conditions after divorce it really really helps to have your former spouse sign off on it. I think this is his long game.


Where is the frauding? He said the same thing during the tell all. They talk often as friends now


This is just more evidence that Mo is wholesome and supportive as fuck and that they have both grown in such a wonderful way over the last few years. I’m glad they’re friends now. I wish TLC would just embrace the wholesomeness more instead of trying to make everything into drama.


my thoughts are - based on her grammar - that she failed her GED several times since his ESL post is more coherent than her post.


I’m so glad they have put their past behind them and are moving forward as mature adults! I think TLC really did Mohammed dirty, they made him seem so awful and he really isn’t.


Why am I crying rn?!


I find it more interesting how it is called The Learning Channel, but there isn't really learning, just seeing the same drama different couple going on. I was interested in the other way series, but then on season two it went back to the old ways of trying to get stories narrated






That is sweet of him. It may not have been a forever love match but she did get him here. Its nice that he can appreciate that and they can get along


This is a surprisingly sweet interaction 😮 has hell frozen over??


Wow...dare I say.....that's so sweet


Congrats to Danielle! It’s nice to see that she and Mohammad have a peaceful relationship now.


That’s really sweet.


Wow this is heartwarming


This is not surprising at all. This is what he said on the Single Life reunion almost verbatim.


Does anyone doubt that the majority of this show isn't scripted?


This is wholesome but I would be legitimately concerned to have her as my nurse.


TIL that people think that 90 day fiancé isn’t staged and exaggerated 98% of the time.


If you really want to sample tics decisiveness, check out MAFS Australia . The experts , aka TLC, select couples that have zero chance at surviving a marriage ! And they set do it on purpose!


I love their friendship!


🥺 this is sweet


They finally made peace with each other.


This is so sweet that I might develop a cavity. But really, good for them. Their marriage was a dumpster fire, but friendship seems to suit them.


This is really lovely 🥰


Awww. I love this. :)




I love them. Wish the best for both of them even if their paths are separate


Such a nice comment from Mohammad


Wow Glad to see these two put their differences aside and seem to be good friends.


Wow, it’s amazing to see that the two people who popularized this train wreck are the show are now some of the most wholesome people to emerge from it. Congratulations to Danielle!


Aww that’s really sweet actually. So is she a real nurse? Or one of those I took a 3 month online course that I found on FB nurses?


LPN certification course from Sandusky Career Center. It is what she can do to better herself and I support her. 👍


TLC edits the footage to make people look bad? I'm shocked! Although, I'm sure Tania is a bad person even without any deliberate editing.


but didn't he always complain how much drama she causes?


Wow. Who knew I'd be smiling like a fool and saying "aweeeee" over a 90DF Danielle and Mo post! My mind is officially blown.


Who would've thought these two crazy kids would be some of the more normal ones?




Good on you Daniella, and good one mohammed. It so sad hw they make up goodies and baddies on 90 day show. Yu both are decent people worked over for 'entertainment'.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


I wouldn’t go that far. People change and mature. I’ve spoken to my ex wife once or twice in the over decade since we split. We were cordial even though we left on bad terms. No one has time or the mental energy to hold a grudge.


Natalie does...


I ship them (as friends 🥺🥺). The evolution of their storyline is great tbh


This is so sweet and wholesome! I think that Danielle and Mohammed are much better as friends than as partners, and I'm happy to see them treat each other with kindness.


I feel like Lume could fix their relationship


I still think he half assed apologized to her and blamed her for everything! I still cannot figure out how her broke ass went to Tunisia on a vacay!!